George Orwell’s Crooked County 2012

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird – Reporter for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

After snapping out of a DAY DREAM, Gerry Hough prosecutor for Crooked County, West Virginia, finds that he has written the sentence: “Down with THE GILMER FREE PRESS” all over the page. The same night HOUGH dreams about his mother and sister, who starved to death in the South Carolina, because he had been so greedy, after stealing all of his father’s money.

And then finally she comes up behind him, telling him to be quiet because there might be Secret Seven Coalition microphones hidden somewhere. They kiss and he learns her name: Julia.

Then the Crooked County Prosecutor dreams of having sex with a girl he has seen in the Records Department, at the college where he teaches that takes almost all of his time — taken up during the Two hour lectures of Hate presented twice a day at the college.

Early in the morning, before school, Gerry Hough is woken by the harsh voice from the telescreen. It’s time for his early morning routine. During the performance of the physical exercises, Hough’s thoughts move back to his childhood. The last thing he remembers clearly is the War in Viet Nam and how he loved the HORROR of it all.

Now that Hough is under constant threat of being confronted on any given day or any given hour, by the underground SS for his crimes, it has been difficult to remember anything, because the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY changes history constantly to their own benefit via the Doublethink – Political System!

After the exercises HOUGH goes to work at the Crooked County Courthouse Ministry of Crooked Truth, where his job is to alter records, and once altered, to throw them into the Memory Hole where they are burnt.

For example the CHURCH OF IKE has promised that there will be no reduction of the ration of LORTAB and COCAINE to the workers and employee’s, but there has been one, so  Gerry Hough has to rewrite an old article written by Cassandra Huff which now needed some fluff to trick the minds of the people by using the HATE SITE that was overlooked by the last complaint made against him by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

At dinner GERRY HOUGH meets Syme, a philologist, who is working on the 11th edition of The Newspeak Dictionary from the Newspeak – Political System. Everyone must learn the pledge. Make This Pledge: War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Ignorance is strength. Syme explains the Omnipotent Poobah is IKE MORRIS which is included in their work on this dictionary. During their conversation the  CHURCH of IKE announces that the COCAINE ration has been increased to  7 grams  a week, whereas yesterday it was cut down to 7 grams a week.

Then the Crooked County Prosecutor dreams of having sex with a girl he has seen in the Records Department, at the college where he teaches that takes almost all of his time — taken up during the Two hour lectures of Hate presented twice a day at the college.

HOUGH wonders whether he’s the only person with memory who isn’t inflicted with Doublethink. As he looks around in the dining room he catches the eye of the dark-haired girl he had dreamed of the same night. Back home again he makes an entry in his diary about his meeting with a prostitute three years ago. He remembers her ugliness, but nevertheless he had sex with her, and he remembered, she was once his student, but not a very good one, for he taught college in the afternoon after his duties at Ministry of Crooked Truth high on the hill over looking the entire town and the Crooked River far below!

HOUGH had a wife, her name is TAMARA, but she was very stupid and just following the orders of the Party of the CHURCH of IKE, which said that there may only be sex to produce “New material” for the CHURCH of IKE Party, and that sex for personal pleasure is a crime once married.

George Orwell’s Crooked County 2012

When Gerry leaves the college he suddenly meets the dark-haired girl in the street. He now believes that this girl is an amateur spy or even a member of the SECRET SEVEN, spying on him.

The next morning, by some divine miracle or coincidental collision he meets the girl in the Ministry of Crooked Truth, and in the moment she passes, she falls down and cries out in pain, looking up at him with wonderment, at seeing him there.

“When Gerry helps her up, she presses a piece of paper into his hand. At the first opportunity he opens it and finds the startling message: “I love you” written on it!”

It is Sunday, and Gerry is following the girl’s directions. On the way he picks some bluebells for her, and little did he know she had something for his blue balls in exchange!

For a week he waits for an opportunity to speak with her. Finally he is successful, and he meets her in the canteen where they fix a meeting. Sometime later they meet at the fixed place, and there the girl gives Gerry precise instructions how to get to a secret place on Sunday.

It is Sunday, and Gerry is following the girl’s directions. On the way he picks some bluebells for her, and little did he know she had something for his blue balls in exchange.  And then finally she comes up behind him, telling him to be quiet because there might be Secret Seven Coalition microphones hidden somewhere. They kiss and he learns her name: Julia.

She leads him to another place where they cannot be observed. Before she takes off her blue party-overall, Julia tells Gerry that she is attracted to him because of something in his face which shows that he could never be against the CHURCH of IKE, and Julia liked challenges! In fact she loved them and men!

“Gerry is surprised and asks Julia if she has done such a thing before. To his delight she tells him that she has done it scores of times, which fills him with a great hope. Evidence of corruption and abandon always gives him a sense of well being and hope, for corruption is just and everyday part of  life for Gerry Hough! Corruption and secular abandon is what feeds his lust for the forbidden sex he knows he needs to feel alive!”

“The more men she has had, the more he loves her!”

Perhaps the whole system is rotten and he will have himself a big piece of it one day. The more men she has had, the more he loves her, and later as he looks at her sleeping body, he thinks that now even sex is a political act, a blow against the falseness of the CHURCH of IKE!

Gerry and Julia arrange to meet again. Gerry rents the room above Mr Corcoran’s propaganda newspaper, a place where they can meet and talk without the fear of being observed.

It is summer and the preparations for “Hate Week”, an enormous propaganda event, are well forthcoming, and during this time Gerry meets Julia more often than ever before. Julia makes him feel more alive, and they have sex over and over, and he never knows that Julia is really his daughter from a politically incestuous relationship of his past with a prostitute provided for him by the Governor of West Virginia, a gift for some Dirty Deeds that were Done Dirt Cheap!


  1. As you see we have our own George Orwell’s 1984, but we have the UPDATED Version which is called George Orwell’s Crooked County 2012!! A true story of lust, incest, sex and mayhem down in the deepest darkest backwoods of Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

  2. There she is Carly Hough, the skinny little bitch that was a big TKE banger in her day and got passed around the fright house on the hill like a joint that’s been nigger lipped, a bit wetter every time she came around to you. Good to see, that incest is still best in the Hough household.

    “Pull those panties to the SIDE Carly!”

  3. Carly Hough had liked to look at her mother Tamara from a distance and she had thought her very pretty, but as she knew very little of her sexual prowess that was recently exposed in the press, she could scarcely have been expected to love her or to miss her very much when she was gone, after the scandal broke out.

    In fact Carly did not miss her at all, as she was a self-absorbed child she gave her entire thought to herself, and to a fraternity at Glenville State College Tau Kappa Epsilon who then told some tall tales of Carly Hough the daughter to the prosecutor of Gilmer County pulling her panties to the side for a little initiation into the campus life at GSC. If Carly had been older she would no doubt handled things differently and not got so drunk or taken on some many sexual partners in such a small town.

    Some college girls have been very anxious for being left alone in the world, and so had gone farther than originally planned on dates at the campus, but Carly was very young, and as she had always taken care of her men in the most satisfying way, she supposed she always would be a bit of a nympho, but that seemed to be her lot in life, especially now.

    What she thought was that she would like to know if she was going to meet some nice people, who would be polite to her and give her her own way without having to go through man after man to gain acceptance among her peers.

    She knew that she was not going to stay at the IKE MORRIS’ mansion where she was taken at first. She did not want to stay, but the local politicians wanted to meet the new up and coming law student.

    The party raged on and she had been taken to a back room where Cocaine and some finer breeds of marijuana were exchanged, and the political party was just and introduction to the role she would play among the power elite of West Virginia, and soon found herself a full time boyfriend to keep her away from the political wolves that threatened to own her, and she decided to move in with her man, and continue her studies at WVU the college home of the elite.

    Carly, after a few months hated their untidy bungalow and was so disagreeable to her boyfriend that after the first month or two nobody, including his best friend would play with her anymore, as she always referred to their sexual romps as play time. So, Carly went home just after Thanksgiving that year.

    By the last month the boys at WVU had given her a nickname which made her furious. And it wasn’t what they said, but HOW they said it!
    It was Basil who thought of it first, of course he didn’t know they would kill him when he first uttered the phrase, “Pull your panties to the side Carly!” “Pull those panties to the side”

    Soon, Basil was in the cold river dead and then we found out his name was FRED.

  4. Thanks to the Free Press people, and others … revealed now is the reason Gerry Hough presented his proposal of teaching the press a lesson!

    THE FOIA court case where Hough sued L Smith from the WV Record was a huge SLAP IN THE FACE for Gilmer County. They LOST!

    What the good citizens have now found out also was that ALL the public officials together as a team were involved in something so unethical, so CROOKED and so shamefully stupid as to be CAUGHT fully enmeshed in the unlawful act of falsifying documents.

    METZ LIED about the minimum credentials necessary to hold office and was backed up by SANDY PETTIT and the democrat executive committee and they were not going to do a thing about it, and that says a lot!

    The self-serving public officials of Gilmer County have been breaking laws, buying state witnesses, committing white collar crimes, and have turned a deaf ear to RAPE and MURDER!!!

    The Glenville and Gilmer County elite are a HORROR STORY COME TRUE!!

    Hough should be put down like a rabid dog for all the damage he has done to Gilmer County and it’s citizens, and his daughter Carly is as big a whore as the Butcher Bitches!

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    Also our feature story scheduled to air at midnight was canceled by counsel until further notice, dude yelled at us for telling about something he wanted kept quiet until it was time to lower the boom, what ever the hell that means.

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