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August 28th 2013 — I HAVE SOME CREAM, at GSC because the FOOTBALL TEAM SHOT IT ALL OVER ME!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press

Somehow this madness at Glenville State College must cease.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Prophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

We must stop now. I speak as a child of God and brother to the suffering poor of Glenville, West Virginia.

Countless women have suffered the serious crime of rape to try to protect the image of Glenville State College whose image to anyone with any brains is down and dirty with corruption for a curriculum.

Countless women have suffered the serious crime of rape to try to protect the image of Glenville State College whose image to anyone with any brains is down and dirty with corruption for a curriculum.

I speak for those whose land is being laid waste, whose homes are being destroyed,whose culture is being subverted by corrupt judges like Richard A Facemire and a corrupt prosecutor Gerald B Hough .

I speak for the poor of West Virginia who are paying the double price of smashed hopes at home, and those brutally raped and murdered by the corruption of Gilmer County!

I speak as a citizen of West Virginia, for West Virginia, as it stands aghast at the path we have taken. I speak as a backwoods citizen of Central West Virginia to the leaders of my own state. The great initiative in this RAPE war is ours!!

Jordan "Opie" Watkins has been located in South Carolina for the fifth time in seven months and CCC members from the state of Alabama are ready to lead federal marshals to his current residence. Watkins was brought to GSC by a Church of Ike attorney that we are currently seeking for questioning that fled to the state of Texas.

Jordan “Opie” Watkins has been located in South Carolina for the fifth time in seven months and CCC members from the state of Alabama are ready to lead federal marshals to his current residence. Watkins was brought to GSC by a Church of Ike attorney that we are currently seeking for questioning that fled to the state of Texas.

The initiative to stop it must be ours!!!

I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world evolution, we as a small county must undergo a radical revolution of values and give back some rights to some WHITE PEOPLE.

We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thug-oriented” Gerry Hough, Peter Barr, Tim and Terry Butcher society to a “person-oriented” society.

BIG TEN QB at GSC? WHAT? Is this man a rapist too?

Justin Feagin BIG TEN QB at GSC? WHAT? Is this man a rapist too?

When FOOTBALL and big city criminal, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than innocent white girl college students, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and having the bejesus fucked out of you by a big black MAG LIGHT are incapable of being conquered.

These are revolutionary times! It is time to kick some negro rapists to the curb bitches!

All over the globe men are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression and out of the wombs of a frail world new systems of justice and equality are being born.

The shirtless and barefoot people of Central West Virginia are rising up as never before, under the leadership of the Secret Seven Coalition!

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.” …And it was a WHITE GIRL naked who  was fucked and RAPED brutally, bruised and damaged forever more at Glenville State College the HOME of RAPE!

We in the state of West Virginia must support these revolutions of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Concerned Citizens of Central WV!

It is a sad fact that, because of comfort, complacency, a morbid fear of the Church of Ike, and our proneness to adjust to injustice, the Western nations that initiated so much of the revolutionary spirit of the modern world have now become the arch anti-revolutionaries….

Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to BIG BLACK DICKS ruining the lives of young girls like Mary Hudnall, honor student Amanda Smith, Anita Phillips-Wiseman, Meghan Ruddlesden and the list goes on!

A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every county in West Virginia must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.

This call for a state-wide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s GSC tribe, or team, class or ASS, and now in West Virginia it is a reality, a cum stained semen soaked call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all the RAPE VICTIMS at Glenville State raped like a bitch by a BLACK MAN that HAS SOME CREAM!!

This oft-misunderstood and misinterpreted concept—so readily dismissed by the Nietzsches of the a poor state like WV as a weak and cowardly force—has now become an absolute necessity for the survival of man. Brave individuals now speak out about really kicking some asses now!

When I speak of love I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life.

Member of the GSC football team are suspecting of raping AMANDA SMITH after Watkins undressed her in his room several times while she was unconscious, Smith as filed suit against GSC and the head of the SS contacted a winning attorney on behalf of the family who is looking into taking the case.

Members of the GSC football team are suspected of raping AMANDA SMITH after Watkins undressed her in his room several times while she was unconscious, Smith has filed suit against GSC and the head of the SS contacted a winning attorney on behalf of the family who is looking into taking the case.

Love and unselfish devotion to kick these bitch ass rapists to the curb is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality. Burn some crosses up on that bitch ass hill even if one more fucking white girl gets raped!!!

This Hindu-Moslem-Christian-Jewish-Buddhist belief about ultimate reality is beautifully summed up in the first epistle of Saint John:

Let us love one another; for love is God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

Let us hope that this spirit will become the order of the day. We can no longer afford to worship the god of the CHURCH OF IKE or bow before the altar of being raped like a bitch!

The oceans of history are made turbulent by the ever-rising tides of rape. History is cluttered with the wreckage of Crooked County’s such as Glenville and individuals that pursued this self-defeating path of rape. As Arnold Toynbee says: “Love is the ultimate force that makes for the saving choice of life and good against the damning choice of death and evil. Therefore the first hope in our inventory must be the hope that love is going to have the last word.”

And we are gonna make those bastards hold to account the day they ever even thought of popping those big black dicks out. The next big black phallic symbol that just magically appears could just as quickly, “Like Magic,” disappear, how about that?!

We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today, so lookout while the SUN is SHINING we will be a makin hay and putting a little polish on the buck knife!

Erik Davis raped an under age teen that was only named as "Polly" Timothy B Butcher who is now a Board of Governor at GSC that has an expired term broke the rules and stopped the questioning of this rapist by police! That was a Bitcher of a Butcher act we won't soon forget!

Erik Davis raped an under age teen that was only named as “Polly” Timothy B Butcher who is now a Board of Governors member at GSC that has an expired term — broke the rules and stopped the questioning of this rapist by police! That was a Bitcher of a Butcher act we won’t soon forget!

We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.

In this unfolding conundrum of life and history there is such a thing as being too late.

Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked and dejected with a lost opportunity. The “tide in the affairs of men” does not remain at the flood; it ebbs. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is deaf to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones of raped white girls up at the college and jumbled residue of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: “Too late bitches!”

There is an invisible book of life that faithfully records our vigilance or our neglect. “The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on…” We still have a choice today: violent coexistence or violent co-annihilation.

We must move past indecision to action. Lets run those rapists the fuck out of our town!

We must find new ways to speak for peace in Gilmer County and justice throughout the developing county—the crooked evil state of West Virginia that is knocking on our doors but be made whole again, we must force the evil out and back to Washington DC!

If we do not act we shall surely be dragged down the long dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight, but fuck it, NOW is the time to act! Who gives a fuck what they say now, we have been lied to for far too long!

Now let us begin to pursue those evil sons of bitches at the College of RAPE on the hill!

Now let us rededicate ourselves to the long and bitter—but beautiful—struggle for a new county free from LARRY CHAPMAN free from that unsavory character BEET RED BRIAN KENNEDY and that fat as fuck Darryl Ramsey County Commissioner.

This is the calling of the sons of God, and our brothers wait eagerly for our response to light that torch and save your new sister, your wife, a daughter, the girl at GO MART — Or some innocent co-ed from Wood County who is headed for a bad experience of forced SEX and brutalization by a member of the GLENVILLE STATE FOOTBALL TEAM – They HAVE SOME CREAM!

Shall we say the odds are too great?

Shall we tell them the struggle is too hard?


Will our message be that the forces of the Secret Seven Coalition militate against their arrival as full men, and we send our deepest regrets? Or will there be another message, of longing, of hope, of solidarity with their yearnings, of commitment to their cause, whatever the cost? THE SS HAS GOT YOUR BACK BITCHES!!!

The choice is ours, TAKE OUT a GSC RAPIST NOW and make sure that crazy fuck never rapes again! And though we might prefer it otherwise we must choose this choice in this crucial moment of human history.

“It’s Not My Time…

There’s a fear in me it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh but I won’t go you can’t rape me!

The CalPatty Press Remembers … Great Moments in History, the day that Shelly Morris DeMarino said, GOODBYE to the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy!!

Christopher Shane Dellinger certainly made for interesting moments in Calhoun County history when he collected payments for his Permit – to – Carry,classes and pocketed the money while a Grantsville Police Officer back in the hey day when the CalPatty Press was based in Calhoun County. Dellinger was later arrested for felony charges out of Braxton County that were reversed in West Virginia Supreme Court because of an error by judge Richard A Facemire….thus the V for VICTORY – Shane Dellinger had a little hotty named Brandy, and both participated in the famous pill popping and bed hopping days, with the Fire Starting Cult socializing with the infamous HOT TODDY and Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy and Lil Steph!

By Rina McCoy – CCC Editor for Concerned Citizens Free Press/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Today the Concerned Citizens Free Press takes you back in time to relive the  eventful memorable days from the past that are important parts of local history.

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson girlfriend to Fire Starting Cult Leader Christopher Todd Smith who died in the bed of “Hot Toddy” in Lewis County in the early morning hours of 26 December 2009 just about two weeks after Fred Hill went into the Crooked River and was never found until April, 18th 2010.

 This CalPatty Press article, lets us all recall the long drawn out Hot Toddy marijuana case, that seemed to go on forever and ever, from 2007 to almost never! But, something also to note from those days gone by is the fact that Shelly Morris DeMarino quit Calhoun County for all the drama and misconduct and mayhem Crooked County style a goin on down there across the county line, and a place we know well, for we had a pretty good time when we lived down there which almost seemed like it was without a care, for it was so many years ago, that now seems like another place and time. Here is a Secret Seven Coalition article published by the CalPatty Press…


The Todd Smith Plea Agreement initially proposed by Shelly Morris DeMarino Calhoun County Prosecutor (left)was inspected, then rejected by a 4th circuit court judge down in the County seat of Grantsville, West Virginia.

Not many people know this, and we don’t expect the mainstream press to report on the matter that Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino filed complaints against WV State Troopers Starcher and our very own OAKIE Starsic involving a local murder investigation– And was in the perfect position to blow the lid off the cover-ups and corruption taking place on a daily basis in Calhoun County West Virginia–according to a treasured and secret member of the Central West Virginia’s Secret Seven Coalition.


Looking as happy as the day she embraced Todd Smith on the Courthouse steps…Power Elite Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino quits over disagreement with covering for the WV State Police!

But because of who Shelly Morris DeMarino is– a member of the Power Elite from Glenville, West Virginia — she could no longer be a part of bad doings in Calhoun County and just look the other way. Calhoun County is considered to be far beneath anyone from the Power Elite in Glenville and she felt she couldn’t get too deeply involved in the bad doings of the drawling Calhoun County folk with their thick backwoods accents and still come out smelling like a rose!

This is standard equipment for Fire Starting Cult Members in the year 2006 during the eventful days of outrageous parties and kickin it with the cops, it was a pill popping and bed hoppin time had for all, and a record year for mysterious fires of Calhoun County that continued thru 2007

For the record Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino says she is resigning, citing, “An irreparable breakdown in the relationship between my office and the WV State Police!”

DeMarino said, “I believe that the citizens of Calhoun County deserve better!”

“It is with much regret that I resign…There have been matters that have arisen that I feel make it impossible for me to continue in this capacity,” DeMarino said.

“The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision,” she continued.

While the prosecutor did not comment further on the reasons for her resignation, problems reportedly reached a boiling point after Cpl. Doug Starcher expressed anger over the release of public information of a recent criminal complaint.

“Kelli” aka Lunacy Lucy demonstrating that INNOVATION was the theme of this Cult Bed Hoppin and Pill Poppin Party from 2006!

Criminal complaints are public information in West Virginia.

Cpl. Starcher was reportedly upset that information in the complaint could bring harm to a witness by being published in the media, although all persons who are charged with a crime get a copy of the criminal complaint, essentially making the officers concerns invalid.

DeMarino’s resignation indicated a number of ongoing problems that she says has made the relationship inoperable in fulfilling her duties.

In the Hey Dey of the Fire Starting Cult the Cops went to pill poppin and bed hoppin parties, and in that hey day, Police Chief Ron Gordon from Calhoun County was found out for his sexual assaults concerning young women on home confinement and sexual blackmail for the purpose of passing their drug tests and got 15years – Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff Chief Deputy Bandy also was arrested for seven felonies, and Shane Dellinger, Grantsville Police officer soon found himself under arrest, and he was attending cult parties, along with Police Chief JD Nicholson who found himself dead, not long after the Cult HEY DAY was over.

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition believes much of the hard feelings involve the case of Seth Denmark and the murder investigation of the local Denmark family from Calhoun County. William Albert “Seth” Denmark, 20, of the Beech area and Spencer was convicted of a kidnapping charge and is now a suspect in the murder case. Denmark’s father, William Denmark, has also been arrested.

William Denmark, his wife Jackie and son Seth have all been incarcerated on charges related to an alleged shooting, a kidnapping and a report by a witness alleging that Seth Denmark, 22, shot David Beach in the head and buried him in a grave four years ago.

By orders of the Secret Seven Coalition and the CCC from Elkins, WV the CalPatty Press was asked to STAND DOWN on ANY reporting of the Denmark murder and or ANY of the subsequent investigations into the murder, or related shooting incidents.

***We have been ordered by our own superiors to shut the **** up about the

Hot Toddy” Leader of the Fire Starting Cult from one of the multiple stock photo’s of Christopher Todd Smith Mug SHOTS — The SS and the CULT were locked into a bitter feud not unlike the Hatfields and McCoys from 2006 until 2010 when things cooled down a bit and mostly for the reason the Secret Seven started giving CROOKED COUNTY full attention starting in 2009 with the MURDER of Fred Hill which was covered up by local law enforcement and saw the birth of the ridiculous quote of uttered by Sheriff Metz known as ” ….NO FOUL PLAY!” ..which was a statement predicted by the CalPatty Press and the SS FOUR months in advance!

Denmark Murder and forget about it– do not publish any further information on the matter what-so -ever!

We have been told that entire matter is too dangerous, and quite frankly so are all the people involved. Indeed it is a rare occurrence for a matter to become so dangerous, that we were ordered NOT TO REPORT ON THE MATTER IN ANY WAY by order of the SS!

It appears that Shelly Morris Demarino got the same memo we did…it was pretty simple!


In April of 2009 Judge Nibert rejected the SNITCH DEAL plea agreement, authored by Shelly Morris DeMarino regarding Christopher Todd Smith’s 2007 drug charges–indicating Smith had a 20-year history of criminal charges in several counties, including the theft of a credit card. Smith purchased an ATV with the credit card, and spent some time incarcerated for the theft- and robbing the card from the body of a man just killed in a car accident.

Monday March 22, 2010 – Christopher Todd Smith, through his attorney Tom Whittier, presented new motions to Circuit Judge David W. Nibert.

Nobody wanted to hear any NEW motions of any kind — since the dope arrest is from October of 2007 and the matter still has not been brought to trial.

“One motion made by Smith’s attorney Tom Whitter was for an In-camera hearing, a closed or private session with the judge!”

In Camera refers to a secret and private discussion and trials held with the judge in his private chambers or in the courtroom without any public or jurors.

Normally sensitive matters and matters of national security are tried or discussed privately which may or may not be recorded. Doubt Hot Toddy has any legitimate matters that would require and IN-CAMERA situation.
New Motions In Smith Case: (L to R) prosecutor DeMarino, Judge David W. Nibert, attorney Tom Whittier, Christopher Todd Smith, seated

Judge Nibert responded, “I don’t want to have a hearing (on motions) on the trial date!”

Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said “I oppose this. It has drug on far too long, too many continuances,” while reviewing the court record.

Lil Steph and Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult during happy days!

Stephanie Stamper AKA Lil Steph, a sister to the deceased Kelli Nicole Stamper-Lawson AKA Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult was recently almost run over by Todd Smith AKA Hot Toddy leader of the CULT!

This incident that involved Smith backing his truck up in a threatening manner as if to ram the vehicle into the young Stephanie Stamper prompted her to file a protective order against Smith.

DeMarino expressed concern for Lil Steph – who will be a witness for the prosecution in Smith’s drug case-we predict that she will testify to the fact that SMITH KILLED KELLI LAWSON because she knew too much about his drug and gang operations-technically at one time, the Central West Virginia SS and CCC considered Lil Steph a full fledged member of the Fire Starting Cult!

Kelli Stamper-Lawson was formerly Smith’s girlfriend. She died of what has been rumored as a drug overdose last December 26th — Lawson was found unresponsive in Smiths bed in the wee hours of the morning at 4:30 am the 26th just after an Xmas night Celebration at Smiths home in Weston. Inside information revealed Lawson died from a cocktail of illegal drugs.
Kelli Lawson-photo taken around the time of the Grantsville Mystery Fires-She was going to testify against Smith but was found dead from drug overdose in his bed at around 430am on the 26th of Dec 2009.

“I’m concerned about witness intimidation!” the prosecutor said, referring to Stephanie.

Kelli Lawson also known as Lunacy Lucy the Pill Popper and Bed Hopper was also reportedly going to testify against Smith.

Little Steph in the middle of some friends after a gathering with Christopher Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy shortly after the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson. The blond girl on the right was from out of town and we heard it said, she put the “Hi” in O HI O

Just days after Kelli was found dead, Smith was bragging about the sexual conquest of Lil Steph and that she was trading sex for Hot Toddy’s dope.

To be honest, I understand that precious Lil Steph is struggling with a substance abuse problem.

But I never personally believed that she was having sexual relations with Smith, but then again, I have always been a bit naive to these types of things until recently. I certainly hope that was not the case under the circumstances.

Smith’s attorney claimed that Stamper is continually harassing Smith since the order was issued, “Driving by his business place many times a day!” It was later revealed that Smith and Stephanie Stamper have been issued mutual protective orders, related to the recent disagreement on Grantsville’s Main Street.

The protective orders were actually issued after Smith allegedly backed his truck toward Stamper in a threatening manner.

Obviously Lil Steph is now mad as hell and does not want to take the Hot Toddy **** anymore, and will most likely testify that she feels Smith is the cause of her sisters death, and with that we would all agree.

If this trial would have proceeded in a timely manner, then possibly Kelli Lawson would still be alive today.

Judge Nibert decided to hear Smith’s motions on the scheduled trial date, April 6, commenting that the trial has been “on again, off again” since his indictment.

Smith will go to trial the following day. “Everybody get ready,” Judge Nibert stated, as the blond court reporter jumped up from under the bench elated!!

A classic shot of Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult with a good representation and accurate depiction of a bed hoppin and pill poppin party made famous by the Cult!!

Kelly Nicole Stamper Lawson …Fire Starting Cult Chick and Gun Ma for Hot Toddy, and An   .. AMERICAN WOMAN!!

Even CRIMINALS Retire in Crooked County Down by the Crooked River!

By Rina  McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Concerned Citizens Free Press/Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia

Unfortunately with CCC members and highest ranks of the SS spread out all across the country due to seasonal duties — right now Captain Booker is down on the border of Mexico, few of the CCC or the SS could make the June 5th retirement party of DAVE HESS the former President of the Crooked County Commission.  Deputy Assessor Ed Wiant also retired yesterday, that is Deputy Assessor with the accent on the ASS!

“Yeah Ed Wiant we will have to visit ya at home now instead of the office since YOU will be held responsible along with Gary Wolfe and Teresa Maxwell for their part in the criminal conspiracy to hide the infamous MISSING 1/6th from the Travesty of Justice case!!”

Isn’t it nice to have the entire Crooked County Commission all in one place, all we need is a little TNT or some dirty deeds done dirt cheap to get rid of these self serving assholes — Dave Hess holding the plaque on the right needs his ass kicked for going along with the crimes of Sheriff Mickey Metz ! An award plaque represents accomplishment and displays pride, but how can you have any pride when your so involved with stealing money from out of state tax payers and stealing property and having the commission clerk hide liens from banks so they can steal from another bank and all put money in their pockets using their FOR PROFIT – Non Profit organizations like the Gilmer Housing Partners, take a good look at some REAL CROOKS from Crooked County!

The SC of the SS who ask me to write this article said it was most likely a “Good thing” we didn’t show up at the party, for we would have all surely been arrested for it very well could have erupted into the 2nd rumble on the hill for we don’t take kindly to people stealing and those Crooks from Crooked County have been stealing peoples taxes, deeds, property and any other thing they can pull off for years and years now!

The Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz is guilty as hell of being an accessory to the murder of Fred Hill and the family is placing blame on Sheriff Metz for Fred’s death and have asked for everything we had on the murder and we had quite a lot since the SS is the only organization of educated professionals to even investigate the murder!

On the left is the back of the head of President of the Crooked County Commission Brian Kennedy who likes to get his dick sucked by AMY SKINNER — and fuck at the Duck a bar up the road a piece  — Wipe your mouth and brush those knee’s off AMY you are getting as bad as Tara Kennedy inside Judge Facemire’s office and there in the back with some other criminals is the man with the Adison FAKE High School Diploma that needs shoved up his ass, Sheriff Mickey Metz! Damn Metz had the body of FRED HILL behind his house one April 18th not very long ago, after letting his daughter Crystal use FRED as a punching bag to show off her black belt in Karate in front of the former Jailor for Crooked County back before they had the Regional Jail – CRJ built!

Karen Elkin in the purple can’t resist a free meal, just like the rest of the people from up around Sand Fork – Karen is the Circuit Clerk that just received all the evidence being used to file the motion to bring back the TRAVESTY of JUSTICE back in court. Gerry Hough had Marilyn Matheny from Lemon Farm equipment lie about the value of old used rusted farm equipment that sat out in the elements for 24 years – but a tape suppressed by about the worst defense counsel in all of West Virginia F JOHN OSHOWAY has been brought forward to the courts for the first time which will prove HOUGH guilty of a felony for knowingly bringing false evidence to a grand jury and a trial jury. Out of state officers of the court and law enforcement are keeping a special eye on Karen dishing it up next to Crooked County Commissioner DAVE HESS she has a sister that is the President of the Democratic Executive Committee and also runs the businesses of IKE MORRIS and her name is Sandy Pettit — So you see the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River like to KEEP IT ALL IN THE FAMILY — Crooks that eat together do crimes together too!

One can hardly call that DUMB ASS METZ that never received a high school education educated at all and most likey cannot read and write and he is the Sheriff? METZ is nothing but a bought and paid for criminal puppet that may just find himself in PRISON along side his brother in the next 18 months for some have him zeroed in their legal cross hairs to put that fast talking dishonest piece of shit where he belongs.

Hey ED WIANT  you FAT FUCK!  Sorry we couldn’t make your hog sloppin party, but it sure looks like you were the biggest hog there!

I am sure you will be sought for questioning for your share of hiding the deed wanted for court that has been deemed the missing 1/6th. How does it feel to be a part of a criminal enterprise Wiant you pig?

During the Commission meeting the Crooked County Commissioner bestowed plaques to show their thanks for following orders of all their crooked and underhanded bad deeds. We have them dead to rights involving wrongdoing pertaining to the missing 1/6th.

You have to be pretty low down to hide a deed needed for trial in the courts and in AMERICA this type of behavior rarely happens, but in Crooked County they love to have their cake and eat it too!!

Down in Crooked County they specialize in White Collar Crimes, and have their cake and eat it too for they lead the state in RAPE and MURDER — And then, sometimes local attorneys like Janice Weldon from Glenville State College even import a rapist or two from the CROOKS SUMMER HOME, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

But, truly, it may be easier to get Ed Wiant and DAVE HESS into a jail cell once they have retired and thinking they got away with it all, since there is no statute of limitations for felony’s in the State of WV except the ones that the Chief Counsel for the State Police Virginia Lanham just makes up, so we hope to put the Crooks just where they belong someday, and I doubt we will stop our relentless pursuit to witness all held accountable for their crimes, or even lose very much steam until we do.

“Crooks from Crooked County behind bars…now that ought to be something to CELEBRATE!!”

The diploma SHERIFF MICKEY METZ brought forward to comply with the FOIA is from an online high school. METZ got this fake document on 11.21.11-After checking the school, you can pay $369, and they ask a few questions and issue a diploma. Then they send you the one page colorful diploma. The diploma is fake and according to the Better Business Bureau the online site has an F rating! This proves that Sandy Pettit who puts herself off as a law abiding citizen is a complete criminal piece of shit that needs removed from her position of responsibility and kicked the holy fuck out of my county for trying to get Metz elected with a false document so he can look the other way for all the rapes and murders the CHURCH of IKE are responsible for!

Catch up on ALL the Crooks and Liar’s from Gilmer County and Central West Virginia coming up FRIDAY  JUNE 15th on the next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

Crooks and Liars in Gilmer County are everywhere! And now with an election on the way, they will be coming out of the wood work what can I say…other than tune in– turn on and then drop by Friday June 15th for your next edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!


Like baboons in a lab that will eat cocaine till they die, our leaders are literally addicted to power, and they are addicted to the Power of Darkness!

Cocaine has its effects by hijacking our brain’s reward system. it can give short-term extreme pleasure but leads to long-term addiction and all the hell that comes with it, so does addiction to power, and so eventually comes the addiction to the Power of Darkness in Gilmer County and Central West Virginia!

Believing we knew what we were doing, we permitted a political class of jacked up drug dealing mob “Want to be’s” and half wits to develop and thrive here — known to us all as the local CROOKS and LIARS that have evolved into a corrupted self-selecting priesthood in the Church of IKE!

Too much power can disrupt normal thinking and emotions leading to gross errors in judgment impervious to risk, not to mention huge egos and a lack of empathy for others — this description readily exemplifies the person who belongs to the elite club who often frolic up on ELITE hill home of the FRIGHT HOUSE which is often the welcome home to CROOKS and LIARS!!

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Here the road is all uphill and it’s paved with ill gotten gains, and the dirty laundry of the Butcher Bitches!”

Imagine a community, no matter how ideal, where no man or woman’s word could ever be counted on. Where questions asked, answers given and all information passed became worthless, just like at the Gilmer County Courthouse because no one could be trusted, just like at the Gilmer County Courthouse!

Our CROOKS and LIARS, the ones we put in power, like all CROOKS and LIARS, have simply decided that rules and laws of the land don’t apply to them.

Yet even the habitual Crook, even the habitual Liar, does so figuring that others tell the truth. Otherwise they would have no point of reference to spin their lie from to give them a Crook advantage. Any names come to mind, like Gerry Hough, Sheriff Mickey Metz, and Judge Richard A Facemire?

GRANTSVILLE COUPLE ARRESTED — The Man for METH AND WILDLIFE VIOLATIONS – Woman Jailed For Resisting Arrest/Possession of drugs!

By Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

What a heck of a Saturday night for David Jeffrey and Amber Huffman last night!  And they got to spend the night at CRJ and they are still there and Amber says it’s not OK for she sure threw a fuss when it came time to whip out the cuffs!

Calhoun authorities have arrested a Grantsville couple on multiple charges, charging one with the operation of a meth lab!

State Police in Grantsville arrested David Matthew Jeffery, 28, for operating a clandestine meth lab and possession of a controlled substance, felony charges.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name: Jeffrey,  Matthew  David
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/25/1983
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 03/25/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
12F42,12M89-90,12M97,12M99-102 CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $40,000.00

Jeffery was also charged with the illegal possession of wildlife, including two turkeys, a bobcat and a coyote.

He was also cited with illegal burning and has a bail of $40,000.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Full Name: Huffman,  Amber  Lynn
Height: 5′  7″
Weight: 107 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/24/1983
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 03/25/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11M CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $5,000.00

Also arrested and taken to Central Regional Jail Saturday night, Amber Lynn Huffman, 28, who is charged with obstructing an officer, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor charges, and has a bail amount of $5,000.00

A LETTER to NATALIE TENNANT good for NOTHING Secretary of State in West “By God” Virginia!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator

A FAT ASS photo of Natalie Tennant who never gets off her ass to do a damn thing for us hicks in WV! She is big money and big ass only baby!


Dear Natalie,

The voters here in Gilmer County feel you are about USELESS and no longer want to support you for Secretary of State, but especially could NEVER consider you for the office of Governor.

For the record, what are you going to do about Sheriff Metz?

His high school diploma is a fake and you can see a photo of it here:

If you are NOT going to ACT because of politics or some other lame ass excuse the voters are getting tired of …you need to reply to this letter and explain to the people why you are just sitting on your assess doing absolutely nothing, for if that is the case we need to get busy informing people about how USELESS you fake hillbilly hicks down there in CHARLESTON all are so you can be immediately replaced this next election.

The credentials presented to the Gilmer County Clerk by Sheriff Metz were fake!

Why can’t you do something for the REAL HICKS like us, and not the phony sons of bitches like IKE MORRIS and his Church followers?

Please reply with what action you are going to take against a useless, “NO FOUL PLAY” Sheriff named MICKEY MOUSE METZ that has been mixed up in more misconduct and criminal activity that can even be explained today or in a week.

For the record, I feel you are ALL a waste of time that suffer from the disease of too many degree’s and not enough education. You are not like us hicks at all! There ain’t nothing real about ya!

I hope I can educate AMERICA as to what a NIGHTMARE the state of West Virginia, and the city of Charleston is — and the FAKE public officials that DO NOTHING in their elected and appointed positions down there at the state capital where NOTHING gets done on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to telling the truth about “YOU” Natalie Tennant in my next book.

YOU will lead the dumb ass FAKE Hillbilly Hicks …. section.

It will be a book written by a HICK and for HICKS just like me!

Here is a little something from a friend of mine that said…

“A friend of mine was talking to a fellow in Gilmer County the other day.

For safety concerns, we’ll keep them nameless, but that’s not really the point.

Anyhoot — from what I’ve read and think has been established as FACT — The Addison HS “$369 Diploma” of Sir Metz will not get you into ANY COLLEGE or into the US Military, but evidently it’s OK by state law/code here in W.Va. and in Gilmer County?

The person my buddy was talking with from Gilmer County said basically that, “nothing is going to be done,” and basically that it’s NOT like Natalie Tennant or anyone in Charleston was going to step in and do something about this absurd situation.

However, my buddy added that his guy said the ONLY WAY that Metz could possibly be off the ballot was whether SOMEONE would step up and CHALLENGE the BOGUS diploma in CIRCUIT COURT. Is that going to be done, has it been done and is that even a true possible thing folks in Gilmer County could do?”

HOT TODDY Back in JAIL thanks to JUDGE ALSOP — Betty Jo Martin from CALHOUN COUNTY booked today for FELONY SALES of DRUGS with intent to deliver!

By Rina McCoy Cosmos Communicator Editor

Christopher TODD SMITH leader of the Fire Starting Cult who is also accused of killing his girlfriend Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson who was found dead in his bed in the early morning hours of December 26th 2009

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 240 lbs. DOB: 12/31/1971
Booked: 2/22/2012 Booking ID: 999063525
Calhoun County – Bail: $A whole lotta money – Central Regional Jail
Charge Type: Felon

Former Grantsville resident Christopher Todd Smith, 40, was incarcerated in Central Regional Jail following a court appearance Wednesday before Judge Jack Alsop.

He is charged with a felony for retaliation against a public official, a 2010 charge brought against him after he allegedly removed cemetery memorials at Bethlehem Cemetery from the grave of the husband of former adult probation officer Patsy McCartney.

McCartney filed a complaint with the police, saying someone had been stealing “everything off her late husband Mike McCartney’s grave at the Cemetery.”

McCartney, in the complaint, said the flowers and shepherd hook from her husband’s grave appeared to be … missing from the cemetery.

State Police, according to the criminal complaint, discovered items from the grave in Smith’s possession.

Smith the leader of the Fire Starting Cult has a long history of arrests and convictions in Calhoun and the region, but Gerald B Hough let him off of assaulting his girlfriend, Cult member Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson in the summer of 2009, and then she ended up dead in his bed six months later.

Also from CALHOUN COUNTY Betty Jo Martin BOOKED today Thursday February 23, 2012 for Felony Sales of Drugs with Intent to Deliver

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name: Martin,  Betty  Jo
Height: 5′  3″
Weight: 112 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/4/1987
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 02/23/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

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Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
12m- CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $0.00


By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor

Shirley Ball who Judge Facemire said was a friend of his during the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE TRIAL was arrested earlier today and is awaiting arraignment  before bail is set for Battery of an officer and obstruction of an officer, two separate charges.

Shirley Ball not only perjured herself during court proceeding, but stole the defendants car and got SCOTT FREE away with it.  Gerry Hough actually paid her to lie under oath, and we have the court record to prove it.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Full Name: Ball,  Shirley  Ann
Height: 4′  11″
Weight: 138 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/2/1948
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 01/08/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

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Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
M-12 CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $0.00

Shirley if you recall was mentioned in a recent SS article for getting her ass beat at the Millstone Inn. Shirley lied about a GAY BASHING, when in actuality it was a BALL BASHING!

Speaking of unethical behavior and corruption in law enforcement and the judicial system in Gilmer county, Shirley BALL,   from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County— a state witness in the Gilmer County ‘Travesty of Justice’ case was involved in the raucous BAR fight  at the MILLSTONE INN — and made up a story that was in no way true just like she did by the instruction of Gerald B Hough and in front of JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE who called her a friend in the 14th district circuit court.

Shirley ended up getting her ass beat because she brought along her son, a dude by the name of Steve Long who is 36 years old and from southern Ohio.

“I’m extremely sad to find that people whom I’ve known for such a long time in my life and whom I’ve gone to high school with could do such a horrendous crime,” said Melissa Ball daughter to Shirley Ball who was paid by Gerald B Hough to commit perjury on a case where Gilmer County and the State of West Virginia backed those lies all the way to the United States Supreme Court and Shirley Ball nor Hough have had to pay for knowingly bringing false evidence to a grand jury and a felony trial jury.

 I have met Steve personally a few times before. He used to live in Portage County Ohio, but they didn’t like him much up in Streetsboro, or Mantua (Man-O-way)so he got the boot.

“It was the busiest Saturday night of the year and we had to close the bar,” Ms. Darling stated.

“Steve Long has been in here before causing trouble!”  Evangeline further stated.

When asked by an SS official if she knew Shirley Ball, Evangeline Darling made the comment that Ball had been in there before many times with others which included Nub Marks another GERRY HOUGH STATE WITNESS in the TRAVESTY CASE who also had been drunk and disorderly.

Shirley Ball is the crazy bitch who had an affair on her husband GERRY BALL and got involved with NUB MARKS a year before the time of the Travesty trial but defense counsel F JOHN OSHOWAY refused to expose that fact to the jury. Justice Albright and Justice Starcher of the WV Supreme Court stated that OSHOWAY was guilty of ineffective assistance to the defendant during the trial and should be sued for malpractice.

Nub Marks blew a point two one — three times the legal limit and also was carrying loaded weapons in the back of the vehicle when arrested.

When our enemies that have made overt threats are busted, drunk, with dangerous loaded weapons in the car, it make us a little nervous. Drunk and loaded weapons is NEVER GOOD!

Here is the rest of the story:

MILLSTONE BAR BRAWL INJURES THREE – Family Calls Incident ‘Gay Bashing but in actuality it had nothing to do with the fact of anybody being GAY. Dude is a BALL just like JIM BALL Bail Bondsman who really is a GAY fuck and an ENEMY to many.

JIM BALL calls himself a private investigator now, and JIM BALLS boyfriend, “SHYLOH” just got his head kicked in recently and died from the injuries.

Steven Long lied to the Police, along with his mother Shirley Ball about being gay, but his step brother Jim Ball and former Sutton Law Enforcement officer is gay.

But the matter was covered up and the obit said “Due to long illness, at home” …which is a complete fabrication and that can be proven.

JIM BALL is a henchman for the Butchers, and is the son to the LATE Gerry Ball who was married to Shirley, but found out she was having an affair with rub a dub NUB aka Danny Marks also a person that Gerry Hough GC prosecutor got to lie on the stand and Marks was impeached by his own testimony. Basically, what is up is there was some collateral damage because Shirley is a trouble making bitch that truly is a drunken alcoholic that can’t drive to the fucking grocery story without a beer in her hand that hooked up with a very dishonest Gerry Hough and did some bad deeds that became quite expensive, so nobody gives a fuck that it was a ….better call somebody bitch  …kind of night for her special Holiday occasion!

“Better call somebody Shirley you lying bitch, better call ONSTAR!”

High ranking SS officials from Central WV spoke with Evangeline Darling (shown in photo) the owner of the Millstone Inn late Thursday December 1st

According to witnesses on the scene the brawl injured three people attending Karaoke Night at the Millstone Inn early late Saturday and past midnight, after customers attacked 36-year-old Steven Long of Cincinnati, Ohio, then attacked his mother, Shirley Ball, 63, of Grantsville and his aunt, Carolyn Newrones, 70, of Mantua, Ohio.

However Shirley Ball lied to the State Police and her statements now are conflicting. Now if this was anybody else besides the WV State Police BALL would already be in jail for telling the police it was a “GAY BASHING” incident for that is total lie. Steve long is not gay,  and the last time he was seen by an SS member was inside a strip club, and it was a situation where the dancers had complained that Long could not keep his hands to himself, which was the same problem Mr Long ran into at the Millstone Inn. He is lucky he was not beaten to death and this was not the first time the little bitch has caused trouble there.

The attack started on Long, inside the bar and continued in the parking lot for several minutes, causing head trauma, face fractures, and a broken foot, but the broken foot was self inflicted as we found out during our investigations.

Ball said at least three males continuously beat and kicked him in the parking lot.

During the ambulance trip to Roane General Hospital in Spencer, Long reportedly quit breathing for a period of time.

When the individuals were ordered out of the bar, according to Ball, the male subjects shoved, kicked and spit on her and 70-year-old Newrones, who suffered a severe fracture and broken joint in her arm with multiple bruises.

Now we come to find out after talking to the owner of the Millstone Inn that Shirley Ball and her son Steve Long actually started the altercation.

Ball said she was trampled by the subjects and lost consciousness briefly when her head hit concrete, after which she locked herself in

63 yr old Shirley Ball looking more like 73 from all the alcohol abuse shown here in a photo from November 10th 2011 in Grantsville , West Virginia the county seat of Calhoun

a truck and used OnStar to contact 911.

“They kept beating on the truck, trying to get in,” Ball said.

Now if they were beating on the TRUCK, to get in, and she is a female is that GAY BASHING, no that is BALL BASHING because she has done some bad things like LIE on the stand, costing someone hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“That BITCH Shirley BALL has a foul loud mouth and is a documented LIAR.   Too bad there was not enough time to talk to her about her criminal activity and conspiracy to bring false evidence to a felony trial with GERALD B HOUGH!”

After all the facts have now been revealed the situation hardly constitutes GAY BASHING, that was entirely made up by BALL and she should be immediately arrested by the West Virginia State Police.

LONG was beaten because he is an ASS HOLE and a BALL not because he sucks dick like step brother Jim Ball. Has anybody bashed Sutton COP Jim Ball for being gay? Nada!

Ball described the incident as “Gay bashing,” which she says could easily have claimed the victim’s life. What a liar!

“I’m extremely sad to find that people whom I’ve known for such a long time in my life and whom I’ve gone to high school with could do such a horrendous crime,” said Long’s sister, Melissa.

Melissa, is known as MISSY to her friends in Calhoun County. As it turns out MISSY is full of Shit! The people committing the horrendous crime included her mother and her half wit step brother who I would bet two dollars has at least attempted to molest her once, and those are not the actions of a gay man.

The WV State Police are investigating. Arrests have yet to be made over the incident, but if arrests are made lets hope it is LONG and BALL that are arrested for causing a disturbance and then trying to disguise the matter with a false police report, which would not be the first time for alcoholic Shirley Ball from Calhoun County.

The management at the MILLSTONE INN also agree with the Secret Seven Coalition and recently made a public statement in the HUR HERALD in Calhoun County.


The owners of the Millstone Inn are widely disputing claims that a customer was the victim of “Gay bashing” during a fight that broke out during karaoke at the bar early Sunday morning.

Steven Long, 36, of Cincinnati, Ohio, received multiple injuries during a dispute that lasted more than half an hour.

His mother Shirley Ball, 63, of Grantsville, said he was beaten by three different males, a fight that continued in the parking lot of the establishment.


“But, basically Shirley Ball has always been a lying alcoholic which turned out to be perfect to be a state witness for Gerald B Hough!”

Evangeline Darling owner of the bar, says the fight started when Long groped the posterior of a female customer. When he was confronted by her boyfriend, Long said it was o.k. because he was gay, according to Darling.

“Steve Long was out-of-control, continuing to create separate problems with other individuals in the parking lot for a half-hour, while our staff and his family attempted to calm him,” Darling said.

And here was what we have to say about all of that… for you could have messed with Crooked River German Shepherds!!