The CalPatty Press Remembers … Great Moments in History, the day that Shelly Morris DeMarino said, GOODBYE to the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy!!

Christopher Shane Dellinger certainly made for interesting moments in Calhoun County history when he collected payments for his Permit – to – Carry,classes and pocketed the money while a Grantsville Police Officer back in the hey day when the CalPatty Press was based in Calhoun County. Dellinger was later arrested for felony charges out of Braxton County that were reversed in West Virginia Supreme Court because of an error by judge Richard A Facemire….thus the V for VICTORY – Shane Dellinger had a little hotty named Brandy, and both participated in the famous pill popping and bed hopping days, with the Fire Starting Cult socializing with the infamous HOT TODDY and Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy and Lil Steph!

By Rina McCoy – CCC Editor for Concerned Citizens Free Press/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Today the Concerned Citizens Free Press takes you back in time to relive the  eventful memorable days from the past that are important parts of local history.

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson girlfriend to Fire Starting Cult Leader Christopher Todd Smith who died in the bed of “Hot Toddy” in Lewis County in the early morning hours of 26 December 2009 just about two weeks after Fred Hill went into the Crooked River and was never found until April, 18th 2010.

 This CalPatty Press article, lets us all recall the long drawn out Hot Toddy marijuana case, that seemed to go on forever and ever, from 2007 to almost never! But, something also to note from those days gone by is the fact that Shelly Morris DeMarino quit Calhoun County for all the drama and misconduct and mayhem Crooked County style a goin on down there across the county line, and a place we know well, for we had a pretty good time when we lived down there which almost seemed like it was without a care, for it was so many years ago, that now seems like another place and time. Here is a Secret Seven Coalition article published by the CalPatty Press…


The Todd Smith Plea Agreement initially proposed by Shelly Morris DeMarino Calhoun County Prosecutor (left)was inspected, then rejected by a 4th circuit court judge down in the County seat of Grantsville, West Virginia.

Not many people know this, and we don’t expect the mainstream press to report on the matter that Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino filed complaints against WV State Troopers Starcher and our very own OAKIE Starsic involving a local murder investigation– And was in the perfect position to blow the lid off the cover-ups and corruption taking place on a daily basis in Calhoun County West Virginia–according to a treasured and secret member of the Central West Virginia’s Secret Seven Coalition.


Looking as happy as the day she embraced Todd Smith on the Courthouse steps…Power Elite Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino quits over disagreement with covering for the WV State Police!

But because of who Shelly Morris DeMarino is– a member of the Power Elite from Glenville, West Virginia — she could no longer be a part of bad doings in Calhoun County and just look the other way. Calhoun County is considered to be far beneath anyone from the Power Elite in Glenville and she felt she couldn’t get too deeply involved in the bad doings of the drawling Calhoun County folk with their thick backwoods accents and still come out smelling like a rose!

This is standard equipment for Fire Starting Cult Members in the year 2006 during the eventful days of outrageous parties and kickin it with the cops, it was a pill popping and bed hoppin time had for all, and a record year for mysterious fires of Calhoun County that continued thru 2007

For the record Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino says she is resigning, citing, “An irreparable breakdown in the relationship between my office and the WV State Police!”

DeMarino said, “I believe that the citizens of Calhoun County deserve better!”

“It is with much regret that I resign…There have been matters that have arisen that I feel make it impossible for me to continue in this capacity,” DeMarino said.

“The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision,” she continued.

While the prosecutor did not comment further on the reasons for her resignation, problems reportedly reached a boiling point after Cpl. Doug Starcher expressed anger over the release of public information of a recent criminal complaint.

“Kelli” aka Lunacy Lucy demonstrating that INNOVATION was the theme of this Cult Bed Hoppin and Pill Poppin Party from 2006!

Criminal complaints are public information in West Virginia.

Cpl. Starcher was reportedly upset that information in the complaint could bring harm to a witness by being published in the media, although all persons who are charged with a crime get a copy of the criminal complaint, essentially making the officers concerns invalid.

DeMarino’s resignation indicated a number of ongoing problems that she says has made the relationship inoperable in fulfilling her duties.

In the Hey Dey of the Fire Starting Cult the Cops went to pill poppin and bed hoppin parties, and in that hey day, Police Chief Ron Gordon from Calhoun County was found out for his sexual assaults concerning young women on home confinement and sexual blackmail for the purpose of passing their drug tests and got 15years – Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff Chief Deputy Bandy also was arrested for seven felonies, and Shane Dellinger, Grantsville Police officer soon found himself under arrest, and he was attending cult parties, along with Police Chief JD Nicholson who found himself dead, not long after the Cult HEY DAY was over.

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition believes much of the hard feelings involve the case of Seth Denmark and the murder investigation of the local Denmark family from Calhoun County. William Albert “Seth” Denmark, 20, of the Beech area and Spencer was convicted of a kidnapping charge and is now a suspect in the murder case. Denmark’s father, William Denmark, has also been arrested.

William Denmark, his wife Jackie and son Seth have all been incarcerated on charges related to an alleged shooting, a kidnapping and a report by a witness alleging that Seth Denmark, 22, shot David Beach in the head and buried him in a grave four years ago.

By orders of the Secret Seven Coalition and the CCC from Elkins, WV the CalPatty Press was asked to STAND DOWN on ANY reporting of the Denmark murder and or ANY of the subsequent investigations into the murder, or related shooting incidents.

***We have been ordered by our own superiors to shut the **** up about the

Hot Toddy” Leader of the Fire Starting Cult from one of the multiple stock photo’s of Christopher Todd Smith Mug SHOTS — The SS and the CULT were locked into a bitter feud not unlike the Hatfields and McCoys from 2006 until 2010 when things cooled down a bit and mostly for the reason the Secret Seven started giving CROOKED COUNTY full attention starting in 2009 with the MURDER of Fred Hill which was covered up by local law enforcement and saw the birth of the ridiculous quote of uttered by Sheriff Metz known as ” ….NO FOUL PLAY!” ..which was a statement predicted by the CalPatty Press and the SS FOUR months in advance!

Denmark Murder and forget about it– do not publish any further information on the matter what-so -ever!

We have been told that entire matter is too dangerous, and quite frankly so are all the people involved. Indeed it is a rare occurrence for a matter to become so dangerous, that we were ordered NOT TO REPORT ON THE MATTER IN ANY WAY by order of the SS!

It appears that Shelly Morris Demarino got the same memo we did…it was pretty simple!


In April of 2009 Judge Nibert rejected the SNITCH DEAL plea agreement, authored by Shelly Morris DeMarino regarding Christopher Todd Smith’s 2007 drug charges–indicating Smith had a 20-year history of criminal charges in several counties, including the theft of a credit card. Smith purchased an ATV with the credit card, and spent some time incarcerated for the theft- and robbing the card from the body of a man just killed in a car accident.

Monday March 22, 2010 – Christopher Todd Smith, through his attorney Tom Whittier, presented new motions to Circuit Judge David W. Nibert.

Nobody wanted to hear any NEW motions of any kind — since the dope arrest is from October of 2007 and the matter still has not been brought to trial.

“One motion made by Smith’s attorney Tom Whitter was for an In-camera hearing, a closed or private session with the judge!”

In Camera refers to a secret and private discussion and trials held with the judge in his private chambers or in the courtroom without any public or jurors.

Normally sensitive matters and matters of national security are tried or discussed privately which may or may not be recorded. Doubt Hot Toddy has any legitimate matters that would require and IN-CAMERA situation.
New Motions In Smith Case: (L to R) prosecutor DeMarino, Judge David W. Nibert, attorney Tom Whittier, Christopher Todd Smith, seated

Judge Nibert responded, “I don’t want to have a hearing (on motions) on the trial date!”

Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said “I oppose this. It has drug on far too long, too many continuances,” while reviewing the court record.

Lil Steph and Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult during happy days!

Stephanie Stamper AKA Lil Steph, a sister to the deceased Kelli Nicole Stamper-Lawson AKA Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult was recently almost run over by Todd Smith AKA Hot Toddy leader of the CULT!

This incident that involved Smith backing his truck up in a threatening manner as if to ram the vehicle into the young Stephanie Stamper prompted her to file a protective order against Smith.

DeMarino expressed concern for Lil Steph – who will be a witness for the prosecution in Smith’s drug case-we predict that she will testify to the fact that SMITH KILLED KELLI LAWSON because she knew too much about his drug and gang operations-technically at one time, the Central West Virginia SS and CCC considered Lil Steph a full fledged member of the Fire Starting Cult!

Kelli Stamper-Lawson was formerly Smith’s girlfriend. She died of what has been rumored as a drug overdose last December 26th — Lawson was found unresponsive in Smiths bed in the wee hours of the morning at 4:30 am the 26th just after an Xmas night Celebration at Smiths home in Weston. Inside information revealed Lawson died from a cocktail of illegal drugs.
Kelli Lawson-photo taken around the time of the Grantsville Mystery Fires-She was going to testify against Smith but was found dead from drug overdose in his bed at around 430am on the 26th of Dec 2009.

“I’m concerned about witness intimidation!” the prosecutor said, referring to Stephanie.

Kelli Lawson also known as Lunacy Lucy the Pill Popper and Bed Hopper was also reportedly going to testify against Smith.

Little Steph in the middle of some friends after a gathering with Christopher Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy shortly after the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson. The blond girl on the right was from out of town and we heard it said, she put the “Hi” in O HI O

Just days after Kelli was found dead, Smith was bragging about the sexual conquest of Lil Steph and that she was trading sex for Hot Toddy’s dope.

To be honest, I understand that precious Lil Steph is struggling with a substance abuse problem.

But I never personally believed that she was having sexual relations with Smith, but then again, I have always been a bit naive to these types of things until recently. I certainly hope that was not the case under the circumstances.

Smith’s attorney claimed that Stamper is continually harassing Smith since the order was issued, “Driving by his business place many times a day!” It was later revealed that Smith and Stephanie Stamper have been issued mutual protective orders, related to the recent disagreement on Grantsville’s Main Street.

The protective orders were actually issued after Smith allegedly backed his truck toward Stamper in a threatening manner.

Obviously Lil Steph is now mad as hell and does not want to take the Hot Toddy **** anymore, and will most likely testify that she feels Smith is the cause of her sisters death, and with that we would all agree.

If this trial would have proceeded in a timely manner, then possibly Kelli Lawson would still be alive today.

Judge Nibert decided to hear Smith’s motions on the scheduled trial date, April 6, commenting that the trial has been “on again, off again” since his indictment.

Smith will go to trial the following day. “Everybody get ready,” Judge Nibert stated, as the blond court reporter jumped up from under the bench elated!!

A classic shot of Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult with a good representation and accurate depiction of a bed hoppin and pill poppin party made famous by the Cult!!

Kelly Nicole Stamper Lawson …Fire Starting Cult Chick and Gun Ma for Hot Toddy, and An   .. AMERICAN WOMAN!!

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