Gilmer County CHEATS during the elections!

Here is something to think about GILMER COUNTY!

By Freebird/RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS and the Concerned Citizens Free Press


There are only 88 students registered at 200 High Street GSC.  No out of state person is eligible to vote other than their state absentee if they live off campus.  They must be domiciled in the dorm.  Remember how they kept saying how great the registration was from the college.  Bull,  so I am questioning 470 registered voters reported by the clerks office.  Did we miss those people on the census?  No!  Are all of them of the age to vote even if we did?  No.  Something is wrong.  The number of registered voters exceeds even the broadest definition of possible voters eligible by 470 votes.(counting any and all residents) 


Earl Ray Tomblin Democrat 696 51.79%
Bill Maloney Republican 534 39.73%
Bob Henry Baber Mountain 107 7.96%
Marla Dee Ingels Independent 5 0.37%
Harry V. Bertram American Third Position 2 0.15%
Write Ins 0 0.00%
Unofficial Results Total Votes: 1,344
Registered Voters Gilmer County Population Statistics
3145 Democrat
930 Republican 8693 2010 census Gilmer County
                         121 Independent -1746 fci glmer inmates Can’t vote
10 Libertarian -152 fci camp inmates Can’t vote
8 Mountain -1721 2009 students GSC Low # vote
473 No Party -945 Total County schools enrollment (very few eligible)
4687 Total Registered 4129 Gilmer Regular Residents remaining After adjusting out FCI and Students
4687 Registered Voters Total
Adjusted out total census remaining residents
               558 Are they students?
Per  SOS 88 Students @ GSC  -88

Registered at 200 High Street, Living on Campus                 470

Can we believe that 470 high school seniors who were 18 before the election were registered as eligible to vote ?   A very high number for possible eligible at the high school would be generous at 8 (one or less is more likely).   We have not been provided the number of Democrat and Republican Ballots voted by Party and non-party registration data for a very long time.  Why is this?  This bit of public information is very relevant to candidates, their supporters and the voters in general.  It is foolish to believe that every non student resident of Gilmer County that would have been missed during the census would be a registered voter.  The registered voter is usually quick to respond to census questionnaires.  Who are these 470 and how do they vote?  Did they have missed this many adults during the census amd is it even possible that they would all be registered voters? It is not very likely and something to think about..  It is hard to believe  that in a County so dedicated to its political beliefs there are 473 voters of no party affiliation.  473 versus 470, maybe just a coincidence but it seems a reasonable question. Certainly these invisible people and their ballots represent votes. The numbers are disturbing and statistics in Gilmer County do not change significantly year to year.