They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy-Central WV SS/Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor with music and color

I awake to find no peace of mind

When the dead body of FRED HILL they did find

I said, how do you live as a fugitive like a member of the SS

Down here where I cannot see so clear,

But that Casey Smith certainly seems queer

You ask what do I know

The State Police just say…

“Hey JOE!” Where ya goin with that gun

Show me the right way to go.

I just don’t know, but the VILLE is an EVIL THRILL!

The elite think evil is fun so they gotta run…

And the spies came out of the water down by the Crooked River

You’re feeling so bad ’cause you know that they killed yet another

Just like the other

That’s why the spies hide in every corner

With the SS man a chief mourner   …at the memorial

But you can’t touch them no way their big dogs say

Or you will be eaten straight away

‘Cause they’re all spies

For in the tallest mountains the Ghost Wolf is still free

They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River

They’re all spies

I awake to see that no one is free but blood still drips from thee

Black cats and midnight tales bring Crystal Metz all too close to the unsolved murder of Fred Hill given the fact she was there and became annoyed by Fred when he pinched her ass and some said she vowed revenge right then and there. Then, just after the midnight hour a short time later Fred disappeared directly into the Crooked River behind the bar where he was drinking with a co-worker that night.

Because we are all spies
We’re all fugitives from the elite
Look at the way we give

And look at the way they live
Down here, some cannot sleep from fear, No!

But no fear they say is the SS way
I said, which way do I turn when I learn that everything is corrupt

We can not go belly up when they’re all spies
Oh, I forget everything but I remember a lot, because I am all spy

Those Crooks come down from the Hill down by the Crooked River

The Spies came all the way from the sea
But you’re feeling so bad cause ya know you ain’t free
Though spies hide out in every corner
But you can’t touch them, no, you can only see
The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds secrets

Cause they’re all spies


FRED IS DEAD ...just like the CalPatty Press said, a long time ago!

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