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G-LtE™: Auditing the Auditors

imageMaybe the state board of education should be audited.  They definitely need to be tested.  Some things just don’t add up.  For example, the auditor criticized Gilmer county schools for not combining schools earlier based on numbers of students in the county.  Ten years ago there were over one thousand students and today there are just over 900 students.  Gilmer has lost half of its student population in ten years.  Even a second grader knows that 900 is not half of one thousand.

Could it be that this OEPA report was put together on the fly without anyone checking the figures?  Or could it be that as rumor has it, a certain principal called a certain Oil and Gas baron and demanded the state step in and keep Gilmer county from hiring a certain superintendent who could make a change in the county?  Then this certain Oil & Gas baron called up a certain former Governor and threatened to stop sending campaign contributions if the state did not takeover Gilmer County Schools, pronto.

Gilmer County teachers have been practicing in the event the state should send a polite letter outlining its intention of visiting the county schools for an audit ever since Mrs. Butcher became principal.  Being a party to audits in other counties, Nasia had a lot of information to pass onto her teachers, including names of teachers, names of schools, and other sensitive information that probably should not have been passed on.  I don’t know, maybe the Administration Master’s certification of the 18 hour variety is not all it’s cracked up to be.  But who am I to judge?

And where is all the documentation that led up to this takeover?  There were no warning signs.  The county has been trying to get new schools for several years, but so has every other school district in the state.  Where’s the paper trail.  Someone mentioned fire marshal reports.  The funny thing is, there is no paper trail because the fire marshal approved, and so did every other agency that reports on schools.  Did those people lie, did William-Shriver Engineers lie, did WVU lie, and did Nasia Butcher lie?  Well, maybe that last one.  And if they did lie, they should be held accountable.

John Bennett tried to get new schools for the county.  The problem is that the power brokers in Glenville want the new school in their backyard.  They will reject any plan that includes building a new school outside of Glenville.

The problem in Gilmer County is that a few wealthy people want to dictate how the rest of us live.  I think a good solution would be to build two new K-12 schools, one on each end of the county.  Or, turn the high school into a K-12 school and build one more K-12 at Normantown.  Less fuel would be used for transportation, and we would not have transportation issues.  The county would have two principals instead of four.  Then our schools could compete with each other in sports like they did before the high school was consolidated.  Those were the days.

NOTE:  Everyone needs to read John Whitehead’s latest article on GFP titled “SWAT Team Mania: The War Against the American Citizen”

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GFP – 06.16.2011
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The numbers were provided to the Auditors as instructed by current disgruntled leaders.  Don’t shoot the messenger of facts provided.  When the audit was done, no one seemed to know any of the correct answers. No one knew about any plans or any policies. They didn’t know how to hire or fire.  Paperwork did not exist. Why do we think that was?  They can only audit what is provided to them. It seems this was an in-house attempt to ensure this takeover and prevent the new Superintendent from taking office.  It worked.

By Rno482  on  06.16.2011

Rno482, you are so correct.  Generally all administrators and principals are removed or moved around. If they are not it definitely proves your point. We have to wait to see. Right now everything is secret. So it seems.  cool mad

By WatchDog  on  06.16.2011

I hear Ed Toman has been asked to take the job as Superintendent of the Gilmer County Schools after a new temp Superintendent takes over on July 1,2011. shut eye

By Ann F  on  06.16.2011