HOT TODDY Back in JAIL thanks to JUDGE ALSOP — Betty Jo Martin from CALHOUN COUNTY booked today for FELONY SALES of DRUGS with intent to deliver!

By Rina McCoy Cosmos Communicator Editor

Christopher TODD SMITH leader of the Fire Starting Cult who is also accused of killing his girlfriend Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson who was found dead in his bed in the early morning hours of December 26th 2009

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 240 lbs. DOB: 12/31/1971
Booked: 2/22/2012 Booking ID: 999063525
Calhoun County – Bail: $A whole lotta money – Central Regional Jail
Charge Type: Felon

Former Grantsville resident Christopher Todd Smith, 40, was incarcerated in Central Regional Jail following a court appearance Wednesday before Judge Jack Alsop.

He is charged with a felony for retaliation against a public official, a 2010 charge brought against him after he allegedly removed cemetery memorials at Bethlehem Cemetery from the grave of the husband of former adult probation officer Patsy McCartney.

McCartney filed a complaint with the police, saying someone had been stealing “everything off her late husband Mike McCartney’s grave at the Cemetery.”

McCartney, in the complaint, said the flowers and shepherd hook from her husband’s grave appeared to be … missing from the cemetery.

State Police, according to the criminal complaint, discovered items from the grave in Smith’s possession.

Smith the leader of the Fire Starting Cult has a long history of arrests and convictions in Calhoun and the region, but Gerald B Hough let him off of assaulting his girlfriend, Cult member Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson in the summer of 2009, and then she ended up dead in his bed six months later.

Also from CALHOUN COUNTY Betty Jo Martin BOOKED today Thursday February 23, 2012 for Felony Sales of Drugs with Intent to Deliver

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name: Martin,  Betty  Jo
Height: 5′  3″
Weight: 112 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/4/1987
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 02/23/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

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Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
12m- CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount: $0.00



    “Hot Toddy” is yet another book about a scandal in old Calhoun County. Because of this, it is bound to attract both fans of West Virginia mountain lore and those looking for all the juicy details of “Hot Toddy’s” death! A local favorite author from Crooked County, does an admirable job of giving plenty of information… without causing her book to become trashy, so to satisfy both groups.

    Christopher “Hot Toddy” Smith was a not so popular local hooligan from the bad lands of Calhoun County. He began his life of crime by trying to burn up a pick up-truck pushed off a mountain and started on fire for the insurance money, then, stole a credit card off a dead man while helping himself to the money in the wallet, then purchasing a brand new ATV. Hot Toddy graduated to bigger crimes teaming up with Stacey Hickman and a local man known as J D, and later some local police officers that were later charged with crimes in WV. His stupidity made him a favorite with many WV blog readers, but his knack for foolish antic’s kept him from succeeding with many of his dastardly deeds…. and plans for truly being a successful criminal, thus, not being able to enjoy the riches he thought he deserved. “Hot Toddy’s” affiliation with “Lunacy Lucy” and other gang members, is what did him in-in the end!

    Unfortunately, for “Hot Toddy”, a series of previous Calhoun County scandals complicated the investigation into his death. Justice was hardly served to those who deserved it. Evidence was destroyed or ignored, just like over in Crooked County and the trial was laughable. “Hot Toddy’s” death was ruled to be an accident, but everyone knew he was murdered!

    The author works through the details of “Hot Toddy’s” death and the story of his life, to uncover the truth about the early end, and in doing so, celebrates the memory of a time in West by God Virginia that can’t be forgotten! Lisa Wexler sometimes takes liberties, when she manufactures dialog between the subjects, but this makes for easier reading. There are times when the reading gets scandalous because the one time “Crooked County Crooks website author” examines the business of local gangsters and rogue police officer’s “Hot Toddy” knew.

    The story is told in great detail, and there is a lot to gather in, but the information proves to be helpful later, so you have to read closely. Overall, this is a good book and the best source of information about “Hot Toddy” and the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy!

    “Hot Toddy”

    Will be available on

    (below an excerpt)

    “The ghost of “Hot Toddy” still walks in Grantsville, … but the old Main Street Cafe was certainly not the only spot connected to ” Hot Toddy’s” death where ghostly remnants of the man also known as Charlie Brown, the local Ass Clown…holds a woman known to many as “Lunacy Lucy” captive, via her addiction to pill popping and bed hopping. Who was to know her trained Gila monster would take revenge!”

  2. I just got a glimpse of the FAKE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Metz bought, and I can not believe it, it is being shared among SS members before being published! This truly does prove a conspiracy of Sandy Pettit and Natalie Tennant the Secretary of State. I can’t wait to see the article tonight at midnight!

    Also it appears TODD SMITH was conspiring to do harm to SS members by sending messages out from jail to a girl from Cleveland, and he sent her maybe 100 letters while he was in protective custody and in prison. I hope to have that persons name, address and possibly a couple of the letters as a follow up to this article.

  3. I would really appreciate if you would fix your wording on my story! This was and will be the only time that I have ever been in jail. Either you change this within 30 days as I requested before or I will sue this site for slanderizing my name.
    thanks, Betty

    Editors note:This is all a matter of record. Were you acquitted?
    If not, you have no grounds, but send us a letter with more explanation. Have never received any previous requests.Do you have counsel? You arrest is not that big of a deal to us, so us in on what the outcome of your case was or is. Send a letter arguing your case and maybe I can get the story pulled,but,because we wanted to do it for you, not because you are making allegations of false reporting.

    1. My case was shut down no trial, no aquittal I want this removed before you are sued for slander since that was the only time I was arrested. Go ahead and check my record you have no proof of any time before this that I was ever arrested……

      Betty JO is that you AGAIN — editors note:This is all a matter of record. Were you acquitted?
      If not, you have no grounds, but send us a letter with more explanation. Have never received any previous requests.Do you have counsel? Your arrest is not that big of a deal to us, nobody here including the chickens give a fuck. so write us in on what the outcome of your case. Send a letter arguing your case and maybe I can get the story pulled,but,because we wanted to do it for you, not because you are making allegations of false reporting, for the facts are the facts, but hey like I said, we could give a shit, so send that info and your request will be processed.

  4. Hey Betty Jo, send some mail to and tell me the story about this arrest, so you were arrested, but no charges were brought, is that what you are saying? Well why didn’t you say so, please send some info on who what when and where, and that MUG SHOT info with photo will be removed. By the way we got that from the JAIL website upon your arrest, so the info was good and at the time was news, but surely now it is NOT news, so if you could send that, with the link to this page, so that upon review of your data that mug shot can be removed, BUT if this was a false arrest we want to know that too, for that IS NEWS…

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