Month: September 2018


Osmund Nathaniel Brown is the dude that got busted after his black girlfriend complained about Brown taking some pink from a younger and much hotter white chick and she wasn’t gonna go for the sloppy seconds, so she got pissed about all the green handed out to the pinker white pink, and then dudes BITCH turned into what they used to call a black fink and the green got scattered to the wind as the mean white cops busted Brown and took him downtown …. and then for a little trip to CRJ where it was NOT OK, because Gerry (I’m always right because I’m always white) Hough was not there to let another criminal go!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

  • Well SOON there will be a meeting between myself and Lawrence Smith about how we will proceed for the next year, with who or what corruption in the state of WV we  will expose, so we are going to be plenty busy after 6 October, for the high summit meeting in WOOD COUNTY in fact Johnny Richards is also invited to attend to see if he and his group are willing to team up on projects and you know me, I am always interested in what the Crooked County Crooks Gerald B Hough Prosecutor and Judge Richard Facemire are up to,  for those two are some of the most corrupt in the whole entire state of West BY GOD Virginia. In the mean time.. enjoy this article from SEVEN YEARS AGO…

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty…

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