Voter Fraud in CROOKED COUNTY!

VOTER FRAUD in GILMER COUNTY COURTHOUSE! Secretary of State Natalie Tennant and SOS investigator Amber Kroening suspected in COVER UP of Voter Fraud!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of CWVSS-Elkins/Editor Edison Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV/Editor

The Calhoun County Secret Seven revealed that they have secret information involving the investigator for the Secretary of States office involved in cover up of election fraud in Gilmer County!

Norma Hurley the Gilmer County bookkeeper noticed that extra recording modules were ordered for the election and in all her years of working at the courthouse in the clerks office this was the first time extra modules were ordered by the county then became missing on election night and then once again turned up. Hurley quit her job after witnessing the corruption. Also there were several other eye witnesses that also believe normal procedure was broken by County Clerk Beverly Marks when she did not report results precinct by precinct as the votes came in as was done in previous years.

Hurly is convinced Amber Kroening the investigator for the state is not interested in investigating the matter at all for after meeting

Amber Kroening did not even interview those suspected of wrongdoing but claimed she was lost and bolted for the home of IKE MORRIS after talking to Norma Hurley Gilmer County Employee that resigned after witnessing VOTER FRAUD!!

with Norma Monday the 29th of November she was also suppose to meet with Marks, the County Clerk accused of wrongdoing , but said she was lost and could not find the courthouse and then bolted as fast as she could to the home of IKE MORRIS!! We can only suspect that the representative of the Secretary of State wanted to let Morris know that there is a possibility fraud really did occur and Hurly and all involved including Gilmer County members of the Secret Seven are convinced that the State will attempt to cover the matter up. Mostly all the investigator talked about was threatening people with arrest if they talked to the press about the voter fraud.

One thing is certain,  NOT EVEN ONE WITNESSES to the crimes carried out by Beverly Marks, Jean Butcher, the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, and a few others yet to be named, are willing to give the Secretary of State even the slightest morsel of information, knowing that the intention is to cover  up the matter.

Before Norma Hurley met with the investigator she made a statement, Hurley said,

“Beverly Marks and Jean Butcher are criminals and I am going to go ahead with my complaint, but it won’t be to the Secretary of State they are on the side of the County Clerk and Butcher!”

Here is an excerpt from the original article published 18 November 2010

From what I understand due to some recent incidents that have happened up on the hill at the Gilmer County Courthouse. A recent incident has not only led to the resignation of Norma Hurley, but allegations of voter fraud have also been made.

Natalie had her lawyer write a letter to the author of the article in the Gilmer Free Press to inform him that his source could be arrested for talking to the press any further which was more than a veiled threat and is that not typical Crooked County tactics?

“Voter Fraud?” Now how does this relate to the Butcher and Beverly Marks chatter and a lien not being recorded and a possible civil suit? I am glad you asked!  Norma Hurly ran for the office of County Clerk as a democrat, but was defeated in the primary election.

Then, later, around election time just a short time ago, Beverly Marks requested the help of a County office worker by the name of Debbie Allen to change her political party affiliation from democrat to independent so that she could legally help with the election. (or the rigging of the election)

By her own account as it was related to this reporter, Hurley witnessed some wrongdoing in regard to illegal procedure in the area secured for voting. Norma saw with her own eyes actions that could possibly be deemed unlawful and certainly in need of further investigation.

A very serious allegation has been made in regard to voting procedure and policy.

amber kroening wv threatened Norma with arrest if she were to speak with the press about what she knows!

Hurley, a bookkeeper, noticed that Beverly Marks ordered extra recording modules for the IVO machines, two of them, and further, that they were declared missing for awhile, but then mysteriously showed up later on election night.  Imagine that that is so, “Gilmer County!”

An eyewitness account of the matter confirms the fact that Marks refused in this instance to report the outcome of votes precinct by precinct, as had been done in years prior.

This behavior by the County Clerk Beverly Marks is more than suspicious, it could possibly be criminal. The facts revealed that Marks gave some sub totals here and there, but no reports as had been part of normal procedure in prior years were made available to the public or the press.

Many concerned citizens of Gilmer County are now of the belief that the Gilmer County elections were rigged by the IVO-electronic machines and extra readers!

After witnessing all of this wrongdoing Norma Hurley quit that night! Norma tossed in the towel after a long service because she could no longer witness corruption and unlawful actions in the Gilmer County Courthouse.

It is suspected by many that a conspiracy exists between Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks that could include covering for prior wrongdoing. It is said:

Beverly Marks in 2005 ignored a judges order to sell the Woofter property so that AJ Woofters sister could have an operation, Marks notified some of her friends, Ruth Woofter died and the money was split up among relatives R Woofter had not seen in 30 years or even cared about, but they were friends of Beverly Marks!

“That Tim Butcher has a copy of the index of all the Gilmer County titles and deeds in his office!”

If this is true, then certainly that is a highly illegal act since Butcher is not an elected public official or County Clerk!

It has been reported that Gerald Hough met with the County Clerk Beverly Marks just hours ago [on 11.17.10] to inform her that Hurly is filing voter fraud charges against her, and further, that Gerald B Hough was going to ask that the FBI become involved in the investigation!

I find it almost amusing that Hough would bandy the name of the FBI about, since I have confirmation that he is currently under federal investigation himself for wrongdoing involving fraud in regard to value of evidence in a criminal case that was in the court system for five years in West Virginia at a high cost to the state.

Many common folk in Glenville feel that Tim Butcher and Marks went the extra mile to get the republican Jean Butcher elected at all costs to cover for prior misdeeds, and also, to continue with the corruption! Jean Butcher is more than familiar with the procedure and the jobs required in the County Clerk’s office. She has a lot of experience and has been the “Go to” girl for Butcher in the past having been able to navigate all the files easily given her experience and background.


And just this morning about 6am the official letter from the author of the article that broke the voter fraud story was published in the Gilmer Free Press and here it is!

Below is a letter from the author of the original Community Concerns article dated  November 18th 2010  that refers to wrongdoing at the Gilmer County Courthouse and those involved in a federal civil action dealing with public records and possible misconduct by the County Clerk, plus allegations of voter fraud, published a full week before being reported in any other mainstream media outlets.

Dear Natalie,

I understand that you asked the person bringing a complaint of voter fraud in Gilmer

County to not talk to the press. I was able to gather several facts before and after

your contact that indicate a crime was committed.

I assure you any attempt to cover up this voter fraud or any attempt to lose the evidence

or use the local prosecuting attorney as a vehicle to perform further misconduct in the

matter will result in full exposure of that crime.

I am the person that is the author of that article that exposed the possible voter fraud and I

predict that YOUR OFFICE will make an attempt to cover up the matter of voter fraud!

I also predict you will follow the well worn path blazed by Major Ingold and the Police

Standards division, who in turn passes the buck to the attorneys that represent the state

and criminal matters involving State Police or other officials are squashed although

evidence exists that a crime did indeed occur.

The misconduct of public office holders this week includes Justice Davis who feels that

she can make majority decisions based on facts that were never actual facts presented

in a court record, and so it goes. The second article is written and makes accusations of

your personal involvement in a cover up.

Why should YOU be any different than the rest?

For the record what is your official statement on the matter?

(foot notes are also part of the letter to Natalie Tennant Secretary of State)

Foot note**

I just want to make everyone cognizant of the fact that any evidence that proves there was a crime involving voter fraud in GILMER COUNTY will come up missing very quickly if we do not make the public aware of just how the Power Elite dispose of these embarrassing situations.

I doubt very much that ANY evidence involving the complaint of voter fraud will survive the investigation if the situation is anything like what we have experienced in the past.

But, especially, the evidence could be tampered with or come up missing if Gerry Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor has had anything to do with the evidence or custody thereof.  A complaint that proved Hough guilty of wrongdoing in a Gilmer County court case involving evidence and fraud has already been filed with a federal agency. History repeats.

Hough made sure ALL Of the evidence against Chief Deputy Bandy ( indicted in Calhoun County for Seven Felony Charges) disappeared – and Gerry’s self-described “Good friend,” Sgt CJ Ellyson was dismissed from the State Police after wrongdoing was discovered and no excuse was given as to why the evidence locker was missing money, drugs, and guns.

And Now this is the response from the Counsel for the Secretary of State that we feel contains a veiled threat of arrest if any more information is to be reported on the voter fraud. Also bear in mind that if any fault is found by the office of the Secretary of State they have no power to make an arrest and the matter is simply turned over to the prosecutor for that County, which in this instance would not be a decision in favor of the people given the track record of the holder of that office.

Dear Mr. West:

Secretary of State Tennant has asked me to respond to your request for a comment on alleged voter fraud by unnamed person[s] in Gilmer County during the 2010 general election.

We are prohibited by W.Va. law from disclosing anything about any investigation conducted by this office or any complaint filed with this office.  W.Va. Code §3-8-8(i) makes it a misdemeanor for us, or any person interviewed by us, to disclose any fact about an investigation or complaint.  The misdemeanor is punishable by at least six months in jail and at least a $1,000 fine.  Secretary Tennant is committed to upholding our election laws and cannot enforce some laws while, at the same time, deliberately violating other law.  Therefore, we will not be providing you with a comment on any case.

Secretary Tennant has a very strong record of enforcing election laws during her tenure.  Several cases have been investigated and turned over to prosecutors.  The Secretary, very simply, does not tolerate election law violations.  You may wish to remind your source of the Secretary’s stance.

For your information, the text of the Code prohibiting disclosure of any information is:

“(i) Any person who discloses the fact of any complaint, investigation or report or any part thereof, or any proceedings thereon, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than $1,000, nor more than $5,000, and shall be imprisoned in jail not less than six months nor more than one year.”

If you have any facts or information you wish to report to us so that we can investigate the allegations as required by law, you may submit that information to me.  However, by law you could not then report what you had submitted to us.

If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.


Timothy G. Leach

Assistant General Counsel

Clearly the focus of this letter above is to bring forth charges for revealing facts of voter fraud. Luckily for all of us, all of the facts actually reported on in the November 18th GFP article were obtained before any of the matter was officially reported to the Secretary of State.

The official investigator for the office of the Secretary of State did interview the person making the complaint, and then claimed that she was lost and promptly headed to a more familiar place and that was the home of a very well known member of the local power elite.

So, will the matter be resolved by the Secretary of State? It is highly unlikely that there is any clear intention to get to the bottom of any actual facts since the current County Clerk was not even interviewed during this last official visit by the Office of the Secretary of State.

The investigator claimed to be lost and could not find the courthouse. What?

We need to try to ask for federal assistance on the matter as soon as possible, and to protect the evidence at all costs. I predict the evidence will come up missing very soon if we do not pay attention. I could give you example after example of evidence that has come up missing that was directly related to the current prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County.

I ask that we all demand that we have another election just for the County Clerk since those are the only votes in dispute.  Tennant should agree to hold another election for County Clerk if she is truly hard on election fraud. If she stands by her no tolerance to election fraud then she will agree to another election. Otherwise a cover up of the facts and a black out on reporting on the matter is sure to result.


The Gilmer Free Press

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