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Sarah Ann Rutherford 25 from Glenville State College went to JAIL TODAY for having SEX with high school students while she is TEACHER!

By Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press

Sarah Ann Rutherford from Glenville State College is in JAIL today October 1st 2012 for TWO YEARS!! She is listed as a Convicted Felon when she pleaded guilty to 3 misdemeanor charges!!

A high school teacher, who was also a current student and former graduate of Glenville State College who had sex with two of her teen students and gave them booze and drugs reported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail today, Sarah Ann Rutherford was sentenced to two years in jail. Currently as many as 65% of all female inmates have hep C or some sort of staph infection, so the penalty for incarceration in WEST VIRGINIA is much harsher than the actual time.

Sarah Rutherford, 25, took a plea deal in Barbour County, West Virginia to avoid a longer sentence after she had sex with two students under 18 years old, the Secret Seven Coalition reported, having taken responsibility for breaking this teacher/student sex story wide open in March of 2011 with truthful lurid details involving her affair with her boyfriends father Bob Henry Baber the gifts officer in charge of Alumni donations at Glenville State College.

A criminal complaint obtained by the Secret Seven as far back as March of 2011, said that Rutherford and one victim had daily contact and sexual relations, and Rutherford regularly gave him alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin — a prescription drug, which many believed was obtained from Lisa Stewart of Rite Aid Pharmacy, the local supplier of narcotics and pills to Church of Ike members. Ike at one time was going to pay for Rutherford to attend Pharmacy School at WVU.

She also gave her 16-year-old fuck buddy money to buy drugs for her.  Rutherford had sex with him at her home in Barbour County, as a reward, the SS reported during the spring of 2011.

Rutherford and a 17-year-old victim, whom she also met at Philip Barbour High School had an inappropriate ongoing relationship.There are other underage victims that have not come forward, but one thing for sure is those boys really had a teacher that put out!!

“The defendant told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,” the complaint says.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Convicted Felon
Full Name: Rutherford,  Sarah  Ann
Height: 5′  3″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/17/1987
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 10/01/2012
Facility: Tygart Valley Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Convicted Felon

WHO ARE THE 1100? The Eleven Hundred Complete Idiots That Voted For GERALD B HOUGH On Primary Election Day!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Concerned Citizens Free Press Reporter/Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter and valued member of the Secret Seven Coalition

GERRY HOUGH IS LIT AGAIN — There have been rumors lately about his Cocaine use and his affiliations with known drug users from the Doug Morris DRUG CARTEL!

The PUBLIC OFFICIALS, ATTORNEY’S and members of the legal profession in Gilmer County and Charleston, West Virginia feel that they are so important that they can do anything they want, and get away with it, and quite frankly this has been going on for some time and this current “Way it is, … is very counterproductive for any community.

“There is the way it is and the way it is supposed to be, and attorneys in WV are not suppose to be able to get SCOTT FREE away with criminal actions!”

A good example is the Butcher and Butcher law firm, who did not do an accounting on the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years, although West Virginia law states they are required annually.  Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher are so fully enmeshed in the Good Ole Boy system, they can just make a call to Big Joe Manchin and Joe will attempt to cover for any of their crimes. Our biggest weapon to combat against this will be at the polls this election day.

Who are the 1100 people that voted for Hough on primary election day? Although, Hough was on the ballot all by himself which is a sure fire way to win, people still have a choice to put a check there and maybe they should be better educated to what a dishonest person Gerald B Hough actually is. Now I am not saying this because personally  I truly think he is one dirty rotten criminal son of a bitch, I am saying this because of documents and facts that prove Hough is the worst kind of attorney that has ever come down the road, in the state of West By God Virginia.

Let’s reviews some of Gerry Hough’s actions and statements from the recent past that citizens of Gilmer County have commented on…

I really feel sorry for Gerry Hough’s family. This prosecutor does not even have the dignity to keep his innocent family out of his doings. This is an example of a sorry man who won’t stop at anything to try to get his way.
A reader was correct about him even using his family. I see Mr. Hough is posting the circuit court schedule. Usually circuit clerk tells us that!

Mr. Hough what we need is not the court schedule; it is your answer to all the cases you have mishandled.

Comment by Mary B.

If I were not a believer, I am now. Just seeing how Prosecutor Hough avoids answering the question of those who put him in the office, as well as hiding behind his family, makes all the comments I have read true. Since we did not hire his family why are they answering to the calls? Usually people do not speak because they need to talk to their attorneys. Here Hough IS an attorney and a prosecutor (or is he?) and should not have to pass his responsibility to his family. I think he is not fit for his job and he should resign. Then he can practice the law at his own expense and not  Gilmer County’s.

Comment by Jason R


Dear Mary B. (that’s not your name is it?) and
Jason R. (that’s not yours either, is it?): NOTE: It is their real name asshole!
Are you sending your messages directly from Karen Elkin’s office or are you doing her work for her?

One last comment for you both (and you Karen):
I don’t quit….. And just because you want me to quit and make it easy for you and others to control the last remnant of freedom in Gilmer County, I’ll never quit doing my job.

You don’t really think you are distracting us from the special deals you received or the investigation of Freddie Hill’s death do you?



More Comments from the PEOPLE of Gilmer County …

Mr. Hough, I am neither Karen Elkin nor speaking for her. Therefore, your speculation and/or accusation is false. If this is an example of your work by trying to guess, you are definitely a sorry man.

This is the Revenge of the GHOST WOLF logo that has been earned by members of the Secret Seven for breaking countless stories that have been published by mainstream print press news service in Charleston and the SS have exposed corruption now, along with law breaking dirty rotten sons of bitches like Gerald B Hough – WHO ARE the 1100 indeed!

You must keep in mind that you are our employee and getting paid by our hard earned money. Unfortunately, because of your devious actions we are not getting our money’s worth. I cannot understand how Larry Chapman justified approving your pay increase for doing nothing. I like to know what has gone on there. It happened right about the time when Larry Chapman was pushing the GSC’s $28 million bond deal! Could that been a pay off so you would keep your mouth shut? Since you keep listing the upcoming cases, why don’t you list all the past cases you have handled and the outcomes.

Comment by Jason R

I visit this site on daily basis. As I read the information about the Gilmer County Prosecutor, I am stunned to see the attitude of the prosecutor for Gilmer.
This man known as Gerry Hough is in dire need of mental assistance. I cannot believe how a prosecutor can go so low to use his family members to defend him.  This reveals to all concerned, Hough is not a good attorney if he is not able to defend himself personally.

By judging his responses, he is avoiding the issues in question and instead playing childish games that no professional should do. He is using his family members to gain pity. Just seeing how this mad man is reacting to the issue, I can easily see why some want to be anonymous.

I surely hope and I am sure, the people of Gilmer County are smart enough to see where the problem is and quit listening to this man’s garbage.
Gilmer County officials must take action to preserve Gilmer County’s reputation. If not then they are approving corruptions in the legal system.

Comment by Sam Forno – Wood Co.

Gilmer County, we have a Prosecutor who is a bald face liar. I just read the Gilmer County Journal and noticed this man using his 17-year old son to attack another candidate! This man keeps doing it and doesn’t stop to amaze me. Hough is using and abusing anything and everything in his path, even his own juvenile child! He still cannot speak for himself and instead resort to using others. Just like his work and responsibilities where he always has others to do it. I cannot understand how he is an attorney if he cannot even represent himself. Wouldn’t a normal man, if he is one, keep his family out of his political business? Citizens were only speaking to him, and what does he do? Drag his wife, daughter, and his son into it. Like it was said, you are a sick and abusing man and I suggest you check into Sharps Hospital in Weston. How can you even perform your job? If we had doubted what was told about you, now you have proved that all complaints about you are truthful by your ignorance and stupidity, by dodging the issues, and your evasive actions.

Comment by K.E.L.


Debauchery and unlawful legal actions have become quite common for the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!

sam forno:  The issues in this county (since you say you live in Wood) are drugs, the demise of families, and the love of money.  Our country was built by courageous people, who were willing to sacrifice for the common good.  Gilmer County has plenty of the latter and less of the former. Go ahead and judge and criticize and express.  It’s your American privilege.  That privilege came at a dear price.  And we will agree to disagree.  Signed, the madman, Gerry Hough

Comment by Gerry Hough 

To Jason R:  Look at the dormitory bond on record.  There’s a place for the prosecutor to sign.  I refused to.

Your personal attacks on me are malicious.  But Karen Elkin spreading lies at the workplace while on duty is what it is – and you cannot make me the villain.

Comment by Gerry Hough


Yes indeed we are witnessing what a jerk is.  A jerk is Gerald B Hough a public official, Gerry Hough is acting very immature. Whether someone was guilty or not, it is un-ethical for this prosecutor to do what he is doing. Mr. Hough just explain why you lost the case of Jessica Self for example? Mr. Hough you continuously avoid answering the original call and instead attacking others. If you claim there is no federal case against you, there should be. How did Karen Elkin come to this picture? You act like people in Gilmer County support you. Well, they don’t. I have heard many statements from people that got screwed by you because you had not prepared to defend them as the representative of the state. You have convinced yourself that Shelly DeMarino quit Calhoun because she is after your job in Gilmer.

You are gutless making statement about her not doing her job in Calhoun and leaving pile of work behind. Whether the statement is true or not, it should not come out of a lazy man’s mouth like you.
I recall how dirty you played Hough, when running for your election by printing and passing out papers against yourself just to gain sympathy. You wanted the people to believe the other side did it! You must remember in the last election you did not get elected because people of Gilmer County wanted you. You were elected with minimal votes because there was no other choice on the ballot. It is sickening to see how a person who wants people thinking of him as a religious man,  would then resort to such immoral actions. That also must be part of your game plan.

Comment by Paul K.






Steve Canterbury, the Administrator of the West Virginia Supreme Court MAKES HIS OWN RULES Because He is ONE CORRUPT SOB JUST LIKE the REST of the WV SUPREME COURT!! Gives JUDGE WATKINS a PASS because he is about a DUMB BITCH!!!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Concerned Citizens Free Press Reporter/Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter and valued member of the Secret Seven Coalition

“Steve Canterbury, the administrator of the West Virginia Supreme Court has announced that he will not seek charges in the case against Judge CHIP Watkins for proving himself to be as whacked out as the MAD LITTLE MIDGET Judge Richard A Facemire from Gilmer and Braxton County!”

Bar Disciplinary proceedings in West Virginia under the leadership of Rachael Fletcher Cipoletti are essentially sham proceedings designed to protect attorneys from the clients they may have wronged

It leaves some confusion over what it would take to get a charge out of the high court, for they have all proven their selves to be some corrupt sons of bitches just like Virginia Lanham Chief Counsel of the West Virginia State Police for allowing Gerald B Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County to violate state law with impunity!
Canterbury insisted “I think the judge is embarrassed and certainly contrite about his outburst, and I think he has rightfully recused himself.” Really?!

“You have to be kidding me right…contrite? 

“Disgusting! What if Judge Watkins had killed someone? Would it relieve him of consequences because he is contrite you dumb bitch Canterbury?”

“Well now, I wonder if any defendants have come before this judge who were relieved of the charges because they were CONTRITE!”

“It would seem a shame if contrition were not enough for those defendants, but the same contrition were enough for their judge. Huh… only in West Virginia where they all hold degree’s from WVU the University that gives degree’s away if you are part of the local power elite!”

Get fucking real !! So then how about the Attorney Disciplinary Board?  Well in WV that is headed up by Rachael Cipolletti and she is crooked as fuck too! Only in West Virginia do you have so may criminals in the State Government, that you can’t even count them all!”

Oh boy Canterbury now we know the stories of you being a little cock-sucker in the men’s room of the State Capital in Charleston must be true!

“Watkins did not recuse himself from the hearing after declaring this to now be a personal matter and how can the Supreme Court cover for that little screaming BITCH!”

Terri Tarr JIC Chief Counsel recently did not even consider evidence against West Virginia Supreme Court Justice DAVIS having to do with a complaint that accused former Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of not even reviewing the court record before authoring a majority opinion in the famous “Travesty of Justice,” case out of Gilmer County, that rendered an opinion of 3 to 2. All the facts that she based her opinion on were never even part of the court case, yet Tarr covered for Davis for that is what she is paid to do.

This is just the tip of a very dirty, frozen-solid iceberg. Bar Disciplinary proceedings in West Virginia under the leadership of Rachael Fletcher Cipoletti are essentially sham proceedings designed to protect attorneys from the clients they may have wronged. There is nothing real going on there; it is cosmetic. WV will take long enough to make the person forget about it, and then you get the official kiss-off without evidence against the attorney even being considered, and this happens almost everyday in Charleston WV the home of CROOKS every bit as bad as the Crooks from Crooked County!!

After screaming at the pastor to “Shut up” and accusing him of feeding a negative story about Watkins to the media, Watkins adds “Because of you, my wife is there alone, and my house has been vandalized four times. You realize that, of course, as I’m sure you’re probably in on it and laughing about it.”

The judge continues by saying “You, you disgusting piece of …” and “I swear to you. You’re responsible. I’m holding you personally responsible for anything that happens to my house.”

In what appears to be the world’s most obvious point, Watkins states, “I promise you that if I see so much as anyone blanketing my home, my wife, my family, you and me are going to have a problem. …”

Notably, Watkins appears to start to recuse himself after saying

“Well, buddy, it’s personal. It’s personal, and I can promise you, you will not hear the end of if from me.”

It would seem recusal at that point is inevitable. However, Watkins stops himself and again starts to beat up on the pastor, including some remarkable threats

“Please understand that. I will resign this bench and I will personally see to it that you never see a free day in your life. Do you understand? You’re going to jail,. I swear to God.”

I have no doubt that Watkins is embarrassed after becoming an Internet sensation. However, the video reveals conduct that is shocking and raises serious questions about Watkins’ suitability as a judge. Notably, absent such a video, it is doubtful that the pastor could have forced a recusal in the case. While most judges in this country are professional and civil, we often see judges behaving badly in court by unnecessarily berating and screaming at both lawyers and litigants. There exists a “Nut Case” federal judge in Virginia just down the road a piece who is known to be so insecure that young lawyers are told to constantly kow-tow and compliment him to avoid an outburst, much like that Crooked Judge Facemire from Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

“Steve Canterbury, the administrator of the West Virginia Supreme Court has announced that he will not seek charges in the case against Judge CHIP Watkins for proving himself to be as whacked out as the MAD LITTLE MIDGET Judge Richard A Facemire from Gilmer and Braxton County!”

I have often heard from visitors to the WV Supreme Court that they were shocked by the arrogance and rudeness of the justices like Robin Jean Davis.  I have seen such conduct in the Court. Justices know that lawyers are unlikely to object and risk alienating the Court from their client’s case.

Terri Tarr Chief Counsel of the Judicial Investigation Commission recently did not even consider evidence against West Virginia Supreme Court Justice DAVIS having to do with a complaint that  accused former Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of not even reviewing the court record before authoring a majority opinion in the famous “Travesty of Justice,” case out of Gilmer County, that rendered an opinion of 3 to 2.  All the facts that she based her opinion on were never even part of the court case, yet Tarr covered for Davis for that is what she is paid to do.

As for Watkins, the video might help to find something of concern to the West Virginia Supreme Court for reports are that the Office of Disciplinary counsel under the leadership of Rachael Cipoletti is even more corrupt, since the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV found out that there have been more than 30 complaints filed against F JOHN OSHOWAY from Calhoun County and he has not been punished in anyway and stands accused of suppressing an audio file that would have proved the defendant in  the longest running Gilmer County Court case — the “Travesty of Justice, ” case — completely innocent, since the value of evidence was knowingly misreported, and Oshoway  never brought the evidence forward!

These Supreme Court Officials in WEST VIRGINIA are absolutely INSANE and are completely out of touch with the real world, and have proved themselves time and again, to be nothing but WVU graduate backwards fucking hillbillies with absolutely NO CLASS that belong to a club we would like to see dissolved with all of its members in Federal Prison where they belong for the multitudes of crimes against humanity and the people of West Virginia!

One thing for sure is when you lose in court and it makes a fool out of the judge in front of millions of American Viewers that watched the Judge jump off well then that is a hurt, that hurts so good!

Hurt so good
Come on baby, make it hurt so good
Sometimes love don’t feel like it should
You make it hurt so good

Congratulations to Mark Hallburn and Putnam who first published the outrageous video with screaming mimi Judge CHIP Watkins, thereby breaking the stories involving Watkins with both the courtroom rant youtube video, and the threatening phone call to Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia

RAPED IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!! ….While Gerry Hough — The Earl Scheib of RAPE at Glenville State College just keeps the Sexual Assaults a comin … like a Train comin down the Track!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Concerned Citizens Free Press Reporter/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Research and Secret Shit information provided by FREE BIRD — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia SS

What really hurts even worse than the trauma of finding out your daughter or family member was almost killed for the sexual pleasure of Glenville State college students, is the knowing that if GSC were even close to being in a normal location other than Crooked County there would have been no need to worry about a vicious sexual assault that almost ended in death for your loved one and preferred student.

The GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM here in Gilmer County often makes for poor choices for recommendations for sponsorship. A good example of this situation are import problem students like Jordan Opie Watkins who barely held a D average when brought to GSC  by ELITE Sponsor Janice Weldon local attorney and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina socialite connection!

“Poor excuses for human beings that don’t really deserve a second chance — like OPIE seem to be under the belief that they have some sort of god given entitlement — And that they are allowed to rape a naive and somewhat young and innocent honor student  — just starting her second year of college after an academic performance of straight A’s! “

If you are a parent of an unsuspecting CO-ED coming to Glenville State, the shock and horror of the inevitable  …a Brutal Rape is compounded by the ultimate trauma that your daughter or close family member was raped in the Twilight ZONE!

Gerald B Hough just before making his first FERPA Violation so that he could threaten a RAPE VICTIM while he represented his client the alleged RAPIST WILKIE PEREZ who moved on to be a big football hero QB at WVU so might as well be a god at GSC if he was gonna be all that, well hell that means he could fuck any chick he wanted to in Glenville and he would get his own lawyer out of the deal and wouldn’t even have to pay for it!! Free SEX and a scholarship and can just take the first bitch he see’s sling her down to the ground slap the shit out of her until she is so terrified she may wet herself, but before that can happen Wilkie is headed in the out door and setting a precedent and soon to be guideline standard for a classic brutal sexual assault at Glenville State – The HOME of RAPE and Gerald B Hough on his way to being the Patron Saint of Sport Fucking beaten and unconscious women!!

“I’m  GERRY HOUGH  the Earl Scheib of RAPE at GSC, where male students can rape any girl, any time — day or night — for the cost of tuition!!  Feel ups, and extras  included in the foreplay at Goodwin Hall”

Raped in the TWILIGHT ZONE for the reason that the VICTIM soon finds out the evidence is conveniently lost on purpose — And for those reasons that there is no longer any evidence — the prosecutor Gerry Hough IS NOT going to pursue the matter!! 

For that is how they do it down in Gilmer County… THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!

The SEXUAL ASSAULTS at GSC were first only reported by the SS and then finally the birth of the FREE PRESS in Glenville the GILMER FREE PRESS, the reports of HELL ON EARTH sexual torture soon was revealed to a mainstream audience while the local newspaper the Glenville Democrat makes it a policy not to report any negative news, but others say Dave Corcoran – Democrat Publisher and Editor is bought off like a Colombian Whore for a CIA agent while President Obama is having a fine vacation in Bogota!

It was pointed out to us by one of the newest members of the Secret Seven Coalition, and if the situation was noticed, or overlooked prior to this day, well then, better that you get it in your head now how dire the conditions are at GSC when something so awful happens that you hope nobody ever finds out about it.

What they don’t want you to know at GSC is that the same week, that when the mainstream press announced that the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case was dropped by Hough within a matter of days of that announcement another brutal rape took place and was first mentioned in the Gilmer Free Press as a comment left by relatives of the rape victim and also mentioned in this RGW Article:

More RAPES at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE and more cover ups! A YEAR further down the road from the NO FOUL PLAY death of FRED HILL and Gilmer County SEX SCANDALS in review!!

They are not very bright at GSC but do lead the state of WV in RAPE although can not spell very well by this write up (above)in the GSC paper that goes with the photo of Gerry Hough appearing to be high as a kite!!

I heard about a girl being drugged and raped at GSC just a couple months ago in a dorm room at Goodwin Hall… She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after she was found in critical condition, ended up in ICU for a few days. All the evidence needed, was gathered from the room… as she was being transported. I am going to predict GSC, Mr.Bell and Hough all three… try and cover this one up… even though there are witnesses and evidence… not to mention the victim!!! GSC has a responsibility to it’s students and the public to inform them of such criminal activities… but has done nothing about this one either… One would think… GSC would want to be known as the #1 college that puts their students safety first… above all else… instead of the #1 college that covers up crimes!!! As far as the Law in Glenville… what a joke!!!

By Squaw on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


Hough, Bell,and local law enforcement are corrupt.
My stepdaughter was drugged and WHO knows what else. Hough sent my wife a letter stating that evidence has been lost.
Bell is an ASS.
He is not a law enforcement officer.
He has been bought by the college.
Maybe he needs a taste of what he is putting our kids through.

By hiphappens – P-Burg on 12.06.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.



Please send the facts of that rape in which the girl was drugged and info involving allegations of a cover up to:

The Central WV SS has been reporting on and publishing stories on rapes that were covered up by GSC since Timothy Butcher, then foundation President and City Attorney disturbed the routine questioning of the rape suspect Erik Davis just before we witnessed the tragedy of Justice when the GSC Football player was found innocent of raping an underage high school girl whose reputation was trashed for the convenience of the Power Elite not to mention her virtue sold like some type of unnecessary White Trash

By Anonymous on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


What we did not know when the Above ran on the Free Press that just at the same time the Gilmer County Prosecutor let the rape case go (which you can review by clicking the green link above) there was another rape even more brutal and vicious that almost ended in the death of an honor student!

“It was like a sign from GOD just as one rape is covered up officially  … slam bam thank you for some all night sex with an unconscious beauty it happens immediately again!”

Some students got sent some money from home, and students decided to buy the strongest alcohol the money would buy. The RAPE happened in a suite in Goodwin Hall occupied by Jordan OPIE Watkins who was brought to GSC by local attorney Janice Weldon – The VICTIM, “Amanda” was given a cup of alcohol laced with date rape drugs and ended up in an ambulance, flat lining and in intensive care after the brutal rape that also involved several members of the SOB fraternity!

Only this time this latest RAPE DISCOVERY has been exposed by the West Virginia SS and we are informing all Concerned Citizens by publishing this Sunday nights article that GSC signed a 12 page Resolution with the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS at the beginning of 2012  because of the rape of AMANDA?!

The Gas Station Man from Myrtle Beach South Carolina that Janet Weldon local Glenville Attorney and Associate of Peter Barr President of GSC and IL “Ike” Morris …brought to GSC named “Jordan Opie Watkins” that is the alleged rapist of the Victim that was given Date Rape Drugs in Goodwin Hall

Several steps  must be followed which will include the reopening of the case, although Gerry Hough went to great lengths to cover up this brutal sexual assault along with DAN BELL — the public safety officer from GSC that was told to lose the evidence!

An investigator states ….

” It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING!”

Several documents are currently available to verify this information.

The beautiful VICTIM of rape was also denied civil rights by being denied access to her complete medical file at Stonewall Jackson Hospital ! Hospital officials are complying with the cover up to keep from being liable.

Corruption runs deep down in Crooked County Down by the Crooked River!

The address  of the  SOB Fright House “Frat House”(pictured below)is 710 N. Lewis St. which is less than 1/2 mile from the intersection of W. Va. 5 and U.S. 33/119. A reverse search shows the address has a listed telephone number for Florence M. Shiflet. 
However, when the number  (304) 462-5570 was punched in SS investigators  received a message saying the number is not in service, so if you know anything about the Secret Seven Coalition … you know the next thing we are going to say is we suspect this property is owned by the SLUM LORD himself Gerald B Hough for what more of a perfect owner could be picked for a palace of rape and humiliation?! A federal attorney requested a detailed list of all property owned by Gerald B Hough in Gilmer County  — And we won’t be surprised if “Gerry”  does own the “Fright House” and is making a profit on all the rape and mayhem going on at Glenville State College in Glenville, West Virginia the “Home of Rape and Murder!”

The Sigma Omega Beta (SOB) frat house – Jordan Opie Watkins lured “AMANDA” the victim to Goodwin Hall at GSC where she was served high proof alcohol mixed by Jade Layne a student at GSC and Jordan Bennett both female students – The drink contained a date rape drug and members of the non-academic achievers SOB GSC Fraternity are involved with the RAPE and some involved with the cover up which includes the disappearance of the evidence taken to Stonewall Jackson Hospital – GSC Public Safety officer DAN BELL  made a statement that all the evidence was lost!

A LESSON IN HISTORY — JUST ANOTHER CROOK FROM CROOKED COUNTY–Two-Lane TWO-FACED- Ain’t LIVIN long like this Lisa Minney gives JUDA’s Account of her betrayal to the SS on 11 AUGUST the summer the BUTCHER BITCHES BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor

Lisa Minney who turned out to be just another Crook from Crooked County all along gives Juda’s account of betrayal to the WV Secret Seven below!

I don’t know what I did to make that indecipherable connection between me and Calpatty Press three years ago. (See previous post if you are confused.) It’s really hard to tell such things when you don’t even know who they are – screen names, tag-team writers, comments by loyal readers… Never the less, the connection was made, and I fed them any information I had concerning our common enemy, Todd Smith (aka Hot Toddy, scum-bag now in jail). It seems in doing so, I shook hands with the devil, and we’ve somehow been virtually dancing ever since.

The SS did support efforts Minney made to help the mother of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson(above), Vicki Butcher Stamper Shaver, and her efforts to get the truth about the death of her daughter told.

There are times in your life when you ask yourself, “How did I get in this situation?” Naturally, that question isn’t the main point to dwell on, although it seems we all linger on that a little too long. The question most important at those times is, “How do I get out?”

I don’t know how many of their readers believe I am (or was) one of CalPatty’s “Secret Seven.” I don’t know how many readers believed anything they wrote – about me, about others, about community concerns, about themselves.

Lisa Minney the editor publisher of TWO LANE LIVING magazine

But I do know, that for three years, the CalPatty Press have been dominating our region’s online image — our communal online presentation of our community’s truth. They have gotten more hits and page views than all other blogs in WV combined. Our community’s virtual image has been under the patina of their slanted perspective so that none of us, online or in real life, weren’t soured by it in some way, and also by the huge reach in numbers by the CalPatty Press.

This morning, CalPatty Press was offline. According to, their host server, their blog has been “archived or suspended for a violation of Terms of Service.” I am sure they will attempt to shift their readership over to a sister site, but as far as having the lead in search engines and amount of information online about our county (counties), this has been a critical blow.

I don’t believe I deserve (or want) any credit for this victory.

I am a Virtual Jackie O. I’m a writer in my pajamas, drinking cold coffee, with garden dirt under my fingernails and a tangled pony tail.

My meager attempts to “make it stop” failed early last week when CalPatty was only temporarily frozen. I don’t know if I started a ball rolling, or if attempts from others further slandered on their site than I finally came to fruition. I don’t know if some other person, out there somewhere had the muscle to remove this mountain. I only know that two days ago I was feeling rather deflated about it, disappointed, disgruntled.

Oh, how I hate to lose. And in my attempt to win, I had made things worse. I had done all I knew to do – – and failed.

And so, as so many of us do when we have exhausted all other options… I troubled the Almighty.

(Something I try not to do unless it’s really, really important.)

“Lord, just make it gone.”

Twice I asked; on Sunday evening, and again on Monday evening.

This morning, at 5 a.m. CalPatty Press was still there. Then, there was a clap of thunder that shook the house and took out the power, followed by a really scary electrical storm.

When the power came back on – CalPatty Press was gone.

Lisa Minney had a falling out with other Secret Seven Coalition member over the exposure involving NUDE photos of the Butcher Bitches and also of LIZZY and LEXY engaged in some hard partying and sexual activity!

My communication with WordPress could not have been the only complaint about the site. Mine could not have been the only prayer request concerning it, nor could mine have been the first in three years. I would not presume my words or my prayers to be any more important than anyone else’s.

But, because I so rarely ask His help, and because my prayers were answered, I am compelled to give credit where I believe it is due.

Amen. Thank-you, God!

“GOD must have been listening more to us than to you Lisa Benedict Arnold Minney for now we have twice the readers in West Virginia, and also in different countries and different states, God didn’t stop the truth, god gave us strength to endure the Bullshit of Gilmer County, and all the liars and thieves in public office.



By Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator-Editor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill BUSTED FLAT in Greenbrier!

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE and narcotics in pill form.

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 200 lbs. DOB: 7/20/1971

Booked: 7/29/2011 Booking ID: 999038831

Greenbrier County – Bail: $0.00 – SRJ

Charge Type: Misdemeanor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill a WACO OIL employee and suspected member of the local drug cartel.


But, that’s OK Joe Manchin will get dude off the coke charges after all Doug Boy part of the Doug Morris drug Cartel donated one grand to the Big Joe campaign last time it was time to give!

DOUGLAS COTTRILL (WACO OIL & GAS/SALESMAN), (Zip code: 26351) $1000 to MANCHIN FOR WEST VIRGINIA on 10/08/10 just before the November election.

Doug Cottrill is also the Owner of Drakes Auto Sales, which is listed under automobiles, used cars only in Glenville, WV.

Doug Cottrill Laundromat. 313 W. Main St.

May 2, 2011 – Cottrill, Doug GLENVILLE, WV 26351, Miller Supply of WV Inc./Sales Manager

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE.

In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen).

Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS. Two bags of weed were also found by Police.

The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics event.

Lewisburg Police Officer Brandon McCormick was on a routine traffic run at the intersection of Rt. 219 and Rt. 60 in downtown Lewisburg Greenbrier County WV, when he noticed a Red Jeep entering the intersection without its headlights on when it was dark.

The officer noticed the driver and passenger had two open containers and a box of beer in the back seat as they were passing by when he yelled for them to pull over in the parking lot nearby.

To makes matters worse, the officer discovered a tail light on the vehicle was also out, and then the officer could smell that marijuana was being smoked.

Better WATCH YOUR STEP when you know the CalPatty Chips are down! This is an Actual Copy of the Arrest Report of WACO OIL and ASS Salesman Doug Cottrill for those who claim the story is made up by the GFP – The Gilmer FREE PREE Reports the TRUTH read at your own risk!

By clicking on the above link in blue you can read the arrest report for yourself, and see that at 2130 hrs on 28 July Doug Cottrill was arrested and booked on 29 July. Included in the driving with open container, were the drug charges clearly noted on the arrest report.

GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP'S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Reporter/Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website – the Gate Keeper for Crooked County/Edited by EE

Is it easy to become confused when living in a Gilmer County world?

Is it the water or the bad sewage from the federal prison that did not bring in the revenue promised that makes everyone a little crazy?

Have the Power Elite lost their minds?

These are questions that one asks when pondering the fact that the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Prosecutor for Gilmer County think they can cover up the fact that they PAID a witness to lie in a high profile court case that went all the way to US Supreme Court after spending two years in the 4th district circuit court!

The legal experts from New York to Los Angeles agree that the “Travesty of Justice” junk farm equipment case was a typical arranged trial in which the judge, prosecutor, and defense counsel all had to be in on the misconduct and wrongdoing.

A piece of property was hidden by the court clerk after a court order was issued, which led to a wrongful death –  and Sheriff Metz feels he can cover it up and it will all go away! Why not? All the other cover ups seem to work pretty good, all the rapes and the thefts from the Property Tax payers and all.

Is Metz really that stupid?

The answer is YES he is that stupid.

The facts are never going to go away and are going to be brought forward by every state and federal agency that exists in WV and all the fingers are pointed at Metz and Hough as the bad seeds and the bad apples that thought it all up. Now how is that for being known for something?!

Metz and Hough could soon be hearing from the Ethics committee who were extremely upset over the actions by the elected County Sheriff and the ACLU too were not very happy to hear that the SHERIFF is actively involved in covering up paid perjury and a conspiracy to bring false value of evidence to a Gilmer County Grand Jury and a Trial Jury!

Gilmer County has in turn complained to anyone that will listen to them in Charleston, but one by one, their contacts are giving them the silent treatment and the closed ear because they have already been informed, but by another source, a more truthful source.

The Power Elite have pulled some real shit behind everyone’s back by calling in favors.

In fact these jerk offs from Gilmer County have gotten so involved with our shit, that we can not even label this article with a Category that says GILMER COUNTY!

Catherine Butcher played Basketball for Shepherd University at the beginning of the season, but transferred back home to GSC where she was caught having sex in the copter hanger owned by IL Morris with her private basketball coach Darrell Barnett of the Company owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino, who is rumored to have hosted the WILD Party where the rape of the 16 yr old Lady Titan took place on 22 January!

When we try to add Gilmer County  to the categories either by itself or with another phrase it is erased and can not be published by wordpress on this site.

Now when the Power Elite get involved with your shit to that degree they have simply lost their minds. Our attorney will be writing to Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of about that issue soon.

In the mean time if you are doing a search for GILMER COUNTY or GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia you have to look no further than the kind folk at the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition. We will write back and explain to the person doing the search what complete assholes everyone is that runs GILMER COUNTY and give them some details and some names of family members that we personally know in case they need a reference.

In fact the Gilmer County Power Elite are not just assholes, but criminals too!

We recently let all parties know we are prepared to go to court over any more violations of our right to free speech. Some of us have been jailed for it. Some of us have had our lives and careers ruined over wrongful actions taken by Gilmer County and we have come here today to kick their ass in the courtroom! These people need the holy crap beaten out of them in a federal courtroom and we are hoping to be the people to do it. In fact we can not wait to present facts to a federal judge at the first hearing and reveal other crimes we believe these people are involved in that we have not mentioned to anyone.  We are saving some shit up for just the right occasion to shove down some well greased throats.

Let us look at a HOME GROWN problem regarding SEX in the high school scene and SARAH RUTHERFORD an honor student from GSC  becoming a high school teacher and then being involved in sucking the dicks of her high school students!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse. Her mother, JoAnn Rutherford works at GSC as a secretary! Height: 5ft 3in Weight: 110 lbs. DOB: 5/17/1987 Booked: 3/10/2011 Booking ID: 999021511 Barbour County - Bail: $10 000.00 - TVRJ Charge Type: Felon

Sarah gave  them the around the world education to coitus and the fine art of  cunnilingus.

People tend not to think of sex with a young boy (at least with women) as child abuse.  Why can’t they understand how this kind of SEX can screw up their mind? Can’t the teachers teach more about and what positive relationships are about?

I’d be willing to bet that over half of those young boys become abusers of women in the future!

Only someone from GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia could really take on a task like fucking the shit out of her young students in high school with the kind of pride and personal achievement like Sarah Rutherford showed!

Sarah Rutherford from GILMER COUNTY was arrested for having sexual intercourse with under age teenage boys that were students and also there were drugs involved with the sex along with alcohol the CROOKED COUNTY WAY!

Sarah was shown special privilege at GSC from IL Morris who supposedly helped her gain access to the pharmacy program at WVU. We don’t really know what happened with those big plans, but Sarah Rutherford, as it turned out was busy exploring her more sexual nature as any good Power Elite chick would.

Sarah got totally turned out is right when she attended GSC, where she had it made because she was the daughter of a long time Glenville State College employee.

Her mom is JoAnn Rutherford who works at the college as a secretary and she is one hell of a hussy from what we hear! Look out now! We got another daughter of the Power Elite having another wild sexual episode that she wants to share with a select few! It is all part of the Gilmer County Power Elite upbringing! Special favors, special deals, it is all good in Crooked County!

Sarah’s Brother Matt is a very big time druggie, so too bad she did not get the pharmacy gig or Sarah could have been the hookup! With all the privileges they got, they had to screw it up, just like many of the children of the Power Elite do!

This opinion was recently published in the local GFP about another sexual experience involving under age high school students a teacher and coach at Gilmer County High School and an alleged RAPE too! All covered up!!

Isn’t It Better to End It Than A Cover-up? Be Fair to Innocents?!

An intensely discussed issue in Gilmer County is what supposedly happened along Route 33 at the home of a prominent member of the community.

Allegedly, and according to Internet reports, there was a wild party involving GCHS students and authority figures.

Among other things, sex between a coach and a female student and the rape of another female student are alleged.

Reasonable citizens concur that simply because the information was posted on the Internet does not prove the veracity of the reports.

The problem is that many citizens can perceive that something terribly wrong happened and the perceptions can mutate into convictions of fact.

With serious ramifications of reports of the party, why is nothing being done to refute the reports or to verify that they were valid to cause guilty parties to be dealt with?

The homeowner, the coach allegedly involved with sex with a student and the alleged rapist could in fact be totally innocent.

Also, the girls whose reputations were tarnished could be victims of vile rumor, which is a huge concern.

Conversely, if what was reported is truthful, the GCHS principal, the County School Board, and local law enforcement officials, including the prosecutor, are grossly guilty of inaction!

To do nothing causes one more black mark to be stamped on all of us regarding how business is permitted to be conducted in Gilmer County.

We need competent investigative reporters or outside law officials to come to Gilmer County to eke out the facts and to let the chips fall where they may.

The members of the local SS have been trying to meet those needs and have made many friends in Law Enforcement that serve outside the state that have become critical of WV policy and actions.

The GFP also had this to say about the incident with Sarah Rutherford!

A teacher from Philip Barbour High School is facing sexual abuse charges for allegedly having sexual relationships with two students.

Philip Barbour High School HOODIES should sell well for the graduates of SEX EDUCATION, I hear they are making up some more to sell that say I WAS BROKEN IN BY MS RUTHERFORD-Call me when you have no class!!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse in the third degree.

Barbour County Sheriff officials say Rutherford had sexual relationships with two students, between August and December of 2010.

According to the criminal complaint, Rutherford supposedly gave one of the students alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs on at least one occasion.

Rutherford allegedly had sexual intercourse with the students, and then told them not to tell anyone because she could get in trouble.

Rutherford was sent to jail and was later released on bond.

The Barbour County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.
Update: Addtional information from the criminal complaint

The criminal complaint against Rutherford says she became acquainted with one of the victims, a student a PBHS, in August and September. The two began text messaging and she invited the student to her home, located in Barbour County, where she and the student allegedly had sexual intercourse.

Through September and December, Rutherford allegedly became involved with another PBHS student younger than 18 by initiating contact with the victim at the school to “solicit a relationship!“

The criminal complaint states that Rutherford and the second victim had daily contact with each other, and allegedly three incidents between the two occurred at least once.

Rutherford allegedly provided the student with alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin at her home; she provided the student with money to purchase marijuana for her, which he complied; and Rutherford took the student to her home, where she provided him with alcohol, marijuana and engaged in sexual intercourse.

“The defendant told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,“ the complaint states.

In our local incident at a party at the home of a member of the Crooked County Power Elite this NO TELL tactic was used again!

Don’t tell about all the WILD SEX and all the DOPE and the BOOZE and the exposed breasts and rape of the unwilling young participant at the home of the Lemegeton – An agent of the Devil!

To all the devils minions …come home to GILMER COUNTY where the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that CROOKED COUNTY LINE!

But don’t tell!