Day: February 28, 2012

Lawrence Smith DEFEATS Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor in CIVIL ACTION!! Former Glenville City Councilman Dr Carl Armour and others in the audience of the courtroom like Dr William K Simmons stated HOUGH’s Performance in the Courtroom was POOR, in fact it SUCKED as BAD as SANJAYA singing URIAH HEAP HITS! It was the WORST YET!! A living NIGHTMARE PLAYED out on 27 February in a JUDGE FACEMIRE Courtroom!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

High Ranking SS officials met with Lawrence Smith  to get the play by play of his defeating Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County — in the civil law action before Judge Facemire earlier yesterday afternoon.

Here is the report on the court case according to a Free Press update:

Monday, February 27, 2012, the Gilmer County Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit filed by the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough on behalf of Gilmer County Commission, and Jean Butcher, the Gilmer County Clerk against Lawrence Smith from WV Record.

The WORST performance ever was when SANJAYA attempted to perform URIAH HEEP songs the worst rock band to ever come down the pike and they could not play live because they were always too drunk! THEY SUCKED performing live and HOUGH SUCKED in his performance Monday afternoon February 27th, in a JUDGE FACEMIRE court! (this work of art is copyright protected by Brian Chalmers) Brian was the SS art director from 06-09 and also from WMMS 100.7 FM -- As the man who drew the Buzzard since 1986!

The lawsuit was filed because Smith had requested information under FOIA.

Decision was made by the Judge after Gerry Hough and Lawrence Smith made their presentation to the court.

The decision by the Judge means that the lawsuit may not be re-filed, and as such, it operates as an adjudication on the merits.

Smith defeated Hough in the Gerald B Hough home court and the prosecuting attorney even made it a point to tell the judge that Smith had been friends with and knew the Supreme Commander of the SS.

Judge Richard A Facemire made no reply to the off the cuff, Hough comment of who it is Mr Smith knows, but must have been thinking to himself…

“Man oh man this Gerry Hough is an idiot as really to what purpose does making that statement have to do with this court case!”


Oh YEAH!! Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia Record won!

Tara Kennedy was wide awake and suddenly terrified, her breath coming so fast and hard she froze in disbelieve when the judge said, “I’m not doing this!” And the Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy turned BEET RED, and was redder than his hair as he tried to get out of there, but we felt like saying …..”Thanks Brian, thanks for being such a complete asshole, because that is what you are doing here!" Tara Kennedy was looking right through me, almost as if wicked black darts were shooting from those dark and wicked eyes, while I waved hello, hello!

We Won!!!

Judge Facemire’s last words were ” I will not do this” and he dismissed with prejudice so it cannot come back to court. Yes, Gerry Hough was so insistent he said that Lawrence Smith was best friends with another person who called Gilmer county the Crooked County!

Facemire asked HOUGH what damages were done and that’s the best Gerry Hough could come up with.

After the POOR PERFORMANCE that turned County Commission Clerk Brian Kennedy BEET RED, Hough felt kinda of funny when he looked at himself in the mirror! Dude looks funny too! And since the Gerry Hough's performance as a civil litigator for Crooked County was as BAD as it gets lets play a BAD song by a bad rock bad that also gives a piss poor live PERFORMANCE! The worst Rock Group, in the history of Rock n Roll, here is Uriah Heap and LOOK AT YOURSELF!! Because you are sure looking like a DUMB BITCH to us Gerry Hough!

All three commissioners and Jean Butcher were there also! Cassandra Huff and Glenville Crazy Gary Collins were there as spy’s for the Elite. You should have been there too!It was great! Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy walked downstairs and he was beet red from the collar of his shirt to the roots of his hair!

The Gilmer County ELITE couldn’t scramble out of there fast enough!

Of course the SS was busy shaking hands and giving hugs, and passing out doobies in the parking lot later — All happy citizens shook hands and gave hugs and kissed some babies too!

Tara was hanging behind Brian Kennedy her husband, and seemed, out of her mind on drugs or nerve pills or whatever else the elite DRUG CONNECT Lisa Stewart has samples of this week. As I walked by Tara she just stared through me like she was stoned out of her mind, right after she listened to the Beatles RUBBER SOUL, but it was me looking through her and seeing a phony and a fake married to a criminal who soon may face the situation of ; IT WILL ALL be found out at stake! …that is what mattered.

For once, no matter what the reason, Facemire served the people and not the politicians. Happy days!