By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Central WV SS

When it comes to local drug busts the dumb fucks from Gilmer County are complete total bottom feeders while the REAL DOPE dealers like Doug Morris son to the infamous IKE MORRIS of WACO OIL and ASS go free and can actually get caught with Cocaine while breaking other laws and walk…

Here is Timothy Alan Furr who was busted earlier today because he took too many pills and was getting too many thrills and just look at the mans mug shot. It spells, “Dougie Morris let me snort the good cocaine so I had to take some of his dads lortabs I got from Doug Cottrill to try to come down man…”

Timothy Furr, Age 42, it has been said has been dealing dope for and from DOUG COTTRILL who is a close associate of IKE MORRIS, and he washed cars at DRAKES AUTO SALES so is also possibly connected to the BUTCH DRAKE drug connection and Tim was caught today and was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of controlled prescription pills, possession of meth and possession of cocaine.

Dude was also arrested for daytime burglary, so he was in the act of ripping off some more dope or in the act of getting some money to buy dope from the WACO OIL and ASS drug dealing Cartel in Glenville, West Virginia.

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name: Furr,  Timothy  Alan
Height: 6′  1″
Weight: 240 lbs.
Birth Date: 3/10/1969
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 12/16/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F144,145 & 11M356,357,358 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $45,000.00


  1. Furr got busted for a daytime burglary and had a stash to kill and elephant on dude. But with all due respect to the arresting officer, and after talking to associates, we would like to retract the dumb fuck statement, because I am just now hearing about it.

    Here is what is up. The lower ranking state Police of Sgt or below have a desire to do their job and to protect the community. It is the higher ranks and Charleston who could give a fuck.

    Our own State Police dude from Gilmer County OKIE actually busted Doug Morris with cocaine, but the charges disappeared when Doug’s dad IKE MORRIS gave the State Police their headquarters building for one dollar, in exchange for getting the Porsche back and maybe even the dope back too, and then the charges dropped.

    These guys are trying to do their job hoping one of these lower level dope freaks will snitch out the bitches at the top like PAT WARD of Waco Oil and ASS part of the GERRY HOUGH HATE GROUP.

    Don’t get me wrong, most all of the SS like to smoke WEED as much as the rest of the people in WV but when you mix it with HARD DOPE and PILLS well that harms lives and harms persons. PILLS are a bad deal in WV. If everyone smoked weed, there would be no problem.

  2. Cottrill is partners with Drake in the auto business. Since history has a habit of repeating itself. I’d say they are running drugs from Fairmont and Clarksburg through the auto auction.

    Of course these people are protected by the Criminal in a prosecutors suit Gerry Hough.

    Timmy cleans up the used ones they bring in or take out with the product and I’d say he had to be in on the deal in order to keep it quiet which is why he was carrying such a variety.

    I’d imagine (although he’s small potatoes) Doug Cottrill has a lot of explaining to do on up the line and Butch Drakes about ready for another heart surgery. I’ve seen this type of operation before and a big, big auto dealer spent mega thousands to keep out of jail but lost his business. He was buying used cars out of New York and they pulled over one of the runners delivering a trunk full. Time will tell if they pay that bail and how much he’s going to give up. I LOVE IT!

    Hey GERRY you have until TUESDAY at 5pm to tell CARLY to pull those panties to the side, or I will tell her myself.

  3. God damn, this article is getting so many hits, I was just told “NO” it’s gotta wait for my PULLING THE PANTIES to the side article featuring CARLY HOUGH who was the person who brought the booze on the bus to the VOLLEY BALL BAWL!

    Carly, you whore! Nice thing you did for the kids!

    Well, at some point there is a special video that includes all the cool pictures, but this article is getting so many hits that we have to wait….

    God damn, where the fuck is that pusher man? Might as well smoke some weed while we wait and listen to some PULLING THOSE PANTIES TO THE SIDE CARLY MUSIC!

  4. Doug Morris, from the CHURCH of IKE CRASHED AND BURNED fucked up in enemy territory and truly just a matter of yards from the former headquarters of the SS. Just a few short years ago, just getting out of the car and walking a short distance into those woods would have been a great way to get attacked by SS guard dogs on private property! Fucking A man, we would have had a field day with that bitch landing right in our laps!! Sheriff METZ was there to cover up the crime scene being the criminal he truly is.

    Here is how it was reported by the FREE PRESS!

    Community talk heard through the G-Vine:

    • Doug Morris, Vice President of Waco Oil & Gas, was involved in an accident on Route FIVE headed toward Granstsville!

    • The accident was on route 5 about Gilmer-Calhoun line.

    • It happened sometime Tuesday morning.

    • Mr. Morris was taken to Minnie Hamilton and then flown to Ruby Memorial in Morgantown.

    • If Deputy Ben Huffman was in charge at the time of the accident, then why did Sheriff Metz decide to take charge of the accident?

    • His blood test showed evidence of five separate types of drugs.

    • Why haven’t charges been filed by the Sheriff?

    • I bet if any charge is filed, he is going to get out of it because of who he is.

    • Doug was released from the hospital a day or two ago.

    • Since Mr. Morris has a real problem with substance abuse isn’t it time to enforce the law and get him help?

    • The entire community is abuzz about Doug Morris’ wreck last week. Why is there a news block out about it? Could it be that Gilmer’s handlers are engaged in another cover up? We hear that drugs were allegedly involved so why were charges for driving under the influence not issued? If a citizen who lacked money and political influence was involved in a similar incident the book would have been thrown at them. Mr. Metz, where do you stand on the issue? Nothing can be hidden from the people anymore because of informants at all levels, and when censorship is attempted failure is guaranteed.

    Communicate through G-vine via “”
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    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

    This is what happens when freedom does not exist. The right for the public to know is a freedom whether it involves unfiltered access to local news, what is being done with our schools by Marple and Blankenship, what goes on at GSC and all levels of County government, and everything else of importance to the public including issues related to protection of our school children. Sadly, the story is a perfect example of what we face in Gilmer County with preferential treatment for those with money and political clout. When will we return to equal justice and freedom for all? Not as long as we fail to stand up for ourselves and we vote repeatedly for officials who will pander to the rich and powerful instead of representing average citizens. Let us hope that the Feds are monitoring to amass information for use in swarming in. In the interim we need to organize to take action ourselves. If we don’t, we get what we deserve.
    By Larry Smith on 12.18.2011

  5. Well it is about time , this guy has been allowed to get by with so much ShiT it is unreal. He has always got a slap on the wrist told “badboy” and let go. Come on Gilmer County don’t you think it is about time you make ALL the citizens be responsible for their screw ups? Gilmer County doesn’t have a good reputation for dealing with these kind of folks , when will Law Enforcement start doing their job correctly and treat ALL of these cases the same ! I do believe when your an adult you do know right from wrong. I beginning to see you have to have the right name and then you get special treatment and only certain laws applies to these people.
    All I can say is if you are doing wrong …you better have the right name to begin with, or you will be put under the jail !
    Also what about the “ELITE” who take part in these crimes themselves..oh wait that’s right again it’s your name….

    Comment by Tom Spencer on 12.19.2011

  6. On December 14, 201 1, the West Virginia State Police received a complaint from the victims of a Burglary on Van Horn Drive in Glenville, WV.

    The victim stated that their residence was broken into while they were at work.

    During this larceny, the victim’s stated that two rifles were stolen.

    One of the Rifles was a Remington 760 wood stock with Bushnell scope, pump action.

    The second rifle stolen was a model 700, .308 with a green stock.

    Further other items stolen from the residence was an assortment of Jewelry.

    During the initial investigation by WV State Police, the victims stated that Tim Furr, living on Van Horn Drive as well, frequently walks up and down the road, and always kept “eye balling” their residence.

    On December 15, 2011, the victim informed the WV State Police Trooper R.P. Smith that they received a call from Tim Furr, who advised that he saw a black Ford Ranger in their drive way, during the date of the Crime.

    Later on, the victims reported seeing a Black Ford Ranger pull into Tim Purr’s Drive.

    During the evening hours of December 15, 201 1, Trooper Smith located said vehicle and obtained a written statement from the driver.

    During this conversation, the Ford Ranger driver confirmed that he was at Tim Furr’s residence.

    Further, driver stated that he was invited to Tim Furr’s residence by Tim Furr because he had weapons for sale.

    The driver of the vehicle stated that inside of Tim Furr residence he observed Tim Furr attempting to sell two rifles.

    The driver was able to describe both of the rifles perfectly to the victim description, including one of the rifle’s unique green stock. This description was done without the investing police officer making any reference to said weapons.

    The driver stated that Tim Furr was trying to sell both of the weapons for $700 dollars for both and $ 300 for one.

    Finally, the witness showed the police officer text messages that indicated that attempt to sell said weapons.

    On December 16, 2011, the WV State Police executed a search warrant on Tim Furr residence.

    During the search of the residence, numerous amounts of pills, and burnt spoons were found inside of Tim Furr’s Room, and the residence garage.

    Also found inside of Tim Furr’s Room, in his coat, was a syringe containing residue of what Tim Furr described as Meth, and $295 dollars in U.S. Currency.

    Also during the search of Furr’s bedroom, and the garage, five baggies of marijuana was located.

    Also inside of Purr’s bedroom six pills of alprazolam (IV schedule) were; located.

    The search in the garage also yielded a baggie containing a white powdery substance, which the presumption test showed it may have contained Cocaine. The baggie was approximately 1 gram.

    After placing Tim Furr under arrest, without any direction from the police officer, Tim Furr stated that he uses Meth, and has a drug problem.

    As the result of the investigation Furr is charge with knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled substance without a valid prescription; manufacturing, delivering, possessing, or possessing with intent to manufacture or deliver controlled substance; and burglary.

    Furr is behind bars in the Central Regional Jail on a $45, 000 Bond.
    GFP – 12.20.2011

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