What few people don’t know is that the mother of Sunrak contacted members of the Council of Concerned Citizens and Lawrence Smith also a member of the Secret Seven Coalition and a political reform advocate, about the misconduct by the prosecutor in this case. Mr Smith started looking into the facts of this case and told me personally that he was convinced Sunrak Spencer was innocent — and that he was just ANOTHER VICTIM of the prosecutor of Crooked County Gerald B Hough.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

It appears another innocent person SUNRAK SPENCER, and another bungled court  case can be added to the record of the Gilmer County Prosecutor and the Gilmer County Circuit Court under the leadership of the not so honorable Judge Facemire.  Years ago we all saw the judges TRUE COLOR during the longest running court criminal case in  Gilmer County Circuit Court Case history — And that case is the well known TRAVESTY of JUSTICE case that was first brought the grand jury in 2003 but that case also went before the Supreme Court until late 2007 with a final vote of 3 to 2 and all the felony charges defeated in trial jury.  In that now famous case in the history books Judge Facemire allowed what NOW is known as PERJURED TESTIMONY.

Also a title opinion brought years later…

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  1. Alton Skinner Mag replaces King Pin political boss Minigh in Gilmer Co. Skinner’s son on March 28th, 2018 entered a plea to possession of marujuana semming from Decenber 2017 charge. A charge of Obstruction was dismissed. This coming on heals of wreck in Feb involving his Dad’s truck. First Respinders sat Skinner was drinking. Prio to Stare Police getting to scene Dady showed up and drove off with boy. Probably had to go sign bond form for there bonding company E Out Bonding company. Facts don’t lie. Magistrate Skinner is known to use his office for personal gain.

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