Month: August 2016


Take me to the Crooked River and drop me in the water!
Dip me in the river, drop me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down!
To know our history in Gilmer County is to begin to see how to take up the struggle again. Acknowledging the sins of the past can help push us to stop and realize why we are failing to succeed in business and in life — And what needs done to GET BACK to where we once belonged. It should remind us to keep the promise of a future worth having for the next generation we must inevitably leave behind.
The GSC Co-ed who is a rape victim has a name, her name is Amanda, the girl who’s only mistake was to trust Opie Watkins – And she is appreciated for the fact her efforts in academics have been rewarded with good grades, for she is to be honored and respected, she is not an object for the pleasure of misguided male GSC students that should not even be allowed in the same room with this outstanding student for their poor performance in academics and ungodly drunken behavior, but if this student were to be raped at GSC the staff and faculty already have a history of backing the rapist all the way through the court system, become active in name calling — And in the last documented rape case, the victim was also threatened by the FERPA VIOLATOR himself Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough and told to shut up!
There are many behaviors or actions in society that are punishable by law. The more serious of these are crimes of violence such as murder, forcible rape, robbery, and assault.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Traditionally RAPE SEASON is fully underway at Glenville State College the small liberal arts college in Gilmer County West Virginia which is known as having one of the worst academic records, if not THE WORST in the entire state of West BY GOD Virginia.

The list of respected citizens and alumni who were so proud of GSC would fill a book. Many people that we know love and are related to graduated from GSC. Even my own grandmother, aunt, father and a cousin or two are graduates. It is painful for them to know that one of their own is so caught up in reporting how bad it has gotten. Or, even more importantly, to be frequently educating the public to all of the new dangers that have come with modern times! It all boils down to …

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Local PRINT MEDIA in GILMER COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA IS A SHAM — Dave Corcoran Publisher Has a History of Wrongdoing.

Estates are supposed to be settled and probated before personal property is taken, but with the help of Melvin Cottrill, before Willard Cottrill was even cold, his $40,000.00 truck was taken, his lock box with cash money was stolen with some of Ruth Mitchell’s money in it. Two weeks before Willard Cottrill was murdered, his bank account was cleaned out Crooked County style by Mike Murphy executor of the Cottrill Estate!!! Only in Gilmer County can you count on elected public officials as well as law enforcement to actually be parties to theft and murder.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

THIS ARTICLE IS FOR ALL THE PROFESSIONAL BULLSHITTERS OUT THERE LIKE Sally Bozeat The master mind behind the master mind murderer SISTER MORPHINE Venity Cottrill with her fake ice cream cakes just a swaying to the music —- slow dancing to murder with MORPHINE prescribed by local DR HILLARY MILLER who like a DUMB BITCH prescribed liquid morphine over the phone to Venita Cottrill without ever seeing the patient and then LIED LIKE A BITCH about the cause of death on the death certificate.  YEAH DOCTOR that STUPID STUNT YOU PULLED in regard to WILLARD COTTRILL is NOT going to be forgotten and we are gonna give the go ahead to publish this story nationally.  Lawrence Smith a free lance journalist from Charlestons with lots of notches on his gun has been calling me often asking me to suit up and do battle to expose the ELITE in Crooked County…

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