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Chapter 21 AMERICAN DREAM from the Book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy- Crooked County Crooks Editor for the Central WV SS/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Here is a sample chapter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf in celebration of the Easter Vacation Week! Happy Easter  Text includes page headings and page numbers

American Dream—Chapter 21

Hearing the gunfire echoing in the air at Black Horse 2, the man

formally known as Mr. Johnson yells back to Parker and Gray.

“Change of plans, you both are coming with us and it’s all up hill

so we have to move,” then the little jeep sliding slightly stops in the sand

at the entrance to the cave.

“Wait a minute,” suggests John T, turning up the radio.

“WRVA 1140 AM with state and regional news at the top of the

hour! The Special West Virginia Task Force against civil unrest,

commanded by Jay Wilkes has swooped down on a secret

mountain hideaway believed to be one of the many mountain

bases of the CCC…just within the last hour!”

“The WOWK-TV13 rapid response, eye in the sky, just

moments ago, showed live coverage of several wounded Task

Force members, being attended to on the ground and are unsure

at this time of the number of opposing CCC, now engaged in this

gun battle with the specially trained Task Force!”

“There is no indication so far that the wife of the slain

Congressman, Lisianna Rockefeller, is present at this possible

CCC compound.

“Lisianna Rockefeller is wanted on charges of inciting riots

and causing civil unrest ordered from the Court of Crooked


“Her many publications appearing in WV Newspapers and


Lisianna's jeep from the book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf, just after Congressman Jennings Rockefeller handed Col Xavier Delbert Boutwell the keys...

National Magazines, speaking out about the deterioration of the
middle class and the common citizens loss of rights, she revealed,
were due to greedy public officials hording all the states and
counties resources, and keeping control of industry for

“She accused elected officials of controlling the political
agenda of the courts and political parties, and using their
influence for only self gain and self involvement!”

“Her numerous speeches when she represented the CCC,
were about individuals being personally responsible, by making
themselves aware and active in change, has led to a public
demand for change at the voting booth, but also made Lisianna
unpopular with State and local public officials. The “We Stand
United” speech has become her signature statement!”

“An American Dream for many in the United States,
Lisianna’ represents freedom!”

“Lisianna Rockefeller explained her version of the American
Dream exists when achieving a state of pure freedom, free from
the choke-hold of money and social structure!”

“In her last speech she stated, “

”Many Americans have become slaves to the dollar, slaves to
the banks, and slaves to the government. We are fighting a fight
to free the slaves…we are fighting a fight to free ourselves!”

An “American Dream” is OUR DREAM! Where Freedom

“We at WRVA 1140 AM Richmond Virginia, also support the
middle class, all over this nation…and we say GOOD LUCK

“Our next WRVA 1140 state and regional news update in just
20 minutes on YOUR number ONE news station for Richmond!”

“That’s enough of that…sounds like my Plow Boys are already in
this one!” John T says proudly, looking straight at a man known to
many in the CCC as just X, but is also the best friend John’s ever had.


The place Lisianna called the "Towers" Her secret place to be alone

Running away from the assault on the camp, Edi and Lisianna had
to cover ground as quickly as possible, moving past the place Lisianna
named the towers. Their escape route was partially blocked by the
sheer cliff of the OP, so they had only one way to go and had to climb
up higher in the woods headed south, which was the direction of the
airport about ten miles away.

Luckily the diversion created by JR returning fire on the attack, and
the wounded Task Force members on the field, somewhat slowed the
assault, giving Lil Lissi and Big Edi some time, and the advantage they

Getting up to a high enough elevation, Edi pointed out to the
precious one he had been guarding for weeks, the approaching ATVs
that were moving fast on the camp from the valley below, “Kicking up
all that dust down there are Alabama Plow Boys Lil Lissi!”

“Oh no, please!” Lisianna shrieks, reaching and taking a hold of Big
Edi’s arm, just as a Task Force reconnaissance chopper zoomed over
the hill, flying directly over their heads, making positive identification
of both of them!

Firing several rounds from his AR-15 at the chopper, Lisianna and
Big Edi scrambled for cover among the pine thickets.

“This is Re-Con 1 to Task Force commander…”We’ve got your
little blond riding hood and one CCC at point six clicks south, southwest
of hostile encampment…taking some fire over!”

Lt Pike at some distance from the Captain that was standing next
to Commander Jay Wilkes, was elated to hear the message from the
chopper over their field radios.

“Give me that captain,” Wilkes demands, and then jerks the radio
away from his second in command. “Copy that Re-Con 1, keep your
eye on them and stay out of range of the small arms fire, we’re on our
way…Wilkes out!”

“Pike…you take that camp now,” Wilkes orders, before handing
the radio back to his Captain.


The steps leading to the command control center at the Secret CCC camp called BLACK HORSE 2



The forward squad of the Task Force led by 1st Lt. Pike along with
the Special Airborne Assault Team dropped in by NATO pilots, tossed
concussion grenades onto the forward area of the CCC camp, just as
JR fired his last volley of 00 buck at the charging squad of men in green
fatigues, wounding three men.

Lying stunned and shaken on the ground, with no more shells, JR
was not surprised to find the bad end of Task Force weapons inches
from his nose moments later. The mighty Ranger was taken prisoner,
having made a valiant effort of defending the camp, holding out until
the last possible second, and buying the time his secreted companions
needed to flee the attack.

Rushing to his troops holding the prisoner at gunpoint, and alarmed
that two squads of the Task Force were being held off by one man,
Lieutenant Pike takes command of the immediate situation and is first
to speak to JR. “You put up quite a fight there Mr. CCC!”

“Gotta fight for your rights,” JR said in reply, speaking no more
words, only presenting the smile he was famous for.

Lt Col Updike managed to find the airport manager and requested
the fuel truck be brought to his plane as soon as possible. Two Plow
Boys had opened the cowling of the engine compartment as part of the
deception of making repairs, to the oil lines and oil pump.

“Is it OK if we fill up? That is, if you don’t mind taking a credit card
from the Confederate Air Force,” jokes Updike.

“Are you kidding…the CAF is famous all over the world, whatever
you need you just let me know,” replied the airport manager in his most
accommodating way.

Knowing it was important to return to the plane to direct the rescue
of the allied forces, Updike thanked the manager, leaving him with a
feeling of being privileged to finally have met someone from the
famous CAF Ghost Squadron.



Actual Silver Pilot Wings from the Confederate Air Force "Ghost Squadron" CAF pilot Lt Col Updike and Captain Lefsted are characters based on real people that the author Jim West served with in CAP Squadron 10 Group 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area before the author was made Squadron Commander of Gil Rob Wilson Squadron 130 Group One based at Van Nuys Airport in the Valley near Los Angeles, California


Lying prone on a hilltop looking down on a hard packed private dirt
road leading out of Black Horse 2, JT LT motions for his best friend
to join him while also making a silent gesture for the two escapees’ in
tow to stay where they are.

“What do you want to do John,” asks the CCC leader, finding
himself in clear view of JR being marched down the mountain slope
in handcuffs. “Well we certainly can’t walk away from this situation
can we,” was the reply of the Plow Boy Lieutenant.

“Roger that Lieutenant, but one side-arm against five armed
guards isn’t very good odds,” suggests X.

“Well one Plow Boy against five Task Force flunkies I say is about
even Colonel Boutwell,” was John’s final observation.

After thinking over their immediate options, X conveys the course
of action to his best friend, “Then we only have one choice, looks like
we have to split up for awhile…so I’ll be taking our two asylum
seeking gentleman with me, just give me enough time to clear out from
the immediate area, and this is all you Lieutenant!”

“You better go get your girl Colonel,” says John, knowing the real
matter of concern on the mind of his best friend, but never taking his
eye’s off the Ranger. JR was walking in the middle of his five escorts,
smiling big like he didn’t have a care in the world, still in a daze.

As soon as John’s best friend was a safe distance away, he jumped
up and charged down the hill like a mad man firing his 45 automatic
at the prisoner escort wounding two of them immediately.

“You’re surrounded you dumb Yankee sons of bitches!”

Three of the prisoner escort returned John T’s fire, while he took
cover behind a boulder on the hillside and slammed in his spare clip.

The Ranger kept walking down the road seemingly oblivious to the
attack, still wearing that big smile he was known for.

Realizing they were wide open on the hard packed dirt mountain
road, the small contingency of Task Force prisoner escort became
confused by the sudden attack, while also watching their prisoner
continuing down the road acting unaware.


Pointed Rock that overlooked the main part of Black Horse 2 the secret CCC base camp, that really exists, but it's a secret!


A discombobulated message was sent to their brains, watching
their prisoner getting out of reach, then getting shot at by a crazy
screaming lunatic simultaneously. So far none of the training received
covered for the confusion now clouding their minds.

The Plow Boy Lieutenant screamed, charging once again, having
emerged from behind his temporary cover, and blasting away at the
remaining escort.

“Surrender your weapons you Yankee Bastards!”

With no time to think, and with all remaining Task Force soldiers
getting hit, the last three soldiers in the fight from the Escort dropped
their weapons and ran as fast as their legs would carry them into the
woods, shot but still alive.

Out of ammo John T throws his 45 at the fleeing enemy!

“Run like rabbits you Yankee cowards!” John T shouts, and then
looks over to see JR continuing on down the road like nothing
happened, still cuffed.

Surprised by his own action of tossing his weapon, John T chuckles
to himself, then ran to retrieve his beloved and trusted 45. John found
it pretty darn funny that JR was oblivious to the latest action.

Approaching the first two enemies to be wounded lying on the
ground and recovering their weapons, John T screams with joy,
“Yeah!” Just as he saw two Plow Boy vehicles catching air as they
cleared the ridge top and cut away in a side-ways motion down the hill
to the road, joining their favorite Lieutenant.

“JT LT!” “Captain Lefsted, saw you through his field glasses from
the valley, we knew it was you…figured you were just about to do
something stupid, so he ordered us to back you up, but it looks like
we’re a little late,” the Plow Boy Staff Sgt explained, climbing off his

John T reached down and took the cuff key from a Task Force
prisoner escort member holding it up, hoping to score points with the
Plow Boy Lieutenant, and then John shouted at The Ranger still
walking down the road, “Hey JR the war is this way!”


Lisianna the main character of the book The First Battle of the NEW CIVIL WAR - Revenge of the Ghost Wolf



About one click South, South-West of the escapee’s last known
position, Commander Wilkes and his Captain along with a Task Force
detachment, were closing in on Big Edi and Lisianna. The nearest
chopper Re-Con 1 was trying to stay out of rifle range, but kept in close
radio contact, reporting the estimated position of the two hiding
fugitives Big Edi and Lisianna, by broadcasting their estimated GPS

The Lemegeton, who surely was an agent of the devil, was
certainly not going to miss out on the perfect chance to capture the
American Dream herself, Lisianna Rockefeller!



Author Jim West with recording artist DWIGHT YOAKAM Back Stage before the show at the Santa Barbara Bowl when West was Program Director of KBBQ and host of the morning show "WEST in the Morning" which later moved to 92.1FM in San Diego, California. It was a PARTY before the show and a PARTY after the show. Dwight had just ask for Jim to bring him on stage that night, and this photo was taken by Lisa Shoes of Warner Reprise Records. It's been suggested that Dwight would be perfect to play the part of JTLT if the book option goes into pre-production

The Author of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf -- Civil Air Patrol Cadet Commander Gil Rob Wilson Squadron 130 group 1 -- with seven other of the top 18 cadets from California Wing selected for a special trip and assignment paid for by the US Air Force --then later gets time in the left seat of DC-3 shown here at Kirtland Air Force Base Albuquerque, NM -- flying to Colorado Springs to do three day orientation at US Air Force Academy April 1970 after being briefed on duties carried out at Kirtland and a chance to sample possible future employment options.

© 2009 by Jim West.
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored
in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means
without the prior written permission of the publishers, except by a
reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in
a newspaper, magazine or journal.

First printing

Publish America has allowed this work to remain exactly as the author intended, verbatim, without editorial input.

ISBN: 1-60836-481-X

Printed in the United States of America

PHOTO that GILMER FREE PRESS had to Remove from the GFP included in this article so all can see now on the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS!!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy/ a re-publication of the GFP article for 3/29/20012/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press/ Captain John T Booker from the CCC

Included in this re-published article is the photo that was removed from the original GFP article. Did we ask permission to republish this article? NO WE DID NOT! We took it, and the SC of the SS said he would handle it, and that is good enough for us, so enjoy.

CommunityConcerns™: What if the Law Enforcers Break the Law?


By now everyone is aware of Mr. Mickey Metz, the current Sheriff of Gilmer County and the candidate for Gilmer County Magistrate.

We know he had said he always had a GED degree and failed to show the proof.

We also know that he presented the following document to the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office as his proof of eligibility for his candidacy. A candidate running for the office of magistrate, according to WV’s current law, must possess a GED or a High School Diploma.

imageWe know as well Mr. Metz obtained his online diploma on November 21, 2011, by paying a fee and answering a few questions. According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), the school is not Legitimate and has a score of ‘F’.

Without getting into too much detail, We know Mr. Metz refuses to answer any questions calling it his policy to never answer any question, refuses to openly show his credentials, but we have heard Mr. Metz calling the FAKE HIGH SCHOOL, an internationally accepted school. And we can go on and on…..
But did you know Mr. Metz has been actively involved in coaching at the high school level?

Here is the PHOTO that Sandy Pettit couldn't stand published on the GFP for all to see! Twiddly DEE! Check it out bitch this is fucking AMERICA and you pieces of shit rip off Waco Oil assholes owe us some money and you might want to think about paying that debt, for nobody is going to let it go until you do. You WACO OIL and ASS crowd steal from the POOR and give to the rich which is yourselves, and now you have to deal with the Central WV SS for the rest of your pathetic lives because of it. Deal with it bitches and quit squealing like the deliverance pigs that you are. Get yourself some K-Y so you don't squeal so much for it is OUR TURN to bend your asses over, and pay back is a bitch as you have found out the hard way as of late ...haven't ya!

Did you know that according to West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC) and West Virginia Department of Education, you must have a coaching certificate to be able to coach at this level?
Here are the requirements according to WVSSAC:

What does an individual have to do to be able to coach if they are not a certified teacher?

A.  ASEP Coaches Education Program – Complete our 14 hour course with a WVSSAC instructor and pass all 3 tests with a minimum score of 80%.

B.  Local School Board approval (must be a high school graduate or GED) and must be done each year.

C.  Background Check – Fingerprint.

D.  Make application with the WV State Department of Education after completing the above (A-C).  The application (form 39) is available at your local Board of Education and must be done each year.

Does an individual have to take the entire course at designated site to receive the authorized certified status?

YES. Fourteen hours of course work must be completed at the designated site with a WVSSAC instructor, and all three tests must be passed (online) with a minimum score of 80.

Does an individual who is not a professional educator have to take the WVSSAC Coaches Education Program courses before they begin coaching?

YES. All course work, testing, and WV State Department authorization must be completed prior to assuming any coaching responsibilities.

If an individual takes the WVSSAC Coaches Education Program courses and receives a WVSSAC certificate after completing the test requirement, how often must he/she retake the WVSSAC Coaches Education courses?

Course retakes are not necessary; however, the WV State Department of Education authorization to coach is only issued on a yearly basis and must be renewed each year. Coaches must complete form 39 and have local Board approval each year.

Now you should also know:
Mr. Metz DID NOT HAVE any high school degree or GED in all his coaching career at the high school including the recent season.
WVSSAC gave him the certificate without any proof.
Gilmer County High School Principals and The Gilmer County Superintendents, as well as the Gilmer County Board of Education ALL failed to make sure Mr. Metz was qualified and met the requirements to be a coach.
At what conclusion should a person arrive?

•  Mr. Metz has never been qualified to be a coach?

•  Mr. Metz IS NOT qualified to be a magistrate?

•  Mr. Metz HAS LIED his way and is taking advantage of the system?

•  Can we forget the Fred Hill Case and his immediate statement of ‘No Foul Play’?

•  What about the case of Mr. Doug Morris’ accident when he stood looking at his car without checking to see who was in the accident and waited for his deputy to figure it out?

•  Does Mr. Metz believe ‘Honesty Is The Best Policy’?

•  Have we had a Sheriff who has lied his way for the past 8-years as a sheriff?

•  Have we had a coach who has lied about his qualifications since 2007, at least?

•  Is he really fit to be a magistrate who is to seek the truth?

•  And finally, why do those who are supposed to be the guardian of law allow this to happen?

GFP – 03.29.2012
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~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

This article has proved many points via argument, the same if the matter were argued in a court room. These facts presented as evidence, also proves the legal system in Gilmer County often acts in an unlawful way from the bottom levels to the top level, since Metz has found support with the Democratic Executive Committee, and has even entered into conspiracy situations with the local detachment of the State Police.

His involvement with covering for rapes at the college and his direct involvement in the wrongful conviction, and longest circuit court case in Gilmer County history that has gotten so much press, all adds up to a situation in which we should all consider signing a petition and taking steps to have him removed from office and let Larry Gerwig finish out his term.

By Coalition member  on  03.29.2012

With all due respect.  The mission of the Gilmer Schools Coalition is not and has never been political in nature or intent.  It’s only concerns are issue based with the goal of serving as support that makes a meaningful and factual contribution for excellent K-12 education of Gilmer County Children.  Every person is entitled to their opinion on any subject and this public forum provides anonymity.  Please remember the true purpose of the coalition.

By Facilitator  on  03.29.2012

Mr. Ramezan,
I fully support your right to present news items with various viewpoints.  However, as the contributor of the volleyball team photo, I respectfully request that it be removed from a political story.  These young girls are the beloved daughters of Gilmer County residents and as such, should be treated respectfully.  They are in no way responsible for the credentials of Mr. Metz.  As always, I thank you for your support of the news stories regarding our team.

Sandy Pettit

GFP: The intention in no way was about the great athletes. It was to show Mr. Metz in his coaching capacity… Your request is Honored. – Photo Replaced

By Sandy Pettit  on  03.29.2012

Apparently the Gilmer county democratic executive committee is in support of Metz, because they are not doing a darn thing about this problem. I like to hear their position about this candidate who has not been truthful about his eligibility for any position. If he becomes a magistrate, then everyone can lie to him and it should be OK… shouldn’t it?

By It Stinks  on  03.29.2012

ms. petit, as the president is it alright for sheriff metz to run for magistrate?
Isn’t this bringing shame to democratic party in gilmer county? If it is ok to have democrat candidate who lie about their eligibility, the is it time for us to change party?

By unhappy democrat  on  03.29.2012

To Sandy Pettit, President

You have a lot of nerve asking for anything, and if you made the same request to me, I would say…


You also have a lot of nerve to back Sheriff Metz and the other criminals in this county politically, when you are FULLY AWARE of all the illegal activities these people are involved in.

I’m going to make a request that you get out. Leave my county and my state. Go down to FLA, or Myrtle Beach SC with your criminal companions and get the heck out of our life!

But, hey, that’s just my opinion!

I am going to request your photo be posted somewhere else and am going to sent that e-mail asap.

Your executive committee is a SHAM and so ***************************.

We got a NEW SHERIFF in town and he don’t like you much.

Brush off  your knee’s  and get out!

By A very concerned citizen  on  03.29.2012

Everyone at all levels screwed up and still doing it. Do we want a liar as our sheriff? What if I am driving 75 mph and he stops me and I tell him I was going 55? What if I rape somebody and tell him I didn’t? What would he do me for not telling the truth? He arrests me … He should be arrested as well.

By J.P. Smith  on  03.29.2012

Well I am not Mrs. Pettit, the Democratic President, but I would like to answer the questions that “unhappy democrat” asked.

1….. NO it is not alright for him to be running for the office of Magistrate. HE IS NOT QUALFIED. He has no GED or High School diploma, how hard is that for the Democrat party to understand? They are backing a person who was not legal to file for office. By doing this that makes them just as guilty.

2….. Doesn’t this bring shame to the Democrat Party? ABSOLUTELY this brings shame to the honest Democrats of Gilmer County of which I am one. Right now, I’m not real proud of that fact.

3….. If you think it is ok for this candidate to run as magistrate knowing full well that he is, has and continues to lie about his GED/High School Diploma, do you think he will do the HONEST people of Gilmer County fair justice by sitting in a Magistrates Seat where he is supposed to uphold the law? No, because this is not the first lie he has told and been caught in, and will not be the last. We think crimes are bad now and no law, put him in that seat and you will see how bad they can be because all the criminals will want to appear before him, to be assured of going free, does this all sound familiar? Remember, we don’t have a PA either.

4….. Time to change parties? I am seriously considering it.

By I’m thinking hard  on  03.29.2012

So I guess now we all know for a 100% fact that again the Gilmer County Board of Education/State Board of Education/GCHS Administrators were involved in illegal happenings/procedures and once again covered up by those people responsible.
No GED, no High School Diploma, no 14 hour class with the WVSSAC instructor, no passing of three tests making at least 80%, but has been a coach to the students at GCHS since at least 2007?
Wonder how that happened???
But, these same people say there was no party, drugs, drinking or sex at the out of town trip to Charleston last fall. And to think, you are the ones who this county has entrusted their children’s lives into your hands.
Did Miss Metz boyfriend take this 14 hr. course to get a certificate for coaching? Is Miss Metz qualified to Coach? I must say, you sure set a good example to put forth to these children. I am ashamed to say I am from this county of crookedness. And some got mad and upset over a picture used of the team to actually PROVE that Mr. Metz was in fact coaching. I would think all the above shenanigans would be more upsetting than the picture. Where are the priorities?

By What is next???  on  03.29.2012

GRANTSVILLE COUPLE ARRESTED — The Man for METH AND WILDLIFE VIOLATIONS – Woman Jailed For Resisting Arrest/Possession of drugs!

By Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

What a heck of a Saturday night for David Jeffrey and Amber Huffman last night!  And they got to spend the night at CRJ and they are still there and Amber says it’s not OK for she sure threw a fuss when it came time to whip out the cuffs!

Calhoun authorities have arrested a Grantsville couple on multiple charges, charging one with the operation of a meth lab!

State Police in Grantsville arrested David Matthew Jeffery, 28, for operating a clandestine meth lab and possession of a controlled substance, felony charges.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name: Jeffrey,  Matthew  David
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/25/1983
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 03/25/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
12F42,12M89-90,12M97,12M99-102 CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $40,000.00

Jeffery was also charged with the illegal possession of wildlife, including two turkeys, a bobcat and a coyote.

He was also cited with illegal burning and has a bail of $40,000.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Full Name: Huffman,  Amber  Lynn
Height: 5′  7″
Weight: 107 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/24/1983
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 03/25/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11M CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $5,000.00

Also arrested and taken to Central Regional Jail Saturday night, Amber Lynn Huffman, 28, who is charged with obstructing an officer, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor charges, and has a bail amount of $5,000.00

A LETTER to NATALIE TENNANT good for NOTHING Secretary of State in West “By God” Virginia!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator

A FAT ASS photo of Natalie Tennant who never gets off her ass to do a damn thing for us hicks in WV! She is big money and big ass only baby!


Dear Natalie,

The voters here in Gilmer County feel you are about USELESS and no longer want to support you for Secretary of State, but especially could NEVER consider you for the office of Governor.

For the record, what are you going to do about Sheriff Metz?

His high school diploma is a fake and you can see a photo of it here:

If you are NOT going to ACT because of politics or some other lame ass excuse the voters are getting tired of …you need to reply to this letter and explain to the people why you are just sitting on your assess doing absolutely nothing, for if that is the case we need to get busy informing people about how USELESS you fake hillbilly hicks down there in CHARLESTON all are so you can be immediately replaced this next election.

The credentials presented to the Gilmer County Clerk by Sheriff Metz were fake!

Why can’t you do something for the REAL HICKS like us, and not the phony sons of bitches like IKE MORRIS and his Church followers?

Please reply with what action you are going to take against a useless, “NO FOUL PLAY” Sheriff named MICKEY MOUSE METZ that has been mixed up in more misconduct and criminal activity that can even be explained today or in a week.

For the record, I feel you are ALL a waste of time that suffer from the disease of too many degree’s and not enough education. You are not like us hicks at all! There ain’t nothing real about ya!

I hope I can educate AMERICA as to what a NIGHTMARE the state of West Virginia, and the city of Charleston is — and the FAKE public officials that DO NOTHING in their elected and appointed positions down there at the state capital where NOTHING gets done on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to telling the truth about “YOU” Natalie Tennant in my next book.

YOU will lead the dumb ass FAKE Hillbilly Hicks …. section.

It will be a book written by a HICK and for HICKS just like me!

Here is a little something from a friend of mine that said…

“A friend of mine was talking to a fellow in Gilmer County the other day.

For safety concerns, we’ll keep them nameless, but that’s not really the point.

Anyhoot — from what I’ve read and think has been established as FACT — The Addison HS “$369 Diploma” of Sir Metz will not get you into ANY COLLEGE or into the US Military, but evidently it’s OK by state law/code here in W.Va. and in Gilmer County?

The person my buddy was talking with from Gilmer County said basically that, “nothing is going to be done,” and basically that it’s NOT like Natalie Tennant or anyone in Charleston was going to step in and do something about this absurd situation.

However, my buddy added that his guy said the ONLY WAY that Metz could possibly be off the ballot was whether SOMEONE would step up and CHALLENGE the BOGUS diploma in CIRCUIT COURT. Is that going to be done, has it been done and is that even a true possible thing folks in Gilmer County could do?”


By Rina McCoy- Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press

“A document in the form of a threatening letter sent to a rape victim by Gerald B Hough stands as proof that the Patron Saint of Rape at GSC is desperately trying to cover up a series of rapes at Glenville State College!”

Jordan Bennett who is being sought for questioning is now engaged to Jordan OPIE Watkinswho is the main rape suspect.

This particular rape at Goodwin Hall on Campus at Glenville State College almost ended in the death of the former GSC female student.

The CCC is looking to question Jayde Layne for mixing a bad batch of 190 proof alcohol and date rape drugs pictured below with her current boyfriend who has yet to be identified.

Jayde Layne pictured here with her boyfriend. Jayde mixed a batch of lethal drugs and alcohol that flat lined the rape victim on the way to the hospital!

“Evidence exists that both Dan Bell GSC public safety officer and Casey Jones Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy, botched the chain of evidence just as would be expected from the Crooks from Crooked County!”

Here are two of the principal suspects in the rape — Jordan Bennett and Watkins pictured below just after their engagement on 24 February 2012.

Allegations of the crime of rape have turned up some results in which a pubic hair believed to be from Jordan Opie Watkins was found by the attending nurse along with a swab that we suspect was positive for semen, however the investigating SS has not yet spoken with the nurse personally.

Jordan Bennett was present at the party in which an honor student was raped and is now engaged to the chief suspect in the rape Jordan OPIE Watkins who was KICKED OUT of the marine corp and flunked out of GSC who was brought in by PETER BARR himself all the way from South Carolina -- And sponsored by Janice Weldon of the GSC Power Elite where Rape is JUST OK!!

Also sought for questioning by investigators is Jayde Layne and here is the message posted by the Council of Concerned Citizens.

Attention to GSC Student JAYDE LAYNE — Members of the local CCC would like to speak with you about your involvement in a RAPE on campus that Gerald B Hough is going to great lengths to cover up. In fact recently we got access to the office of that Crooked County Prosecutor, while Clarissa Ferrell was having a long dong lunch at the local HOT DOG Black dog lunch gathering of Crooks from Crooked County.

In that document Gerry Hough threatened the VICTIM of RAPE with arrest for underage drinking if she were to pursue her inclinations of having the rapists at GSC convicted or held accountable for their crimes.

JAYDE LAYNE we understand your father, or you mother or one of your parents is a bartender, and that you felt that since you learned so much from them about tending bar that you concocted a mixture of 190 proof Grain Alcohol and a dangerous date rape drug. We understand that Jordan Bennett was also present, and currently have someone looking to speak with her personally. We are sort of hoping that she rats you out for the dumb bitch you are.

“So MS  Jaded J LAYNE why don’t you take a trip down memory lane where y’all started the party at Goodwin Hall that ended up in the rape of a very young and defenseless honor student that did not know the horrors that can be brought upon her in Glenville and was under the impression that GSC also known as Dracula’s Castle on the hill is still a good teachers college!”

A young innocent lost her virtue over something you thought was fun. Dan Bell along with the Gilmer County Sheriff’s office fucked up the chain of evidence real good, but we will be talking to the attending nurse at Stonewall Jackson Hospital where the rape victim was taken who flat lined in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Jayde Layne in photo above giving some LOVE and now a GSC student has not a care in the world because she is protected by the POWER ELITE of Glenville and the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River that include a Crooked Sheriff named METZ and the biggest crook of them all Gerald b Hough!

YOU Jayde Layne and some sons of bitches from the SOB fraternity owe the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County an explanation, and we will get it, even if we have to take it.

Now, hopefully you will contact us…

Message from the SS

Tell me  …how does it feel knowing you set up a smart young honor student for a brutal rape by SOB’s – Sigma Omega Beta — from the home of RAPE and MURDER GSC — in beautiful Glenville, West Virginia!

Tell me how does it feel ….Miss Jayde Layne!


March 3, 2012    Special Promotional Announcement from the Council of Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS!

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Cosmic Communications — Excerpt from the book; “Return of the Ghost Wolf – The NEW CIVIL WAR!”

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” But, in the winter when the snow comes the Ghost Wolf goes high into the mountains where he often wanders to his favorite mountain lake to remember the love and the good times provided by the bright white of the moon! But always knowing the day may be near for him to kill again,oh how grand that day will be,the hunger,the thirst,the blood, when the longed for revenge comes due for the Ghost Wolf of Crooked County!”