You Know You are in the TWILIGHT ZONE When You Find Yourself in GLENVILLE West Virginia, County Seat of CROOKED COUNTY!!!

Speaking of Bribery and Corruption, Judge ALSOP fully looks “BOUGHT” if you read this letter below by Sally Bozeat who designed the purchase agreement of the 41 acres of Estate property sold. Sally, in theory, could possibly be guilty of practicing law in WV without a license and already admitted to meeting with Gerry Hough as far back as 2006 by discussing matters of the estate and property FOUR YEARS before Willard Cottrill was found dead. Now that IS a fact. This letter below is the SECOND letter written to JUDGE ALSOP BEFORE he made his decision on the estate. I also have to say that some experts say, that just by the fact the judge took this letter in, after warning Sally Bozeat not to contact him, is in and OF itself an act of MISCONDUCT, so therefore by the judge even accepting this letter before his decision was made, (especially given the fact he reversed the Commission final resolution) decided in favor of Sally Bozeat and Mike Murphy.. This result may eventually lead to a complaint being filed with the Judicial Investigation Commission against Judge Alsop.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

If you have ever traveled to Central West Virginia,a place known as GLENVILLE in CROOKED COUNTY exists under a totalitarian regime.  The locals just got their schools back from state control, but that was only after five years of bitter non stop fighting and complaining about a situation that happened because it could.  Yeah, that happens because it can stuff happens a lot when you are in Glenville, known for multiple rapes at the college many times having to do with members of the Glenville State College Football team. One such member Wilkie Perez was just found guilty recently of federal fraud charges involving Real Estate and investment and developing Real Estate in Florida.  Years ago, the CalPatty Press reported that this “Perez,” star football player at the college was guilty of rape, and guilty of being a…

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