Day: October 9, 2011

Don’t SCORCH the APPLE BUTTER, a wonderful look at the early days of Central WV! ALBERT WOOFTER takes us back to the days of Horseback Riders delivering the mail from Glenville to Grantsville!

By Editor Edison/Central West Virginia SS reporter/CalPatty Press-Editor

The Central WV SS has been bringing you true stories of corruption, pain and violence since 2006!  We have reported accurately and our history of reports and articles includes  prediction of rapes, murders and even mysterious fires, while we have all witnessed a decline in the good family life we all have known and loved.

“It is not necessarily a good thing to be able to predict that FRED was DEAD back in early December 2009, and it all turned out to be true!”

“The body of Fred Hill was found in the Crooked River after the spring thaw just like we predicted several months before!”

“But, we had seen that sort of thing a time or two down in Crooked County!”

“In 2006 and 2007 the Secret Seven Coalition predicted MORE RAPES by black athletes at GSC turned loose by an irresponsible power elite regime of big shots that are politically powerful and often are above the law in Gilmer County.”

“That prediction has come true too!”

We wanted to take a break from the corruption and the illegal law actions and remember when Central West Virginia was about the greatest place to live in America for good ole country living!

So lets present this Sunday’s story written by Ramona Bingman from her soon to be published book;

“From Oxcarts to the Moon” ..a loving look at life Gilmer County from the early part of the 20th century and then from the 30’s thru the 60’s in Central WV

From "Oxcarts to the Moon" ... a loving look at life from 30' thru the 60's in Central WV

"Oxcarts to the Moon" ... a true American experience!

And here is Alta Mae and Hobart Richards 

Alta Mae and Hobart Richards shown in this photo making Apple Butter available right now, this week at the CCCOA, Grantsville Senior Center, so don’t miss out on bringing back those good old memories of wonderful days gone by!

“Don’t Scorch the Apple Butter!”
Albert Woofter, a long time Gilmer County resident takes us back and lets us remember a time when the family was all so important, and the clean lifestyle of a young West Virginia just couldn’t be beat!

"A great look back at horseback riders delivering the mail from Glenville to Grantsville!"

And now we have an answer for all of those out of state folk that want to know what a run is …

Just a little piece to describe what a run is ... just like the location of our long time family home out by Middle Run in Letter Gap!

I hope this made your Sunday even better, I know it did mine! I guess I just love to look back on a simple time in WV. I also love to remember all of my wonderful relatives on days like today, but especially my beloved uncle Albert Johnson Woofter!