Day: December 13, 2012

There is some REAL IMPORTANT Information in this Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Article authored by FREE BIRD, Rina McCoy and Editor Edison from the CalPatty Press, read it all click on the link to go there!!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison/FreeBird/Rina McCoy/Central West Virginia SS

It must have felt just the same as when the Nazi’s took Poland — during that Blitzkrieg  take over of Gilmer County Schools this past week.  I think I heard talk of concentration camps and gas chambers for anyone connected with the FREE PRESS.

Informant for the SS Gary Collins told some tall tales of cruelty in the Gilmer County Schools. Well it all appears to be true and a state of actual emergency was declared! Gary also wanted to say, “Have another drink Princess Di,” as Gary has been telling that story over and over again about how Diana L Butcher chased him out of the post office one day, threatening “HELL FIRE RAIN DOWN ON HIM!”  …and that was just for submitting photo’s to the FREE PRESS and of course for that… he must be a spy!

The question arises…

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