Why those self important Butchers feel so damn entitled!

By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS


The Glenville State College Transforming Lives Now

capital campaign has received a $100,000 private gift to

honor Teresa Butcher Jarvis (Class of 1941) who was (Their Aunt)

born in Cedarville. Her nearly 50-year teaching career

spanned from Widen, WV to Dona Ana County, NM.,,


The Jarvis Scholarship will be funded with a $50,000

pledge from the Estate of Jarvis’ late brother Robert J. (Terry & Tims Dad)

Butcher (Class of 1941) and a matching pledge from her

only surviving brother, Dr. James A. Butcher (Class of (his brother and co owner of school land) Terry & Tims Uncle



 Robert J. Butcher, who received the Alumni

Association’s Posthumous Alumnus of the Year Award in

2008, taught at Burnsville and Spencer High Schools and

later worked for the West Virginia Department of Health

and the State Department of Welfare. His reputation as an

accomplished auctioneer was known statewide.


Dr. James A. Butcher worked in the West Virginia public school

system at Barton, Jumbo, Upper Glade, and Cowen in

Webster County and at Petersburg in Grant County. He          (Do you think he helped with takeover  to make money?)

later held professorships at Shepherd College and The

American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Butcher

retired as President of Shepherd College in 1989 after 21

years. His administration at Shepherd was marked by

unparalleled growth in enrollment, the introduction of

innovative curriculum and program offerings, and

significant improvements in infrastructure. Jarvis had two

other siblings and several other relatives who graduated

from Glenville State College. Her great-grandfather

William Harrison Snider represented Gilmer County in the

West Virginia House of Delegates when the College was

established in 1872.


In acknowledging the gift, GSC President Peter Barr notes

that the Last Will and Testament of Robert J. Butcher

explains the generous gift:


“Teresa Butcher Jarvis had a distinguished career in the field of education. Without the

assistance that she received and the opportunities provided

to her by Glenville State College, none of her outstanding

professional accomplishments would have been possible. It

is only fitting and proper that a scholarship in her honor and

memory be established so that many other students may

receive the same assistance and opportunity.

The $100,000 gift was announced at GSC’s Alumni

Banquet on Saturday, April 26, 2008. R. Terry Butcher

’69 and Tim Butcher ’77, sons of the late Robert J.

Butcher, along with Robert’s surviving brother, Dr. James

A. Butcher ’53 accepted the Alumni Association’s

Posthumous Award on behalf of their father and brother!


Some of this data taken from alumni news…

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