CalPatty Press calls NO FOUL PLAY months in advance in the murder of Basil Freddie Hill

August 28th 2013 — I HAVE SOME CREAM, at GSC because the FOOTBALL TEAM SHOT IT ALL OVER ME!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press

Somehow this madness at Glenville State College must cease.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Prophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

We must stop now. I speak as a child of God and brother to the suffering poor of Glenville, West Virginia.

Countless women have suffered the serious crime of rape to try to protect the image of Glenville State College whose image to anyone with any brains is down and dirty with corruption for a curriculum.

Countless women have suffered the serious crime of rape to try to protect the image of Glenville State College whose image to anyone with any brains is down and dirty with corruption for a curriculum.

I speak for those whose land is being laid waste, whose homes are being destroyed,whose culture is being subverted by corrupt judges like Richard A Facemire and a corrupt prosecutor Gerald B Hough .

I speak for the poor of West Virginia who are paying the double price of smashed hopes at home, and those brutally raped and murdered by the corruption of Gilmer County!

I speak as a citizen of West Virginia, for West Virginia, as it stands aghast at the path we have taken. I speak as a backwoods citizen of Central West Virginia to the leaders of my own state. The great initiative in this RAPE war is ours!!

Jordan "Opie" Watkins has been located in South Carolina for the fifth time in seven months and CCC members from the state of Alabama are ready to lead federal marshals to his current residence. Watkins was brought to GSC by a Church of Ike attorney that we are currently seeking for questioning that fled to the state of Texas.

Jordan “Opie” Watkins has been located in South Carolina for the fifth time in seven months and CCC members from the state of Alabama are ready to lead federal marshals to his current residence. Watkins was brought to GSC by a Church of Ike attorney that we are currently seeking for questioning that fled to the state of Texas.

The initiative to stop it must be ours!!!

I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world evolution, we as a small county must undergo a radical revolution of values and give back some rights to some WHITE PEOPLE.

We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thug-oriented” Gerry Hough, Peter Barr, Tim and Terry Butcher society to a “person-oriented” society.

BIG TEN QB at GSC? WHAT? Is this man a rapist too?

Justin Feagin BIG TEN QB at GSC? WHAT? Is this man a rapist too?

When FOOTBALL and big city criminal, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than innocent white girl college students, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and having the bejesus fucked out of you by a big black MAG LIGHT are incapable of being conquered.

These are revolutionary times! It is time to kick some negro rapists to the curb bitches!

All over the globe men are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression and out of the wombs of a frail world new systems of justice and equality are being born.

The shirtless and barefoot people of Central West Virginia are rising up as never before, under the leadership of the Secret Seven Coalition!

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.” …And it was a WHITE GIRL naked who  was fucked and RAPED brutally, bruised and damaged forever more at Glenville State College the HOME of RAPE!

We in the state of West Virginia must support these revolutions of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Concerned Citizens of Central WV!

It is a sad fact that, because of comfort, complacency, a morbid fear of the Church of Ike, and our proneness to adjust to injustice, the Western nations that initiated so much of the revolutionary spirit of the modern world have now become the arch anti-revolutionaries….

Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to BIG BLACK DICKS ruining the lives of young girls like Mary Hudnall, honor student Amanda Smith, Anita Phillips-Wiseman, Meghan Ruddlesden and the list goes on!

A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every county in West Virginia must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.

This call for a state-wide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s GSC tribe, or team, class or ASS, and now in West Virginia it is a reality, a cum stained semen soaked call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all the RAPE VICTIMS at Glenville State raped like a bitch by a BLACK MAN that HAS SOME CREAM!!

This oft-misunderstood and misinterpreted concept—so readily dismissed by the Nietzsches of the a poor state like WV as a weak and cowardly force—has now become an absolute necessity for the survival of man. Brave individuals now speak out about really kicking some asses now!

When I speak of love I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life.

Member of the GSC football team are suspecting of raping AMANDA SMITH after Watkins undressed her in his room several times while she was unconscious, Smith as filed suit against GSC and the head of the SS contacted a winning attorney on behalf of the family who is looking into taking the case.

Members of the GSC football team are suspected of raping AMANDA SMITH after Watkins undressed her in his room several times while she was unconscious, Smith has filed suit against GSC and the head of the SS contacted a winning attorney on behalf of the family who is looking into taking the case.

Love and unselfish devotion to kick these bitch ass rapists to the curb is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality. Burn some crosses up on that bitch ass hill even if one more fucking white girl gets raped!!!

This Hindu-Moslem-Christian-Jewish-Buddhist belief about ultimate reality is beautifully summed up in the first epistle of Saint John:

Let us love one another; for love is God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

Let us hope that this spirit will become the order of the day. We can no longer afford to worship the god of the CHURCH OF IKE or bow before the altar of being raped like a bitch!

The oceans of history are made turbulent by the ever-rising tides of rape. History is cluttered with the wreckage of Crooked County’s such as Glenville and individuals that pursued this self-defeating path of rape. As Arnold Toynbee says: “Love is the ultimate force that makes for the saving choice of life and good against the damning choice of death and evil. Therefore the first hope in our inventory must be the hope that love is going to have the last word.”

And we are gonna make those bastards hold to account the day they ever even thought of popping those big black dicks out. The next big black phallic symbol that just magically appears could just as quickly, “Like Magic,” disappear, how about that?!

We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today, so lookout while the SUN is SHINING we will be a makin hay and putting a little polish on the buck knife!

Erik Davis raped an under age teen that was only named as "Polly" Timothy B Butcher who is now a Board of Governor at GSC that has an expired term broke the rules and stopped the questioning of this rapist by police! That was a Bitcher of a Butcher act we won't soon forget!

Erik Davis raped an under age teen that was only named as “Polly” Timothy B Butcher who is now a Board of Governors member at GSC that has an expired term — broke the rules and stopped the questioning of this rapist by police! That was a Bitcher of a Butcher act we won’t soon forget!

We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.

In this unfolding conundrum of life and history there is such a thing as being too late.

Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked and dejected with a lost opportunity. The “tide in the affairs of men” does not remain at the flood; it ebbs. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is deaf to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones of raped white girls up at the college and jumbled residue of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: “Too late bitches!”

There is an invisible book of life that faithfully records our vigilance or our neglect. “The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on…” We still have a choice today: violent coexistence or violent co-annihilation.

We must move past indecision to action. Lets run those rapists the fuck out of our town!

We must find new ways to speak for peace in Gilmer County and justice throughout the developing county—the crooked evil state of West Virginia that is knocking on our doors but be made whole again, we must force the evil out and back to Washington DC!

If we do not act we shall surely be dragged down the long dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight, but fuck it, NOW is the time to act! Who gives a fuck what they say now, we have been lied to for far too long!

Now let us begin to pursue those evil sons of bitches at the College of RAPE on the hill!

Now let us rededicate ourselves to the long and bitter—but beautiful—struggle for a new county free from LARRY CHAPMAN free from that unsavory character BEET RED BRIAN KENNEDY and that fat as fuck Darryl Ramsey County Commissioner.

This is the calling of the sons of God, and our brothers wait eagerly for our response to light that torch and save your new sister, your wife, a daughter, the girl at GO MART — Or some innocent co-ed from Wood County who is headed for a bad experience of forced SEX and brutalization by a member of the GLENVILLE STATE FOOTBALL TEAM – They HAVE SOME CREAM!

Shall we say the odds are too great?

Shall we tell them the struggle is too hard?


Will our message be that the forces of the Secret Seven Coalition militate against their arrival as full men, and we send our deepest regrets? Or will there be another message, of longing, of hope, of solidarity with their yearnings, of commitment to their cause, whatever the cost? THE SS HAS GOT YOUR BACK BITCHES!!!

The choice is ours, TAKE OUT a GSC RAPIST NOW and make sure that crazy fuck never rapes again! And though we might prefer it otherwise we must choose this choice in this crucial moment of human history.

“It’s Not My Time…

There’s a fear in me it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh but I won’t go you can’t rape me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALPATTY PRESS FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY FEBRUARY 5th — Here is a CalPatty Press Original in Celebration!

Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator  Editor

In celebration of the BIRTH of the CalPatty Press five years ago today, we are republishing the Brotherhood of Darkness!

The CalPatty Press, still secretly in existence was one of the most successful websites in West Virginia history that went down in flames on August the 11th 2010 at 0722 hrs when the Flagship of the Secret Seven was sunk to the bottom of the Crooked River after a severe attack from the Power Elite in Glenville, West Virginia after a campaign led by LISA MINNEY owner and publisher of TWO-FACED TWO-LANE Ain’t living long like this magazine, teamed up with Lisa Belknap the publisher of the Gilmer Journal, along with Gerry Hough, Shelly Morris DeMarino, the Butcher and Butcher law firm, JUDGE FACEMIRE, and several other elite all banned together, after an issue of the CPP published NUDE pictures of LIZZY and LEXY Butcher engaged in sexual debauchery along with several other young people from the area. GROUP SEX, wild naked running around parties, rape and mayhem all seems to be PAR for the course among the children of the Power Elite of Gilmer County!


Please JOIN US the SECRET SEVEN COALITION and all the original CalPatty Press members as we celebrate all this week. In fact, in celebration we are gonna let the dogs loose, so you may want to tell the bad guys to be aware it is open season on assholes all week long! Please join us this first day of celebration as we bring you ….


brought to you by the Calpatty Press —  44 comments

Who’s really in the dark? US… you know, the YOU and ME that make up our own little worlds. Or them… the elite!?

Many of “them” are members of the “Brotherhood!” The brotherhood…from the dark side!

Angel of darkness is upon you
Stuck a needle in your arm
So take another toke, have a blow for your nose
One more drink fool, will drown you


Most of the entire state of WV is so HIGH they’re in the dark all the time!

It’s true according to new statistics WV has more people per capita on dope from the doctor than any state in the US! That could explain why WV supposedly has one of the lowest crime rates in the US, but is NUMBER ONE for percentage of people incarcerated at nearly 6 per 100 persons. A lot of people are in jail for non violent dope offenses. But, whatever the reason the “Jails are FULL…all the same!”

Most people aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on . Even when the CalPatty Press publish articles that we want to share now, often, we find, our site is slammed with hits long after we let the cat out of the bag. So even on the coolest, hottest new Word on the street…there is often some lag time before the true and full story is known by the masses.

The CalPatty Press has often made reference to the WV Judicial System and the FREEMASON connection! Well we have all been so in the dark that evidence from the dark side and that WV Judges and Lawyers are all part of the brotherhood has already surfaced and not many people really know!

One of the many homes to the Brotherhood of Darkness and a place where EVIL LURKS the CROOKED COUNTY COURTHOUSE!

These types of conspiracy stories are strictly taboo…especially if they reveal any truth. Since most mainstream news service agencies are connected to the elite control and ownership you won’t hear much of what really is going on, but since a Freemason JUDGE decided to file legal action, the story became a matter of public record!


Photo from the original CalPatty Press article Brotherhood of Darkness is in celebration of today February the 5th being the birthday of the CalPatty Press

Member of the Secret Seven fully muzzled up…

We not only say that’s bullshit, but we have a lot more to say about it than that!

And if you don’t like it you snotty little bitch Tara Kennedy, then quite frankly…we don’t give a damn! Go fuck a Walrus you prissy little whore!


A couple of months ago last June, Frank Joseph Haas, an administrative law judge from Brooke County, filed a lawsuit alleging that he was summarily expelled from the Masons without any notice.

Haas headed the statewide Grand Lodge from October 2005 to October 2006. Haas tried to make the policies of the state Masons less discriminatory and racist and more in line with the U.S. Constitution and the state’s public policy.

Haas was so used to making his own rules as a WV JUDGE…. he thought he could make his own rules as soon as he climbed up the ladder of the local hot shot Freemason headquarters!


But all the other judges and members of the WV judicial system are Freemasons too!

…Just like we’ve been telling you all along….right here at the CalPatty Press!

SO…basically Frank was fucked since the “real players” didn’t think he was cool enough, so, they did the old planned take over, and took over… the grand plans of the grand master HAAS!

The edict expelling Haas would be part of a report presented by the new grand master.

Haas tried to appeal his expulsion within the organization, but received no formal acknowledgment of his grievance until he filed the lawsuit.

But since most other members of the WV Justice system are also Freemasons and the “word” is out on this dude Frank. “Frank” is word up!” …to the men from the dark side of the brotherhood!

Chances are when you are in front of a judge in WV he is a FREEMASON. You have to be… to be a part of the judicial system…and that’s just the way it is!

The brotherhood runs our judicial system in WV and that is why the court system has become so political.

That is why “SPIKE” our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can run with his buddy “Blankenship” and get a couple of paid escorts too…for their big whoop de doo da time over in Europe.

Spike Maynard parties and is shown DRUNK with the CEO of Massey Coal Don Blankenship A judge of West Virginia's 30th Judicial Circuit for over 16 years, he was elected as a Democrat to a 12-year term on the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia in 1996. In 2010, Maynard switched parties and won the Republican nomination to challenge longtime Democratic U.S. Representative Nick Rahall in West Virginia's 3rd congressional district. On November 2, 2010, Maynard was defeated in his election bid by Rahall.

Well now that some of the truth leaked out the voters said , “Fuck you SPIKE! You can’t keep a secret even when you lay down with dogs…you woke up with Flea’s and a CEO!


Spike doing some under the table political work about to get some good pussy out of some underhanded dealings, SPIKE MAYNARD was the dirtiest most low down Supreme Court Judge to ever hit West Virginia! The man is a criminal!

No one forced Spike and Ms. Cross to socialize in a well-known Democratic hot spot (in Capito’s district) 3 days before early voting began.

No one set anyone up, but it was a fuck fest later that night, we would love the photo’s of that party, for a Spikes crooked penis would definitely make the tabloids!

How in the world do you see this any differently than Spike and Blankenship fucking all those crazy Bitches in Monaco?

Really? “Gotcha?” Hardly.

This goes far beyond “someone’s social life” – just as the Monaco issue did.

This is precisely the same thing as Monaco, those crooked mother fuckers!

Now that Spike is gone(after this term is out) it is like losing your right hand man…speaking of which , one MASON rule is: that “a person who has lost a foot, a right hand or a right thumb back of the first joint is ineligible for Masonry.”

Another prohibits West Virginia lodges from raising funds for non-Masonic organizations such as local volunteer fire departments. It is also claimed that in June 2008 there were no BLACK Freemasons among the 24,000 who belonged to the Grand Lodge of West Virginia.

SPIKE MAYNARD while on the WV Supreme Court is the author of the BOYD RULE which denied the constitutional rights of the defendant in the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE case. SPIKE, along with Chief Justice Davis, and Justice Benjamin is the guy that took the 3.5million dollar bribe from Don Blankenship and then voted in his favor on the Massey Coal case just to have it all reversed by the US Supreme Court, that made MASSEY COAL pay 20 MILLION in fee's plus the 60 MILLION they were sued for after the WV Courts manipulated the court case and got caught. All three justices voted the same way on the Massey Coal Case as they did in the Travesty of Justice Case which was on the docket the same week because the court was split politically because of Massey Coal.

Frank Haas had the audacity to try to change all that so that was why “another” stepped in. Frank sued for readmission after being expelled in November 2007. In his suit, Haas claims that he tried to make changes known as the “Wheeling reforms” …but it was NOT SO FAST FRANK!

We at the Calpatty Press see Franks goose as basically cooked since the powers that be are all Masons too!

But, we are grateful because it is out in the open. Masons have to look out for Masons as part of “the oath of office.” That sort of explains to us why judges stick up for judges and lawyers for lawyers in WV no matter if a known crime had been committed or not!

CORRUPTION RUNS DEEP WHEN DAVIS – MAYNARD and Justice Benjamin get together!

A formal complaint was filed against Justice Davis of the West Virginia Supreme Court on December 7th asking for her removal and punishment for her misconduct that was easily proven involving the Travesty of Justice case that was in the WV court system from 2003 until 2009 -- shown here with SPIKE Maynard just about the time the 3 to 2 vote came in.

Technically speaking it is the belief of the Secret Seven that a JUDGE or a member of the WV Judicial System whether you be a judge, prosecutor, clerk, etc has a better chance than anyone to get away with murder or some other heinous crime. A member of that “IN CROWD” has the most likely chance of getting away with a major crime like murder, or even maybe just some simple misconduct. It will all be kept hush hush as long as somebody doesn’t open their mouth.

But good thing for us FRANK opened his mouth, and a little bit more of the true story about the Brotherhood has come to the surface.

Tags: Secret Societies


Crooked County Crooks

August 13, 2008 at 6:09 PM

Much more needs to be said about the “Brotherhood” control of our WV courts!!

There is nobody that is anybody involved in the WV Judicial System that is NOT in the brotherhood!

They are all in the same bed. So, unless it has already been decided to gang up on someone for misconduct, all that’s gonna happen is a cover up.

Everybody covers for everybody and that extends to the Military regime of the WV State Police.

This is also a good article about the DARK BROTHERHOOD that rule the Judicial HELLHOLE in the Mountain State of WV!! Our JUDICIAL SYSTEM Is broken and control is in the dirty
hands of the


August 13, 2008 at 7:45 PM

Forbes says research shows West Virginia is the most medicated state just like this article states these figures just came out today.

States residents filled an average 11.1 retail prescriptions per capita, according to the latest figures compiled by the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation’s

Well above that average is West by god Virginia!! TRY 17.2 !! Way out in front for pill poppin!!

WV came in first with 17.2 retail prescriptions filled per capita, followed by Missouri, 15.9; Tennessee, 15.8; Alabama, 15.7; and Kentucky, 15.4.

At the bottom of the list, Alaska, 6.5; California, 7.4; and Hawaii, 7.7.

Solution: Suck on more hot dogs and you will eat less pills!

“Just suck on a chilly dog!!”

Central WV SS member Bunny "Sucking a weener" photo from Crooked County!


August 13, 2008 at 10:07 PM

Found this official report on Richard A Facemire CROOKED COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE

Judge Richard Facemire:

He does not like the truth on the defense side. Makes the record look legal, even though he prevents proper evidence from getting on the record in civil cases. He breaks state and federal law. And true rights to due processes. Not a fair law abiding judge. But makes it look legal, on the record. Corrupted. 2008-04-06
View Survey
D+(1.26) NICE grade point avg

"Guard dogs, also known as watch dogs, or sentry dogs are dogs employed to guard against, or watch for, unwanted or unexpected animals or people." This is WHITE FANG the personal guard dog of the Supreme Commander of the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition!


August 13, 2008 at 10:08 PM

In a unanimous opinion, justices found that Circuit Judge Richard Facemire abandoned his role of neutrality and seriously affected the fairness of the proceedings against Gerald Mark Thompson Jr.

The judge asked about 180 questions of trial witnesses. More than third of them – 83 – were directed toward a State Police trooper and had already been asked by the prosecution. During questioning, the judge also referred to the chemicals found as “meth” or “methamphetamine,” the court noted. Facemire asked Thompson seven questions, his mother 47, his wife 13 and another witness 11.

Below official grade for bad conduct! Remember we can vote this little midget out this year in November

ABA Guideline 5-4. Professionalism and Temperament.

a. Acting in a dignified manner. D (1.00)
b. Treating people with courtesy. F (0.00)
c. Acting with patience and self-control. D (1.00)
d. Dealing with pro se litigants and litigation fairly and effectively. F (0.00)
e. Participates and providing leadership to an appropriate degree in professional development activities and in jurisdiction-wide and statewide court improvement and judicial education activities. C (2.00)
f. Promoting public understanding of and confidence in the courts. D (1.00)

SS member Kemo Sabe the favorite of Lisa Minney in 2006 when the SS first formed guarding a high ranking officer of the SS sitting to the right and keeping an eye on some elite that dude feels owes at least 500,000 in bad debt! Although, it can't be seen in this photo, but both were packing heavy.

Crooked County Ccrooks

August 14, 2008 at 8:49 AM

Some things to think about when dealing with a real proven CROOK like FACEMIRE!

Ask for permission to video the proceedings.

Use the Freedom Of Information Act to get your records. Anything with your name or your child’s name on it belongs to you.

Bring crowds into the courtroom, the bigger the better. Try to get a least a couple of good audio recorders, as well as video secretly placed in the best places to record.

Prep the crowd out in the corridor both to focus the crowd’s attention. Tell your supporters that when the judge tries to shut you down they should all say together, “Let him speak! Let him speak!” Remind everyone to pay attention in the courtroom. .

Speak to police officers standing around. “Sometimes the cops know what’s going on. These judges, attorneys and state agents are kidnapping children, rigging elections, buying votes like they do in Gilmer(Crooked County)” whatever your case is about, or whatever corrupt shit is going down, chances are the local cops know something about it or could know something and may get loose lips.

Do not stand up for the judge if you know he is corrupt. Remain seated when he enters if you want to show that you know he is corrupt. Or, remain standing until he enters if you want to avoid making a show of respect.

Bring binoculars, opera glasses or telescopes into the courtroom to aim at the officers of the court for closer scrutiny, if possible. Put em under the glass.

Mentally discipline yourself not to think or react emotionally.

Make the record in the courtroom, make several copies, this is especially true in Gilmer County, they will try to change the record to suit GERALD B HOUGH the biggest Crook of them all.

Stand up together as a group when the cops enter in a threatening manner. If the cops are threatening get their names.

Even if you lose, you win, because you are exposing the corruption. Exposure of their corruption and the rising up of the people is the only thing they fear.

Get your tapes of the proceedings from the clerk right away before you leave the courtroom so they won’t be edited. (Gilmer County is the worst at faking the court record-and for that we have proof-)

The worse that it is in the courtroom the better that it is because the story goes into the media eventually, and people find out how horrible FACEMIRE is. We have a good example to share with you all soon.

Every time a judge dismisses a case and you appeal it, file compulsory process into the Supreme Court and add his name to your racketeering complaint.

Publish the stories in the newspaper and in any other form of media possible.

Spread those papers around to every state office, every judge, attorney and govt. employee and the surrounding community to make all aware about corrupt public officials, heighten public awareness.

Issue as many subpoenas as possible as often as possible. It makes them nervous.

Confront and loudly point out the crooks wherever and whenever you see them.

Do not hire an attorney. Be your own lawyer.

Don’t give up. Be prepared for a long struggle. Once you begin you must keep the pressure on.

You should always begin with this statement.

“Your honor, is this a court of due process as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution!”

Of course if you try that in Crooked County you will find yourself locked up quick, because Gilmer, Calhoun, Roane, Nicholas and Clay Counties have courts that make their own rules and don’t give a damn about the US Constitution or YOUR rights. In fact, they prefer that you don’t know your rights at all, so they can get their own paid public pretenders to process you through the system ,where you become a number and not a name.

We have to take our courts back if we want our country back!

Crooked River Guard dogs actually go to school to learn how to kill if necessary, and here they are listening up and learning the best way to win ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!

Johnny Richards

August 14, 2008 at 10:09 AM

Very good information… And True Facts!


August 14, 2008 at 10:30 AM

HOUGH….FACEMIRE, MICKEY METZ and the entire crew of Crooked County Crooks would be a lot better off if they spent more time sucking on HOT DOGS like DREW MOODY the burned out hippie queer… and Dave Cockamamie the editor of the Glenville Demo-Crap and pathfinder of BULLSHIT!

We would love to have a photo with all of them sucking on the dog!

A GERMAN SHEPHERD makes just about the best attack dog around, for they are large and fierce and are trained to take automatic weapons from uniformed men, and or kill their prey when holding automatic firearms

CalPatty Press

August 14, 2008 at 1:03 PM

Break rules, be promoted

When former prosecutors were criticized by appeals courts for breaking the rules of a fair trial, their careers weren’t sidetracked. Instead they became judges.

Just like… know who!

1) An Officer of the court who knew of an arrest warrant sworn out against a brother Mason would have to warn him immediately so he could flee the jurisdiction.

2) A Mason who was told of a brother Mason’s crimes, even including rape, robbery, or child abuse, would have to keep his knowledge of those crimes a secret, even in a court of law!

3) A Royal Arch Mason who knew of a Companion Mason’s being a murderer or a traitor would have to keep his knowledge a secret!

4) A Royal Arch Mason would be obligated to hire a Companion Mason, even for sensitive or skilled professions, even if he didn’t have nearly the qualifications required.

Additionally, though not mentioned in the oaths, many times Masons get a “fairer” trial in courts where a Masonic judge presides. A sizable majority of judges are Masons, and many attorneys are Masons as well. If a Mason appears in court against a non-Mason, all he has to do is give any number of obscure gestures or words to the judge, and the judge will be obligated to rule in his favor. No one in the court room will be the wiser (except another Mason, who would be forbidden from bringing the incident to light).

It is easy to see how these elements of the oaths could very definitely be detrimental to the welfare of our nation. Masons, it is said, “take care of their own,” and they do, to an extent which is frightening.

Could this be a relative of the infamous Segue Sage bred to kill when ordered? Don't mess with a dog from the SS! Not unless you want all of your body parts intact.

Getting Involved

August 14, 2008 at 1:13 PM

Ok, see how this grabs you! Back in January of this year, Mickey Metz arrested the Ranger during what he called a routine traffic stop. Sheriff Metz claimed he pulled over a White Pontiac because a tail light was out on the vehicle. Accord to Metz upon the vehicle stopping an unknown male subject exited the vehicle and ran. As we all now know it was the Ranger who allegedly fled on foot and was arrested a short time later. Of course the next day Sheriff Metz talked with Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough and thereafter, the Ranger was charged with one misdemeanor count of fleeing.

Apparently, Sheriff Metz provided Gilmer County Magistrate Carol Wolfe with a Sworn Affidavit in support of an arrest warrant on the Ranger for fleeing an officer. Sheriff Metz swore to the facts that while he was performing a “routine traffic stop” on a car that had a tail light out the Ranger who was a passenger in the car fled on foot.

Now for the “Real Story.” The Ranger while in Glenville on the evening in question received word that a gang of Rogue Cops headed by Trooper Doug Starcher of the Grantsville State Police Detachment was in Glenville looking for the Ranger. Upon hearing this, the Ranger called a person to give him a ride out of the Glenville area. This person was unaware that the police were looking for the Ranger and after hanging up the phone with the Ranger told a group of friends that she was going to give her friend the Ranger a ride. Two individuals in that group was Sheriff Metz’s daughter, Chrystal Metz and her boyfriend.

Since the Ranger’s arrest on that evening back in January, secretly recorded conversation with Chrystal Metz and her now ex-boyfriend reveals information that Sheriff Metz was aware the Ranger would be coming through Glenville in a White Pontiac as he was informed by his daughter Chrystal. Arrangements were made, and Chrystal’s boyfriend at the time removed a tail light from the White Pontiac and Sheriff Metz waited at the intersection in Glenville for the White Pontiac with the removed tail. Not quite a “routine traffic stop” as outlined in Sheriff Metz’s Sworn Affidavit in support of the arrest warrant now was it. An Impeachment Hearing may be coming soon regarding Sheriff Metz’s Sworn Affidavit to Gilmer County Magistrate Carol Wolfe.

A constant companion - a guard dog should spend 24/7 with their master and often do, for we bring our dogs everywhere and if they aren't welcome we aren't coming.


August 14, 2008 at 1:22 PM

US constitution prohibits this sort of activity!

That’s some bullshit METZ needs to lose the election and suck on a hot dog like Drew Moody.

I’m the girl in the picture that shows everybody the way. Just suck on that Chilli DOG! We have
tracked sites from all over the world that have borrowed that CalPatty sucking on a hot dog picture. It is on no less than 50 sites, some in Germany and other countries. Also our CAL PATTY with the smiley face is being used as a photo on hundreds of other sites worldwide. So at least the rest of the world is getting some meaningful use out of our hard work and effort. Now open your mouth and say….Crooked County!

Metz is from LEWIS COUNTY and came from a very poor family. So poor in fact, that MICKEY used to get blamed for anything and everything that was missing back in his early days of running around. MICKEY used to get BLAMED FOR STEALING all the time in his young days in Lewis County and he used to smoke a lot of pot! YES Mickey not only smoked weed, but also dealt weed. In fact that may seem like an out there allegation, but pictures do exist showing Mickey Smoking weed and I have had the opportunity of interviewing a couple of his high school pals that speak freely of the weed smoking and slinging weed all over Lewis County days.

Hopefully we get can get a photo up of Mickey taking a big hit off a spleef with a bong in the background and some weed on the table.

When the WAR finally breaks out in Crooked County and the Power Elite have done something really stupid again down by the Crooked River the highly trained dogs from the SS could very well be unleashed for self protection, just like one would use a firearm only the SS dogs are much more deadly than a gun! illustration by SS art director

Angry Citizen

August 14, 2008 at 4:01 PM

There is no doubt Sheriff Mickey Mouse Metz knew the Ranger was coming through town because his daughter Crystal told him so. This plan to catch the Ranger because the Ranger was wanted for alleged property crimes, could have been at the cost of many lives due to the fact an important tail light marker was intentionally removed from a passenger vehicle in order to give unnecessary reason to stop that vehicle.

This plan was dangerous to other motorist, but still Sheriff Mickey Metz not only went along with the plan but assisted with the plan and than gave false information to a County Magistrate.

It is not proper procedure to disable a vehicle’s safety device, nor is it proper procedure to fabricate a story regarding the incident.

Yes, I am ANGRY that the Sheriff of our county would place the lives of other’s in danger just to arrest a person who has been charged with a property crime.

CalPatty Press statistics taken the day the SS FLAGSHIP was sunk in the Crooked River!

Reading Along

August 14, 2008 at 7:52 PM

I heard the bit about the tail light being removed sometime back. I always thought to myself, why do that? There was no cause for the removal of the tail light. These days unfortunately, a police officer does not need any reason to stop a vehicle. So removing the Tail Light was wrong and action needs to be taken against all involved.

I agree with the other commenter, but will also add that this was a stupid move on the part of Mickey Metz and others who were involved. This is an example of poor judgment on the part of Metz, and I would bet other law enforcement officers were aware of the situation, but also went along with the potentially life threatening and dangerous plan.

Luckily no one on the roadway was effected by the poor judgment of Gilmer County Sheriff, Mickey Metz and the other persons who were involved who not only displayed poor judgment, but clearly showed a disregard for the safety of others on the roadway.

The CalPatty Press was getting 44,000 hits per month the last day as the FLAGSHIP for the SS -- The GERRY HOUGH hate site gets only about 300 hits per month on a good month and he placed ads for it in the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder --this is an example of the people speakin out and being heard by thousands!

CalPatty Press

August 15, 2008 at 2:44 PM

So the answer is to prove that ole Lewis County boy Mickey knowingly participated in an illegal process to apprehend a prisoner. But, to involve a family member certainly is a risky situation.

If the fact can be proven via testimony or some other convincing way, then that charge would certainly have to be dismissed.

Could the matter be considered as misconduct or illegal?

That is the question.

At 3,000 Central WV readers per DAY the CalPatty Press was reaching a large percentage of Central WV readers!


August 15, 2008 at 6:40 PM

It is my understanding that two people involved have been secretly taped talking about the tail light situation. Richards’s attorney is holding on to the tapes in order to impeach Sheriff Metz’s testimony. These tapes do not have to be turned over to the State until the Sheriff testifies, and than Richards’s attorney will present the tapes for impeachment purposes to the Court. After talking to a State Investigator regarding the Richards case in Gilmer County, there are also Tapes that will be produced by Defense Counsel after Trooper Doug Starcher is questioned by Counsel. With out a doubt, Trooper Starcher will lie on the witness stand regarding questions asked by Richards’s attorney. Thereafter, solid evidence of Trooper Starcher lies will be set forth and presented to the Court.

I remember Trooper Starcher being caught in Judge Nibert’s Court and Nibert telling Starcher to never step foot in his Court Room again. I myself, hate all the wrong committed by Doug Starcher while serving as a West Virginia State Trooper. Although, I am not for any kind of criminal activity, I will however commend John Richards for standing up against the wrongs committed by Starcher, and putting together a solid case against the cops who tried to set him up. I have seen the video tapes of individuals like Pete Dilgard for instance that admits Trooper Doug Starcher force him to sign a false statement against Richards. There are several documents that were falsified by Starcher as well as other case evidence. Richards has assisted his attorneys in unraveling Trooper Starcher’s misconduct, and has produced solid evidence which will prove it.

A Power Elite collage of photographs and what nots taken at the Gilmer County Courthouse, recognize anyone in those photos ....I do!

CalPatty Press

August 15, 2008 at 8:08 PM

Gonzo journalism, a style of reporting where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their own stories. Shown here is a high ranking member of the SS undercover and two years later was named as Supreme Commander of the SS July 22, 2008. This photo taken at a FIRE STARTING CULT party in 2006 that also included special guests like Christopher Shane Dellinger , a Grantsville Police officer that was arrested along with JD Nicholson present after 1am that night, and some pill popping and bed hopping Fire Starting Cult Chicks like Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson, Lil Steph, and Tabitha Clem, later Mikey Ball, and Hot Toddy showed up along with one other law enforcement officer. It was not long after this photo was taken that Ron Gordon Grantsville Police Chief was suspected of raping as many as 14 local Calhoun women and thanks to the detective work of John Manis Richards, and other SS members that called the victims -- and three came forward after all had exchanged numbers and did then get together to bust the rapist Police Chief who gave the girls the choice of having sex with him or testing dirty for drugs.

I will however commend John Richards for standing up against the wrongs committed by Starcher, and putting together a solid case against the cops who tried to set him up.

2nd that motion

Can I get a witness!!


August 17, 2008 at 7:14 PM

Does anyone know what the white police car from Ohio is doing in Grantsville????


August 17, 2008 at 8:28 PM

City Cop Training

Perspective of Law Enforcement

CalPatty Press

August 19, 2008 at 4:28 PM

30 days in advance the CalPatty Press editors PREDICT the exact unfortunate outcome of the Bandy trial. July 13th the Calhoun County Circuit Court judge let it all go against Bandy. EIGHT FELONY COUNTS just gone.

This was the statement made by the people from CALPATTY on June 13th

“Chief Deputy Bandy has a lot of friends in law enforcement and most likely won’t do any real time for his crimes-for all the people he knows, and because of that sweet April girlfriend of his, however it may be a while before he gets lucky …since they got caught. They together, put old people out of their house and then took there stuff, plain and simple. But now they have brought Gerry Hough in as Special Prosecutor to make it all go away. If history repeats it will all go away,

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was FUN FUN FUN at the Fire starting Cult Par TAY in 2006 when this photo was taken!

Pissed in Gilmer

August 19, 2008 at 11:06 PM

Me and my boyfriend went out to have a good time at a bar in Glenville called Trezans. A guy decided to grabbed my butt as I was standing with my boyfriend just to start a fight. And of course it worked. We all got threw out and as we were leaving about 8 or 9 guys still wanted to fight and were standing in the road trying to get us to stop and one of them jumped on the hood of my car screaming at me to stop and it looked like he had a hand held pistol in his hand. I was terrified, way too scared to stop the car so I kept going. Now, I am being charged with malicious assault, conspiracy to commit malicious assault and so is my boyfriend. I asked to press charges on the guy for sexual assault, assault for hitting me on the eye, and for jumping on the car. They did not do anything except for pressing the charges on me and my boyfriend. Where’s the justice in that!

Editors note: Certainly interested in the outcome of this event. Anybody know? Basically if you are not friends with the prosecutor GERRY B HOUGH or know someone that he does; or are friends with someone at the courthouse, then you’re fucked! If you are not part of the IN crowd, then basically you’re OUT!

Now is that wrong? YES it is! That is why GILMER County is called CROOKED COUNTY

Hot Toddy, this CalPatty Birthday Special could not be present with the LEADER OF THE FIRE STARTING CULT, the infamous HOT TODDY!!

CalPatty Press

August 20, 2008 at 6:40 PM

Good looking out..

Do those same three chicks own Trezan’s?

Love the pub! More my style. What I like most about the pub is smoking widow fatties on the back porch.


August 20, 2008 at 7:40 PM

Drunk drivers with .15+ BAC to face harsher penalties!

The new law is in effect.

Don’t drink and drive.

…no sex either while driving!

The common Place where the elite meet the perfect spot for the SIGN asking for information on FRED HILL who was murdered in Gilmer County in December of 2009.


August 21, 2008 at 9:19 AM

And if you get pulled over and caught with WEED, tell ‘em you got it from DOUG STARCHER, that you went to his house and bought it that morning, that you saw pot plants growing EVERYWHERE, in all his buildings, in the garden, in the back yard. Weighed out bags of weed in the kitchen on the table. Be particular. Tell them there were all kinds of ounce bags lying around with the ounces divided up into 5 bags each, costing $35 bucks a bag…

The Main Character Lisianna Rockefeller in the book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

CalPatty Press

August 21, 2008 at 10:53 AM

YOU must be reading OUR minds….weird

Right now I am trying to steal enough time away to finish our latest CalPatty Press entry having a lot to do with Dougie Starcher and his infamous TESTI-LYING ….NOT testifying!

Kind of like when Dougie pulled over a bunch of kids one day that had nothing to do with nothing and the next thing you know, that…

…they went to your house and bought it that morning, that they saw pot plants growing EVERYWHERE, in all the buildings! In the garden, in the back yard. Weighed out bags of weed in the kitchen on the table….(well you get the idea)

Dougie somehow, someway brings these facts that aren’t facts at all into the courtroom and before a judge and jury….then it’s 5000 dollars and 500 days. Dougies is TESTI-LYIN all god damn day!

Message for Hot Toddy’s Girlfriend

August 21, 2008 at 4:55 PM

Wake up girlfriend!

Things are going on while you are sleeping that you don’t know about or deserve. It seems that HT is meeting a little girl behind the old CRI building.

She is recently married (2 weeks) and lives just down North side and HT is breaking her and her husband up. I heard she just got arrested the other night. ()I think it may have been for indecent exposure().

When I came through the road at the back of the building HT had her bent over doing her doggy. She didn’t have a stitch of clothes on. I saw it with my own eyes and wanted to warn you.

My eyes and mind may never be the same.

Girl, you need to move on. You have stuck with that loser through thick and thin and this is how he repays you. Hard to tell what disease you will have cause the girl is supposed to be a hooker. I think you deserve better than what you are getting from the HT.

Uh huh

August 21, 2008 at 5:05 PM

Are you a talkin bout that Gila Monster gettin a cheated on again. Are you a talkin about Kelli Lawson because she is on the lizard all the way!

What the HELL! Don’t you know anything!


She even carries a little green monster look a like on her key chain that is battery operated…you know for those long hours away from home!

Message for Hot Toddy’s Girlfriend

August 21, 2008 at 10:28 PM

I am telling you HT must be tired of it all the way.

This chick he was with has ran around town before stark naked, out of this world on drugs. She was completely naked when I saw her. HT just had his pants down. It didn’t take long……

Yeah, I happened to catch a glimpse of those photos of the lollipop riding the blue battery when the Roddy was showing them to everyone. I wouldn’t be very proud that I couldn’t keep my woman happy. Seems HT can’t satisfy her and she apparently isn’t keeping him satisfied.

My guess is that there is a drug connection, so while they are out back trading she decided to give the toad a little bonus.

Kel Bel watch your twat.and your man.


August 22, 2008 at 12:23 AM

Taken from the comments section of Where’s Johnny Site
Not her friend or his friend

I think Kel and the toddster deserve each other. No one should warn her what is going on while she is sleeping or anything else.

I heard Hot toddy was ridin the big red machine up the riverbank meeting the hippy chick weeks ago. Good for him. Now she gets a taste of her own medicine. Staying with Hot Rod for money and dope and he is screwing around on you. Ha Ha.

Yep, you deserve each other. I don’t know who would want either one of you. A person sure can tolerate a lot for money.

2008 at11:42 pm aug21

Hot toddys girlfriend better get tested because I herd rumer the girl Hot toddy was seein has hepatitis from snortin from a straw of someone who had it.

I thought someone said that hot tody and his girl freind were gettin marryed. What wood he want with that hippy chick when he has Kelly. Kelly is beautiful and that hippy chick is not. Kelly don’t need his shit. She has lot goin for her.

I heard at vfw bout a week ago that hot tod is getting ready to turn his girlfreid in to the cops an they was talkin bout Kelly. If he turns her in bout pot and someones property they will drop his charges.

Yeh, i know the other girl he is seeing. She gets high and then accuses every one she sleeps with of rapping her. I herd she is prostitoot

hot toddy might have charges pressed by her. I think she might be scarier than toddy.
Just herd it threw the vine.

Hot Toddy has been promising the SS 150 nude photos of Lisa Minney shown in this photo for years now,

CalPatty Press

August 22, 2008 at 9:13 AM

Only Hot Toddy himself could spell that bad!

Hot Toddy is just mad about the Gila monster getting all the good stuff!

Then, Hot Toddy tries to make Lunacy Lucy jealous by a carrying on with some tall tale, that is always pretty tall, and pretty funny too. Also, mostly not true!

PS Send all Lunacy Lucy pictures in the different color teddy’s to that’s Photo can be with or without teddy.


August 22, 2008 at 10:36 AM

Are you telling me that Hot Roddy is turning Lucy in for his dope charges? Very interesting. I think the hearing is in October. Is he going to go in and say, the pot was Lucy’s?
Very very interesting. She would go to jail and lose her kids, permanently! Yeah!!

Lucy better watch her back, she may show up at court to support the dick and end up being taken away in chains……..

Crooked County Crooks

August 22, 2008 at 6:07 PM

The ole confidential informant turns his gal pal in trick? NOT!! Just another control type trick. Funny how the local po po use the Hot Toddy Roddy as a confidential informant so they don’t have to say where they got the info busting someone Hot Toddy has decided he doesn’t like that particular day.

Well the Gila Monster does the job just fine and doesn’t even need a cigarette afterwards!

Save money on smoke! Do it with the big green poke!


What a tongue on that danged Lizard!

Don’t ya hate it when they pull them early!!

Calhoun County Resident

August 23, 2008 at 2:06 AM

August 23 Mountaineer Marijuana Update from the land of HUR

State Police are making record busts worth millions of dollars on their war on marijuana.

State Police in Mingo County have made the largest drug bust in the state and the largest in the county in at least 20 years.

Troopers say they found more than 10,000 plants as large as 12 to 15 feet tall in the Beech Creek area, the approximate street value of the marijuana is close to $21.3 million.

Troopers in Mason County have found nearly $19.8 million of marijuana so far in 2008, making 8 arrests.

Crooked County Crooks

August 23, 2008 at 2:52 AM

Funny thing!

A JAIL GUARD at the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods WV HAS SEX with an inmate and is the only person before Judge Facemire recently that didn’t get a long jail or prison sentence. Also they( the court) forgot all about SHANE DELINGER a former Calhoun County Cop busted for FELONY charges.

Steven Gray, a Correctional Officer, was previously convicted as a result of his plea of guilty of engaging in a sexual relationship with an inmate at the Central Regional Jail. The defendant though his attorney Daniel Grindo advised the Court that they would be seeking probation and requested the Court order a psychiatric/psychological evaluation of the defendant which is required by law. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dotson did not oppose the defendant’s motion. Judge Facemire ordered that Gray undergo psychiatric/psychological evaluation by Dr. David Clayman and thereafter be returned to the Court for further sentencing on October 9, at 11:30 a.m.

Steven Thomas Gray, 26, of Glenville, is charged with sexual assault in the second degree and imposition of sexual intercourse on incarcerated persons.

The charge alleges that when Gray was employed as a corrections officer at the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, he engaged in sexual acts with a prisoner.


Shane Dellinger and his counsel Barbara Schamberger appeared before the Court for sentencing. The Special Prosecuting Attorneys, Nicholas Prosecutor, Mark Huddnall and Assistant Prosecutor, Jonathan Sweeney, failed to appear. After approximately one half hour the Court telephoned the Nicholas County Prosecuting Attorneys Office where Huddnall, advised the Court that he failed to get the matter on his calendar. Judge Facemire rescheduled sentencing until August 25 at 2:00 p.m.

Preferential treatment for former members of the IN Crowd? What else!!

We’ve gotta stop puttin up with this shit!!

CalPatty Press

August 23, 2008 at 5:43 PM

Check out this site

Picture of Dellinger from a CalPatty Press article!

Will knowing and belligerently claiming your rights during a traffic stop prevent you from being a victim of police misconduct and a complete rape of your constitutional rights?

NOT…and especially…

…Not in Braxton County, West Virginia nor anywhere else that law enforcement activities aren’t monitored or where peace officers are allowed to make and file cases regardless of the evidence or the illegal manner in which they make cases against the public…

Every U.S. Citizen has equal protection under the law. I’m not sure if these guys in Braxton, Gilmer(Crooked County) and Calhoun Counties are just sleeping through the academy class on the constitution or what the deal is.

The following pages at contain suggestions, actual events, and commentaries related to the corrupt practices of our law enforcement officers. Your comments and questions are welcome and can be forwarded by clicking the envelope below. As you read through these pages, please remember that you must claim your rights, document either through video, audio, or both, not only your contact with peace officers, but other citizens as well. Speak out, post blogs like the CalPatty Press and the LONE METH RANGER and CALHOUN UNDERGROUND. Use the various video posting services such as YouTube and MySpace to inform people of corrupt police practices. To protect yourself TRAVEL IN GROUPS!

Press Release

August 26, 2008 at 9:28 AM

Looks like HotToddy and Kelli Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy only have a couple of weeks to get married so she won’t have to testify against the Hot Toddy Roddy.

Don’t do it Kelli Just remember the smelli! When the money is gone in just a few months you will still be left with Hot Toddy and Hot Toddy Mommy.

Word on the street is that he is turning you in. After all the dope was found in your children’s dresser, not his……….You were living with him and he reported you stealing pills from him numerous times…(you said that they were for your Gila Monster)Word has it that he turned in some Video recordings of you and the Gila Monster to the cops, to protect himself.

“You” are just roddy candy to Hot Toddy, cause he really does like that trippy hippy with the lippy chick that just got arrested. I think they have been very good friends at the wrong time. She said it was a bad place but that was what it was good for.

Watch the beaver next time your with the Gila Monster, he brags about doing ya when you are passed out.

Slipping, dodging ,sneaking creeping hiding out down the street

See your life shaking with every fool you meet. Re-fried confusion is making itself clear

Wonder which way do I go to get on out of here


August 28, 2008 at 6:47 AM

Did you all know that it is rumored hot toddy has erectile dysfunction. That is why he shows all the nude photos and Lucy has to ride the machine. She better stock up on batteries cause I think he may be going away again.

They are coming to take you away ha, ha. Coming to take you away.

Lizzy Butcher of the Butcher Bitches really got some good ratings for the CalPatty Press when she takes her clothes off and goes both ways! YOW ZA!!


August 31, 2008 at 11:59 PM

Keep watching for a new website to come into play. It
will be called “Where’s Hot Toddy and Gila Monster?”

We will be providing the names of Hot Rods customers, actions, jobs, prices of goods, both of their histories and whereabouts at all times so people will know what is new with them.

Hot Toddy is jealous that Johnny is stealing all the press so we have decided to give him his equal time on the World Wide Web!

When up and running we will put the address on this site.


September 1, 2008 at 12:39 PM

Up and running. Please make all the comments you wish.
I know Hot Toddy doesn’t think he is getting enough publicity so lets make him feel better.

Where’s Hot Rod and Lucy?

Secret Seven Coaltion of Central West Virginia

September 25, 2008 at 7:29 AM

Hot Toddy seems to be trying to spell again. Please print some of this cause it is way too funny. LOL

7 Just watching
8:20 am, Sep 25, 2008 EDT (edit) (delete)

Comment #4.

are the people stooped (being bent over) or were you meaning stupid (which is what you are)

I guess we know how english 101 went. LOL LOL

 Mrs. Caps
8:18 am, Sep 25, 2008 EDT (edit) (delete)

Keep guessing. You are cold in the hot, cold game. I am laughing so hard it hurts… LOL

4:34 am, Sep 25, 2008 EDT

Seems Jess Harris employee of Calhoun County Courthouse is doing all this written on these blogs , AS SHE SAYS” FROM WHAT I HEAR. Thought the COURTHOUSE employees were stand up people. Seems from what I hear she’s been making false police reports and all, speeders, 4 wheeler riders,reporting people that even works for her dad “fuzzy” people turning in her drive, that really never happen, WASTING MOSTLY CLP HUNTS TIME.I guess all that weed she smokes and drugs she does will make you do those things, he he he…..”Check Mate” Jess, “GAME OVER”

4 damm
12:13 am, Sep 25, 2008 EDT

this site is as stooped as the person running it…..

3 Mrs. Caps
6:11 pm, Sep 24, 2008 EDT

Well now, who do you think would put dollar signs as his name?????

Must be Hot Toddy Roddy. The whole town already figured you got your granny’s money for the house you burned down. I am surprised you didn’t burn it down with her in it.

Would seem you are misappropriating your dear granny’s funds spending it all on your girlfriend and yourself.

Gossip is ht bought his cupcake a camaro. I don’t think they give you that much to go to a semester of college, and what is funnier than shit is nether one has a drivers licence. Wonder who will chauffer them around now. It will sure be cute to see who rides shotgun. lol and who rides in the backseat. lol or who rides the backseat. he he he he

Oh, you are so way off track. Clueless.

2 Just Watching
1:01 am, Sep 24, 2008 EDT

My, my! It appears someone has some anger issues!

1 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
8:58 pm, Sep 23, 2008 EDT

go fuck yourself at the library some more you fat sticky bitch…. get off your fat sticky ass and leave people alone….

Lexy Butcher of the Buthcer Bitches takes a BLAST up her nose that hurts like HELL!! Damn that is some good Cocaine straight from Doug Morris!

CalPatty Press

January 3, 2009 at 3:33 PM

Please enjoy “Dark Side of The Brotherhood” as the CalPatty Press adds it to our front page our first week in 09. The article was originally published in Aug of 08

We are currently working on a new article regarding Justice Starcher being shown Gilmer County for the first time by the devil himself Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor.


January 4, 2009 at 12:13 AM

I think the organization is just an excuse for them all to get “plastered”.

Where is Hot Toddy and Kelli?

January 4, 2009 at 3:44 PM


….that is funny as hell!



And to the fuck ups at Retort,  you little copy cat bitches owe us some money for a copyright infringement and we are coming for it! We know WHO you are and WHERE you are and we can always UNLEASH the DARKNESS …as a LAST RESORT!

They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy-Central WV SS/Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor with music and color

I awake to find no peace of mind

When the dead body of FRED HILL they did find

I said, how do you live as a fugitive like a member of the SS

Down here where I cannot see so clear,

But that Casey Smith certainly seems queer

You ask what do I know

The State Police just say…

“Hey JOE!” Where ya goin with that gun

Show me the right way to go.

I just don’t know, but the VILLE is an EVIL THRILL!

The elite think evil is fun so they gotta run…

And the spies came out of the water down by the Crooked River

You’re feeling so bad ’cause you know that they killed yet another

Just like the other

That’s why the spies hide in every corner

With the SS man a chief mourner   …at the memorial

But you can’t touch them no way their big dogs say

Or you will be eaten straight away

‘Cause they’re all spies

For in the tallest mountains the Ghost Wolf is still free

They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River

They’re all spies

I awake to see that no one is free but blood still drips from thee

Black cats and midnight tales bring Crystal Metz all too close to the unsolved murder of Fred Hill given the fact she was there and became annoyed by Fred when he pinched her ass and some said she vowed revenge right then and there. Then, just after the midnight hour a short time later Fred disappeared directly into the Crooked River behind the bar where he was drinking with a co-worker that night.

Because we are all spies
We’re all fugitives from the elite
Look at the way we give

And look at the way they live
Down here, some cannot sleep from fear, No!

But no fear they say is the SS way
I said, which way do I turn when I learn that everything is corrupt

We can not go belly up when they’re all spies
Oh, I forget everything but I remember a lot, because I am all spy

Those Crooks come down from the Hill down by the Crooked River

The Spies came all the way from the sea
But you’re feeling so bad cause ya know you ain’t free
Though spies hide out in every corner
But you can’t touch them, no, you can only see
The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds secrets

Cause they’re all spies


FRED IS DEAD ...just like the CalPatty Press said, a long time ago!

Butcher’s gear up with THREATS made against the GILMER FREE PRESS, Did Timothy B Butcher pay someone to burn down a dwelling – so ground could be leveled – to sell to the State for a New School…just like the story reported by the Secret Seven in an RGW article?!?

By Editor Edison and Rina McCoy – WV Secret Seven Coalition


JUNE 19th JUST ADDED HOT TODDY THREATS FROM STRAIGHT FROM CRJ!!     ” Lizzie Butcher below joking for dad about being an Iranian!”

Just added JUNE 19th more threats from a henchman hired by the Power Elite of Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson pictured here 18 months before her untimely death due to drug overdose! Kelli tried to move away from Todd Smith, but he followed her to Lewis County and got involved with Meth manufacturers and a girl by the name of Tabitha Clem who was sent to Federal Prison for her GANG activities and for dealing and manufacturing of Crystal Methamphetamine!




Smith brags about his power over drug addicted women and displays in his own hand writing all the prescriptions he obtained for illegal narcotics!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics and sexual orgies that sometime included METH!

THESE PRESCRIPTIONS — and ones just like them for hard narcotics are killing the citizens of WV daily!!

What doctor would allow such abuse, and all the while in Grantsville years ago this all went on with full knowledge of Police! Bad cop Shane Dellinger, Police Chief JD Nicholson used to party, pop pills and fuck the bejesus out the Fire Starting Cult chicks from Calhoun County in exchange for continuing to operate a criminal enterprise — all the while all the evidence guarded by the State Police disappeared from the evidence locker, under the charge of Sgt C J ELLYSON of the State Police and Gerald B Hough who was named as a special prosecutor to Calhoun County. While Hough was the special prosecutor all of the evidence against Calhoun Chief Deputy Bandy came up missing and Gerry Hough made sure all 7 felony charges and one misdemeanor never made it to a court room and were dismissed for the fact he had the evidence stolen.

HOT TODDY Leader of the Fire Starting Cult sent threatening letters from jail – formed alliance with secret informer thru threats!

Also in his own hand writing you can see clearly that Christopher Todd Smith also claims to have over 150 nude photographs of Lisa Minney, editor publisher of Two -Faced Two -Lane Living magazine  in compromising positions.

“Hot Toddy,” attempted to bargain with those photo’s in exchange for other information or for money since his last insurance check from Arson got all used up in legal fee’s!

In the letter from CRJ (above)which is a black and white bitmap format version of the threatening mail sent from the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods – Smith declares war on the many journalists that have exposed his crimes of rape, arson, and possibly murder!

A sexual threesome was admitted to, in these newly published versions of “Evil Itself” in writing!

THESE LETTERS WERE SENT BY SMITH FROM JAIL ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR AFTER LAWSON DIED — THESE LETTERS IMPLICATE SMITH AND POWER ELITE FOR ARSON AND OTHER CRIMES — SMITH BAILED OUT THE SUSPECTED KILLER OF FRED HILL — Waitman Lee Frederick, 49, a Gilmer County resident and the driver of the vehicle, who led Police officers on a slow-speed chase from Gilmer County to Wood County in a suspicious incident that involved Sheriff Metz!

The sexual acts and heavy drug use on Christmas Night 2009 was the end of Kelli Nichole Stamper Lawson!   … who was also addicted to narcotics and was at the mercy of Smith!!

Smith was also involved with LIL STEPH, Kelli Stamper Lawsons’ little sister. She also was involved in exchanging sex for drugs, but she found out about the sick twisted sexual meetings going on in Lewis County with her sister and a young woman involved in gang activity and the manufacture of methamphetamine, “Tabitha Clem,” who was also present –  and was having sex with Smith all night long on the night Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson died!

“Julie Jacobs was mentioned in this letter by Smith and she is a stripper from some of the big clubs down by the Casino in West Virginia and was reported missing soon after she was involved in a traffic accident in which a green pickup truck forced her and two other entertainers off the road. We believe that Smith had her killed or murdered her himself!”



The county is abuzz with the news of the hostile takeover of Gilmer County schools by the WV Department of Education.

Nasia Butcher, Gilmer County High School principal, was made to look like an ignorant redneck hillbilly when the Dept. of Ed. took over Gilmer’s schools.

For years, Butcher bragged about Gilmer County’s schools every chance she got.

Gayle Manchin really put Butcher in her place when she condemned Gilmer’s high performing educational system.

Now what makes Gayle an expert?

Well, she was appointed by her husband, the WV Governor then, the U.S. Senator now.  Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

I would say that Gayle is not setting a good example for county boards by accepting a position from her husband.

So how is that any different than a board member in a small county hiring his daughter for a job that no one else is certified to teach?

Gilmer County does not have people standing in line waiting for all these HIGH paying teaching positions.  The only people who want to live in Gilmer County are its longtime residents who have raised their children here.  Shouldn’t we hire our children to work in the county?  Of course we should.  It raises our tax base and we know that they will spend their lives and their money here.

Now when the prison was proposed, Gilmer Countians were promised several hundred high paying jobs.  You can count those jobs on one hand.  Most of the jobs were given to people who live outside of Gilmer County and certainly do not buy anything here.  Prison workers do not even pass a gas station on their way to work.

I have never met Gayle Manchin, but she sure sounds like a blonde to me.

~~ Author on File ~~

GFP – 06.14.2011
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Greed and the Creed along with Trickery and Deceit are "Common Place" in Crooked County!

By Free Bird-Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Editor Edison – Crooked County Crooks -Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator – Editor/Central WV Secret Seven Coalition

The Creed that goes along with Greed is:

“Those who know, don’t tell – and those who tell,  don’t know!”

It is only one of many a creed they live by down by the Crooked River in Crooked County where trickery and deceit are such Common Place … small wonder it became the favorite game of cronies at the “Common Place” the restaurant down on the main drag in the county seat where the WACO MAN himself IL Morris is leading the pack, down there with everyone and anyone who matters at all to the “IN” crowd, of which, most of us, are not!   Oh yeah Oh yeah!

The ability to lie and bluff your way to win, and to “Get IN” … also a key to: “The Game,” down where the difference between good and evil run right down that Crooked County line! 

Good old lying, trickery, deceit and bluffing, is the perfect past time of the want to be big shots and hangers on at the, ” Common Place “ where every danged day is the place where the ELITE MEET!

The only skills needed and admired are those that you will find among the many admired,  “Chosen Precious,” that will rise to the top in Gilmer County just like good little minions!

“Those who know don’t tell and those who tell don’t know”  … is certainly NOT the only creed they live by down by that Crooked River, but there’s only one problem!  You’ve  got to be a member of the club to know all the creeds!

The people connected to the “Oh so Powerful One” are the only members of that exclusive club where the ELITE MEET!

The Common Place owned by Peggy Moore one of the jurors mentioned, along with Judy Stalnaker in the latest "Jury Tampering" investigation involving the "Travesty" case that was in WV Supreme Court for two years and three federal courts! A favorite hang out of IL Morris and the place where tall tales are told by Sheriff Mickey Metz! The COMMON PLACE restaurant was probably the first place where you hear the words, " NO FOUL PLAY"

YOU must be a member of the club or YOU are NOT making any money – or getting in on the business deals – or gaining any of the power and control in the “Ville!”

But sooner or later  if you want your rewards you must know and obey all the creeds, and in fact you may get your fill!

“How about you Sheriff, need a cheap Hummer, what about a Vintage Mustang?  Let me tell you where the deal is.  No, never mind those people complaining, just do what you’re told and everything will just be OK. Illegal you say, now don’t go talking above your education, that’s why we pay lawyers.  You let them and the judge try the case.  I know someone that has a nice camper for sale.  What a nice guy you are!” “Good Looking Out!” “You know what side your bread is buttered on!!”

County Clerk “…You just record the deeds the way we present them and make sure that the leases and land transfers get done how we say it should be! Let the lawyers handle the questions. You’re not bright enough dear.  That’s what we pay them for. I know someone who will put a new roof on your house and remodel your kitchen real cheap.  Heard you were buying a new car, here’s where to go. Just hush now, there’s more to come!! BM ? She is gone! Oh, thank god that smell is gone!!”

BM Beverly Marks on the right the Gilmer County Clerk facing 300K plus liability in federal civil suit and arrested for misdemeanor all within a short time of retiring. Jean Butcher charged with misdemeanor election fraud her first month in office on the left at the Crooked County Courthouse on the hill overlooking the Crooked River!

No concern County Commission, you will always have a job in this County! Retirement guaranteed! “You just keep approving the deals when they hit your desk.  That’s right! Rubber stamp that bitch and sign!  Any legal problems, you see our guys.  And by the way, any business trouble just let us know and if you need more money here’s a nice rental property at a real cheap price and what about a new truck.  We’ll get you elected when the time is right.  That’s a good old boy, but may need a favor at some in the future or time and again!”

“Now, now Mr. Prosecutor, sure you can keep your part time job teaching in another county and we’ll pay you full time wages.  You just put the ones in jail when we say so and keep our people out.  Don’t question any contracts and try to keep those elected jackasses out of trouble when you can.  Any questions, see our guys.  So far, so good and don’t forget if we need to replace you it will only be temporary.  We’ll get you elected when the time is right.  You know the deal!”

Circuit Clerk “… Do what you are told! Any questions, check with your sister! We don’t like Gerry Hough either Karen, but what are ya gonna do?  He is an idiot!  You know the deal for sure.  Check’s in the mail!”

The remainder of the crowd is just window dressing, second string players like Tara Kennedy, getting seconds from when the Walrus wasn’t Paul and some sloppy seconds after Sarah and that girl from the Brown Dog that night and on and on and film at 11!! Lick lick!!

Those who tell are criticized, threatened and labeled trouble makers in an effort to make them just go away.  It doesn’t always work. Good old lying, trickery, deceit and bluffing are old standby methods  of the elite down by the Crooked River and are tried and true that commonly bring about success against endless and well crafted allegations.

In the “News” these days is DAVE COCORAN of the Glenville Democrat taking sides with Larry Chapman and calling the complaints about a job he created for himself at GCEDA – bullying – and pictured below practically holding the hand of Mountain Party Candidate for governor Bob Henry Baber.

Dave Corcoran publisher of the Glenville Democrat given the task of taking the attention off of the wrong doing that was published on the rival mainstream media source the Gilmer Free Press - (right)Bob Henry Baber - GSC Gifts Officer running for Governor on the Mountain ticket!!

The local chapters of the Calhoun and Gilmer County Secret Seven Coalition  recently exposed Baber for his sexual promiscuity by allegedly having sex with his son’s girlfriend after they broke up, which just also happens to be the state of West Virginia’s most popular high school student child molester, Sarah Ann Rutherford!

No we don’t want to vote the mountain party candidate, Bob Henry Baby for governor this year, but thanks for the offer! We are glad Bob Henry Baber supports the Bob Henry Baber Mountain Party article in the Gilmer Free Press.

We love the Gilmer Free Press too, but we know the truth about Bob Baber buddy — And Sarah Ann Rutherford, daughter to JoAnn Rutherford a GSC secretary, was a Bob Bob Bobbin on his Bob Henry Baber Bobber and we are not going to vote for dude! 

And the Bob Bob Bobbin on Baber’s Bobber is the reason!!!

This is the way of deceit and treachery in Glenville.  This is how the game is played and the race is run.  We all know it! We also know how they all get away with it.  We need to change things now before all of our young are corrupted

The young should be taught to be honest, self respecting, law abiding citizens. Yet we stand and watch the example setters lead them down the path to destruction, immorality, drug abuse, promiscuity and deceit over and over again, and rape has increased and gone without penalty at GSC ever since Gerald B Hough has been prosecutor in Gilmer County.

This could be your child when NASIA convinces even the grade school principals to have drug raids during school, therefore having more control over the minions, especially if they are responsible for generating property tax reports and would never think of ratting on a land fraud scheme since they have your boy in jail on drug charges!! Ask G Wolfe about that little scenario. "Yeah you tell and guess what your son will never get out of prison bitch!!" "Tell your neighbor her sisters kids will never make it past grade school if she wants to play sick again on that dinner date next weekend! Where are you from boy?!!! You know how things go around here! Now you done fucked up once and see where it got ya! I would not try that again!! You get that gal friend of yours dressed up nice for next weekend we are going out somewhere nice..."

Speaking of Bob bob bobbin the Butcher Bitches come to mind!! And the Butcher and Butcher law firm had decided once again to try and make some more shit up and they have attempted to straighten out their image on the internet along with some other sneaky shit going on!

What do never was related to George, Neil Benson,  – Bill never goes to church -CHURCH, Emerson Lake and Palmer Stephens – and the wife of WACO-OIL IT dude , Down Pat PAT, Leslie Ward all have in common?

They are either IT for GSC or web designer, like novice Leslie Ward and are working together as a solid team of Glenville Elite and also serve as a hider of the TRUTH.  The main job of Leslie Ward is concealing dirty deeds of the Power Elite tied directly to Glenville State College where the ACTION and the MONEY are! The IT staff and Leslie are just trying to do their best to down play all the bad publicity about GSC, which include the rapes that are not prosecuted along with the bad behavior of the coaching staff and others whose behavior is held secret at the castle!!

It was just like Beach Blanket Bingo when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad last July!! "Check it out bitch! I got it like that! Do you have any idea who my daddy is?" " You better know who you are a talkin to mister when you are a talkin to Lizzie Butcher!"

The young IT staff at GSC are working hand and hand with the Butcher and Butcher law firm to improve the image of GSC and are attempting to hide the unresolved rapes and the reason Fred was dead!!

Timothy B Butcher, BOG at GSC and husband to Diana L Butcher – “Have another drink Princess Di!” and R Terry Butcher a former BOG at GSC and married to GCHS principal Nasia Butcher had to spend the big bucks to hire this firm: ReputationDefenseOnline which is a Cyber Intelligence and Reputation Defense firm – A firm where it will cost 25, 000 to 50,000 to retain for the months of work it would take to cover all the public complaints against these Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!!

For about 5-6 days when you tried to search ‘ GOOGLE” about Gilmer county, you could not get anything! Many people asked why and even wrote letters to SS associates asking why!

It was soon discovered that the college was somehow doing re-directing!! That is correct my friends GSC was getting involved in all of our personal lives for self gain and after contacting people at WVNET – Network – and Charleston by a few people, the idiots at the college were contacted about their interference and the fact they were working with a highly paid agency to manipulate the local internet and it stopped!! Bastards!

Neil Benson, Bill Church, Palmer Stephens – former Hough associate – and Leslie Ward are responsible for acting in secret on behalf of the Butchers and spending college money to carry out this task!

And then, these same cyber-criminal’s trained by GSC came up with the excuse of the fact that; the people from the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website, local stronghold of the Central West Virginia SS were attacking the GSC site!!!!

How Ridiculous!!!

We suspect these people were led astray by the Power Elite to do something to stop the search for the “Truth” about “GSC and the Butchers,” using the college and its funds. No-one informed them several FCC rules, regulations and guidelines were disturbed by the crazy action of the Butchers and the IT staff at GSC!!

Who could forget the Summer of 2010 when the Butcher Bitches Broke bad on the CalPatty Press!! Lexie giving us an Adult Education and a REAR END inspection Crooked County Style on the right- friend on left!

The Secret Seven and the Council of Concerned Citizens for Gilmer County are looking into these allegations of wrongdoing and the violation of our civil rights and our rights to free speech.

We see this as a direct attack on AMERICA and a direct attack on free speech by the Butchers and GSC who are just a bunch of YANKEE sons of bitches as far as we are concerned – y’all can get your carpet bagging asses back up north where y’all belong.

If these allegations prove true the Butcher and Butcher law firm would have to spend as much as 5,000 dollars as an initial payment and retainer to the private firm of; ReputationDefenseOnline to clean up their internet image after the public found out they never did an accounting on the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years which is against the law. When a complaint was made to Sheriff Metz he said, “I’m not going to go over there and bother those people!”

Now the public knows about their for profit involvement in River View too!! They all were ordered to pay over 300,000 in damages! The truth is being found out about the BUTCHER and BUTCHER law firm and the GSC SEX SCANDALS!

Now all the wrongdoing has been fully exposed!

We were informed that the $5,000 retainer paid was just to get the ball rolling. As much as $15,000 to $20,000 more will have to be paid, and Timothy B Butcher who is on the Board of Governors at Glenville State College is looking for a way for the college to pay for the expense or even local tax payers.

There are very certain allegations being made that the Butcher and Butcher law firm hired this firm and paid big money in a retainer recently according to GSC sources.

The  local citizens became enraged after the Central WV SS revealed that Larry Chapman actually created a job for himself after he discovered he did not have a chance in hell of getting reelected to the County Commission, thus once again  putting the Gilmer County Citizen in the position of being led by the same old few that have established themselves into an exclusive club!  Although with the help of the SS, they are all being found out one by one!

Chapman pulled a fast one, and for the first time in Crooked County history was caught and had his feet held to the fire for it by the Free Press, which is a new experience for the Glenville, Power Elite!!

To combat the seekers of the truth the Butchers are trying something new which is to attempt to take the attention off of exposing the truth, and then claiming this is being done by means that are not fair. Free speech is very fair, but it is not always what works for the Power Elite. In fact free speech is not very good for the Power Elite at all. For with free speech comes the real truth and the elite can’t have that. It is like showing your hand in cards!!

Look out Gilmer County Timothy B and R Terry are busy spending your money, but not telling you, like they usually do, or taking a bunch of money for a service and then doing nothing like they usually do!!

We say hold em or fold em, but this ain’t no liars poker!! Let’s see what you got!!

Just like I thought!!  They got nothing!  … but a bunch of Smoke and Mirrors!!

GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP'S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Reporter/Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website – the Gate Keeper for Crooked County/Edited by EE

Is it easy to become confused when living in a Gilmer County world?

Is it the water or the bad sewage from the federal prison that did not bring in the revenue promised that makes everyone a little crazy?

Have the Power Elite lost their minds?

These are questions that one asks when pondering the fact that the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Prosecutor for Gilmer County think they can cover up the fact that they PAID a witness to lie in a high profile court case that went all the way to US Supreme Court after spending two years in the 4th district circuit court!

The legal experts from New York to Los Angeles agree that the “Travesty of Justice” junk farm equipment case was a typical arranged trial in which the judge, prosecutor, and defense counsel all had to be in on the misconduct and wrongdoing.

A piece of property was hidden by the court clerk after a court order was issued, which led to a wrongful death –  and Sheriff Metz feels he can cover it up and it will all go away! Why not? All the other cover ups seem to work pretty good, all the rapes and the thefts from the Property Tax payers and all.

Is Metz really that stupid?

The answer is YES he is that stupid.

The facts are never going to go away and are going to be brought forward by every state and federal agency that exists in WV and all the fingers are pointed at Metz and Hough as the bad seeds and the bad apples that thought it all up. Now how is that for being known for something?!

Metz and Hough could soon be hearing from the Ethics committee who were extremely upset over the actions by the elected County Sheriff and the ACLU too were not very happy to hear that the SHERIFF is actively involved in covering up paid perjury and a conspiracy to bring false value of evidence to a Gilmer County Grand Jury and a Trial Jury!

Gilmer County has in turn complained to anyone that will listen to them in Charleston, but one by one, their contacts are giving them the silent treatment and the closed ear because they have already been informed, but by another source, a more truthful source.

The Power Elite have pulled some real shit behind everyone’s back by calling in favors.

In fact these jerk offs from Gilmer County have gotten so involved with our shit, that we can not even label this article with a Category that says GILMER COUNTY!

Catherine Butcher played Basketball for Shepherd University at the beginning of the season, but transferred back home to GSC where she was caught having sex in the copter hanger owned by IL Morris with her private basketball coach Darrell Barnett of the Company owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino, who is rumored to have hosted the WILD Party where the rape of the 16 yr old Lady Titan took place on 22 January!

When we try to add Gilmer County  to the categories either by itself or with another phrase it is erased and can not be published by wordpress on this site.

Now when the Power Elite get involved with your shit to that degree they have simply lost their minds. Our attorney will be writing to Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of about that issue soon.

In the mean time if you are doing a search for GILMER COUNTY or GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia you have to look no further than the kind folk at the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition. We will write back and explain to the person doing the search what complete assholes everyone is that runs GILMER COUNTY and give them some details and some names of family members that we personally know in case they need a reference.

In fact the Gilmer County Power Elite are not just assholes, but criminals too!

We recently let all parties know we are prepared to go to court over any more violations of our right to free speech. Some of us have been jailed for it. Some of us have had our lives and careers ruined over wrongful actions taken by Gilmer County and we have come here today to kick their ass in the courtroom! These people need the holy crap beaten out of them in a federal courtroom and we are hoping to be the people to do it. In fact we can not wait to present facts to a federal judge at the first hearing and reveal other crimes we believe these people are involved in that we have not mentioned to anyone.  We are saving some shit up for just the right occasion to shove down some well greased throats.

Let us look at a HOME GROWN problem regarding SEX in the high school scene and SARAH RUTHERFORD an honor student from GSC  becoming a high school teacher and then being involved in sucking the dicks of her high school students!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse. Her mother, JoAnn Rutherford works at GSC as a secretary! Height: 5ft 3in Weight: 110 lbs. DOB: 5/17/1987 Booked: 3/10/2011 Booking ID: 999021511 Barbour County - Bail: $10 000.00 - TVRJ Charge Type: Felon

Sarah gave  them the around the world education to coitus and the fine art of  cunnilingus.

People tend not to think of sex with a young boy (at least with women) as child abuse.  Why can’t they understand how this kind of SEX can screw up their mind? Can’t the teachers teach more about and what positive relationships are about?

I’d be willing to bet that over half of those young boys become abusers of women in the future!

Only someone from GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia could really take on a task like fucking the shit out of her young students in high school with the kind of pride and personal achievement like Sarah Rutherford showed!

Sarah Rutherford from GILMER COUNTY was arrested for having sexual intercourse with under age teenage boys that were students and also there were drugs involved with the sex along with alcohol the CROOKED COUNTY WAY!

Sarah was shown special privilege at GSC from IL Morris who supposedly helped her gain access to the pharmacy program at WVU. We don’t really know what happened with those big plans, but Sarah Rutherford, as it turned out was busy exploring her more sexual nature as any good Power Elite chick would.

Sarah got totally turned out is right when she attended GSC, where she had it made because she was the daughter of a long time Glenville State College employee.

Her mom is JoAnn Rutherford who works at the college as a secretary and she is one hell of a hussy from what we hear! Look out now! We got another daughter of the Power Elite having another wild sexual episode that she wants to share with a select few! It is all part of the Gilmer County Power Elite upbringing! Special favors, special deals, it is all good in Crooked County!

Sarah’s Brother Matt is a very big time druggie, so too bad she did not get the pharmacy gig or Sarah could have been the hookup! With all the privileges they got, they had to screw it up, just like many of the children of the Power Elite do!

This opinion was recently published in the local GFP about another sexual experience involving under age high school students a teacher and coach at Gilmer County High School and an alleged RAPE too! All covered up!!

Isn’t It Better to End It Than A Cover-up? Be Fair to Innocents?!

An intensely discussed issue in Gilmer County is what supposedly happened along Route 33 at the home of a prominent member of the community.

Allegedly, and according to Internet reports, there was a wild party involving GCHS students and authority figures.

Among other things, sex between a coach and a female student and the rape of another female student are alleged.

Reasonable citizens concur that simply because the information was posted on the Internet does not prove the veracity of the reports.

The problem is that many citizens can perceive that something terribly wrong happened and the perceptions can mutate into convictions of fact.

With serious ramifications of reports of the party, why is nothing being done to refute the reports or to verify that they were valid to cause guilty parties to be dealt with?

The homeowner, the coach allegedly involved with sex with a student and the alleged rapist could in fact be totally innocent.

Also, the girls whose reputations were tarnished could be victims of vile rumor, which is a huge concern.

Conversely, if what was reported is truthful, the GCHS principal, the County School Board, and local law enforcement officials, including the prosecutor, are grossly guilty of inaction!

To do nothing causes one more black mark to be stamped on all of us regarding how business is permitted to be conducted in Gilmer County.

We need competent investigative reporters or outside law officials to come to Gilmer County to eke out the facts and to let the chips fall where they may.

The members of the local SS have been trying to meet those needs and have made many friends in Law Enforcement that serve outside the state that have become critical of WV policy and actions.

The GFP also had this to say about the incident with Sarah Rutherford!

A teacher from Philip Barbour High School is facing sexual abuse charges for allegedly having sexual relationships with two students.

Philip Barbour High School HOODIES should sell well for the graduates of SEX EDUCATION, I hear they are making up some more to sell that say I WAS BROKEN IN BY MS RUTHERFORD-Call me when you have no class!!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse in the third degree.

Barbour County Sheriff officials say Rutherford had sexual relationships with two students, between August and December of 2010.

According to the criminal complaint, Rutherford supposedly gave one of the students alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs on at least one occasion.

Rutherford allegedly had sexual intercourse with the students, and then told them not to tell anyone because she could get in trouble.

Rutherford was sent to jail and was later released on bond.

The Barbour County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.
Update: Addtional information from the criminal complaint

The criminal complaint against Rutherford says she became acquainted with one of the victims, a student a PBHS, in August and September. The two began text messaging and she invited the student to her home, located in Barbour County, where she and the student allegedly had sexual intercourse.

Through September and December, Rutherford allegedly became involved with another PBHS student younger than 18 by initiating contact with the victim at the school to “solicit a relationship!“

The criminal complaint states that Rutherford and the second victim had daily contact with each other, and allegedly three incidents between the two occurred at least once.

Rutherford allegedly provided the student with alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin at her home; she provided the student with money to purchase marijuana for her, which he complied; and Rutherford took the student to her home, where she provided him with alcohol, marijuana and engaged in sexual intercourse.

“The defendant told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,“ the complaint states.

In our local incident at a party at the home of a member of the Crooked County Power Elite this NO TELL tactic was used again!

Don’t tell about all the WILD SEX and all the DOPE and the BOOZE and the exposed breasts and rape of the unwilling young participant at the home of the Lemegeton – An agent of the Devil!

To all the devils minions …come home to GILMER COUNTY where the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that CROOKED COUNTY LINE!

But don’t tell!

It Was Just A Year Ago When HOT TODDY KILLED HER! Headlines Just Last Christmas – KELLI LAWSON aka Lunacy Lucy of the FIRE STARTING CULT–Known as the PILL POPPER and BED HOPPER found DEAD

By Lisa Wexler

Original CalPatty Press article all the way from the bottom of the Crooked River!

The Original article…

KELLI LAWSON aka Lunacy Lucy of the FIRE STARTING CULT–Known as the PILL POPPER and BED HOPPER found DEAD!

….was pulled quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy from the internet! You could normally ask me a million questions as to why one of the highest rated CalPatty articles in the history of the CalPatty Press was ripped off the screen never to be seen or heard from again … and I would never tell you, but that was before the Flagship of the Secret Seven was sunk last August the 11th!

Were the SECRET SEVEN of Central West Virginia pressured to remove the article that told the truth about Kelli being killed?

Fuck yeah!

Could it have been by the TWO-FACED Two-Lane Ain’t living long like this girl that became a turncoat during the 15-day WAR for FREE SPEECH last summer in Crooked County?

Todd Smith became a living Nightmare for Calhoun Chronicle Reporter Lisa Minney, Victoria Shaver, Kelli Lawson, Stephanie Lawson and an entire cast of others - that include the MAYOR of Grantsville - that had to live in fear for their safety and the safety of others!

Could it have been Lisa Minney hanging around with the Crooks down by the Crooked River that got the article pulled faster than Stinky Walrus Weeny in the Glenville City District?

Good guess!

We don’t succumb to pressure, but the article was yanked and yanked right now buddy because of blah blah blah blah blah from Lisa Hayes Minney!

And Lisa says she never called shots in and for the SS?  Right!!

The CalPatty Press brings you the real truth in graphic detail and we pride ourselves on doing accurate reporting using the Secret Shit ways we have learned to obtain data, and important facts, with accurate and revealing photo’s included in our rather unique way of bringing you that, “Real truth!”


Rape or MURDER in Calhoun County, it’s all the same thing, whether by the Fire Starting Cult or the Chief of Police , it  is all made easy for you!

Nobody is safe when the police are Crooked!

Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy, Ron Gordon Grantsville Police Chief, C Shane Dellinger Calhoun Cop and Braxton County Bad Boy, State Trooper Sgt CJ ELLYSON the man that can make any evidence disappear along with GUNS MONEY and DRUGS! But, especially DRUGS!!

Instead of Running with the Pack anybody with any sense would have run from the Firestarting Cult at their very first chance for surely the Cult will lead to a bad end!

Sgt Campbell was the man that assisted Sgt CJ Ellyson with the crime!  All  of these law enforcement officers are crooked as hell and the SS warned everyone far, far in advance…and it ALL was TRUE everything reported and everything that was stated in articles all turned out to be true even though it sounded so fantastic at the time it all was reported!

Kelli and Hot Toddy became an item and Kelli joined the CULT and both were active in the early days of corrupt police, arson, sex, mystery fires, drugs and illicit relationships with direct ties to the Po Po in Calhoun County! It was a time of dope dope dope and sex sex sex and the cops and the crooks all partied together in those days, mostly for the reason of all of the hotties that were members of the Fire Starting Cult!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson became smitten with no kitten during the summer of 2006 when she first was seen dating Christopher Todd Smith currently being held in jail on multiple felony charges!


The FAMOUS LETTERS FROM CRJ written recently by Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy describes sexual relations with lil sis Lil Steph. Smith revealed that Lil Steph was jealous of the girl that Smith was having sex with the night Kelli Lawson was found dead in Smith's bed in Lewis County! Lulu on the left--LiL Steph in the middle and the girl that puts the HI in O HI O on the right enjoying the New Year of 2010 at the home of the Fire Starting Cult Leader Christopher Todd Smith exactly one week after the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson

Photo’s of Kelli Lawson(in the yanked article) were more than revealing, especially since some of them contained light nudity and risque up close photo shots. I can not reveal to you how we obtained the photo’s for the “Yanked” CalPatty Press exclusive story, but certainly most agree the subject matter included in that article– the SS  knows better than anyone else, for we were there when Christopher Todd Smith got together with Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson over  four years ago.

The CalPatty Press was  there to see all the drugs and the booze and the pills and the close associations with several law enforcement officers. The CalPatty Press, being very young and bold made some accurate and rather truthful predictions back then, and one of those predictions would be that Kelli Lawson wasn’t, “Living long like this!”  For, we knew all too well the goings and comings and comings and goings of Hot Toddy aka Todd Smith.

Calhoun County Cocaine parties were popular back in 2006–Coke straight from FLA!

The exclusive “Yanked,” CalPatty Press article was replaced with this article:

On the 13th day of 2010 Vicki Shaver tells the CalPatty Press her daughter was murdered!

A statement made by Calhoun County worker Vicki Butcher Shaver reveals that her daughter was murdered by a hot shot of  narcotics!

Vicki, who is distraught over the loss of her daughter even expressed the matter by the action of written record and the CalPatty Press was given the exclusive right to use it by a member of the press in good standing:

“I’m the mommy that held her close when she took her first breath…and fed her from my breast. That watched her blow her first bubble, tie her first shoe lace, do her first cartwheel, and get the first “kelli hallmark” she made!!! so many firsts…I’m also the mommy that tried to help her fight the demons…over and over!

Victoria Butcher Shaver--Mother of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson creates a poem especially for the CalPatty Press and makes a vow to make Smith pay the price for what she says is MURDER!!

…and I’m the mommy that knew in her heart that this evil person by the name of Todd Smith was slowly helping kill her while he smirked at me. I’m also the mommy that knows the night she died he gave her enough to put her to sleep…then put more of his drugs in her system and sat and waited until she took her last breath…..until he was sure they couldn’t bring her back. Then he called for help. Todd already had another woman he had been seeing, and he was done with Kelli but she knew way too much on him to set her free….so he done away with her in a way he believed NO ONE would question…he was mistaken…..and I will not stop until I prove this…one way or another he will pay..”

Vicki says ” ..and I will not stop until I prove this…one way or another he will pay..”

Vicki Shaver has never been a huge supporter of the CalPatty Press in the past, especially since we were the ones reporting on the dangers of the “Fire Starting Cult,” of which her daughter was an active member –  but now she wants it known that her daughter Kelli Nicole, her precious baby… was MURDERED!

Murdered is not accidental death!! Murder is murder and an all too familiar subject in this part of West Virginia!

Kelli ask for our help during the summer of 09, but we thought it was a trick and denied her. Now a decision has been made to expose Todd Smith for the criminal that he is and to see that he is caught for his crimes and taken from our streets or he will most assuredly kill again!

Todd has set up shop in Lewis County in Weston!

He rents a house off of a low life child molester and thief Jerry Burhammer on 5th street in Weston.  It’s not hard to miss the yellow house with all the garbage outside. The contents of the house include all of the junk he was selling at his front business on second street (I suspect there is more stored at that house.)

Photo of Kelli Lawson and Hot Toddy aka TODD SMITH taken during happier times in the volatile relationship of Kelli and Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starting Cult! The Cult are thought to be responsible for 70% of the mystery fires of 2007! Many of those deemed Arson, but NO ONE was ever held accountable!

The house was condemned by the city for awhile and Mr. Smith has been told to clean up the house but of course has refused.  He drives there late at night with a utility trailer attached to that Chevy Avalanche of his, to do all of his drug dealing and such and with the permission and by agreement of Shelly Morris Demarino, the Calhoun County Prosecutor.

Hot(Hot Shot Giver)Toddy also rents his current residence from another winner, Meth addict/ producer, Stu Goodwin –owner of Answered Prayer Collusion Center (paint shop great location to hide the fumes of Meth production) on W2nd street in Weston.  Todd spends a lot of time with him at his body shop as well. The body shop keeps some strange hours at times too!

Mr Christopher Todd  Smith also spends a lot of time on the Brown Avenue area of Weston, same area Eric Metz-family relation to Sheriff Metz lives.  Seems as though Eric and Todd have the same type of ability to stay out of Jail. Hey Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Micky, but…uh not your family member dude, he is straight on CULT!

The corruption in Lewis County runs deep!  Yes, Weston was able to get rid of one bad cop. He was really good about looking the other way when credible info on hard drugs coming and going into the city was presented, perfect for Hot Toddy,    The rest of the Weston PD seem like  good people, I believe that and actually trust them.

Lets trust them enough to get a little pay back. I really hate it when people ask for our help and we say no. We are never saying no again god damn it! We can at least do that much for Kelli!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson 1981 to 2009

Murdered by HOT SHOT! Murdered by HOT  TODDY!

More RAPES at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE and more cover ups! A YEAR further down the road from the NO FOUL PLAY death of FRED HILL and Gilmer County SEX SCANDALS in review!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven

As of 18 November 2010 PETER BARR President of Glenville State College was named in a Real Estate Scandal and Swindle with a maintenance man at GSC!

With CHUCK SPEARS the Governors right hand man (don't get any on ya) calling the shots at Glenville State nobody wants to take the chance of being the NEXT BASIL FRED HILL and be found floating down the Crooked River when the Spring comes! The CROOKS from Crooked County are nobody to mess with, they will KILL you or RUIN you forever!

Also  former BOG R Terry Butcher and current Board Of Governors  member Timothy B Butcher were named in a federal lawsuit regarding a more than questionable title transfer involving possible illegal actions by the Gilmer County Clerk!

The story BROKE in the Gilmer Free Press and was covered by several other mainstream media outlets over a week later after all the facts were already gathered by the FREE PRESS and the WV Secret Seven!!

NOW, here we are on December 8th 2010 the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon and three days short of the first anniversary of the famous NO FOUL PLAYKilling near Trezans the favorite Bar hang out of dopers, gang members, drunks, GSC students current and former and that night, the night of Thursday 10 December 2009, Crystal Metz Karate Black Belt was present as well as other well known influential Gilmer County people.

Funny thing, when Fred Hill was found in the river last April 18th late in the afternoon, it was apparent someone beat his face in since it was gone, but the rest of his body was in fairly good condition. I am here to tell you there was plenty of FOUL PLAY involving the death of Basil Fred Hill and it took all of the Power Elite in Gilmer County working together to convince the common people of that outrageous lie of NO FOUL PLAY !!

Here is what the CalPatty Press had to say just hours after Fred Hill went missing:

Officials, firemen and volunteers and friends of Freddy Hill will meet at 8 a.m. TODAY at the Gilmer County VFD to continue the search that has been going on since last Friday.

Freddy Hill reportedly left Trezan’s Restaurant Bar and Grill in Glenville a little after midnight last Thursday, with friends and his family yet to hear from him.

“With the evil still turned loose on the local area, surely Basil Fred Hill could have fallen victim to the Macabre Dark Forests and Evil Entities of Gilmer County,  home to rape and murder!”

“Or Possibly, Fred Hill could have fallen into the CALHOUN LAGOON of Conspiracy, just down the Crooked River from Crooked County!”

Police used cadaver dogs and a sonar-equipped boat yesterday to look for the man in or near the Little Kanawha River.

Funny, how they already know where to look for dude.

If you’re looking for Fred, now don’t shake your head because ya know…

Freddy is dead!   Freddy’s dead!

The evil still lurks in the hills of Central West Virginia!

As it turned out the CalPatty Press was 100% correct with their predictions about the demise of Fred Hill and where and when he would be found! Somebody somewhere knew something!!

Within minutes of the REWARD being posted and the banner being displayed it was published on the CalPatty Press using a photo taken by a friend of the Central WV SS!!

—–From  MURDER IN GLENVILLE  WV to tales of RAPE———-

Earlier in 2009 in September of that year the CalPatty Press published a story on another rape at GSC which would also be covered up as predicted, but at least there was time to get the story to the public along with a picture of Edwin Dale Kinnison. Below are some comments by the people of Gilmer County that read the Gilmer Free Press on the bad behavior of Gilmer County officials involved in the well publicized cover ups!

The DAVIS rape case was the not the first rape at GSC that was squashed and covered up by the Powers that Be, but it was the first documented cover up!!

Erik Davis in the Gilmer County Courtroom charged with rape but found innocent after another dishonest Courtroom performance by the infamous Crooks of Gilmer County!! ...Misconduct at it's finest in Crooked County and the first of the many cover ups of crimes against the citizens of Gilmer County!! (this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

Seems that there were rapes when Demarino was prosecutor too.  What happened to the evidence with those rapes?  Does anyone remember anyone serving any time for those rapes?  LOL History is just repeating itself…..Gilmer style.

By Keep diggin’ y’all… on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


I was searching the internet for the CalPatty Press story on the rape at GSC but it has been destroyed.

I found this accurate comment by the Crooked County Crooks

Police Chief Moss in the Gilmer County Courtroom on the witness stand complaining that then city attorney TIM BUTCHER burst into the police station in an effort to free the suspect and make outrageous demands in an attempt to cover up the damages done from the "Rape" leaking to the public! Butcher threatened to fire Moss for doing his job! (this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

predicting exactly what happened in December
2010 on the 3rd of September 2010 :

Crooked County Crooks-Rape at GSC EDWIN DALE KINNISON!
September 3, 2010 at 6:05 pm
Speaking of rape…
It has been almost a year since Edwin Dale Kinnison was arrested and charged, then the case went to circuit court and there has been no update.
Most likely the school is going to cover up this rape as to not have any damage done to their image, which of course is more important than dealing with a problem of college campus rape.
Gilmer County is self serving and has their priorities up their (censored)

By Anonymous on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


Please send the facts of that rape in which the girl was drugged and info involving allegations of a cover up to:

The Central WV SS has been reporting on and publishing stories on rapes that were covered up by GSC since Timothy Butcher, then foundation President and City Attorney disturbed the routine questioning of the rape suspect Erik Davis just before we witnessed the tragedy of Justice when the GSC Football player was found innocent of raping an underage high school girl whose reputation was trashed for the convenience of the Power Elite not to mention her virtue sold like some type of unnecessary White Trash

By Anonymous on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


I heard about a girl being druged and raped at GSC just a couple months ago in a dorm room at Goodwin Hall… She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after she was found in critical condition, ended up in ICU for a few days. All the evidence needed, was gather from the room… as she was being transported. I am going to predict GSC, Mr.Bell and Hough all three… try and cover this one up… even though there are witnesses and evidence… not to mention the victim!!! GSC has a responsibility to it’s students and the public to inform them of such criminal activities… but has done nothing about this one either… One would think… GSC would want to be known as the #1 college that puts their students safty first… above all else… instead of the #1 college that covers up crimes!!! As far as the Law in Glenville… what a joke!!!

By Squaw on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


Hough, Bell,and local law enforcement are corrupt.
My stepdaughter was drugged and WHO knows what else. Hough sent my wife a letter stating that evidence has been lost.
Bell is an A**.
He is not a law enforcement officer.
He has been boughht by the college.
Maybe he needs a taste of what he is putting our kids through.

By hiphappens – P-Burg on 12.06.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


For those that can contact the principal players in the latest rape allegations please contact the members of the WV Secret Seven with the e-mail provided in this article


Who could forget the 15 day WAR on Free Speech that took place in

That's NO FAIR you said you would do me too!! (this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

the SUMMER of Twenty Ten in Gilmer County after video’s and

A WILD NIGHT of SEX for Lex taking this photo shot and some pick me up all the while visiting the facilities of a local bathroom!

photographs were released starring the Butcher Bitches of Gilmer County Lexie and Lizzie Butcher who both had a dad and an Uncle on the GSC BOG within a day of each other when it was discovered all the Board of Governors for the entire school were serving with expired terms, while getting paid and making decisions the Gilmer County Way or the same way the Nazi’s did it in Germany.

After all, Gilmer County is a National Socialist organization made up of…

"I've done enough already!" says Lexie (this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

dedicated Power Elite that have absolutely NO CONCERN for the common good, or the common well being of it’s citizens of Gilmer County known to the masses as CROOKED COUNTY!!

Lizzie says to her dorm mate, “Your behavior last night (in terms of bringing that guy to the room to do whatever  you were doing with, without asking me, or arranging with me, when you know I wanted him too,  was completely and wholly unacceptable. I told you about that guy and I thought he was cute. I am the one that first brought him here, but you snatched him up before I could lay a claim!

“This is one reason I didn’t want to have bunk beds. I might as well have been in bed with you and Ricky and that very large phallic symbol that I told you was off limits.  “What was I suppose to do go out and get some idiot and then yell switch”!? Once again, your behavior pattern demonstrated that you are all about YOU.  No consideration of me, my needs, my space, or my friendship. “

I have requested a room change, So I hope big dick Rick really worked out for you.  At this point, I have lost confidence in you.  I have no trust in you, and I believe that you have no respect for me, after I already told you I wanted him!!”

"Ok there!" "I swallowed!!" says Lizzie Butcher~ "... and you said I couldn't get it all!"(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

GILMER COUNTY is god damned famous as Crooked County already being the subject of one book and most likely two before the next year is out.

The SEXCAPADE  of the Butcher sisters including poems to ex-boyfriends and memories of skinny dipping and teenage sexual experimentation even made it into one of the speeches of Nasia Butcher, mom to the two young girls and the principal of the local high school, explaining that it was “OK” to have men and women partners in sex or any other decision her girls want to make in regards to experimentation and promiscuity!

Lexie with lots of Gilmer County tongue action that took place during the Sex Scandal!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

It was a GRAND TIME for the CalPatty Press that was logging 30,000 hits a week in a County with less than 7,000 population!

The WHOLE STATE OF WV got in on the outrageous parties thrown by the sisters and was shocked by the SEX PARTIES and SEX SCANDAL all in the name of good college fun!

But, their mom and dad are never going to have to pay a dime for the Butcher sisters education!!  No Power Elite child ever has to pay if y’all have the connections that they do in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

Lexie Butcher experimented as a teenager and went skinny dipping with two local boys for strictly educational purposes back in high school!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

Boy oh Boy, or Girl oh Girl those Butcher Bitches came out of the closet swinging in the summer of 2010 at the home of the Crooked County Crooks from Glenville West Virginia!

Hoo yah!!

"I'm so high on ACID I just want someone to TOUCH ME! Even this tree!! Give it to me one time!!!" ...Says Lizzie Butcher! " It's OK my dad is on the BOG at GSC and his term is expired and I don't give a fuck because he knows Big Joe the governor and he comes to our house, and I even sit on his lap!!"(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

Cosmos Communicator attacked by Minney and Crooks from Crooked County

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-editor/Special edition article with permission from Cosmic Communications inc.

Today when I was working on a new article for immediate release involving more SEX scandals at GSC in Glenville, West Virginia the website – Cosmos Communicator – was yanked by wordpress without warning. Again, Lisa Minney has been getting involved in our personal business, as if she owns all the advertisers in West Virginia.

Lisa Minney, along with Lisa Belknap obviously have become full fledged members of the society ruled and run by the local “Powers that Be,” in Crooked County and most likely will be mentioned in a new book being released about judicial corruption in the WV courts along with Central WV city and county governments. Here is the official SS statement on the suspension by wordpress.

Cosmos Communicator Memo: We were suspended by WordPress because of complaints by the Crooked County Crooks that live next to the Crooked River and for the TRUTH being exposed. At this point we consider Lisa Minney to be an affiliate of people that cover up crimes. Those same people think they can get away with murder, while persecuting innocent people and commit white collar crimes with no consequence, because they are the law in these here parts!  Minney has a new faction of bad associates and rogue police officers in her circle and has been actually plotting to do harm to members of the SS. We are under attack.

Shocking photo of Lizzy Butcher and Lexie Butcher that were EXPOSED by Gilmer County GSC SEX SCANDAL!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

We are going to move the website out of the country and will be looking for a host that will hold lots of data and the SS will be looking to expose local public officials for wrongdoing with even more shocking data than was posted before. We won’t have to hold back like we did with the GILMER COUNTY SEX SCANDAL, we will be able to deliver all the dirt for all to see. Those Butcher Bitches Broke Bad all summer long and now they will be breaking bad from a safer domain.

We will try to keep you updated through posts via SS affiliates and will be routing all data and all e-mail posting etc. through one hub out of this state until we can get the website out of the country since it seems many in Central West Virginia no longer believe in FREE SPEECH!

Rina McCoy

Lisa Minny and Lisa Belknap were intrumental in organizing ANTI-FREE SPEECH rhetoric and do not respect the rights of others to be able to speak freely as they do on their publications.

Lisa Belknap the publisher of the Gilmer Journal was disappointed that the CalPatty Press had THREE TIMES the readers that she does with the Gilmer journal, so led the attack with Minney against Free Speech!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

We ask that you do not patronize these hypocrites for how could they ever be trusted with the truth again?  Minney and Belknap are forced to canonize the Powers that Be in Crooked County to survive in business. They both have to bow down to make money just like Davey Cacamamie from the Glenville Democrap!!

Minney and Belknap are left to deify, exalt and adore the individual members of the local Power Elite!

They obviously are not the kind of people that can be held in confidence or believed with the information that will forever be slanted knowledge and influenced with adoring approval by the rich elite that call the shots in that evil villainous wicked little town down by the Crooked River!

Pencil pusher or Columnist – whatever little town hack hat they are wearing that week, you can be certain the girls known as  Lisa and Lisa will  only be  proposing valid positive image data – the message they deliver ain’t flying unless it has the seal of acceptance by the people with all the cash in Gilmer County, the ones in control!

Lisa Minney once a cherished member of the Secret Seven turned turncoat and led an attack against the SS and the CalPatty Press!

Stay tuned to this website and the Calhoun Underground or

Lisa Minney, Lisa Mini-Me not shown, she is the midget evil little version, but can be purchased at Hasbro toys!

Willy O for more information and updated news!

The Secret Seven does not bow down, nor do we have to brush off our knee’s or wipe our mouths!

All content  of this article subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator

Lexie Butcher broke Bad with Little sis Lizzie all summer long on the CalPatty Press!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)