Month: July 2016

“There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

“There is West Virginia Law and then there is the law for the rest of the 49 states!”

This was a quote from a prosecutor from out of state that was made privy to the misconduct by JUDGE Richard A Facemire and Gerald B Hough, given to her by law enforcement representatives investigating the criminal actions of public officials from Gilmer County involving an illegal extradition, and Beverly Marks ignoring a court order and hiding a DEED to property needed in the longest running court case in Gilmer County history.
When Gilmer County officers of the court knowingly break the law to bring forth a wrongful prosecution it is easily explained by highly educated professionals as WEST VIRGINIA JUSTICE!!
In GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia they, “Make their own rules!”
FOX NEWS finally got coverage of WEST VIRGINA CORRUPTION and laughed their asses off at Judge Watkins and his version of WV Justice, listen below as Megan Kelly expresses that entire WV court system is insane and this Judge should be removed! WHO will be the next judge made fun of in front of millions of viewers at home across America JUDGE FACEMIRE ? YES, it very could be and the long rant that he denied making during the Travesty of Justice trial in which GERRY HOUGH paid witnesses to lie and was caught, but the JIC said the matter was time barred, (meaning the defendant waited too long to file a complaint)but Rachael Cipoletti – Chief Counsel of the ODC – lied, because a complaint was filed officially in December of 2007 in which the ODC did not recognize the evidence that now proves a malicious prosecution took place, but since then even more recent evidence not previously known before was discovered pertaining to the Travesty of Justice case, and should re-set the two year statute.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Here we are at the end of JULY 2016 and we are all waiting to hear the judges decision on the Cottrill Estate debacle, which has been in the 14th District Circuit Court in Gilmer County since June of 2011 over five years now. The Gilmer County Commission finally made a decision and a final ruling involving the pathetic final accounting which was filled with discrepancies and possible illegal actions by the executor Mike Murphy whose wife is now a disqualified heir to the estate according to the commission.

While we wait lets review this RGW article which features members of the Secret Seven Coalition going after an elected judge and having him suspended without pay through the end of 2016.

Please enjoy this highly read article…

“There is West Virginia JUSTICE and then there is JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for…

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Groundbreaking Ceremony for Pioneer Center led to some TALL TALE TELLING late into the afternoon hour! But the “TRUTH” is told by the Central WV SS!! 17 JULY Special Sunday Edition … YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!!

Marc Monteleone, aren’t you known as the COUNT of Crooked County?
Well you are NO ACCOUNT to us …
In fact dude, you are just another CROOK from CROOKED COUNTY that lives down by the Crooked River, as far as we are concerned!!
But business must carry on for GSC so here is another transaction to think about!
November 18, 2009 GSC BOG
Presentation by Minnie Hamilton Health Systems
Ms. Barbara Lay, Chief Executive Officer at Minnie Hamilton Health Systems (MHHS), gave a presentation to the Board regarding GSC and MHHS collaboration in building a new 24/7 medical facility in Gilmer County. She provided a history of Minnie Hamilton Health System’s progressive facility.
Ms. Lay (TIGHT FRIEND TO THE DOG FACED WOMAN RETA KIGHT) indicated that a grant has been submitted in an effort to obtain funding to apply toward the proposed new 24/7 medical facility in partnering with Glenville State College…
When I hear the word “Grant” in the same sentence as Glenville State College, then I know we are all headed for another swindle somewhere!
Ya know … there is a Morris family tradition to uphold!!
I’m just sayin….

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Please enjoy this RGW article from JULY of 2011 while the staff is on vacation — and educate yourself to Marc Monteleone the Count of Crooked County and JACK JONES and get a feel for how the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River REALLY DO IT!!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter Central WV Secret  Seven Coalition/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor-Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Editor Edison-CalPatty Press Editor-Central WV SS and Gatekeeper for Crooked County!

At a ground breaking ceremony on, 12 July  just last Tuesday, at Glenville State College’s future Pioneer Center, GSC President, Peter Barr, spoke to the crowd about GSC’s future being so bright they had to wear shades!

Several honored guests were on hand to turn soil, including major benefactors Ike and Sue Morris. Absent were politicians that did not want to be associated with all the bad press coming…

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