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GFP releases PRESS RELEASE from office of WV Secretary of State — Tennant: Military Voters And Their Families Deserve Our Best Efforts

By Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor


Military voters from West Virginia have many options to make sure they exercise one of the most sacred American rights: the right to vote.

“Deployed military voters and their families deserve both our respect and our best efforts to make sure there are no barriers keeping them from voting,” Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant said. “I have said that our democracy is only as strong as our most vulnerable voter. A deployed military member, who may be overseas defending our right to vote, should never be our most vulnerable voter.”

A new law that allows returning military members to register to vote up to the day before an election goes into effect June 8. Tennant’s office supported the bill as part of their continuing push to assist military members and their families exercise their right to vote. Voters who are covered under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) of 1986 and who are deployed in support of national security functions would be eligible for the late voter registration. Tennant said the number of voters who would be eligible for this option is small, but they represent a very important segment of our population – men and women of the armed services and their families.

The Secretary of State’s Office, because of dedicated efforts to serve military voters and their families, also recently was awarded a $500,000 Electronic Absentee Systems for Elections (EASE) grant from the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). This will allow military and overseas voters to participate in online ballot delivery, which will provide quicker access to their ballot and increases the percentage of ballots that are returned in time to be counted.

A UOCAVA voter can also utilize an absentee ballot tracking feature which allows them to monitor the progress of their ballot. A voter will be able to see when their ballot was received by their county clerk and also make sure that their ballot was counted.

The West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office also plans to take part in the 2012 Heroes Vote Initiative, which is a one-stop online database that makes it easier for deployed military members and their families to find out voting information.

Just looking at the photo of Natalie Tennant is enough to want to make me stick my finger down my throat. She has proven to be an inept and corrupt politician.

It is very likely that the Gilmer County Commission Clerk JEAN BUTCHER was not truly elected to office, for the recording modules in the electronic voting machines came up missing. Normal procedures, from other elections was broken under the guidance of one of the most dishonest and corrupt Commission Clerks in the history of West Virginia Beverly Marks who is also commonly referred to as BM for obvious reasons.

Can anybody answer the question as to why Beverly Marks is not in jail for hiding deeds and getting caught doing it?

The first answer to that question is a corrupt and dishonest Sheriff that LIED about his credentials for 8 years in office and then had the nerve to submit a PHONY document to run for office that was backed up by Sandy Pettit and Natalie Tennant.

Gilmer County is a REAL LIFE made for TV movie and HORROR SHOW, and what are we as citizens doing about it?

RAPED IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!! ….While Gerry Hough — The Earl Scheib of RAPE at Glenville State College just keeps the Sexual Assaults a comin … like a Train comin down the Track!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Concerned Citizens Free Press Reporter/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Research and Secret Shit information provided by FREE BIRD — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia SS

What really hurts even worse than the trauma of finding out your daughter or family member was almost killed for the sexual pleasure of Glenville State college students, is the knowing that if GSC were even close to being in a normal location other than Crooked County there would have been no need to worry about a vicious sexual assault that almost ended in death for your loved one and preferred student.

The GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM here in Gilmer County often makes for poor choices for recommendations for sponsorship. A good example of this situation are import problem students like Jordan Opie Watkins who barely held a D average when brought to GSC  by ELITE Sponsor Janice Weldon local attorney and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina socialite connection!

“Poor excuses for human beings that don’t really deserve a second chance — like OPIE seem to be under the belief that they have some sort of god given entitlement — And that they are allowed to rape a naive and somewhat young and innocent honor student  — just starting her second year of college after an academic performance of straight A’s! “

If you are a parent of an unsuspecting CO-ED coming to Glenville State, the shock and horror of the inevitable  …a Brutal Rape is compounded by the ultimate trauma that your daughter or close family member was raped in the Twilight ZONE!

Gerald B Hough just before making his first FERPA Violation so that he could threaten a RAPE VICTIM while he represented his client the alleged RAPIST WILKIE PEREZ who moved on to be a big football hero QB at WVU so might as well be a god at GSC if he was gonna be all that, well hell that means he could fuck any chick he wanted to in Glenville and he would get his own lawyer out of the deal and wouldn’t even have to pay for it!! Free SEX and a scholarship and can just take the first bitch he see’s sling her down to the ground slap the shit out of her until she is so terrified she may wet herself, but before that can happen Wilkie is headed in the out door and setting a precedent and soon to be guideline standard for a classic brutal sexual assault at Glenville State – The HOME of RAPE and Gerald B Hough on his way to being the Patron Saint of Sport Fucking beaten and unconscious women!!

“I’m  GERRY HOUGH  the Earl Scheib of RAPE at GSC, where male students can rape any girl, any time — day or night — for the cost of tuition!!  Feel ups, and extras  included in the foreplay at Goodwin Hall”

Raped in the TWILIGHT ZONE for the reason that the VICTIM soon finds out the evidence is conveniently lost on purpose — And for those reasons that there is no longer any evidence — the prosecutor Gerry Hough IS NOT going to pursue the matter!! 

For that is how they do it down in Gilmer County… THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!

The SEXUAL ASSAULTS at GSC were first only reported by the SS and then finally the birth of the FREE PRESS in Glenville the GILMER FREE PRESS, the reports of HELL ON EARTH sexual torture soon was revealed to a mainstream audience while the local newspaper the Glenville Democrat makes it a policy not to report any negative news, but others say Dave Corcoran – Democrat Publisher and Editor is bought off like a Colombian Whore for a CIA agent while President Obama is having a fine vacation in Bogota!

It was pointed out to us by one of the newest members of the Secret Seven Coalition, and if the situation was noticed, or overlooked prior to this day, well then, better that you get it in your head now how dire the conditions are at GSC when something so awful happens that you hope nobody ever finds out about it.

What they don’t want you to know at GSC is that the same week, that when the mainstream press announced that the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case was dropped by Hough within a matter of days of that announcement another brutal rape took place and was first mentioned in the Gilmer Free Press as a comment left by relatives of the rape victim and also mentioned in this RGW Article:

More RAPES at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE and more cover ups! A YEAR further down the road from the NO FOUL PLAY death of FRED HILL and Gilmer County SEX SCANDALS in review!!

They are not very bright at GSC but do lead the state of WV in RAPE although can not spell very well by this write up (above)in the GSC paper that goes with the photo of Gerry Hough appearing to be high as a kite!!

I heard about a girl being drugged and raped at GSC just a couple months ago in a dorm room at Goodwin Hall… She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after she was found in critical condition, ended up in ICU for a few days. All the evidence needed, was gathered from the room… as she was being transported. I am going to predict GSC, Mr.Bell and Hough all three… try and cover this one up… even though there are witnesses and evidence… not to mention the victim!!! GSC has a responsibility to it’s students and the public to inform them of such criminal activities… but has done nothing about this one either… One would think… GSC would want to be known as the #1 college that puts their students safety first… above all else… instead of the #1 college that covers up crimes!!! As far as the Law in Glenville… what a joke!!!

By Squaw on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


Hough, Bell,and local law enforcement are corrupt.
My stepdaughter was drugged and WHO knows what else. Hough sent my wife a letter stating that evidence has been lost.
Bell is an ASS.
He is not a law enforcement officer.
He has been bought by the college.
Maybe he needs a taste of what he is putting our kids through.

By hiphappens – P-Burg on 12.06.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.



Please send the facts of that rape in which the girl was drugged and info involving allegations of a cover up to:

The Central WV SS has been reporting on and publishing stories on rapes that were covered up by GSC since Timothy Butcher, then foundation President and City Attorney disturbed the routine questioning of the rape suspect Erik Davis just before we witnessed the tragedy of Justice when the GSC Football player was found innocent of raping an underage high school girl whose reputation was trashed for the convenience of the Power Elite not to mention her virtue sold like some type of unnecessary White Trash

By Anonymous on 12.07.2010

From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Prosecutor Lets the GSC Rape Case Go‘.


What we did not know when the Above ran on the Free Press that just at the same time the Gilmer County Prosecutor let the rape case go (which you can review by clicking the green link above) there was another rape even more brutal and vicious that almost ended in the death of an honor student!

“It was like a sign from GOD just as one rape is covered up officially  … slam bam thank you for some all night sex with an unconscious beauty it happens immediately again!”

Some students got sent some money from home, and students decided to buy the strongest alcohol the money would buy. The RAPE happened in a suite in Goodwin Hall occupied by Jordan OPIE Watkins who was brought to GSC by local attorney Janice Weldon – The VICTIM, “Amanda” was given a cup of alcohol laced with date rape drugs and ended up in an ambulance, flat lining and in intensive care after the brutal rape that also involved several members of the SOB fraternity!

Only this time this latest RAPE DISCOVERY has been exposed by the West Virginia SS and we are informing all Concerned Citizens by publishing this Sunday nights article that GSC signed a 12 page Resolution with the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS at the beginning of 2012  because of the rape of AMANDA?!

The Gas Station Man from Myrtle Beach South Carolina that Janet Weldon local Glenville Attorney and Associate of Peter Barr President of GSC and IL “Ike” Morris …brought to GSC named “Jordan Opie Watkins” that is the alleged rapist of the Victim that was given Date Rape Drugs in Goodwin Hall

Several steps  must be followed which will include the reopening of the case, although Gerry Hough went to great lengths to cover up this brutal sexual assault along with DAN BELL — the public safety officer from GSC that was told to lose the evidence!

An investigator states ….

” It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING!”

Several documents are currently available to verify this information.

The beautiful VICTIM of rape was also denied civil rights by being denied access to her complete medical file at Stonewall Jackson Hospital ! Hospital officials are complying with the cover up to keep from being liable.

Corruption runs deep down in Crooked County Down by the Crooked River!

The address  of the  SOB Fright House “Frat House”(pictured below)is 710 N. Lewis St. which is less than 1/2 mile from the intersection of W. Va. 5 and U.S. 33/119. A reverse search shows the address has a listed telephone number for Florence M. Shiflet. 
However, when the number  (304) 462-5570 was punched in SS investigators  received a message saying the number is not in service, so if you know anything about the Secret Seven Coalition … you know the next thing we are going to say is we suspect this property is owned by the SLUM LORD himself Gerald B Hough for what more of a perfect owner could be picked for a palace of rape and humiliation?! A federal attorney requested a detailed list of all property owned by Gerald B Hough in Gilmer County  — And we won’t be surprised if “Gerry”  does own the “Fright House” and is making a profit on all the rape and mayhem going on at Glenville State College in Glenville, West Virginia the “Home of Rape and Murder!”

The Sigma Omega Beta (SOB) frat house – Jordan Opie Watkins lured “AMANDA” the victim to Goodwin Hall at GSC where she was served high proof alcohol mixed by Jade Layne a student at GSC and Jordan Bennett both female students – The drink contained a date rape drug and members of the non-academic achievers SOB GSC Fraternity are involved with the RAPE and some involved with the cover up which includes the disappearance of the evidence taken to Stonewall Jackson Hospital – GSC Public Safety officer DAN BELL  made a statement that all the evidence was lost!

Seven Principles of the Secret Seven Coalition

1) Individuals and groups involved with the Council of Concerned Citizens, and the Secret Seven Coalition share a common purpose or intent, and are involved specifically in service to others, while the Church of Ike are very much geared to service to self.
2) Individuals and groups associated with the Secret Seven Coalition like the CCC or the Council of Conservative Citizens may have goals, but must not be attached to “Cherished” or preferred outcomes. Sometimes it takes a long time to win, but still have the purpose of being … “In it to win it!”
3) Know that the goals of the Central WV SS may not be reached as if they were quarterly statements being billed, or even in the same years of the participant’s initial investigation. Sometimes the wheels of justice move slow.
4) Members of the SS must be OK with the idea that you might not get credit for the success of a goal, and that we are the ultimate team players only interested in seeking out our targets and reaching our goals.
5) Each person in the group must have equal status in spite of any hierarchies.
6) SS Members must forswear violence by word, thought and act, as hard as that might be, and especially being in a position of being threatened and only defend themselves under an immediate and credible threat.
7) SS Members must always act from the “Beingness — involving essence of character” of ones life integrity– knowing that other persons are not exploitable resources. People must make their private selves consistent with their public postures.

If we can maintain these 7 principles of the Secret Seven Coalition we can be a power for change in West Virginia — We have decided we have had it and members of the SS are not going to put up with the corruption in West Virginia anymore!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

…Ordered this day 15 May by (Censored by SS) Supreme Commander of the SS for the state of West Virginia

Ideals and purposes matter…