On October the 18th 2013 Ruth Mitchell was given the right to live in the home she shared with the deceased Willard Cottrill by a vote of 4 to 1 handed down from the West Virginia Supreme Court. A decision by the Supreme Court is usually final, but for some reason, many were not happy with the decision of the Supreme Court and refused to honor the final court ruling, which led to Ruth Mitchell being forced out of her home last February 2015 by the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office, while being threatened by a Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy with never again being allowed to be on the property. The manner of which Ruth Mitchell was ordered out of her home was so severe she was not even allowed to go back in the house to get her medicine for Parkinson’s disease. Police tape was put around the house with a warning that gave NO ENTRY instructions.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

The Free Press WVEvery once in a while, the courts, local law enforcement and the fine citizens of Gilmer County all work together for the greater good and take the action of finally putting their foot down so to speak when it comes to crimes that are abusive and outrageous, perpetrated by a person or persons who have worn out their welcome with bad language, bad deeds, and all done in bad faith.

We even noticed Gerald B Hough, the Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County, who is understaffed, and often has a tremendous work load has taken time out to personally get to the bottom of some of the unfortunate goings on involving the long drawn out Cottrill estate debacle, including taking a trip out to the remote Linn, WV property and having a look around for himself, while discussing all the facts with the victim Ruth Mitchell.

On October the 18th 2013…

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