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By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens Free Press and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition

If you sign a contract you are obligated to fulfill the terms of that contract.  If you find a problem during the course of that contract, you have recourse to fight for change in the courts.  Those are the plain, simple facts.  Yet Gilmer County Commission has not found it necessary to pay Lewis County E911 fees, since the election of 2010, fees that have been contractually obligated.  This is happening despite the fact the Lewis County Commission reduced the monthly fees charged to Gilmer County by one half for the past two years.

Calling 911 is no laughing matter unless you live in Glenville, and then the thought of it is hilarious as these two can't keep a straight face while acting out an emergency!

Whether you agree or not that Gilmer should have their own 911 center does not alter that the organization providing our current emergency services support has not been paid for work already agreed to and rendered.  It does not change that they are being mistreated and publicly insulted by the Gilmer County Commission.  Commissioner Kennedy actually called the Lewis County Director Rowan a “Jackass” when he questioned why payment had not been made since last year in the public commission meeting October 2011. 

“Not one other Commissioner called Kennedy out on this behavior!”

They all sat there in quiet agreement.  To put the icing on the cake, the commission did not sign the annual contract with Lewis County E911 at that meeting.  Does this mean we do not have 911 services in Gilmer County?  It should, we haven’t paid for it, there is no contract in effect.

We would be screwed if Lewis County had not worked for us and with us these many years at our request and they have continued to do the job for our citizens out of a sense of duty while trying to work to resolve the problem without pay.

Any reasonable person can figure out that if we bring the 911 center back to Gilmer County we should be working closely with Lewis and learning from all of their years of experience. Why waste our time and money reinventing the wheel? You would think Gilmer County Commission would be attending the monthly meetings but they’re not. Commissioner Ramsey walked in to the Lewis County Commission meeting to tell them we are going on our own, that’s it.  Kennedy schedules to attend the Commission meetings and does not show.  You would think the Fire Chief would be attending those 911 meetings but he’s not.  You would think the EMS Director would be at those meetings on time but she’s walks in up to an hour late.  Are they supposed to back up and redo the meeting time and time again?  You would think that the Emergency Services plan for Gilmer County and Lewis County would be coordinated but it’s not and Gilmer County representatives are aware of that fact.  Furthermore, Gilmer County is making no effort to sit down at the table and develop a plan to transition the services in a smooth and efficient manner with our previous provider.  It is not happening. All of these facts are public record and reflected in the minutes of Lewis/Gilmer E911 and Lewis County Commission meetings.

Of course removing Gilmer County coverage is going to hurt Lewis County.

Hell, ya can't hardly even get a hold of the courthouse let alone depend on somebody coming to your aid!

 They have invested  funds to grow with and have a vested interest in the center that has by mutual agreement provided multiple county emergency service needs for a very long time. They have increased their facility, staffing and training costs to meet them.  The budget will be greatly reduced. They will have to lay off recent hires and the last three are Gilmer County people. Can you honestly believe that they are not professional enough to coordinate this transfer of responsibilities in compliance with the federal and state laws which govern E-911 services locally and nationwide? They have provided required federal training for our emergency responders.  They have not asked us to leave, we are choosing the move and that is our right.  It is the obligation of the County Commission and those they have appointed to determine if the move is feasible and if it is to make it work.  It does no good to sit at the table, listen to regulatory requirements and return to Gilmer County saying this is how we’ve been told it should be done but we’ll just do it our way.  Taking the easy way out will not get the job done this time. 

“Providing ambulance and emergency rescue is too important an issue!”

“It is up to county leadership to ensure all that takes place is in the best interest of our citizens!”

Calling our neighboring leaders jackasses does not help, it hurts the process.  It gives cold comfort to those forced to rely on them in an emergency now or in the future. It is business as usual ran by egos and politics, not intelligence and good common sense.     

Here is something to think about GILMER COUNTY!

By Freebird/RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS and the Concerned Citizens Free Press


There are only 88 students registered at 200 High Street GSC.  No out of state person is eligible to vote other than their state absentee if they live off campus.  They must be domiciled in the dorm.  Remember how they kept saying how great the registration was from the college.  Bull,  so I am questioning 470 registered voters reported by the clerks office.  Did we miss those people on the census?  No!  Are all of them of the age to vote even if we did?  No.  Something is wrong.  The number of registered voters exceeds even the broadest definition of possible voters eligible by 470 votes.(counting any and all residents) 


Earl Ray Tomblin Democrat 696 51.79%
Bill Maloney Republican 534 39.73%
Bob Henry Baber Mountain 107 7.96%
Marla Dee Ingels Independent 5 0.37%
Harry V. Bertram American Third Position 2 0.15%
Write Ins 0 0.00%
Unofficial Results Total Votes: 1,344
Registered Voters Gilmer County Population Statistics
3145 Democrat
930 Republican 8693 2010 census Gilmer County
                         121 Independent -1746 fci glmer inmates Can’t vote
10 Libertarian -152 fci camp inmates Can’t vote
8 Mountain -1721 2009 students GSC Low # vote
473 No Party -945 Total County schools enrollment (very few eligible)
4687 Total Registered 4129 Gilmer Regular Residents remaining After adjusting out FCI and Students
4687 Registered Voters Total
Adjusted out total census remaining residents
               558 Are they students?
Per  SOS 88 Students @ GSC  -88

Registered at 200 High Street, Living on Campus                 470

Can we believe that 470 high school seniors who were 18 before the election were registered as eligible to vote ?   A very high number for possible eligible at the high school would be generous at 8 (one or less is more likely).   We have not been provided the number of Democrat and Republican Ballots voted by Party and non-party registration data for a very long time.  Why is this?  This bit of public information is very relevant to candidates, their supporters and the voters in general.  It is foolish to believe that every non student resident of Gilmer County that would have been missed during the census would be a registered voter.  The registered voter is usually quick to respond to census questionnaires.  Who are these 470 and how do they vote?  Did they have missed this many adults during the census amd is it even possible that they would all be registered voters? It is not very likely and something to think about..  It is hard to believe  that in a County so dedicated to its political beliefs there are 473 voters of no party affiliation.  473 versus 470, maybe just a coincidence but it seems a reasonable question. Certainly these invisible people and their ballots represent votes. The numbers are disturbing and statistics in Gilmer County do not change significantly year to year.


Don’t SCORCH the APPLE BUTTER, a wonderful look at the early days of Central WV! ALBERT WOOFTER takes us back to the days of Horseback Riders delivering the mail from Glenville to Grantsville!

By Editor Edison/Central West Virginia SS reporter/CalPatty Press-Editor

The Central WV SS has been bringing you true stories of corruption, pain and violence since 2006!  We have reported accurately and our history of reports and articles includes  prediction of rapes, murders and even mysterious fires, while we have all witnessed a decline in the good family life we all have known and loved.

“It is not necessarily a good thing to be able to predict that FRED was DEAD back in early December 2009, and it all turned out to be true!”

“The body of Fred Hill was found in the Crooked River after the spring thaw just like we predicted several months before!”

“But, we had seen that sort of thing a time or two down in Crooked County!”

“In 2006 and 2007 the Secret Seven Coalition predicted MORE RAPES by black athletes at GSC turned loose by an irresponsible power elite regime of big shots that are politically powerful and often are above the law in Gilmer County.”

“That prediction has come true too!”

We wanted to take a break from the corruption and the illegal law actions and remember when Central West Virginia was about the greatest place to live in America for good ole country living!

So lets present this Sunday’s story written by Ramona Bingman from her soon to be published book;

“From Oxcarts to the Moon” ..a loving look at life Gilmer County from the early part of the 20th century and then from the 30’s thru the 60’s in Central WV

From "Oxcarts to the Moon" ... a loving look at life from 30' thru the 60's in Central WV

"Oxcarts to the Moon" ... a true American experience!

And here is Alta Mae and Hobart Richards 

Alta Mae and Hobart Richards shown in this photo making Apple Butter available right now, this week at the CCCOA, Grantsville Senior Center, so don’t miss out on bringing back those good old memories of wonderful days gone by!

“Don’t Scorch the Apple Butter!”
Albert Woofter, a long time Gilmer County resident takes us back and lets us remember a time when the family was all so important, and the clean lifestyle of a young West Virginia just couldn’t be beat!

"A great look back at horseback riders delivering the mail from Glenville to Grantsville!"

And now we have an answer for all of those out of state folk that want to know what a run is …

Just a little piece to describe what a run is ... just like the location of our long time family home out by Middle Run in Letter Gap!

I hope this made your Sunday even better, I know it did mine! I guess I just love to look back on a simple time in WV. I also love to remember all of my wonderful relatives on days like today, but especially my beloved uncle Albert Johnson Woofter!

Why those self important Butchers feel so damn entitled!

By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS


The Glenville State College Transforming Lives Now

capital campaign has received a $100,000 private gift to

honor Teresa Butcher Jarvis (Class of 1941) who was (Their Aunt)

born in Cedarville. Her nearly 50-year teaching career

spanned from Widen, WV to Dona Ana County, NM.,,


The Jarvis Scholarship will be funded with a $50,000

pledge from the Estate of Jarvis’ late brother Robert J. (Terry & Tims Dad)

Butcher (Class of 1941) and a matching pledge from her

only surviving brother, Dr. James A. Butcher (Class of (his brother and co owner of school land) Terry & Tims Uncle



 Robert J. Butcher, who received the Alumni

Association’s Posthumous Alumnus of the Year Award in

2008, taught at Burnsville and Spencer High Schools and

later worked for the West Virginia Department of Health

and the State Department of Welfare. His reputation as an

accomplished auctioneer was known statewide.


Dr. James A. Butcher worked in the West Virginia public school

system at Barton, Jumbo, Upper Glade, and Cowen in

Webster County and at Petersburg in Grant County. He          (Do you think he helped with takeover  to make money?)

later held professorships at Shepherd College and The

American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Butcher

retired as President of Shepherd College in 1989 after 21

years. His administration at Shepherd was marked by

unparalleled growth in enrollment, the introduction of

innovative curriculum and program offerings, and

significant improvements in infrastructure. Jarvis had two

other siblings and several other relatives who graduated

from Glenville State College. Her great-grandfather

William Harrison Snider represented Gilmer County in the

West Virginia House of Delegates when the College was

established in 1872.


In acknowledging the gift, GSC President Peter Barr notes

that the Last Will and Testament of Robert J. Butcher

explains the generous gift:


“Teresa Butcher Jarvis had a distinguished career in the field of education. Without the

assistance that she received and the opportunities provided

to her by Glenville State College, none of her outstanding

professional accomplishments would have been possible. It

is only fitting and proper that a scholarship in her honor and

memory be established so that many other students may

receive the same assistance and opportunity.

The $100,000 gift was announced at GSC’s Alumni

Banquet on Saturday, April 26, 2008. R. Terry Butcher

’69 and Tim Butcher ’77, sons of the late Robert J.

Butcher, along with Robert’s surviving brother, Dr. James

A. Butcher ’53 accepted the Alumni Association’s

Posthumous Award on behalf of their father and brother!


Some of this data taken from alumni news…

SECRET SOCIETY of GILMER COUNTY reads like a WHO’s WHO of Glenville Elite

By Free Bird-RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizen FREE PRESS

A globally acknowledged, often respected, closed and powerful society of noble purpose has, over the years, been subject to controversy.  But seldom has it been so dishonored and disgraced through actions of some local West Virginia members.  After careful research, we have determined that the people of Glenville have long been under the thumb of this orders members and its affiliates.  We will not give the name, but many will know of what organization we speak.  This information is public and did not require inside information.  The facts are clear.  Let us take a look at some of the more well known players and members.

LOCATION: College Street, Glenville, WV 26351
MAILING ADDRESS: P. O. box 191, Glenville, WV 26351
MEETINGS: Third Tuesday at 7:30

Some Officers We All Know

Wilda Jones, Worthy Matron  Gilmer County Executive Committee
Karen Lay, Associate Matron  Glenville State College
Diane Butcher, Associate Conductress wife of Timothy B Butcher
Darrell Ramsey, Marshal- elected County Commissioner
Mary Oldaker, Esther-Senior Center- Ramseys Campaign

Chapter  Memership

Marjorie Burke
Janet Burkhammer
Diana Butcher
Nasia Butcher
Terry Butcher
Timothy Butcher
Zetta Campbell
Susan Chapman
O. V. Ellyson, P.P.
Frances Fitzwater, P.M..
Pamela Furr
Peggy Hardman, P.M.
Robert O. Hardman, P.P.
Mona James
Wilda Porter Jones, P.M.
Jeane Kennedy, P.M.
Karen Lay
Mary Oldaker, P.M.
Grace Oppe
Darrell Ramsey
Catherine Ratliff
Lenita Reale, P.M.
Beatrice A. Redcliff
Denver Roberts, P.G.P.
Harless A. Turner
Roseann Turner
Ina Woodford
Myra Woodford
Vada Woodford
Charlotte Woodyard, P.M.
Elma J. Woofter

Note:  These lists have been edited for the purpose of immediate relevancy to today’s issues in Gilmer County.  The full list is available online for your review.

Gilmer County No. 118

104 College St., Glenville, WV 26351                  2nd Tuesday

W.M. Robert O. Hardman, II, PM, P.O. Box 1023, Glenville, WV 26351—

 R. 623-4466 B. 462-6181

Executive Vice President GSC

SEC. Thomas R. Ratliff, P.O. Box 1023, Glenville, WV 26351 —————

R. 462-4348 B. 462-6241

Gilmer County Board of Education- elected

Think for yourself and connect the dots, the full list shows they still have dead people on their membership list just like the 2010 voters list.  Odd that they can send the message through membership they want someone to just play ball in order to get elected, include a long time House of Delegates member, bring in their candidate for  County Commissioner twice by their current record, put people on the Executive Committees, get the Sheriffs tax deputy/Magistrate Judge clerk positions, put a members son as Governors Lobbyist who hires ex GCEDA Director and handles Little Kanawha Parkway when their choice goes out of office, become perpetual alternating members of the GSC BOG plus get one of their owns property picked for a new school site, offend every decent member for 600 miles and no one knows.  Rogue and in control without consideration for the community describes this faction of the order very well.  The very purpose of their existence is to help their fellow man and one another.  Their actions reveal that they take very good care of themselves and do it at the expense of the community. We should comment that they will put the schools on Butchers property anyway although voters said no, they got their way by takeover and nobody should have put up with that.

Now, at least the people can see what it is that their so called leadership is really so very upset about.  All of the bad conduct being exposed that disgraces the national organization.  The bad press has revealed conduct that can not bear the light of day with their constituents, hence these comments from orders seeking to ban WV Chapters:

 Do not decide the TRUTH beforehand thereby perhaps allying yourself with what may become the less honorable or less noble position.  Remain neutral, investigate, educate yourself and then try to make the best possible decision you can on your own coming from your heart and your conscience not from the lynch crowd who have already made a pre judgment.

Those that pre-judge are then muzzled and when they find one of their group that is out of line, unxxxxxxx, untruthful they cannot speak out or right a wrong because they have agreed in advance to support other groups no matter what.

 The Good Old Boys Gentleman’s Agreement – you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. You promise never to criticize me and I promise I will never criticize you no matter what the circumstances.  It smacks of our Congressmen who tell their peers, you vote for my earmark and I’ll vote for yours.

“As I am sure most of you are aware, it is a terrible, repugnant state of affairs within the borders of West Virginia for the average xxxxx.

Seems like a lot of people no longer require their guidance.

Read All About It! 10 Year Plan Meeting a Bust! Guess who wants the money?

By Freebird/ RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS

10 Year Plan Meeting a Bust!

Guess who wants the money?

D C Petroleum Inc
Desi Garrett, President Glenville,

WV Oil and Gas Investments Small Investment. Large Ownership Direct Drilling Participation.

Desi Garrett listed as the President of D C Petroleum Inc, which is listed under oil and gas exploration and development in Glenville, WV.

About Desi Garrett

Estimates show D C Petroleum Inc employs 1 to 4 people and has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million .

D C Petroleum Inc     409 Kanawha Street
Glenville, WV 26351-1026
Glenville, WV Metro Area         Phone: (304) 462-8049

D C Petroleum Inc in Glenville, WV is a private company which is listed under oil and gas exploration and development. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of 1 to 4.

Following is a list of the members of the current CEFP Committee organized on December 2010 with Mrs. Nasia Butcher as president. The list which IS NOT made up of various members of society in order to better serve the community. This list was obtained from Gilmer County Schools Office on Tuesday, March 01, 2011.

John D. Bennett Superintendent
Betsy Barr Community Community
Nasia Butcher Gilmer County High School Principal
Conner Ferguson Gilmer County High School Student 9th Grade
Kelly Radcliff Gilmer County High School Parent/LSIC/Pres. Athletic Boosters
Sandy Pettit Gilmer County High School Parent/LSIC Chair
Joe Frashure Gilmer County Schools Transportation/Food Svc. Director
Nancy Summers Glenville Elementary Parent/School Volunteer
Nancy McVaney Glenville Elementary Teacher
Kim Freeland Glenville Elementary Teacher
Toni Bishop Glenville Elementary Principal
Lisa Tanner Normantown Elementary Parent
Patty Lowther Normantown Elementary X Principal
Melissa Jedamski Sand Fork Elementary Parent
Charlene Montgomery Sand Fork Elementary Parent
David Bishop Sand Fork Elementary X Principal
Desi Garrett Troy Elementary Parent/Business
Larry Barton Troy Elementary Principal

Surprise, surprise, surprise…  Ron Blankenship and Nasia Butcher gave a party to shove the new 10 year facilities plan for Gilmer County education down our throats and nobody came.  Why bother, no input was requested and there was no suggestion box.  Not even one representative of the “only good press for the Board” Glenville Democrat bothered to attend.

The two schools planned to be built on Butcher owned property in Glenville and Linn property owned by Desi Garrett.


It is in no way ethical or moral for these people to participate in the decision making and then prosper as a result. WHAT A JOKE.  For the kids, don’t think so.  For the benefit of the power mongers, obviously. The new board members appointed by John Bennett never met on this issue and had no input.

A very important question is, will the state try to impose a mandated levy to build the second school as the state promised funding for only one?   We are told this has happened in other take over situations.  When does the Board of Education excess levy that is in place expire and go up for vote? Someone needs to ask the County Commission that question as they seem to have no opinion on the subject and have offered no support for the people who elected them.

Zero attendance at this meeting to spoon feed Gilmer County citizens the Superintendents plan should have sent the message.  There is no support in this County for this take over and the puppet regime.  Charleston, you need to cut the strings of this puppet or are you controlled as well? If there was any justification for this take over other than political do something now.