Prostitution Sting Has A Familiar RING When We Are Talking About HOME TOWN BOY PHIL REALE of GLENVILLE — The Most Corrupt Lawless City In All of Central West Virginia!!

“How nice of Sgt Eggleton of the SPECIAL Enforcement Unit, to provide special services to Phil Reale, Lobbyist in Charleston, for Gilmer County, West Virginia sparing Reale the shame of solicitation. Too bad everyone is not entitled to this special treatment, which is reserved for the wealthy!”

“Mr. Reale is a lobbyist, but to get REAL about Reale –Dude is nothing but a political bag man for IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE!”

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor and Secret Seven Coalition reporter for Central West Virginia/Winnie the Jew- Ghost Wolf Reporter from Charleston for the Secret Seven Coalition

Glenville West Virginia leads the state in unsolved rapes at Glenville State College — And is also the frequent home of what many consider to be the most corrupt judge in Central West Virginia, JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE a 14th district circuit court judge that has been reversed by the SUPREME COURT more times than I care to mention — And a judge that has been caught in outright lies, denying to the Judicial Investigation Commission statements he made in court!

Glenville is also home to the most corrupt prosecutor in the entire state of West Virginia, and that is Gerald B Hough, a FERPA VIOLATOR and a man who has refused to bring rape cases forward, much to…

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