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George Orwell’s Crooked County 2012

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird – Reporter for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

After snapping out of a DAY DREAM, Gerry Hough prosecutor for Crooked County, West Virginia, finds that he has written the sentence: “Down with THE GILMER FREE PRESS” all over the page. The same night HOUGH dreams about his mother and sister, who starved to death in the South Carolina, because he had been so greedy, after stealing all of his father’s money.

And then finally she comes up behind him, telling him to be quiet because there might be Secret Seven Coalition microphones hidden somewhere. They kiss and he learns her name: Julia.

Then the Crooked County Prosecutor dreams of having sex with a girl he has seen in the Records Department, at the college where he teaches that takes almost all of his time — taken up during the Two hour lectures of Hate presented twice a day at the college.

Early in the morning, before school, Gerry Hough is woken by the harsh voice from the telescreen. It’s time for his early morning routine. During the performance of the physical exercises, Hough’s thoughts move back to his childhood. The last thing he remembers clearly is the War in Viet Nam and how he loved the HORROR of it all.

Now that Hough is under constant threat of being confronted on any given day or any given hour, by the underground SS for his crimes, it has been difficult to remember anything, because the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY changes history constantly to their own benefit via the Doublethink – Political System!

After the exercises HOUGH goes to work at the Crooked County Courthouse Ministry of Crooked Truth, where his job is to alter records, and once altered, to throw them into the Memory Hole where they are burnt.

For example the CHURCH OF IKE has promised that there will be no reduction of the ration of LORTAB and COCAINE to the workers and employee’s, but there has been one, so  Gerry Hough has to rewrite an old article written by Cassandra Huff which now needed some fluff to trick the minds of the people by using the HATE SITE that was overlooked by the last complaint made against him by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

At dinner GERRY HOUGH meets Syme, a philologist, who is working on the 11th edition of The Newspeak Dictionary from the Newspeak – Political System. Everyone must learn the pledge. Make This Pledge: War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Ignorance is strength. Syme explains the Omnipotent Poobah is IKE MORRIS which is included in their work on this dictionary. During their conversation the  CHURCH of IKE announces that the COCAINE ration has been increased to  7 grams  a week, whereas yesterday it was cut down to 7 grams a week.

Then the Crooked County Prosecutor dreams of having sex with a girl he has seen in the Records Department, at the college where he teaches that takes almost all of his time — taken up during the Two hour lectures of Hate presented twice a day at the college.

HOUGH wonders whether he’s the only person with memory who isn’t inflicted with Doublethink. As he looks around in the dining room he catches the eye of the dark-haired girl he had dreamed of the same night. Back home again he makes an entry in his diary about his meeting with a prostitute three years ago. He remembers her ugliness, but nevertheless he had sex with her, and he remembered, she was once his student, but not a very good one, for he taught college in the afternoon after his duties at Ministry of Crooked Truth high on the hill over looking the entire town and the Crooked River far below!

HOUGH had a wife, her name is TAMARA, but she was very stupid and just following the orders of the Party of the CHURCH of IKE, which said that there may only be sex to produce “New material” for the CHURCH of IKE Party, and that sex for personal pleasure is a crime once married.

George Orwell’s Crooked County 2012

When Gerry leaves the college he suddenly meets the dark-haired girl in the street. He now believes that this girl is an amateur spy or even a member of the SECRET SEVEN, spying on him.

The next morning, by some divine miracle or coincidental collision he meets the girl in the Ministry of Crooked Truth, and in the moment she passes, she falls down and cries out in pain, looking up at him with wonderment, at seeing him there.

“When Gerry helps her up, she presses a piece of paper into his hand. At the first opportunity he opens it and finds the startling message: “I love you” written on it!”

It is Sunday, and Gerry is following the girl’s directions. On the way he picks some bluebells for her, and little did he know she had something for his blue balls in exchange!

For a week he waits for an opportunity to speak with her. Finally he is successful, and he meets her in the canteen where they fix a meeting. Sometime later they meet at the fixed place, and there the girl gives Gerry precise instructions how to get to a secret place on Sunday.

It is Sunday, and Gerry is following the girl’s directions. On the way he picks some bluebells for her, and little did he know she had something for his blue balls in exchange.  And then finally she comes up behind him, telling him to be quiet because there might be Secret Seven Coalition microphones hidden somewhere. They kiss and he learns her name: Julia.

She leads him to another place where they cannot be observed. Before she takes off her blue party-overall, Julia tells Gerry that she is attracted to him because of something in his face which shows that he could never be against the CHURCH of IKE, and Julia liked challenges! In fact she loved them and men!

“Gerry is surprised and asks Julia if she has done such a thing before. To his delight she tells him that she has done it scores of times, which fills him with a great hope. Evidence of corruption and abandon always gives him a sense of well being and hope, for corruption is just and everyday part of  life for Gerry Hough! Corruption and secular abandon is what feeds his lust for the forbidden sex he knows he needs to feel alive!”

“The more men she has had, the more he loves her!”

Perhaps the whole system is rotten and he will have himself a big piece of it one day. The more men she has had, the more he loves her, and later as he looks at her sleeping body, he thinks that now even sex is a political act, a blow against the falseness of the CHURCH of IKE!

Gerry and Julia arrange to meet again. Gerry rents the room above Mr Corcoran’s propaganda newspaper, a place where they can meet and talk without the fear of being observed.

It is summer and the preparations for “Hate Week”, an enormous propaganda event, are well forthcoming, and during this time Gerry meets Julia more often than ever before. Julia makes him feel more alive, and they have sex over and over, and he never knows that Julia is really his daughter from a politically incestuous relationship of his past with a prostitute provided for him by the Governor of West Virginia, a gift for some Dirty Deeds that were Done Dirt Cheap!

United States Attorney Redoubles Efforts to Combat Corruption of Public Officials in WEST VIRGINIA!!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Concerned Citizens Free Press Editor

Yesterday, the Gilmer Free Press ran an article that many hope is the answer to our prayers. Since this is such an important matter we are republishing the article ran in the Gilmer Free Press yesterday.

United States Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld, II, announced on Thursday, April 19, 2012, that he will be taking a new, more aggressive approach to the investigation of public corruption in West Virginia and he is encouraging citizens to join the fight.

Officials from the West Virginia State Police, the F.B.I., and the I.R.S. stood with Ihlenfeld as he announced a major push by his office to identify, investigate, and prosecute matters of public corruption occurring throughout West Virginia.

Because these cases are often started by concerned citizens with anonymous tips a new hotline and email address have been created for the public to submit leads to the U.S. Attorney’s Office by telephone or via the internet.

Tips can now be submitted by calling toll-free to:

1-855-WVA-FEDS (855.982.3337)

or by sending an email to”


Ihlenfeld recently completed a significant restructuring of the criminal division in his office in order to form a public corruption unit to handle the cases that will now be the top criminal priority in the district.

“Corruption by our elected and appointed officials undermines the public trust and causes our citizens to lose faith in their government. A breach of trust by a local, state or federal official has no place in public service, and so we are redoubling our efforts to bring to justice those who engage in this type of activity,” said Ihlenfeld.

Captain James Merrill and Captain Donnie Howell of the West Virginia State Police, Senior Supervisory Agent John Hambrick of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Special Agent Andrew T. Hromoko, Jr. of the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigations joined Ihlenfeld as he laid out other steps that have been taken to implement his plan.

Assistant United States Attorney John C. Parr, who has been selected by Ihlenfeld to lead the new unit, also participated in the announcement.

Ihlenfeld and Parr recently met with the State Police, the F.B.I. and the I.R.S., as well as Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, Theresa Kirk, Director of the West Virginia Ethics Commission, and agents with the West Virginia Commission on Special Investigations to arrange partnerships and to discuss the sharing of information and resources.

It is anticipated that the new public corruption unit will spend the majority of its time on cases involving government officials who use their office for personal gain. It is a violation of federal law for any federal, state, or local government official to ask for or receive anything of value in exchange for, or because of, any official act.

Under federal law, any person who offers or pays a bribe is also guilty. In addition to bribes and kickbacks, other types of corruption that are commonly seen include extortion, embezzlement, racketeering, money laundering, as well as wire, mail, bank, and tax fraud.

Misuse of federal grant monies and public education funds are also expected to keep the new unit busy.

According to Ihlenfeld, sophisticated tools and methods will be used to investigate these cases, including electronic surveillance, confidential sources, and undercover agents.

“Fortunately most of our officials are honest and hard-working and have the public’s best interests in mind. But there’s a long history of corruption in our state, and there are always a handful of people who are in it to help themselves or their friends and families, and we are prepared to hold them accountable,” said Ihlenfeld.

Ihlenfeld says that the hotline will play a critical role in this new program.

“We have many great partners in this initiative but the most valuable partner will be the public. Every tip we receive will be reviewed and given the attention that it deserves. Because of the secretive nature of bribes and kickbacks they are often difficult to detect without the help of concerned citizens, and that’s why we have created the new hotline and email address,” said Ihlenfeld.

GFP – 04.20.2012
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~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

This new information can ONLY be the result of answered prayer.  Let’s hope they MEAN what they say, and let’s hope they start in Gilmer County!!

By Is Justice finally REAL??  on  04.20.2012

Lets hope these people are on the level, and this is not some kind of political ploy. If this is legit, then this could be our answer to our prayers.

I informed this new program of criminal complaints made to the US Attorney on crimes committed by Gerald B Hough prosecutor, in which one criminal complaint went to special litigation’s where it has languished for more than 18 months, and also the involvement of Beverly Marks and Jean Butcher hiding a deed on the orders of Tim Butcher which led to the wrongful death of the sister of AJ Woofter.

They, as public officials ignored a court order to sell the “Missing one sixth,“ and pulled the DEED from the land books, which is a highly illegal act. Then, after the death, distributed the money illegally to Rosabelle Gainer and her son JACK who had NO RIGHT to the property. Can this be proven? YES! It has been by the evidence published on the Gilmer Free Press.

By Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County  on  04.20.2012

This article on GFP today was also on the news on TV and on the front page of The Clarksburg Telegram today. This may be a answer to our prayers citizens of Gilmer County. Call or e-mail the number or address. IF……you do not make the move and report the corruption to them you have no reason to complain. Make that call. I DID. It is anonymous with NO information of identity at all.

By JUST DO IT  on  04.20.2012

If you want an idea of Gilmer County corruption Google West Virginia School Building Authority and click onto current agenda to see what Ron Blankenship submitted with use of Nasia Butcher’s CEFP committee recommendations. Among other questions why is Williamson and Shriver listed as architects? Did they get work they did through competitive bids and does the firm have an in with the SBA? If that is not bad enough it is understood that members of our elected school board, and certainly Gilmer County citizens, were not permitted to review and to comment on the material before it went to the SBA. This is State sponsored secrecy at its worst.
Click to see

By E. Jones  on  04.20.2012

On the front page of the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram was the very article that was on GFP pertaining to the U.S. Attorney’s office making it easy to report public corruption in schools, public office holders and anyone else who is involved in the corruption. This article states that it is often brought to officials attention by ANONYMOUS comments from citizens trying to
stop corruption. ANONYMOUSLY??? REALLY??? Imagine that.
Wow, that sure should open the eyes of our Prosecuting Attorney and our Judges that have been trying to shut GFP down because of anonymous comments we make and is published daily to get the word out. They think it is not legal. Wonder where they got their diplomas and degrees? Hey guys, read the article, it says the U.S. Attorneys office will accept anonymous calls and
information. Maybe you will want to try to close them down too. Now we have another source so we can use GFP to get the word out to our people in the county, then report it to the U.S. Attorney’s office to get it out state and nationally. SWEET.

Comment by REALLY SWEET  on  04.21.2012

People of Gilmer County call the toll free # and report ANY AND ALL corruption that is going on in Gilmer County. You can remain anonymous and call, or you can e-mail. Remember, the Prosecutor of Gilmer and other high ups thinks it is illegal to post things anonymously and threatened shutdown of the GFP. Well… we have proof it is not illegal, in fact the Attorney’s office is encouraging this because they are wanting to find out what our complaints of corruption are. What do you say now Gerry?
We now have two sources to direct our comments ANONYMOUSLY to. The GFP, where they will get the information out to us County citizens and to the U.S. Attorney’s office where they will get the comments and do an investigation of our complaints out all over the State and nationally.

SWEET. Gilmer people excerise your right and your freedom and call the numbers and tell them of all the corrupt and criminals things going on here.
There are many for sure. Lets get involved and clean up Gilmer County political correctness and corruption. The more calls they get the more convinced they will be of what our life in Gilmer County has become in the past several years.

Comment by Getting Sweeter  on  04.21.2012

– – How about the unsolved death of Fred Hill?

– – Did Doug Morris get “time” for an accident and five drugs in his system?

– – Did Doug Cottrill get off scot free from his drug charge in Lewisburg?

– – How many rapes at GSC that have not been prosecuted?

…….and this is just a few of the more recent deals.

Comment by Anonymous by Necessity  on  04.21.2012