Butcher and Butcher LAW FIRM RAPE the estate of Albert J Woofter!

AJ WOOFTER Remembered — He must have turned over in his GRAVE when he learned that BUTCHER and BUTCHER LAW FIRM BUTCHERED the AJ Woofter Estate!

By Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor

“We got so many letters asking for a review of the crimes committed by Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher from the Butcher and Butcher Law firm that we have them dead to rights on, that we had to put this article on the front page of the Concerned Citizens Free Press!”

Many people want the Bitcher of the Butchers Tim Butcher a BOG member at GSC & R Terry Butcher gone and out of their lives, but we want them in jail!

Nasia Butcher the principal of Gilmer County High School is about the worst excuse for a good example than could ever be found for high school kids! Just look at what was “Just OK” for her children!

Here is just another example of white collar crime among the Power Elite straight from Crooked County!

And now we have all the facts on Tim Butcher just helping himself to the Albert J Woofter Estate!

Albert J Woofter home in Dekalb West Virginia, in 1957 the birth place of the GHOST WOLF!

Oh yeah…. and Butcher had quite a bit of help from Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham– long time Crooked County resident, and president of the local American Cancer Society. Damn, hope none of us get Cancer, she will steal us blind!

Another memo established the fact that the Braxton County prosecutor was given the long waited for 2007 Woofter accounting… 12 YEARS LATE and marked in red for discrepancies. There is also a document written to another attorney where a special out of town investigator was being requested to look into the matter of missing cash from the A J WOOFTER interest bearing checking account, that Gainer and Butcher used as their own–only releasing $ 3,700 to the beneficiary in the last 18 months, while writing themselves huge checks.

There is a law in West Virginia and other states, which says the executrix can only receive a small percentage of the total estate. Proof is in the paper work that Rosa Belle Gainer- Cunningham wrote herself checks for a great deal more than allowed and it looks to us like Butcher took as much as half the estate for himself!

It’s Gainer-Cunningham because Rosa Belle got married at 85 years old, which sort of makes you wonder what in the world that honeymoon would have been like. Sort of makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. Making love prune to prune with the help of some sort of old smelling sexual aids.

After Butcher was done with the checking account that once held $95,000 when it was safely in the bank in Parkersburg, that same checking account was raped, for all but $7,000 as that is all the beneficiary received after all was said and done.

“In Crooked County it’s acceptable for BLACK MEN to RAPE White Underage Women and it’s acceptable for small, pompous ass sociopaths, to RAPE estates for all the Green Money!”

Gainer moved the money to Glenville, to the UB Bank, where R Terry  Butcher, former BOG at GSC  sits on the board of directors of the Glenville United Bank 101 E. Main street.

Albert J Woofter didn’t want the money moved to Glenville. His specific request was his money was to remain in Parkersburg.

All of A J Woofters accounts were liquidated from different accounts in Parkersburg and put into one account at United Bank, right there in Crooked County. The only thing is a much lesser amount was deposited than was liquidated, according to two investigators providing information for criminal action being sought.

So where is the rest of AJ Woofters money? Did Butcher snort it up or smoke it?

“Guess you can sure buy a lot of dope with the $25,000 dollars that is just missing from the three bank accounts that were in Parkersburg!”

Shortly after AJ Woofter died, a Riverboat and a PARK were named after him

“The Glenville city attorney just whittled down the estate until there was nothing left but 7,000 by the time the beneficiary got it!”

And this is how it was done!

This is an actual excerpt from the 2007 accounting that was 12 years late!

Figures are from actual document….this is proof!

12/31/2006 To be paid to Butcher and Butcher Trust Account for legal services review final settlement, draft letter to the Fiduciary Commissioner, search for and copy supporting documents draft letter to (edited-name of lawyer) e-mail to (edited-name of lawyer) review letter from VANCE GOLDEN, trip to Court House to search for real estate assessments, legal research on Westlaw, revise final settlement and transfer brokerage account.

For ONE half- days work , Butcher charged $4, 895.00

The above excerpt is from actual accounting on file.

The Bitcher of the Butcher refused to reply to letters from attorneys involving the AJ Woofter Estate for years and years!

Well Butcher must have thought, hmmm… I think I’m running a little low on COKE!

So after lunch he decided he needed at least 5 thousand more…..since you know, two or three ounces probably wouldn’t be enough, especially if he needed to keep Princess Di in booze too!

So after lunch he wrote this………

12/31/2006 To be paid to Butcher and Butcher for legal services, review final accounting. Review account to insure correctness, draft final accounting (editors note, he already charged for that earlier on the accounting) review 4th quarter Wachovia and United Bank statements, complete final settlement and balance same.


Butcher charged a total of $10, 475 dollars on 12/31/2006 New Years Eve!

Happy Fucking NEW YEAR!

Over ten grand for just one day!

And even that was just all made up bullshit to steal the money!

Tim Butcher is a Criminal and a Thief and the official 2007 accounting ordered by Vance Golden proves it!

Vance Golden has also been implicated in wrongdoing for allowing Butcher to get away with not filing an accounting since 1994….. when accounting’s are required every year by WV law!

So the fact that Butcher didn’t do an accounting “by itself” is against the law, and Rosa Belle Gainer prune puss is just as guilty! It was her job as an executrix to see that an accounting was done.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter to Rosa Belle Gainer from attorney Margaret Kreiner: http://www.kreinerlaw.com (feel free to e-mail or contact Kreiner for document proof)

Back dating checks to give the illusion that the terms of the will are being complied with is not an ethical way to carry out the desires of Albert J Woofter . We are asking that you comply with the terms of the will!”

“A letter was written to you by the guardian, requesting an accounting to which you responded on September 27, 2002 stating that you had turned it over to your attorney. All attorneys are busy, but Mr Butcher surely should have found the time in the last two years to comply with the request for an accounting. I suggest you find another attorney who is not that busy!”

“All we are asking is that you comply with the terms of the will as Albert J Woofter directed!”

GAINER ignored that letter, and Butcher sat in his big leather chair and weathered out storm after storm of FIVE different lawyers, giving no reply, and taking all the money!

The above letter was dated September 23, 2004 — No answer No reply for Butcher or Gainer!

“On November 3, 2004 another letter by KREINER was sent!”

Reading the TOWN and Country column authored by Albert Johnson Woofter was like visiting with an old friend.

This time in bold print KREINER writes…

“YOU have NOT complied with our request for an accounting. My client is entitled to an accounting. Since she has never had an accounting ever, I am firmly requesting and accounting from the beginning when the trust took effect. I will expect you will honor this request and comply by November 30th!”

Gainer never replied and a CC copy of that above letter was sent to Atty William Powell in Parkersburg– and if you have ever encountered this true gentleman, he is a very matter of fact, in your face lawyer, that gives it to you in black and white. He looked into the A J Woofter estate and took note that only 79 k of what should have been 266k from the original accounting in 1994 was forwarded, the rest was just missing. It is suspected that VANCE GOLDEN Wood County Fiduciary Commissioner was in knowledge of this, since he never forced the Butchers to do an annual accounting by law, and after the requested accounting was complete in 2006 his office sent the paper work to the wrong address. It was found out that ROSA BELLE GAINER knowingly gave the secretary from Vance Golden’s office the wrong address.

When this matter was reported to Sheriff Metz, he refused to investigate.

No surprise there!

Gainer was asked by several attorneys for accounting’s, but ignored all requests, didn’t take phone calls and neither did Butcher–this fact is a matter of public record!

The above excerpts are from page 15 of the accounting that was not received until 2007 and sent to the wrong address by Vance Golden’s office as stated, and this act was done on purpose, since they had sent official letters to the right address twice, in months prior.

The act of sending an accounting waited for since 1994 to the wrong address, clearly indicates wrongdoing and implicates the Wood County Commissioners office in a possible criminal conspiracy with the Butcher and Butcher law firm.

I mean really!!

Why was it sent to the wrong address, to stall for time?

Altogether Timothy B Butcher according the final accounting helped himself to $38,000 from Albert J Woofter estate  in less than two months time prior to 12/31/06

 “The final accounting of the AJ Woofter Estate is on file at the Wood County Court house, or call the Wood County Commissioner office, to review the files and you will see that all the facts brought forth by another SECRET SEVEN investigation are correct and accurate!”

The Parkersburg NEWS will never be the SAME without the AJ Woofter NAME!

Documents pertaining to the AJ Woofter Estate, along with all the documents we possess, were also on file with the former Braxton County Prosecutor, Bill Martin. Bill had boxes and boxes of documents and we attempted to enlist Bills help to bring charges against the Butchers!

I remember getting Lisa flowers and bringing them to Bill’s office, and then….

The office of William C Martin burned down!

The HOUSE of LEGAL ADVICE from the astute attorney Bill Martin burned down!