Mark Hallburn and Dan Bingman Both Broadcasters from Los Angeles Storm the Gates of the Judicial Investigation Commission for the Purpose of FILING COMPLAINTS against WEST VIRGINIA JUDGES CAUGHT in the ACT of MISCONDUCT !!

By Mark Hallburn – Publisher / Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Court Workers Refuse To Provide Forms –Also Refuse Access To Government Offices !!

After getting numerous complaints from readers and Secret Seven Coalition member and Investigative Reporter for the WV RECORD Lawrence J. Smith about being harassed at the offices of the West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel and West Virginia Judicial Investigative Commission, paid a visit, and had the SC of the SS Dan Bingman along as a witness, in which the video below adequately captures “LIVE” just days ago!

“Earlier this summer, workers restricted public access to the 12th floor where those offices are located. Visitors are required to push an access button to have forms brought to them!”

“It’s a form of harassment,” says Smith. “Government buildings belong to the people.”

In September, Publisher Mark Hallburn says he experienced harassment when trying to file a complaint form.

“It’s just another way that the JIC protects bad judges,” says Hallburn. “When they make it a hassle to file a complaint, they know that people won’t bother.”

“It’s just another way for DESPICABLE JUDGES like FACEMIRE that LIE on their responses to DELAY complaints filed against them,” said Dan Bingman.

As for those complaints, Teresa A. Tarr, the agency’s lawyer, refuses to release them-citing a legal case about employee complaints. Judges, however, are not employees.

Hallburn decided to file complaints with both agencies- just DAYS AGO in mid December. Despite having no obligation to do so, he called Tarr to advise her of his pending arrival-about 45 minutes later, “I did this as a professional courtesy,” he says. What happened when he arrived, was, he says, rude treatment by security personnel. “They refused to notarize the JIC form and refused to provide copies of the ODC form. To document the behavior, Hallburn brought a video camera. You can watch the video, yourself.

“It’s a case of government workers refusing to provide simple forms, during business hours, at the government office,” says Hallburn.

Later, Hallburn received an email from Tarr explaining that he will be allowed to go to the 12th floor-but cannot bring his video camera.

“What are they hiding?” asks Hallburn. “If they are behaving themselves, the video will prove that.”

At 13:29 Hallburn informs Rachael Cipoletti that he has Dan Bingman the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition plugged into the electronics by REMOTE as an electronic witness to the bad treatment by the staff at the Judicial Investigation Commission in Charleston, West Virginia.

The unanswered questions are: How would these employees have acted if: 1) Hallburn did not phone ahead as a professional courtesy. 2) Hallburn did not have a video camera.


  1. On the phone with Hallburn throughout the video the SC of the SS can be heard, discussing the plan of action to be taken involving Terri Tarr Chief Counsel of the Judicial Investigation Commission and Rachael Cipoletti going out of their way and actually breaking laws to protect corrupt judges like Richard A Facemire of the 14th district circuit court.

  2. Notice the big nigger that comes down to the lobby at 7:19 in the tan shirt, and then they got another one walking around, just to make sure the matter didn’t get surprisingly reinforced, and suddenly jump off, now how fucking paranoid can you get. People only get that paranoid when they are guilty as fuck of what they are being accused of.

  3. Lawrence Smith investigative reporter for the WV RECORD hears debate with Bingman and Tarr outside office of Chief Counsel of the JIC !! says:

    Officials at the office of the Judicial Investigation Commission, and Office of Disciplinary Counsel at the state Capital of WV are still pretty shocked that Secret Seven Coalition members were able to EXPOSE Judge Watkins for his misconduct on FOX NEW nationwide with Meghan Kelly, and then when the WV Supreme Court refused to punish the judge, since they said he was embarrassed in front of millions of TV viewers and was Contrite – the SS took immediate action.

    When the leader of the Secret Seven Coalition Dan Bingman heard about their resolve he immediately got the Chief Counsel of the JIC Teri Tarr on the phone and had her on the ropes in a debate as to why the judge should be punished. She still refused to bring the judge to a disciplinary hearing. Lawrence Smith investigative reporter for the West Virginia Record was right outside the office of Teri Tarr on the 12th floor listening, and he knew the leader of the SS had the Chief Counsel on the ropes and nearly in tears for the trouncing she was getting from Mr Bingman during the debate. Finally she said, that, “Others could bring a complaint against the judge for his misconduct, but the JIC was not going to do it!” Within days, of that conversation from the high ranking state official over 7 complaints were filed against the judge.

    The hearing resulted in having the judge suspended without pay until the year 2016 plus fined $18,000 cash for court costs, for a total loss to the judge of over $ 400,000 — When Lawrence Smith called Mr Bingman to tell him he heard the whole scrap from outside the office, Mr Bingman stated that TARR was so upset that she would go home early and would leave by 1pm that day. Smith witnessed Tarr checking out of her office for the day at 11:43 am visibly upset, since proper evidence was brought, along with proper protocol and procedure and the JIC was forced to act, and the leader of the Secret Seven Coalition felt no need to be nice, but did remain polite.

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