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Sissonville RAPE Confessed by VICTIM!! True Tale Told of BUCKWILD SEX with HOT TODDY leader of the Fire Starting Cult!

Sissonville RAPE by the Leader of the CULT!! TRUE LIFE its stranger than fiction!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Original story told to Lisa Wexler which was published by the CalPatty Press

“The girl that came and rescued me from Sissonville and Todd Smiths house where I had not slept from the fear of being killed if I didn’t PERFORM sexually as requested …that girl she is …she is still my friend!”

“I know my girlfriend she will remember coming and getting me because that was the only time me and her ever yelled at one another because she was scared for me and told me how stupid I was!”

“I yelled at her because I did not want to hear it because I had to sleep with the bastard to be able to fool him that everything was OK!”

The above is an actual quote and actual account of a girl named Syn which is short for Synnie which is a nick-…

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The GILMER FREE PRESS – The Only TRUE VOICE of the CITIZENS of Gilmer County, West Virginia!

It’s a BATTLE over one Battle AX Butcher Bitch Nasia Butcher principal at Gilmer County High School and wife to R Terry Butcher of the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm that take pride in BUTCHERING ESTATES!!
In Fact the BUTCHERS are rather famous for stealing from estates and having Judges like Richard A Facemire from the 14th district circuit court in their pocket and ready to break any law no matter how silly sounding for the right amount of money or the right illegal land fraud deal….the Butchers are famous because NOW they have been caught, and it was the Secret Seven Coalition that was the first to publish it all and break the story, like the latest when they were all caught cheating a bank, and lost in federal court. That deal was like shake and baking some Butcher Bitches because we were the first ones to find out what they did and then exposed them for it, and it cost plenty in attorneys, settlement, and paying the insurance company deductible. Damn we were waiting to catch them at something that bad for years, did, and made them pay until now, …when they have to sing wee wee wee we have no money all the way home.
The majority of citizens familiar with the history of the State’s takeover of our schools believe that what needs to be done is to replace the high school’s administration, mainly the principal Nasia Butcher.
People identified with some groups (like the Butchers, Facemire, etc) above are believed to have demanded the State’s takeover and installation of Ron Blankenship mainly to protect the principal, well we say SCREW THAT we have had enough of that Butcher Bitch we want her gone!

Crooked County Crooks

CommunityConcerns™: Gilmer County High School’s 2013 Third Tier OEPA Rating

The Gilmer Free PressWest Virginia’s Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) published its 2013 Report of School Ratings ( including those for Gilmer County’s five public schools.

The ratings in a decreasing order of desirability are:

•  EA=Exemplary Accreditation

•  DA=Distinction Accreditation

•  FA=Full Accreditation

Among our schools the Normantown Grade School received the highest rating with a DA.

The other four schools including the high school received a third tier FA rating.

The high school’s diminished rating is alarming.

In any other WV County there would have been bold print newspaper headlines to address the suboptimum performance to cause citizens to demand corrective actions, but the news was not printed.  Why?

Citizens deserve to know specific causes for the high school’s third tier rating.

Why was monitoring not done by the State to prevent the third tier rating, and most…

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“SHAIN GANDEE was MURDERED up Wolfpen …” “The DEATH of Shain Gandee was NO ACCIDENT!” This statement just released Monday April 8, 2013 from the leader of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition!

The CCC and the Central WV SS are not the only people saying that SHAIN GANDEE and CREW met with a BAD FATE, many people we don’t know and never heard of have drawn the same conclusions based on information gathered that we all believe to be accurate verifiable facts!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Winnie the Jew- Ghost Wolf Reporter from Charleston for the Secret Seven Coalition

According to a statement made in the early morning hours of April 8th by Dan Bingman Supreme Commander of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition that was also endorsed by Captain John Thomas Booker of the Council of Conservative Citizens from Birmingham Alabama …


“The DEATH of Shain Gandee was NO ACCIDENT!”

“Shain Gandee, his uncle David Gandee and a friend are said to have all slowly asphyxiated when a truck they were careening over mud puddles with, an old Ford Bronco jumped across off-road terrain and sunk to its doors in a mud pit, inadvertently blocking the tailpipe and filling the vehicle’s passenger space with deadly carbon monoxide fumes, so say the P0 P0 — But, if the tailpipe was blocked…

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Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Lil Bear – Secret Seven photographer and Church of Ike infiltrator for the Secret Seven Coalition and RGW

Gandee, one of the stars of the MTV reality show “Buckwild,” has been found dead along with two other people in Kanawha County, West Virginia, authorities said today.

“This is a very sad and tragic event,” Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper said. “We live in a very small community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gandee family.

Listen to the 911 CALL from the terribly saddened man that found Shain Gandee DEAD!!  (just click the  green link below to GO there)

Secret Seven Coalitionmembers  from Central WV  were only alerted moments ago at 1:50pm about this tragic discovery! The SC of the SS was notified by the Council of Conservative Citizens who sent a text.

Sissonvilleis a former strong…

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