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“Gilmer County is so corrupt that our county is now known statewide and possibly soon nationwide as CROOKED COUNTY!”
In my opinion there is more than one way to take back our county from the elite drug dealers and corrupt public officials that include the Gilmer County Prosecutor and even judges , nor could we exclude NO FOUL PLAY, Sheriff Mickey Metz!
Sure, Gilmer County is a great place to live. Not. Crime rates are low. Not. Employment is high. Not. Everyone is happy, successful, and filled with civic pride. Not.
Our leaders have spent a lot of time telling you those lies are all true but little time seeing to making the community a better place like it used to be, but then again they are all self serving selfish liars. The entire county of Gilmer has been taken over by elite criminals
Scratch the surface, and you will find the truth!
That businessman that seems honest is cheating on his wife. That politician you voted for is snorting cocaine. That cop you thought was so nice is taking bribes to look the other way.
No one is clean.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

With the elections coming up in Gilmer County, it appears to be a same ole same ole kind of deal.  Yes we really are especially stuck in a continuous loop of lunacy when it comes to the ELECTION of a NEW SHERIFF in Gilmer County.  Former Sheriff Mickey Metz is running once again for Sheriff of Gilmer County.  I don’t have to remind anyone that Metz tried to use a fake diploma to run for magistrate and came in last place.  However Metz does not need a high school diploma to run for the office of Sheriff  …And isn’t that a fine how do you do?  To be a jail guard at CRJ you need at least that level of a credential., but for Sheriff all ya need is attitude!

“Have another JELLY DONUT Sheriff Larry Gerwig…

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“Venita and Freda took a saucer and took 2 xanax and some oxycodone and smashed it up real fine, and put it in a teaspoon and then put in some chocolate pudding – and then Freda Cottrill held Willard’s head still while Venita forced the smashed up drugs in Willard Cottrill’s mouth. Then Venita took a syringe and would force morphine in either side of Willard’s mouth!”
“Willard kept rolling his head back and forth… Freda, looked at Venita when I started out on the Porch, not being able to take much more,” and Venita said, “Where are you going?” I said, “I am going out on the Porch.”
“Like HELL you are, get back over here and sit down,” Venita ordered Vehemently.
“I sat there and tried to talk to the hospice nurse. She refused to talk to me.”
Deputy Wheeler who had been recording this statement in an official murder complaint finally asks, “Do you remember the nurse’s name?” Mitchell replied, “The only thing I know is her first name is Debbie.”
“What is the date today?” asks Deputy Wheeler. “The 18th” replied Ruth Mitchell.
“MIKE, they actually murdered him,” Mitchell states in the most sincere manner.
“The address is 1200 Little Ellis, Linn WV,” asks Deputy Wheeler.
“He then proceeds to ask Ruth Mitchell, “Their name is Cottrill isn’t it?”
Wheeler was making reference to Venita and Mark Cottrill, “For some reason I thought their name was Marks …” stated Deputy Wheeler of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf


That is the question!

Early on, at least one Cottrill family member was involved in filing a complaint with the Gilmer County Sheriffs office because of suspicion of the fact that Willard Cottrill of Linn, WV was murdered! NOW, after the February 5th Resolution of the Cottrill Estate the biggest news to hit Glenville, West Virginia since the MURDER of Fred Hill ..will the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office finally get busy finding out the truth about HOW Willard Cottrill died and HOW all his money was stolen from him before they killed him, YES, there is plenty of motive for murder!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

— November 18th 2014 — A  MURDER COMPLAINT was made by Ruth Mitchell and taken by Deputy Wheeler of the Gilmer County Sheriff’s…

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Cottrill Estate Court ORDER Final RESOLUTION Entered into the COURT RECORD in GILMER COUNTY at 10:02 am 5 February 2016.

Since those days, there have been countless court proceedings, and multiple meetings of the Gilmer County Commission. YEARS of court appearances were wearing even the court employees thin on this Cottrill Debacle. Finally after years of waiting here is the COURT ORDER from GILMER COUNTY, the FINAL RESOLUTION of the Cottrill Estate!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

I remember well the spring day in 2012 when I first was contacted by Marlea Cottrill, who had some tales of woe to share coming from her dealings with public figures in Gilmer County that were all too familiar to me then.  The first name that got my immediate attention was local attorney F John Oshoway, for he was someone I had personal dealing with, and I also had quite a bit of trouble and complaint regarding his performance of his job functions as an attorney. Soon, I heard the name Gerald B Hough and another court date was coming up that delt with residency of a woman who was afraid of being put out of the home she shared with her now deceased boyfriend. There had been many happy years lived up there in Linn, WV…

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Cottrill Estate BATTLE is finally OVER with final settlement made official on the NINTH ANNIVERSARY of the CalPattyPress

And NOW …please enjoy one of the top rated Secret Seven Coalition articles of all time — A special present on this fine February 5th in Central West Virginia. Happy CalPatty Press birthday to you Willard Cottrill from all of us here at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and your oldest daughter Marlea she wants to tell you …. WE WON!!!!
By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird – Central West Virginia SS Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Images provided by Little Bear of the Central WV SS from Calhoun County

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Today, February 5th marked the END of the Cottrill Estate Debacle, where you can follow the history of this off the hook TRUE STORY right here at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf.  

Our thanks also goes to the GILMER FREE PRESS who were instrumental in breaking outrageous unbelievable stories filled with facts about the case that ALL turned out to be true!!!

Today February 5th was also the first day of the CalPatty Press back in 2007.  The CalPatty Press was one of the first local Central West Virginia websites the EXPOSED corruption with law enforcement in this part of the state of West Virginia, and were the first group of people to OPPOSE the POWERS that BE in Glenville, and Charleston, along with the Church of Ike!!


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