By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens Free Press and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition

If you sign a contract you are obligated to fulfill the terms of that contract.  If you find a problem during the course of that contract, you have recourse to fight for change in the courts.  Those are the plain, simple facts.  Yet Gilmer County Commission has not found it necessary to pay Lewis County E911 fees, since the election of 2010, fees that have been contractually obligated.  This is happening despite the fact the Lewis County Commission reduced the monthly fees charged to Gilmer County by one half for the past two years.

Calling 911 is no laughing matter unless you live in Glenville, and then the thought of it is hilarious as these two can't keep a straight face while acting out an emergency!

Whether you agree or not that Gilmer should have their own 911 center does not alter that the organization providing our current emergency services support has not been paid for work already agreed to and rendered.  It does not change that they are being mistreated and publicly insulted by the Gilmer County Commission.  Commissioner Kennedy actually called the Lewis County Director Rowan a “Jackass” when he questioned why payment had not been made since last year in the public commission meeting October 2011. 

“Not one other Commissioner called Kennedy out on this behavior!”

They all sat there in quiet agreement.  To put the icing on the cake, the commission did not sign the annual contract with Lewis County E911 at that meeting.  Does this mean we do not have 911 services in Gilmer County?  It should, we haven’t paid for it, there is no contract in effect.

We would be screwed if Lewis County had not worked for us and with us these many years at our request and they have continued to do the job for our citizens out of a sense of duty while trying to work to resolve the problem without pay.

Any reasonable person can figure out that if we bring the 911 center back to Gilmer County we should be working closely with Lewis and learning from all of their years of experience. Why waste our time and money reinventing the wheel? You would think Gilmer County Commission would be attending the monthly meetings but they’re not. Commissioner Ramsey walked in to the Lewis County Commission meeting to tell them we are going on our own, that’s it.  Kennedy schedules to attend the Commission meetings and does not show.  You would think the Fire Chief would be attending those 911 meetings but he’s not.  You would think the EMS Director would be at those meetings on time but she’s walks in up to an hour late.  Are they supposed to back up and redo the meeting time and time again?  You would think that the Emergency Services plan for Gilmer County and Lewis County would be coordinated but it’s not and Gilmer County representatives are aware of that fact.  Furthermore, Gilmer County is making no effort to sit down at the table and develop a plan to transition the services in a smooth and efficient manner with our previous provider.  It is not happening. All of these facts are public record and reflected in the minutes of Lewis/Gilmer E911 and Lewis County Commission meetings.

Of course removing Gilmer County coverage is going to hurt Lewis County.

Hell, ya can't hardly even get a hold of the courthouse let alone depend on somebody coming to your aid!

 They have invested  funds to grow with and have a vested interest in the center that has by mutual agreement provided multiple county emergency service needs for a very long time. They have increased their facility, staffing and training costs to meet them.  The budget will be greatly reduced. They will have to lay off recent hires and the last three are Gilmer County people. Can you honestly believe that they are not professional enough to coordinate this transfer of responsibilities in compliance with the federal and state laws which govern E-911 services locally and nationwide? They have provided required federal training for our emergency responders.  They have not asked us to leave, we are choosing the move and that is our right.  It is the obligation of the County Commission and those they have appointed to determine if the move is feasible and if it is to make it work.  It does no good to sit at the table, listen to regulatory requirements and return to Gilmer County saying this is how we’ve been told it should be done but we’ll just do it our way.  Taking the easy way out will not get the job done this time. 

“Providing ambulance and emergency rescue is too important an issue!”

“It is up to county leadership to ensure all that takes place is in the best interest of our citizens!”

Calling our neighboring leaders jackasses does not help, it hurts the process.  It gives cold comfort to those forced to rely on them in an emergency now or in the future. It is business as usual ran by egos and politics, not intelligence and good common sense.     


  1. This is an important issue dear to the ear of Gilmer County! Thanks for reporting on this, but isn’t that the job of the local newspaper? If you all are going to do all the work of getting the citizens of Glenville the news, shouldn’t I be paying you the 30 plus dollars a year and not Dave Corcoran?

  2. Rowan is a jackass. Kennedy finally got something right! That’s like the blind pig finding an acorn or the broken clock being right twice a day. There’s a history that the original poster obviously doesn’t know. Local first responders pay for their own training. 911 pays for none of that. The addressing is screwed up. If you have a scanner you can tell we’d be better off with tin cans and strings rather than depend on Lewis County. Gilmer County received second rate service even when we paid Lewis County. I’m pleased to read that the county commission has been keeping the money.

    Hopefull we’ll get our own 911 center soon. The Gilmer County employees can stay here and do the same job.

    1. I personally attended required training and there was no payment I assure you. It was done to meet federal requirements for emergency services. I never indicated they paid for all training. Members of our fire department had to attend as well as local appointees and they are able to this education online at this time. Members of the sheriffs department had to be trained and tested as well and it was done at no cost to Gilmer County. It saved a lot of trouble for the county not being up to speed with federal requirements and they still fight to get people to update their training and keep us in compliance..

  3. 911 in Gilmer County is a joke. The dispatch decides if or when to even send somebody out?? Every call for help should be responded to – but not all are. Who decides?

    1. You know who they call first. Only the most “important” get immediate attention. I agree Ramsey is caving to the elite looking to see what they’ll do for him when they run Kight and get things back to their idea of normal. It’s a problem cause the Morris’ won’t let the voters touch Kennedy so they’lll have to put her in Ramsey’s slot and he’ll need another job.She’s retiring now you know but still gets a paycheck to do the Recreation Centers books since I guess Anna James got more money from the city and EDA. They gave 911 away and now to even think about paying for its return on new taxes as a levy should be a joke but that’s the serious message Kennedy sent at that meeting. Never should have been a question.. Tell them to use the taxes they’ve collected over the years for something besides salaries, benefits and fancy equipment for their friends on the hill. What happened to $400,000 worth of OPEB liability money that was put aside? Where’s at least $300,000 rainy day money set aside before they decided to buy a new car when the one they replace only had 30,000 miles on it and was bought for the Assessors son. Spent would be a darn good guess. Now they brought the circuit clerk’s deputy’s husband in to work for the Assessor. They told no one applied but the plans been in the works since January past. They don’t want to take money away from Lewis County. They gave them our schools, our kids and now they are going to lay the blame for not getting 911 back to Gilmer on people who can’t afford another increase in taxes. Screw them.

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