Ben Huffman Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy showed up with no warrant at the home of Ruth Mitchell who watched while Willard Cottrill was murdered by SISTER MORPHINE – Huffman, Sister Morphine, and Mike Murphy forced their way into the home and into Ruth’s private bedroom where Huffman drew his weapon and then proceeded to help Sister Morphine and Murphy TOSS the room and search with no warrant. Ruth Mitchell Screamed, “You can’t do this!” Huffman replied, “There is nothing you can do about it,” and then proceeded to talk to Ruth Mitchell worse than he would a stray dog! NO PERMISSION WAS GIVEN FOR THE SEARCH BUT THAT IS HOW THEY DO IT DOWN IN GILMER COUNTY!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Please review this true article whose veracity can be backed up by documents. It is hard to find any bigger criminals anywhere is Central West Virginia than the ones employed by the COUNTY of GILMER very commonly known as CROOKED COUNTY!!!

THIS ARTICLE IS FOR ALL THE PROFESSIONAL BULLSHITTERS OUT THERE LIKE Sally Bozeat  —the mastermind behind the mastermind murderer SISTER MORPHINE Venity Cottrill with her fake ice cream cakes just a swaying to the music —- slow dancing to murder with MORPHINE prescribed by local DR HILLARY MILLER who like a DUMB BITCH prescribed liquid morphine over the phone to Venita Cottrill without ever seeing the patient and then LIED LIKE A BITCH about the cause of death on the death certificate.  YEAH DOCTOR that STUPID STUNT YOU PULLED in regard to WILLARD COTTRILL is NOT going to be forgotten and we are gonna give the go ahead…

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