You know, it’s no damn wonder the rest of the world perceives Gilmer County and much of the State of West Virginia as just an inconvenient gathering of a bunch of rednecks and inbred sex freaks with brain damage!

Thanks Gilmer County, we have had to endure endless jeering and teasing from our out of state friends! Thanks a lot for that!!

Speaking of scandals there is the latest outburst by Larry Chapman former Gilmer County Commission President who burst in on a meeting, and started bullying the reporter from the Gilmer Free Press, demanding to KNOW THE NAMES OF PEOPLE THAT COMMENTED!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Please review this outstanding CalPatty Press influenced article from the SPRING of Seven Years ago… then spark a hooter and BLAZE to some old Sabbath and you will feel much better

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter Central WV SS/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor Central WV SS/ Editor Edison-  CalPatty Press Editor  Central WV SS

Waco Oil and Gas under the leadership of owner I L Morris rules this part of Central WV like a King from high atop his castle in a complete and totalitarian rule. In fact, Gilmer County, West Virginia is now known widely as CROOKED COUNTY!

And they make their own rules!!

The local law enforcement, courts, prosecutor, county commission and politicians are all bought and paid for in Gilmer County, and they all have a good friend in Big Joe Manchin, who has reaped the rewards of campaign contributions both…

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