A LESSON IN HISTORY — JUST ANOTHER CROOK FROM CROOKED COUNTY–Two-Lane TWO-FACED- Ain’t LIVIN long like this Lisa Minney gives JUDA’s Account of her betrayal to the SS on 11 AUGUST the summer the BUTCHER BITCHES BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor

Lisa Minney who turned out to be just another Crook from Crooked County all along gives Juda’s account of betrayal to the WV Secret Seven below!

I don’t know what I did to make that indecipherable connection between me and Calpatty Press three years ago. (See previous post if you are confused.) It’s really hard to tell such things when you don’t even know who they are – screen names, tag-team writers, comments by loyal readers… Never the less, the connection was made, and I fed them any information I had concerning our common enemy, Todd Smith (aka Hot Toddy, scum-bag now in jail). It seems in doing so, I shook hands with the devil, and we’ve somehow been virtually dancing ever since.

The SS did support efforts Minney made to help the mother of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson(above), Vicki Butcher Stamper Shaver, and her efforts to get the truth about the death of her daughter told.

There are times in your life when you ask yourself, “How did I get in this situation?” Naturally, that question isn’t the main point to dwell on, although it seems we all linger on that a little too long. The question most important at those times is, “How do I get out?”

I don’t know how many of their readers believe I am (or was) one of CalPatty’s “Secret Seven.” I don’t know how many readers believed anything they wrote – about me, about others, about community concerns, about themselves.

Lisa Minney the editor publisher of TWO LANE LIVING magazine

But I do know, that for three years, the CalPatty Press have been dominating our region’s online image — our communal online presentation of our community’s truth. They have gotten more hits and page views than all other blogs in WV combined. Our community’s virtual image has been under the patina of their slanted perspective so that none of us, online or in real life, weren’t soured by it in some way, and also by the huge reach in numbers by the CalPatty Press.

This morning, CalPatty Press was offline. According to WordPress.com, their host server, their blog has been “archived or suspended for a violation of Terms of Service.” I am sure they will attempt to shift their readership over to a sister site, but as far as having the lead in search engines and amount of information online about our county (counties), this has been a critical blow.

I don’t believe I deserve (or want) any credit for this victory.

I am a Virtual Jackie O. I’m a writer in my pajamas, drinking cold coffee, with garden dirt under my fingernails and a tangled pony tail.

My meager attempts to “make it stop” failed early last week when CalPatty was only temporarily frozen. I don’t know if I started a ball rolling, or if attempts from others further slandered on their site than I finally came to fruition. I don’t know if some other person, out there somewhere had the muscle to remove this mountain. I only know that two days ago I was feeling rather deflated about it, disappointed, disgruntled.

Oh, how I hate to lose. And in my attempt to win, I had made things worse. I had done all I knew to do – – and failed.

And so, as so many of us do when we have exhausted all other options… I troubled the Almighty.

(Something I try not to do unless it’s really, really important.)

“Lord, just make it gone.”

Twice I asked; on Sunday evening, and again on Monday evening.

This morning, at 5 a.m. CalPatty Press was still there. Then, there was a clap of thunder that shook the house and took out the power, followed by a really scary electrical storm.

When the power came back on – CalPatty Press was gone.

Lisa Minney had a falling out with other Secret Seven Coalition member over the exposure involving NUDE photos of the Butcher Bitches and also of LIZZY and LEXY engaged in some hard partying and sexual activity!

My communication with WordPress could not have been the only complaint about the site. Mine could not have been the only prayer request concerning it, nor could mine have been the first in three years. I would not presume my words or my prayers to be any more important than anyone else’s.

But, because I so rarely ask His help, and because my prayers were answered, I am compelled to give credit where I believe it is due.

Amen. Thank-you, God!

“GOD must have been listening more to us than to you Lisa Benedict Arnold Minney for now we have twice the readers in West Virginia, and also in different countries and different states, God didn’t stop the truth, god gave us strength to endure the Bullshit of Gilmer County, and all the liars and thieves in public office.



  1. I guess the good news here is that just about NOBODY not even one person really bought this story published by LISA MINNEY on her TWO LANE LIVIN blog, but here we are in the future protecting Lisa Minney from TODD SMITH aka HOT TODDY AGAIN … and some of us have to wonder, what are we doing it for, for would she stick up for us if the team was up against it and the CalPatty Chips were down? Her true color of turncoat red and her private moments with god are recorded above along with the answer to my query clearly through her own writings and thoughts for each to discover for themselves.

    Further, in regard to the Lisa Minney statement of : but as far as having the lead in search engines and amount of information online about our county (counties), this has been a critical blow.

    Actually we still have the lead in search engines and amount of info on line about Crooked County aka Gilmer County, for we went to work on that -that very day and have a great deal more expertise and education in that area than the likes of LISA MINNEY turncoat to the SS.

  2. Virtual Jackie O, my ASS! How dare you compare yourself to someone who has so much class and stature. No one could ever accuse Jackie O of being a two faced, lying, sneaking bitch who wanted to protect criminals and vilify the victims. Because IMO that is exactly what Lisa Minney of two faced livin is doing. Your ego got the best of you Lisa playing both sides of the fence. This time the grass looked greener on the other side, so you took the leap. But here is what happens to two faced people. See, the people you were snitching to, all KNOW you are a snitch and will never trust you with anything, and when push comes to shove, they will hang you out to dry just like a filthy pair of panties from the crooked river! And when they do, the people you were snitching on will not be there to have your back, no matter how many tears you shed and how many pleas you make to not do it again.

  3. Glad to see some of the same people back with a new website.I remember the early days of the Calhoun Patty Press, and the Crooked County Crooks from Gilmer County and all the rabble-rousers that were in our county back then. I was just learning all of this computer stuff and had bought my first computer back in 2002. I couldn’t do without it now since it is my main source for news. I can’t stand to watch the news on TV. My blood pressure goes too high. I’m a little old fashioned, but I am a good judge of character, and I met that Lisa girl that was involved with the Calhoun County Cal Patty back then. She was eating lunch with two older ladies, and I didn’t mean to listen to their conversation, but I had to say something to her. I had to admit, I overheard her talking about the Smith character that has caused a lot of people a lot of trouble for years and years, and heard her mention the Secret Seven website, but she sure seemed to know all about everyone and all that was going on. I told her thanks for keeping us informed about that Smith boy, and then recently I came across this statement made about three years ago, that was talking about how the year before they all predicted that Smith would not face drug charges until 2010.

    Well I don’t know how you all do it, but you were so accurate with that prediction, that I just want to know how you all knew that? Here it is, from all the articles that printed off and circulated about town, I checked and this statement was also made in 2008 more than two years before Smith was made to go to jail for the drug bust. Here is the actual statement from years ago.

    SS Member: WE stated firmly earlier a long time ago that it would be 2010 before Smith had to account for his actions. If you want to blame someone blame the new lady prosecutor for buying time for the booty banger Hot Toddy. SHELLY MORRIS DEMARINO used poor choices and poor judgment in dealing with CTS in her zeal to get what would have only been bad and/or false info on local drug users and abusers. The fact that Danny (Nub) Marks and Christopher Todd Smith would be together only spells some sort of bad drug dealing that they will earn by snitching on people that probably don’t even do drugs.

    Editors note: Hey Mr K, thanks for the letter, sorry about your arthritis acting up, but the person that put the letter and this comment together for you is an obvious professional. Thanks for your support.
    We sacrificed a lot back then, but we had a lot of help. Some that helped us are worried about the fact their reputations were sullied back then for their obvious exposure, due to support of the cause. I have to say, even though I can consider myself somewhat tough, the part that is disconcerting is that it truly hurts my feelings that some people feel that way, and hope some try to be a little more understanding when they lash out at some of us, for the fact they were once singled out as being part of the CalPatty Press, when they were only trying to help, while protecting themselves.

    It is frustrating for me to still hear it now. Nobody recognizes our sacrifices and losses.
    We knew it would be 2010 because we know our business well, and have some outside professional help. We are close to two lawyers we can call at a moment’s notice that have discovered all we have said about the bad judges and the crooked lawyers is all true. Although, we didn’t know it at the time, we were sharing nothing new to them.

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