Month: August 2014

Common Sense for the Common Crooked County Crook!!

As you may have guessed this exclusive Secret Seven Coalition presentation will blow your mind man. Better smoke a lot of weed just for effect concerning this story. You will want to be high, for it will be an unbelievable trip! You will be absolutely SHOCKED at what they let go on up at Dracula’s Castle on the hill sometimes known as the FRIGHT HOUSE on the HILL!!
BRIAN KENNEDY President of the Gilmer County Commission GETS ARRESTED like a BIG DOG driving erratically, but does not get sent to jail like a common sense for the common man might tell you would be the normal consequence!
The Gilmer FREE PRESS shared the West Virginia Metro News Report regarding the JULY 19th 2014 incident:
The West Virginia State Police arrested and charged Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy with a DUI over the weekend.
Senior Trooper K. J. Varner II pulled Kennedy over at 8:00 PM on Saturday after he was seen driving erratically on U.S. Highway 33 in Gilmer County.
Someone needs to tell that WALRUS BRIAN KENNEDY that….
Life is a highway down in Crooked County!!
Once pulled over, Varner said he detected alcohol on Kennedy’s crooked breath and initiated the proper procedures.
A secondary chemical test revealed Kennedy’s BAC was at 0.089, which is over the 0.08 limit
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Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison — CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Common Sense for the Common Crooked County Crook IS what we get when we elect self proclaimed Gilmer County elitist Crooked County Commission President Brian Kennedy and Bob Henry Baber who borrowed the Kennedy Election Platform of Common Sense for the Common Man in his bid for U.S. Senator

  1. Big Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said recently he seriously plans to forgo another term in Congress and run again for governor.

“I felt more productive as governor than any time in my life in anything I’ve ever done,” Manchin told CNN.

Manchin first won his Senate seat four years ago in a special election.  Big Joe had to run two years later to secure a six year term which expires in 2018.

Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin, our current governor, was elected to replace Manchin. His term expires in 2016…

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