Month: November 2011

NO SCHOOL on “NO GO” day December 5th — NO SCHOOL by order of the PRESIDENT of the COUNCIL OF CONCERNED CITIZENS and the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition!

By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor

“DON’T GO TO SCHOOL on MONDAY DECEMBER FIFTH by order of the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens and the Supreme Commander of the SS!

“MONDAY December 5th is Gilmer County ‘NO GO’ day”

“NO GO” to school day 5 DECEMBER 2011 is hereby deemed an action of protest; for the reason that our Gilmer County Schools were taken over by the State for the political motives and the POLITICAL ACTION of saving one NEO NASIA BUTCHER her job as Principal .

Since then, politicians have made moves that seem anti – American that threatens the very freedom of mountaineers who have always vowed to remain free!

I myself am a pure bred West Virginian with local roots that go back well before the Civil War. Long time property owners that have paid property taxes and taxes of all kinds since the 1800′s have been disrespected and have had property actually stolen from them, and even complaining to the SHERIFF of Gilmer County got no results for he is controlled by the political structure also.

This is more disrespect and now investigations have uncovered even more victims!

But, the biggest victim are the children of Gilmer County!

The ACTION involving the obvious political take over of the Gilmer County Schools, and then leaving a sexual deviant in charge — which HAS AFFECTED all the students in the high school is about the last insult we can take.




IT IS “NO GO” MONDAY …on December 5th!

NEO NASIA BUTCHER brought her girls up right! The Butcher Bitches getting it on is LIZ and LEX and boy do they like SEX!!

Lizzy Butcher one half of the BUTCHER BITCHES team with her mother Nasia Butcher principal of the scandalized Gilmer County High School!

There are plenty of party antics that happen when the elite meet in Crooked County and when the Butcher Bitches and friends break bad!!

Butchers Bitchers Breaking Bad!!

Lizzy Butcher from the infamous Butcher Bitches of Gilmer County that BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press giving her cig a little tongue action for she loves to get that tongue involved in just about everything!


They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy-Central WV SS/Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor with music and color

I awake to find no peace of mind

When the dead body of FRED HILL they did find

I said, how do you live as a fugitive like a member of the SS

Down here where I cannot see so clear,

But that Casey Smith certainly seems queer

You ask what do I know

The State Police just say…

“Hey JOE!” Where ya goin with that gun

Show me the right way to go.

I just don’t know, but the VILLE is an EVIL THRILL!

The elite think evil is fun so they gotta run…

And the spies came out of the water down by the Crooked River

You’re feeling so bad ’cause you know that they killed yet another

Just like the other

That’s why the spies hide in every corner

With the SS man a chief mourner   …at the memorial

But you can’t touch them no way their big dogs say

Or you will be eaten straight away

‘Cause they’re all spies

For in the tallest mountains the Ghost Wolf is still free

They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River

They’re all spies

I awake to see that no one is free but blood still drips from thee

Black cats and midnight tales bring Crystal Metz all too close to the unsolved murder of Fred Hill given the fact she was there and became annoyed by Fred when he pinched her ass and some said she vowed revenge right then and there. Then, just after the midnight hour a short time later Fred disappeared directly into the Crooked River behind the bar where he was drinking with a co-worker that night.

Because we are all spies
We’re all fugitives from the elite
Look at the way we give

And look at the way they live
Down here, some cannot sleep from fear, No!

But no fear they say is the SS way
I said, which way do I turn when I learn that everything is corrupt

We can not go belly up when they’re all spies
Oh, I forget everything but I remember a lot, because I am all spy

Those Crooks come down from the Hill down by the Crooked River

The Spies came all the way from the sea
But you’re feeling so bad cause ya know you ain’t free
Though spies hide out in every corner
But you can’t touch them, no, you can only see
The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds secrets

Cause they’re all spies


FRED IS DEAD ...just like the CalPatty Press said, a long time ago!


By Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor

Danny “NUB” Marks who was a witness that lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice case, and the man that actually did move the equipment in question found himself in jail in the wee morning hours of Friday November 4th for DUI just four days short of his 52nd birthday. Marks also made it to the top of the SNITCH LIST for Gilmer County in 2008 and 2009.  I wonder who he is snitching on while in jail  right now! Marks has yet to be held accountable for his false testimony. “NUB” is considered an enemy of the SS and is currently at the top of 2011 SNITCH LIST as well  — And that fact should be considered if personal contact is made with this man of obvious questionable character that is from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County! Just up the holler from Grantsville a ways.

Gerald R. Ball  is the original owner of the house NUB and ALL STAR from the CalPatty Press SNITCH LIST resides in currently!

"The Spring of 2001 the Ghost Wolf was born!"

In fact, I, myself was present while the house was being built and visited often, right after they moved out of the trailor, and into the house when the finishing touches were being built on. There was a beautiful iron spiral stair case at the front of the house that gave the home a different style and look.  Also a moment in history and a very important fact is the famous SS reporter Rina McCoy was on hand to see the home go up, as those were the early days of the SS and Rina had just started to show the signs of being pregnant that spring of 2001 and of course there were rumors that made it all the way to Judge Facemire’s office as to who the father was.

But, in this case the situation was “Fathers” for the dog had a litter of puppies too. In fact one of them was a GHOST WOLF for it was said both of the fathers were wild, and that one of them was a Wolf, but it was never clear as to which one.

“Gerry Ball” was charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon, and generally fucking up one summer not so very long ago, in fact Gerry drove his brand new $35,000 truck off a cliff drunk and the truck was a total loss, after he found out his wife State Witness in the “Travesty” case Shirley Ball was sucking the little Nub of Nub, but the charges mysteriously just vanished one day, like Calhoun Magistrate  “Steve Johnson” a relative of Gerry Ball in Calhoun County along with about 3,000 dollars of local govt funds.

Gerry Ball, father to JIM BALL the local private detective bails bond dude was arrested by the State Police and released on $1000 bond and a plea hearing was set for Calhoun Magistrate’s Court on July 26, but that all got squashed since the magistrate who was a relative was really on a binder and was a raisin cain like it was a Calhoun County tradition, and then I heard it was!

This all happened about the time Jimmy Moss from the Glenville Sheriff Department went on down there to talk to Gerry when he was in a bit of a legal pickle, but later that got picked and what was born from all of it was a legal case that took about five years to resolve and went all the way to the Supreme Court and that case is the more than famous, “Travesty of Justice,”case that has proven to be rife with both alleged and proven misconduct by prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!

“The SS has long said, that most of the witnesses that testify for the State of West Virginia on behalf of Gilmer County and Gerald B Hough are liars and criminals he hands selects to tell what ever tale old Gerry needs a told that day as he serves jurors bottled water with his picture on it, and then goes and tells the jury during deliberations he needs a guilty verdict because that particular court case had been in the courts for over three years already…”

Yeah, there ya go some good ole Gilmer County Justice with a Power Elite Jury! But, then, “That’s how we always do it here in Gilmer County!”

Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Full Name: Marks,  Danny  Cleo
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/8/1959
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 11/04/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial