Tara Kennedy under investigation

TARA KENNEDY from GILMER COUNTY UNDER INVESTIGATION for Conspiracy, Misconduct, and Assault with a Vehicle!

By Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

An official for the Supreme Court of West Virginia Robert L. McKinney, II, Counsel, Division of Probation Services recently stated.

  “… We are aware of the allegations against 14thDistrict Probation Officer Kennedy and are in the process of investigating those allegations. For the division of Probation Services this is an internal personnel matter and we cannot make any further comment at this time!”

Robert L. McKinney, II, Counsel, Division of Probation Services.

Robert McKinney

Counsel at West Virginia Judiciary, Division of Probation Services

However, how can they investigate since Concerned Citizens know for a fact that no evidence has been brought forward officially, nor had there been any official investigation ordered or executed prior to that statement?

Tara Kennedy is accused of being involved in a conspiracy that led to a wrongful conviction by knowingly presenting false evidence. Since then Kennedy has made several outbursts in court and recently attempted to run over the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press, and actually running over someones foot in the incident!

 So, in a nut shell, the spokesperson that serves as Counsel for Division of Probation Services is bullshitting everyone, and has no idea what the hell he is talking about. But, is instead, playing the game politically, which is nothing more than chain yanking and we are getting fucking sick of that crap quick! We want some actions taken and the Supreme Court should learn that there are consequences for breaking the law by being involved in Crooked County Conspiracies, which are an everyday occurrence in Gilmer County. 

“That’s how they always do it …in Gilmer County!”

Tara Kennedy is accused of assaulting with her vehicle a local businessman, and his wife as they were headed to a public meeting, passing someone who failed a drug test at the courthouse, a law enforcement officer took the person to the hospital and they failed the same drug test Kennedy just passed the person on — And Kennedy is also, accused of submitting false information in a pre-sentence report by signing a document saying a person was a property owner that owned NO PROPERTY in a felony case in which the property was at issue, and a case that was a 3 to 2 vote in Supreme Court using, what is now known as false evidence which was  brokered by Kennedy in her report to Judge Facemire.

Kennedy. wife of Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy, is accused of being involved in a conspiracy with GERRY HOUGH Gilmer County Prosecutor along with Beverly Marks Commission Clerk, Sheriff Metz, and Deputy Gerwig, who have all been involved in knowingly bringing forth false evidence to a Grand Jury pertaining to the longest running circuit court case in Gilmer County history ….the “Travesty of Justice,” case that was active from 2003 until July 29th of 2009 when a federal judge in the 4th circuit court of appeals said that the new evidence was possibly proof of innocence, but could not be used as grounds for appeal since it was not exhausted in a lower court, and it was made known that criminal charges should be brought against the officials that knowingly presented false evidence to TWO GRAND JURY’S and a trial jury in Gilmer County the Central WV home of RAPE and MURDER!!