Day: November 13, 2013

Judge Kelly Calls Filing “Disgraceful”

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Bad Judge Objects To Being Held Accountable

Just when you think FamilyaltMichael J. Kelly Court Judge Michael J. Kelly has sunk as low has he can go, after he keeps a little boy from seeing his dying grandmother, the ogre doesn’t stop there. He verbally attacks the child’s father for objecting to Kelly’s gross misconduct.

That was disgraceful,” says Kelly in this audio excerpt from his courtroom rant where he also falsely accuses Mark Hallburn of disrespecting his mother. Kelly was reacting to Publisher Mark Hallburn telling the Cretin in a Black Dress that Hallburn’s son deserved to see his grandmother, Nancy, before she died, August 5th, 2012. The egomaniac Kelly took objection to being put in his place and sounded off, further putting his foot in his big mouth during the September 10th, 2013 hearing, in Charleston.

“If Judge Kelly thinks he is man enough to stand in the way of a final visit,” says Hallburn, “Then he needs to be man enough to revive her and pay for the visit. Judge Michael J. Kelly is the disgrace and is disrespectful to my mother. His ego writes checks that his brain cannot cash. He’s appalling and deplorable and mentally deranged.”


This isn’t the first time that Lunatic Kelly has proved himself to be a jackass. August 8th, 2012, Kelly showed how callous he is. So, published the following video where Kelly says that “Obviously a four-year-old won’t appreciate it” (a visit with his dying grandmother).


“We’re exposing Kelly for the judicial thug that he is,” says Hallburn. “If he’s stupid enough to run for re-election (Kelly has said he “will be here forever”) I will be at every campaign stop reminding people that he is mentally unstable and hates grandmothers and grandchildren. The best thing for Kelly to do is resign.”

During a November 5th hearing before the West Virginia Supreme Court, Hallburn informed Chief Justice Brent D. Benjamin and Justices Menis E. Ketchum, Margaret Workman, and Allen Loughry, II about Kelly’s order banning the final visit.

“I made it clear that Kelly’s misconduct has no place in the court system,” says Hallburn. “They looked shocked that Kelly did what he did and that I would tell them about it.”

Still, Kelly remains on the bench. If he doesn’t resign, Kanawha County voters can kick him to the curb-in 2016. “Which isn’t soon enough,” says Hallburn. “He belongs in the mental ward of a state prison!”

Hallburn offered to pay for the trip for Matthew and Hallburn’s then estranged wife, Dolores. Kelly demanded a budget and medical documentation. Hallburn provided the budget and Nancy’s Hospice Admission form, and verified that the both were received in the Putnam Circuit Clerk’s office. Kelly claimed the budget was never received-even though it was re-filed in an Emergency Father’s Day Motion that Kelly ruled against.”


“That’s called a ‘Gotcha’ moment,” says Hallburn. “Kelly is a liar because he ruled on another motion that contained the budget. I advised the supreme court justices about his lie about the budget. They didn’t look happy to hear about Kelly’s lie.”


Hallburn is filing another complaint with the West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission Monday, November 11th, 2013-which will include excerpts from Kelly’s latest order where he falsely blames Hallburn for the missed trip.

“They’ll get to listen to Kelly call me a disgrace,” says Hallburn. “They’ve protected this piece of sub-human excrement in the past. Let’s see if they sink lower than him and protect him again! The blame for my son not having a final visit with my mother falls directly on Judge Kelly’s shoulders no matter how much he abuses his authority and lies about it!”

Judge Michael J Kelly see the audio file to hear this judge in action!

Judge Michael J Kelly see the audio file to hear this judge in action!

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