Day: March 10, 2012

A LETTER to NATALIE TENNANT good for NOTHING Secretary of State in West “By God” Virginia!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator

A FAT ASS photo of Natalie Tennant who never gets off her ass to do a damn thing for us hicks in WV! She is big money and big ass only baby!


Dear Natalie,

The voters here in Gilmer County feel you are about USELESS and no longer want to support you for Secretary of State, but especially could NEVER consider you for the office of Governor.

For the record, what are you going to do about Sheriff Metz?

His high school diploma is a fake and you can see a photo of it here:

If you are NOT going to ACT because of politics or some other lame ass excuse the voters are getting tired of …you need to reply to this letter and explain to the people why you are just sitting on your assess doing absolutely nothing, for if that is the case we need to get busy informing people about how USELESS you fake hillbilly hicks down there in CHARLESTON all are so you can be immediately replaced this next election.

The credentials presented to the Gilmer County Clerk by Sheriff Metz were fake!

Why can’t you do something for the REAL HICKS like us, and not the phony sons of bitches like IKE MORRIS and his Church followers?

Please reply with what action you are going to take against a useless, “NO FOUL PLAY” Sheriff named MICKEY MOUSE METZ that has been mixed up in more misconduct and criminal activity that can even be explained today or in a week.

For the record, I feel you are ALL a waste of time that suffer from the disease of too many degree’s and not enough education. You are not like us hicks at all! There ain’t nothing real about ya!

I hope I can educate AMERICA as to what a NIGHTMARE the state of West Virginia, and the city of Charleston is — and the FAKE public officials that DO NOTHING in their elected and appointed positions down there at the state capital where NOTHING gets done on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to telling the truth about “YOU” Natalie Tennant in my next book.

YOU will lead the dumb ass FAKE Hillbilly Hicks …. section.

It will be a book written by a HICK and for HICKS just like me!

Here is a little something from a friend of mine that said…

“A friend of mine was talking to a fellow in Gilmer County the other day.

For safety concerns, we’ll keep them nameless, but that’s not really the point.

Anyhoot — from what I’ve read and think has been established as FACT — The Addison HS “$369 Diploma” of Sir Metz will not get you into ANY COLLEGE or into the US Military, but evidently it’s OK by state law/code here in W.Va. and in Gilmer County?

The person my buddy was talking with from Gilmer County said basically that, “nothing is going to be done,” and basically that it’s NOT like Natalie Tennant or anyone in Charleston was going to step in and do something about this absurd situation.

However, my buddy added that his guy said the ONLY WAY that Metz could possibly be off the ballot was whether SOMEONE would step up and CHALLENGE the BOGUS diploma in CIRCUIT COURT. Is that going to be done, has it been done and is that even a true possible thing folks in Gilmer County could do?”