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What we do know. We have had a crime, breaking and entering, attempted arson, in a public building with children present. Common sense would tell you there is an arsonist in our midst. So what will be the next target? Glenville Elementary? Sand Fork Elementary? Gilmer County High School? When will the perpetrator strike again?

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Editors note, with text provided by Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf–

What a big lot of bullshit this meeting about the alleged attempted arson in Normantown WV was which was held almost one month after the alleged incident of Arson August the 13th 2015  —The meeting started out as bullshit because it was suppose to be at 4:30 pm but was changed to 6:30 by the WVDOE but they did not notify anyone about the change in time. Oh, yeah they will deny this fact like the Butcher Bitches denies sucking major dick to their mommy and daddy.

I would like to know who would benefit the most by the Normantown school building burning down, for therein lies answer to who the people are that are probably responsible for this alleged  arson just waiting to happen.

What I find especially funny is that it is…

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CommunityConcerns™: Response to WVDOE’s Press Release to Normantown CSI Issue

There is reference to a volunteer member of the local fire department entering the building on August 13, 2015 to inspect the crime scene. Was this an official act with witnesses in compliance with prescribed investigative procedures to protect the integrity of the original crime scene? Was the individual certified to be professionally qualified to perform investigative work? Who was the individual and did he/she file an official report to include pictures for citizens to review? During that conversation WVDE’s Superintendent made reference to some fire fighters liking to watch fires burn. The school board member from Normantown specifically said “NO Normantown volunteer would EVER do such a thing”.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

The Gilmer Free PressThe WVDOE’s attacks on The Free Press in their press release prompt far more questions to be asked than it does to clear up the arson mystery at the old Normantown grade school.

A response to the following questions by the WVDOE would be appreciated for clarification purposes.

Instead of naming persons the acronym WVDOE is used instead of referencing specific individuals.

The Gilmer Free Press    •  Because of the serious nature of the Normantown CSI issue as originally reported by the GFP, who at the WVDOE approved public release of the WVDOE’s responseto the original GFP CSI article? If none of the officials approved the release in advance was it not an example of inept management for the material to be published without prior official approval to give the distinct impression of inadequate WVDOE oversight during intervention?

The Gilmer Free Press    •  When the Normantown CSI incident was first known…

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In Glenville, WV power grabbers may think nothing of torturing people mentally or physically to force them to see their way of thinking. A job may be held over a persons head, or benefits withheld and a person may quickly find out that the impact of emotional abuse does not differ significantly from that of physical abuse and that there is plenty of emotional abuse to go around involving the Government of Gilmer County than you can shake a stick at!

As reported yesterday in the GFP … right on the front page the Gilmer Free Press tells the truth about our local print media!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

September 8th is the official five year anniversary of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf following the tradition of the CalPatty Press and Crooked County Crooks websites that started revealing the truth as far back as NINE YEARS AGO, Revenge of the Ghost Wolf has continues on with the tradition and even made the BUTCHER BITCHES FAMOUS along the way.  The Butcher Bitches continue to be the most requested item from e-mails received from readers, and lets face it, we miss the familiar faces of the Butcher Bitches as much as anyone, for those girls truly were above the law because of who their daddy was…. that was until their daddy came under the attention of the FBI for making threats to journalists for telling the truth….


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