HANNAH DeMarino CAUGHT in BED with her Basketball Coach from Gilmer County High School! Jordan Morris RAPED!!


This is the story that was pulled from Revenge of the Ghost Wolf as a request for favors owed and for a friend for it was so revealing, but I don’t owe any favors my self, in fact some are owed to me and that is why I was given permission to run this previously banned article from January of 2011 — ENJOY the TRUTH!


By Rina McCoy/Secret Seven Coalition Secretary/Kemo Sabe CCC  Member

“Nobody moves nobody gets hurt, cuz I’m gonna take little Hannah into the bedroom and show her what that hole is for,” said Bobby Duvall new coach of the Lady Titans!

Then Bobby proceeded to put his balls through Hannah’s Hoop!

As far as we know Bobby Duvall never actually said that, but he did fuck the holy shit out of Shelly DeMarino’s little Hannah DeMarino!

I figure we could make some shit up, since he did on his resume and put down jobs that he never actually had etc.

FLASH photo just like an escort on back page dot com Hannah DeMarino fucked her basketball coach and got caught at the party, where there was drinking, drugs and some damn good sex!


Shelly knows it, and Hannah knows it, and Bobby Duvall knows it!

And now that the Secret Seven Coalition know it …YOU DO TOO!

There was a big party at Shelly DeMarino’s house involving the basketball team and things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a team player and talented ball handler named JORDAN MORRIS was raped!

Yes, another rape in Gilmer County and we believe the rape occurred at the same party, although we have not confirmed that fact having just received this information.

Tim Butcher, the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm – highly recommended Bobby Duvall for the position, but we did not know Tim Butcher had recommended Duvall for the missionary position with little Hannah DeMarino!

OH OH!! Yeah, then it is found out dude lied on his resume about where he had worked. (And what other team members he had fucked!)

There has been an attempted cover up of the RAPE of Jordan Morris

Speaking of Tim Butcher – his little bitch Mary Catherine Butcher recently played 3rd string for the Shepherd RAMS, now plays second string for the Glenville basketball team and was caught having sex by Sue Morris  last year in the private helicopter hanger with Darrell Barnett who also is the Sales Manager for Shelly Morris DeMarino’s  business. Barnett calls his penis little Darrell.  So Darrell and Lil Darrel got caught putting it to Catherine Butcher because Big Darrell was her private coach and Lil Darrel was his private down her throat. In fact the two of them started the craze known to be popular at Glenville State College where it is open season to rape white women all day and all night! That’s right! You will NOT BE prosecuted for throwing bitches down at Goodwin Hall and stealing some trim, just to get slim by way of sexercise!

Hell, just ask Edwin Dale Kinnison that has several international rapes sites in his name for stealing the pussy with the endorsement of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor.

Damn Hannah can join the ranks of the BUTCHER BITCHES LIZZIE AND LEXIE now!

Don’t forget Catherine Butcher! She is a hog nobbin little Butcher Bitch too!

Come on down to GILMER COUNTY and get your Ya’ Ya’s out!  Hoo yah!

Come be a member of licking the HEAD RESIDENT club like Lizzie Butcher who is also honorary VP of the I will lick you until you scream club!

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with Lizzie Butcher insatiable with a tongue to die for gets impatient waiting for the BIG ONE from the HEAD RESIDENT!


  1. Damn!! Them little bitches are some horn dogs!

    Now we understand that the brother of head coach Bobby Duvall, Danny Duvall is involved in this double sexed up mystery.

    Shelly Morris, and John D. Bennett, Superintendent are attempting to cover up the matter, and who really can blame them for that, really.

    Sometimes, I feel sorry for John Bennett and pray he does not die of a heart attack from all the stress before he retires. He is a nice person that takes a lot of heat and has to eat a lot of shit spewed forth by the famous Nasia Butcher, mother to the Butcher Bitches.

    My GOD Glenville has got to be the most sinful place in all of WV!
    Twiddly Dee!

  2. I wish you all would have held off on putting this up, since I have to inform you the girl that allegedly was drugged and raped is the daughter of DOUGLAS S. MORRIS, VICE PRESIDENT/OWNER of WACO OIL and GAS!

    I would have preferred that you would have skipped that part. How the hell do y’all get this stuff up so fast. It is his only daughter, and if he finds out who did this, then we will all be looking at another body popping up around the middle of April, up there on the Crooked River.

    Listen Yank, you may want to think about making some adjustments to your content

    Editors note: Seriously dude? Does home boy know? Just doing my job.

  3. heard it was all true don’t call anybody mize well tell the truth! hannah got sum banana cuz she wanted to and it was both brothers that were there and now everybody knows and that is not all that happened either

    Editors note: Who the hell are you? Just give us some more juice! Power Elite girls having fun THE SECOND GENERATION! Will the new CalPatty Press site be having front page all nude cover shots of these same outstanding young women, shortly after they hit dorm life? More drugs, and booze and rapes and murders over on up on the hill!

  4. From out of the Cosmos!

    From his mouth came a sharp sword and the Supreme Commander of the SS representing the forces of good,says leave it! We have gone through a time of great suffering, this is only a sign that the end of the evil ones reign lies near! Could it be the end of all evil?

    FOR THE DENIAL X 9 BITCH!! You got no Self Esteem!

  5. Guess I’m getting jaded, but what kind of PERVERT is getting off on getting these young kids high and what- WATCHING? Really makes me wonder what these kids have seen growing up. Sexual experimentation is normal but IF SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE IT TO GET IT or IF YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR MIND TO DO IT,there is a real problem. Happening too many times around here. Somebody needs to start enforcing a drug free zone around the High School and College. To whatever idiot is dealing to these kids- they are not grown up no matter what they think or how much cash they flash. Get a grip.

    Editors note: Think they got a grip, but not the kind ya meant

    1. Touche, but the grip I’m talking about is on the reality of what happens to those who deliberately cause harm to kids. I hope I’m there when one of them gives up the main supplier for “the ville”. Then maybe they will feel the grip of someone’s hands around their sleazy, money grubbing, perverted throats. Other than that, maybe our so called law enforcement will step up and take responsibility for protecting the younger members of society from predators. (Or are they too busy counting their kickbacks?) What is Barr doing up at that college? Seems he is more worried about bringing in the money and keeping the kiddies happy so they don’t complain to Mommy & Daddy than preparing them for life. (and I don’t mean life in the fast lane). I am tired of it being just OK to produce another twisted sister via drugs and rape as long as it fills the coffers.

      Editors note: Their a fillin somethin! Don’t worry it will all be swept under the rug and forgotten. I just hope it doesn’t fuck up the team. I want them to win it all, then party like a banchi ‘s

  6. You are all fucking retarded.
    I hope someone kills your asses.

    Editors note; Retarded? It is not socially acceptable to use that terminology. Is it my fault a couple of basketball coaches for the girls team decided to take a trip to Lake titty caca!?

    I think the proper term would be mentally challenged. So,we will accept your threat under the condition that you correct the wording of it.

    Thank you for your concern involving these winter time wonderland occasions.

  7. You must have a heart of Steel!

    A STRANGER is putting the tease on!

    Oh, hello Mr. Soul, I dropped by to pick up a reason
    For the thought that I caught
    That my head is the event of the season
    Why in crowds just a trace of my face could seem so pleasin’
    I’ll cop out to the change, but a stranger is putting the tease on.

    I was down on a frown when the messenger brought me a letter
    I was raised by the praise of a fan who said I upset her
    Any girl in the world could have easily known me better
    She said, You’re strange, but don’t change, and I let her.

    In a while will the smile on my face turn to plaster?
    Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster
    For the race of my head and my face is moving much faster
    Is it strange I should change? I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?

  8. I heard that it was all even worse then you all said. I would hope to think that after all of these years of exposing all the secrets you guys could at least tell the whole story. Guess the big game is postboned for more than one reason.

    Editors note: The only part left out was the post boned part …nice! Where were you on the night of January 22nd?

  9. Who was it that raped Jordan was it that Danny guy?

    Editors Note: We keep hearing about that Danny guy, others say he was the one that … well you know. Although, the does he dribble before he shoots comments and some others were pretty funny but hardly appropriate under the conditions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t let them go up.

  10. How did the Mayors boyfriends get mixed up in the this?

    Editors: You mean the mayor is a “Dong” Mayor? I think that everyone gets her boyfriend mixed up with Booby Duvall or that Danny guy

  11. RAPE STORY TOLD!! How it happened! WHO is responsible! Tell your friends, it is all thanks to the CENTRAL WV SS!! says:

    Message from the COSMOS!

    The Central WV SS has received several inquiries to reveal all we know about this story. Captain Booker of the CCC for the Southern Region suggested we just let this one go, but the mail is accusing us of being bought by the Power Elite, so that about did it for me.

    Also, according to Rina McCoy our newest member of the SS in Gilmer County who is to remain unnamed has suggested that we do reveal more information on the RAPE, the PARTY and how the heck the coach got into the pants of little Hannah who is a sweet, bright, athletic, and normal young high school girl, but someone must tell her always sleep with her cloths on, just in case this stuff happens again. It was pull those panties to the side time for Hannah DeMarino last Saturday night!

    Here is the account of what happened:

    It was Hannah’s birthday Saturday 22 January and she was 18 years old. BOING!!!!!!

    There was a big bash party at her house and buddy this one was going to fly high high high!

    Party started at 7-then SHELLY LEFT for a party of her own, (bang bang shoot shoot) …by 11 there were less virgins in Glenville according to an eye-witness account. Shelly DeMarino returned at 1:00 AM drunk herself and was participating in the party for a while and then she passes out while the party went on and on and grew bigger and bigger and got into some hard partying when DILLAN TOMBLIN, Wendell’s son showed up with a friend that brought a big treat to the party all zipped up in his pants. Next thing you know, there was a whole lot of shaking going on and a rape or actually we hear two rapes somehow happened. Mostly for the reason of when you are pushing someone down by their hips after you ripped their pants off all of but one leg, and every time she raised up she was held back down until a certain position could be obtained and the blood on the sheets told the rest of the story!

    So, Hannah got caught shaking the banana of the basketball coach while partially covered in a milky sticky fluid, all the while team player and talented ball handler JORDAN, was busy in another game of her own and found that things got out of hand and there was no three point shot for her, as she is famous for, since she was held down in defeat. But, at least she didn’t give up without a fight and would like a few foul shots for the effort.

    All right to tell anymore would be morbid, so that is it for now.

    Editors note: There is a lot more to report and we have all the names involved in the cover up. Nasia Butcher is smiling from ear to ear since Lizzy and Lexie got upstaged by the drugs, booze, and sex scandal.

    THE SECOND GENERATION OF POWER ELITE DAUGHTERS ARE INTO X AND OTHER MODERN DRUGS ALONG WITH SOME OLD FAVORITES — Somebody in this town has some good Cocaine Connections besides Tim Butcher. Somebody else is also bringing in the ICE and we suspect that it is some new POWER ELITE CONNECTIONS — Hey share some of that good dope!! It ain’t just for the folks with money. Think of the PO folk for once. Learn to kick down!

    The Power Elite left their guard down long enough for the SS to walk through the door. We should have all the details of the rape and the drugs and the booze and the consensual sex albeit, a little rough related in other tall tales of evil from the most wicked of all the forest lands of WV. Cuz the boys will say it was consensual, but there is a lot more to tell, so ring a hells bell!

  12. We know who is in charge of the cover up, but there will be no cover up with the CCC and the SS having control of all the facts and now with personal accounts of all the sexual fun! Damn! What a party! Those Butcher Bitches really missed out, what, what you say? The Butcher Bitches were there too! Or at least one! Wouldn’t be a drug, booze and sex party without a Butcher Bitch present to show all how it is done!

    Hopefully we will have some pictures soon!

    1. Jordan Morris was raped by a football player from GCHS that is black and she aborted his black baby after that and had to go to another state to get the operation done and it was really and illegal operation because the baby was five months in the womb, and you are not suppose to abort any child that far along, but the Morris family can kill anybody even infants of the wrong color. There was no punishment for the rape and there is photo evidence available recording the trip to the hospital out of state. Have you noticed how chunky Jordan Morris is, and now she has turned into a drunk and a drug addict wrecking her car and getting away with no punishment for it lately. There is plenty more to tell, if anybody is interested let me know that is my real e-mail in this comment.

  13. This is how they take care of bad basketball coaches a little further South:

    Brent Michael Woody, 26, an ninth-grade girls’ basketball coach, an assistant track coach and occasional substitute teacher at Parkway Central High School, in Chesterfield, Missouri has reportedly been arrested on allegations of sexual misconduct involving two female students.

    Reportedly, Woody is charged with 11 counts second-degree statutory rape and four counts of second-degree statutory sodomy.

    It is alleged that Woody had a series of sexual encounters with the girls, who were under seventeen years of age, over a period of about a year.

    Police say that the alleged incidents occurred in 2009 at off-site locations and did not involve school district property.

    Following his arrest, Woody remains jailed in lieu of $50,000 cash-only bond.

    Editors note: Sounds like the same sort of deal, but Glenville, West Virginia is an evil fucked up part of the United States that has little regard for laws, norms and mores. It is all about the Power Elite and totalitarian rule.

    The County and the State is governed not unlike a third world country. In fact, WV and Gilmer County in many respects is under a rule much worse than some third world country.

    The State Police are strictly a military organization formed to protect the governor and not the people. The State Police in WV should be disbanded and reorganized into a State Hwy Patrol. Name one crime they have solved locally. The Fred Hill investigation was a disgrace.

    Just wait and see, nothing will become of the rape, or any other crime that occurred that night or in that location. This will be another cover up like nothing happened, because both girls injured by criminal activity are power elite. The only place you will hear about this will be in a book about the crimes and power elite criminals of Glenville, WV given full reign to commit crimes by a bought off crooked governor.

    Here is another example:

    (01/27/11 – Initial BadBadTeacher.com Report)Click CCC above on this comment to go there.

    Robert “Mike” Moore, 22, former coach of the freshmen girls basketball team at Amelia High School in Batavia, Ohio has reportedly been indicated by a grand jury on allegations of the sexual battery of an 18-year-old female student.

    Reportedly, Moore was indicted on one count of sexual battery, a third-degree felony.

    It is alleged that Moore and the student attended a party earlier this month at a home in Amelia at which they consumed alcohol and engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Reportedly the allegations are based on both evidence and witness statements.

    Although the student is legally an adult, Ohio law prohibits administrators, teachers, coaches or other person in authority from engaging in sexual activity with students.

    Reportedly, Moore resigned earlier this month.

    Following his indictment, Moore was held in the Clermont County jail with bond set at $25,000.

  14. I heard the coach did have sex with Hannah and that several people were witnesses to other situations much worse, like the guys that crashed the party after Shelly went to bed, and then Jordan was raped too, and that is not all that happened that night. Shelly showed back up at the house after 1am and she was already drunk and then she partied with all of us until about 2 and she passed out, and then a lot of the dope came hours before that and continued until hours later. There are a lot of pictures that were taken that night. I think you probably have some we sent already

    Editors note: We prefer the candid, nobody knows shots vs the posed for shots.

  15. An (un-named) city attorney interfered with duties of a City Policeman investigating allegations of a rape of a young high school girl.

    If this is one of the Butchers from the Butcher and Butcher law firm, then someone needs to step up and deliver the punishment for this outlandish behavior. We need to regulate the evil of the Power Elite and we need to start doing it today. If they condone the rape of young innocent women, then they have gone a yard too far on this playing field.










    We will be on the sidelines at the game and you will know it is us when you hear….


    Editors: The Power elite girls sure have a lot of wild wicked sex! Do you think it is learned behavior from watching mom and dad and the booze and the sex and the behind the scenes crimes? Wow what will the two-faced two-lane ain’t living long like this magazine editor say to this? Her friends again, committing crimes and in the news.

  17. The order was officially given at 11:11 am 31 January 2011


    Unfortunately, after our initial assessment these people are much worse than originally thought.
    It appears the local police including the State Police are bought and are Rogue. The Police bulletin is hereby issued at 1:11 pm 31 January 2011.

    These people are crooked as fuck. Sorry

    UNLEASH THE DOGS by order of:SS Gilmer County

    Permits are to be used and those of those without double up. Unfortunately we were right about things one year ago today and the same suspects apply to the same situation, so don’t fuck it up.

    Anybody that can take some time off this is the time. RM you need to make sure everyone in WV has been notified, then get the fuck out.

    Others are wanted for questioning and that list will be distributed by mobile unit.

  18. All the PO PO are ROGUE!

    If there are any team Rangers that would like to participate, come on come on.

    Also, this might be a good time for all others to take some time off, and to head on out!

    The PO PO are rogue home boys…


    Rogue police officers have metastasized the once noble profession of peace officer into the cancerous front line of tyranny in Gilmer County. The whole county is a wash

    A fucking wash!

  19. So you say that other coaches go to jail in other states for bringing beer to a party and then having sex with a girl on the team, then why has no one even bothered to report this. We have all been threatened if we say anything. I don’t get it, if it is wrong in other states why is it ok here in Glenville. Hannah liked sleeping with the coach, so she isn’t going to say anything and it was not like she was a virgin or anything just turning 18 that is what people are saying. Nobody wants to say anything about Jordan getting raped, but it happened and some other bad things happened to. Mixing drugs with booze is what did it was what I was told.

  20. Attempts to discuss these matters with Col. Timothy S. Pack, head of the State Police, have been unsuccessful. Pack repeatedly has refused requests for interviews. WE NEED TO SEND COL PACK PACKING!!
    Trooper SNAVELY RAPED that poor woman and now is the Police Chief in Hinkley WV and is fucking the mayors daugther! Major Ingold and the State Police brought no charges for rape and covered up the crime!
    All women of hinton and summers county should be in front of city hall and city bank until they remove this man from office here is one lady if ever stopped will pull off i dont trust him if he will rape one woman he will rape again please dont be his victim it has to be all us ladies not just a few please ladies fear for your young teen age girls safety is this a joke for joe if it is it is not funny the law is to protect and serve not harm and rape
    WV // Sex // Investigation // WV State Trooper investigated on allegations he raped woman in cruiser, victim says internal affairs told her not to talk http://is.gd/9RCJM

    WV // False Arrest // Lawsuit // WV State Trooper sued by shop owner alleging false arrest & malicious prosecution in case that took year to dismiss: http://is.gd/95PAZ

    West Virginia State Police in Gilmer County cover up crime of subornation of perjury by Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough, while covering for several other crimes committed by public officials and refusing to investigate complaints against Sheriff Metz.http://revengeoftheghostwolf.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/state-police-protect-gerald-b-hough-quote-only-code-in-wv-with-statute-of-limitations/

    West Virginia state troopers subject of a fourth lawsuit alleging brutality against officers in Logan detachment: http://tinyurl.com/df5uc2

    West Virginia State Police settle suit for $200k to lawyer claiming he was beaten by several troopers after DUI arrest: http://is.gd/3T5XS

    West Virginia State Police settle suit for $100k to man who suffered severe burns when pepperspray & taser caused fire: http://is.gd/4k7rk

    West Virginia State Trooper fined for contempt of court after judge orders him removed because of his “demeanor”: http://is.gd/4mC19

    West Virginia State Trooper sued for persuading woman to have sex to avoid a DUI charge, she wasn’t drunk: http://2ftr6.tk

    MORE about STATE TROOPER SNAVELY GUILTY OF RAPE BUT FACED NO CONSEQUENCE BECAUSE HE IS A COP:sure hes been at joes house since he lost his job as a trooper. he is using blankenship. do you think he wouldn’t do bethany the same way as he did his wife? he had beautiful wife. how can the mayor, larry meador, bob basham, pat jordan be a part to this, firing martin and hiring snavely? they must have the same character as Blankenship. which is not good. gary wheeler said bob basham did every thing he was told to do. he said he didn’t understand anything. why will the people let this go on? our city has been taken away from the citizens,by blankenship and snavely and blankenship drinking buddies..

  21. I’m so over Glenville and it’s dumb-shit i don’t take shit from people, and i certainly don’t let bitches talk about my best friends,but, those dumb bitches have been asking for it for a long time. You can bet nothing will be done and yeah the coach fucked the holy shit out of that precious little high school sweetheart just like you said, but I heard TWICE before they were caught. And that was after she sucked his dick before any of that happened from what I heard. The mom was out getting some strange too! That is what these people do!

    Get a fucking clue!

    Don’t worry there will be no cops those fucks bought the cops off a long time ago! How do you think they can do all those drugs up there and bring all that Cocaine in from Florida. The cops are bought! You got that right! The cops are just as bad anyway!

  22. All the girly girls were getting down and dirty that night but a lot of the drugs were free and there was more than enough alcohol to go around and with no supervision, then it is no wonder Jordan was raped and I heard it was bad. I don’t like being yelled at, it upsets me more than anything, and I already got screamed at just for whispering to my boyfriend about what really happened which is pretty terrifying. There will be no police in this because of who everybody is and that really sucks. We don’t really have any police in this county that really do anything, or solve any crimes all they do is sit around on their fat asses and tell everybody how great they are when we all think they are nothing but a dumb joke. My best friend, she knows entirely too much, and wants to tell somebody but we don’t know if the CalPatty Press even exists anymore. Where do we send this to?

    This is tying my stomach all up in knots and we need to tell somebody.

  23. cal.patty@hotmail.com



    Tell your friends from the CalPatty Press, many are out of town right now, but available for receiving mail and such, but we are about a day backed up on getting back to people because we have had a lot of shit to take care of, the war being on and all.

    We accept pictures, audio, and even semen samples if you have run across any of those.


    We like the candid phone shots the best, so keep them coming!

  24. Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    According to information obtained this morning from sources in West Virginia Secretary of State Office by The Gilmer Free Press, the SOS office has found the following wrongdoings by the Office of The Gilmer County Clerk in Last November’s election (2010):

    • 1-A-Electioneering : Against Jean Butcher at the Gilmer County Clerk’s front counter for electioneering voters before they voted.

    • 2-B-Voter Interference : Against Jean Butcher for taking a ballot at the Gilmer County Clerk’s front counter from a voter.

    • 3-C-Improper Arrangement of Voting Area : Against Beverly Marks at the front entrance of the Gilmer County Clerk’s office.

  25. And when I saw u commented bout me I figured it would be like hey dnt tlk to u much but then you did so wtf just like kt said i lost many things in my life i loved but only gained better things but getting a vd was not on my list of favorite things to do. u better be watching you are giving it up to… that was some real bs but i told you not to go with those boys and i told you it was not a good idea so yuo cant say it is all cool cuz u were to fucked up to remember it all.

  26. listen up you trash talker he fucked her and he had some help so that really doesnt count in the way you say, so i dont care if it is the crabs or gon fuck that wat the hel r u gonna do then?????? u were told to STFU so u better do it. i dont even hang out with any of those people so dont bring me into this bs

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  28. Was Hannah raped too! I heard there was more than one girl raped at the Party and that someone had a lot of really good Marijuana and there was Cocaine and Meth there too. A lot of underage kids got drunk that night. I was not there, but have heard all about it. A lot of people have refused to talk about it saying they would rather live and to forget about it. How can I forget about it when I keep hearing it was another girl besides Jordan that got raped also. Was th\ate Hannah too? I heard the coach of the girls team actually brought alcohol to the party.

  29. What is the RTGW’s principle objective? Lots of individuals using the World Wide Web are impressed that crime, corruption and misconduct including Gilmer’s epidemic of moral turpitude are being exposed. Maybe, the talk is necessary to get attention. One thing we know for sure is that local law enforcement including “officers of the court” will do nothing. Please inform us about our options for achieving meaningful change.

    SS member: Nobody is playing anymore dick wad. We employ Smith and Wesson. Can I tell you something, you are about a dumb fuck, when facts are published with links to PDF files that prove guilt. Actual court documents you ignorant piece of shit. That title opinion cost 5,000 dollars to get. You better watch what the fuck you say and who the fuck you say it to mother fucker when you and your little bitch ass friends talk this kind of shit:
    However, at times it seems that much of the info can’t be supported by facts. We could use more investigative reporting with verifiable facts and less trash talk.

    To further prove my point you Power Elite fuck WE were the ones, the Central WV SS that gave this reporter for the record all the documents for him to write the story for the WV RECORD. SO really, you are talking out your ass and you truly need to mind your own fucking business. Next time I won’t be so nice about it. Here is the article with the facts WE provided through some very fine investigative reporting:

    | West Virginia’s Legal Journal
    News Federal Court
    Gilmer Co. Clerk accused of improperly filing records
    12/2/2010 7:30 AM By Lawrence Smith -Monongalia Bureau

    CLARKSBURG — A Virginia-based financial institution alleges the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office did not follow state law when it failed to list all the debtors in 2008 financing statement.

    Summit Community Bank of Winchester, Va., filed a cross claim against the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office on Oct. 18 in U.S. District Court. The cross claim is part of the answer Summit’s Moorefield branch filed in the lawsuit brought against it, New Horizon Home Sales and Gilmer Housing Partners in March by Textron Financial Corporation for breach of contract.

    Textron alleges Summit failed to abide by the terms of a 2005 agreement in which Textron helped Summit purchase property in Glenville to build a home. They added Gilmer Housing Partners and Summit as co-defendants as a result of their seeking a declaratory judgment asserting their claims outweigh any Gilmer Housing Partners and Summit have against New Horizon.

    In its cross claim, Summit alleges having to defend itself in the suit is partly a result of the clerk’s office’s negligence.

    Conflict occurs in 2008

    In the original complaint filed on March 10, Textron, a Providence, R.I. commercial finance business on Sept. 26, 2005, agreed to finance Horizon’s acquisition of property in the River’s View subdivision in Glenville. Based in Athens, W. Va., Horizon sells modular homes.

    Nearly three years later on July 2, 2008, New Horizon acquired title to two lots from the previous owner, Gilmer Housing Partners. According to the Secretary of State’s Office, Gilmer Housing Partners is a for-profit real estate development business whose sole incorporator and manager is Glenville State College President Peter B. Barr.

    Purchase of the two lots was secured through a deed of trust Gilmer Housing Partners granted New Horizon in exchange for a $30,000 promissory note. The deed of trust was recorded on filed with the clerk’s office on Aug. 8 with Glenville attorneys Timothy and R. Terry Butcher listed as the trustees.

    Later on Dec. 1, Textron maintains it filed a Uniform Commercial Code filing statement with the clerk’s office asserting an interest in a modular home New Horizon was placing on the property it purchased from Gilmer Housing Partners. The suit does not provide any details of the home.

    According to the suit, New Horizon 10 days later took delivery of the home, and placed it on the property. Twelve days later, they granted a lien to Summit through a real estate deed of trust.

    Records show, the deed of trust was recorded in the clerk’s office on Jan. 30, 2009, with Mark H. Wright and C. David Robertson of Moorefield listed as the trustees.

    According to the 2005 agreement it reached with Textron, New Horizon “agreed to keep the Collateral free from all liens and encumbrances except for the security interest granted to [Textron] in the Collateral.” Also, New Horizon was to “hold the proceeds from any sale of Collateral in trust for [Textron] and upon receipt of sale proceeds, remit … the total unpaid invoice cost of each modular home unit sold from its inventory.”

    In the suit, Textron alleges New Horizon breached their contract when they not only “received permanent financing from Summit,” but also when they sold two additional modular homes totaling $160,462 without remitting unpaid invoice costs.

    After it did not receive a reply to its first notice of default letter on June 30, 2009, from Jones, Textron says it sent a second letter dated Dec. 17, 2009, asking for all unpaid invoice costs of $270,166.77.

    In the suit, Textron asks for recovery of the $270,166.77 as well as court costs, and attorney fees. They are represented by Arch W. Riley, Jr. and Christina S. Terek from Spilman Thomas and Battle’s Wheeling office.

    Defective filing

    In the answer he filed, Summit’s attorney Edward D. McDevitt with the Charleston law firm of Bowles, Rice, McDavid, Graff and Love, admitted they have a priority lien on the home New Horizon placed on the Glenville property. However, Textron cannot claim Summit was “noticed” of its interest in the property through the Dec. 1, 2008,

    UCC filing with the clerk’s office because it was defective.

    In the cross claim, McDevitt alleges the filing only listed Jack Jones, New Horizon’s president, as a debtor, and not New Horizon. On an unspecified date, Summit inquired to incoming Clerk Jean Butcher why New Horizon was not listed as a co-debtor on the fixture filing.

    Last month, Butcher was elected clerk to replace Beverly Marks who retired.

    According to Butcher that’s “‘the way it’s been done for years'” since “there is no policy, rule or law that designates” otherwise. However, she said if someone put a note on the filing specifically asking that another party be listed, the clerk would do it for no additional fee.

    The clerk’s “customary office practice,” McDevitt said, is contradicted by state law. Specifically, he quoted West Virginia Code 39-2-2 which requires “the clerk to index the writing under ‘all grantors and grantees,’ which would include all debtors and creditors on a fixture filing.”

    Because the clerk’s office “willfully and negligently breached its statutory duty by failing to file the fixture filing under New Horizon’s name,” McDevitt said Summit now has to defend itself in Textron’s lawsuit. They seek judgment against the clerk’s office for all litigation costs, including attorney’s fees, associated with its defense.

    In response to the cross claim, the clerk’s office’s attorney, Wendy Greve, with the Charleston law firm of Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown and Poe filed a motion to dismiss on Nov. 29 citing the failure of Summit to state a claim on which relief can be granted, and the Gilmer County Commission’s immunity from lawsuits.

    The case is assigned to Judge Frederick P. Stamp, Jr. It is scheduled for trial March 29.

    U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia, case number 10-cv-39

  30. OK, that does it. When a kid says they would “rather live” this BS has gone too far. These kids are not responsible for what happened. They need to talk about it and tell the truth to release the guilt everyone is putting on them and get it straight in their heads. In case you haven’t heard the word, that would be NORMAL. The people responsible for all of this is the adults who put them in the situation. The ones who were supposed to watch out for them and keep the predators off of them. Where were they? Apparently drunk, stoned or both. I don’t care if you are embarrassed. Is the Coach still there because he is more important, or it would look like this was true. From all I see it IS true. Don’t lay it on these kids, lay the blame where it belongs, on yourselves. Someone needs to call child protective services on anyone that threatens a kid with violence. What’s the matter, can’t get your kicks with grown-ups? Try a little psychotherapy and do the right thing for them. I wonder if you can.

    SS member: I was just informed to who this is, otherwise our usual comment editor is off and out of town for a vacation, or I wouldn’t bother. Don’t you think it is funny that the total SQUASH has been put on the rape thing, and the basketball coach actually having sex with a team member. I don’t know any of the stupid fucks and thank god for that fact Jack, but these people are experts at cover ups. At least there are a few honest people like you that have held important jobs that people could count on. Thank you for your service to the State and community. It is an honor that you are our friend. Serious crimes took place that involved children and law enforcement are paid. Metz drives a brand new 2012 Mustang fully loaded with new house and has other fine cars. Before he was the Sheriff he was a broke ass bitch.

    1. They’ve tried to squash it because of the family name and not for any other reason. If this was some indigent family the party would have been busted and put on the front page. Part of the problem is the kids think it is so “cooL” (gnar, rad or whatever) to party with the crowd they are told by their parents is IMPORTANT. That is such BS as they are just people, nothing more. Too bad all families don’t treasure the importance of their own kids that way.

      No, local law enforcement will not do a thing. They are given the get out of jail free card because no one involved will file a complaint. I am sure they are breathing a sigh of relief about that. I don’t know that we have the intelligence and sensitivity in place within our police to handle this appropriately anyway. They are still so uneducated as to verbally attack rape victims and play good cop/bad cop with citizens who make a complaint about anything. They keep forgetting it is their job to enforce the law, not judge the case. If this is what is going to pass for justice in the election for Magistrate Judge we are in real trouble. Until we have an informed electorate these travesties of so call justice will continue in all areas of our local government.

  31. Someone changed the pass code on my account so I can’t do it myself but CCC-Elkins wants this story pulled, asap and will send you another. I understand your facts are correct, and I understand you will not like hearing this, but I am not asking. Pull it, and you will be sent another and don’t lock me out again.

  32. I can’t pull shit. Reeny left a couple of days ago, and she changed all the pass codes and I left a message on her phone, but she left a message saying she was gone gone. So, it is all about the Calhoun County folk.

    SS member: I ain’t pulling shit until I hear from Elkins. I got the memo and I am still not pulling it until I hear it myself. I don’t take orders from you, I am not CCC, I got no problem with negroes. I got your mail, and so come kick my ass I don’t give a shit, but you might have trouble finding me.

  33. Honorable SS warriors there was no intent,implied or otherwise for offense. The motive was to encourage citizens with provable information to submit it to the RGW. Lawyers like to bark that what one thinks is useless tripe compared to facts provable to a jury. Legitimate, superbly written and thoroughly documented material similar to that for Case 10-cv-39 will sway more citizens from all walks of life to your side compared to sensationalism including “he said, she said” postings of questionable veracity. There are only two solutions for effectuating change in Gilmer which are unrelenting exposure and encreased public involvement. Some may not savor the style for some information posted on RGW, but the quote attributed to Voltaire is appropriate. “Monsieur l’abbe, je deteste ce que vous ecrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vois pussiez continuer a ecrire.” In Gilmer a non-connected teen smoking a joint or drinking a can of beer is more vulnerable to selective administration of the law than an elitist, or one of their family members, involved in unconscionable conduct. Our citizens deserve better. Keep up your admirable battle for our liberation. While proceeding, consider whether or not information you post on RGW is opinion or truth, and for the latter can you prove it if challenged?

    Editors note:We can always prove WHAT we say either by documents or court record, and you should know that if you are as big as expert on the RGW as you claim to be, for you will have already notice documents posted with the articles they pertain to.

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