By Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator-Editor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill BUSTED FLAT in Greenbrier!

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE and narcotics in pill form.

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 200 lbs. DOB: 7/20/1971

Booked: 7/29/2011 Booking ID: 999038831

Greenbrier County – Bail: $0.00 – SRJ

Charge Type: Misdemeanor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill a WACO OIL employee and suspected member of the local drug cartel.


But, that’s OK Joe Manchin will get dude off the coke charges after all Doug Boy part of the Doug Morris drug Cartel donated one grand to the Big Joe campaign last time it was time to give!

DOUGLAS COTTRILL (WACO OIL & GAS/SALESMAN), (Zip code: 26351) $1000 to MANCHIN FOR WEST VIRGINIA on 10/08/10 just before the November election.

Doug Cottrill is also the Owner of Drakes Auto Sales, which is listed under automobiles, used cars only in Glenville, WV.

Doug Cottrill Laundromat. 313 W. Main St.

May 2, 2011 – Cottrill, Doug GLENVILLE, WV 26351, Miller Supply of WV Inc./Sales Manager

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE.

In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen).

Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS. Two bags of weed were also found by Police.

The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics event.

Lewisburg Police Officer Brandon McCormick was on a routine traffic run at the intersection of Rt. 219 and Rt. 60 in downtown Lewisburg Greenbrier County WV, when he noticed a Red Jeep entering the intersection without its headlights on when it was dark.

The officer noticed the driver and passenger had two open containers and a box of beer in the back seat as they were passing by when he yelled for them to pull over in the parking lot nearby.

To makes matters worse, the officer discovered a tail light on the vehicle was also out, and then the officer could smell that marijuana was being smoked.

Better WATCH YOUR STEP when you know the CalPatty Chips are down! This is an Actual Copy of the Arrest Report of WACO OIL and ASS Salesman Doug Cottrill for those who claim the story is made up by the GFP – The Gilmer FREE PREE Reports the TRUTH read at your own risk!

By clicking on the above link in blue you can read the arrest report for yourself, and see that at 2130 hrs on 28 July Doug Cottrill was arrested and booked on 29 July. Included in the driving with open container, were the drug charges clearly noted on the arrest report.


  1. Wow! An article that you’ll most likely ONLY see here and not in the local paper.
    Good reporting! Sad news but news none-the-less.
    (But be careful, this is the kind of reporting that gets webpages shut down!…..we can’t have the truth in Gilmer county, you know!)

    Comment by Anon. on 08.02 at 06:03 PM

    Kudos GFP! Your diligent efforts in ferriting out the news are making invaluable contributions in central West Virginia. An informed citizenry is the most formidable change agent on planet earth and thanks to you, our ranks are swelling. Gone are the days of unchecked repression when mind guards spoon fed the news to us as a finely orchestrated strategy for advancing their personal agendas.
    Comment by Rooster on 08.02 at 06:58 PM

    Let’s consider some hypothetical Morris family connections for just the pill container.

    The culprit:

    a) stole the contraband from a Morris,

    b) he bought it from a Morris,

    c) a Morris accidentally lost the container with the just the pills and the person found it to add cocaine,

    d) a Morris gave the pills and the cocaine to the person, or

    e) the man somehow obtained the discarded pill bottle and he filled it with the controlled substances.

    Any other possibilities? More details will ensue.
    Comment by Gilmer Drug Watch on 08.03 at 12:52 PM

    Was wondering if the prescription was filled at the Manchin Clinic? Is it true that a GSC basketball coach was the passenger in the vehicle? A sorry incident indeed.
    Comment by anonymous on 08.03 at 03:26 PM

    Indeed it is true… They are part of the team using, dealing and distributing drugs in this county and constantly getting away with it, just because who they hang out with and the butts they kiss to say the least. It is absolutely disgusting and a shame this disgusting crew bring to people of Gilmer County. Mr. Ike Morris in his speech said he and his family do not do anything to hurt the people of Gilmer County. I feel Mr. Morris owes the people of Gilmer County an explanation of why his pill bottle was in possession of Doug Cottrill, and why he has employed such a man as part of his team with so many drugs? Does Waco Oil & Gas have a drug policy for its employees? Please explain. Thank you
    Comment by A Betrayed Gilmer Countian on 08.03 at 04:00 PM

    Well my opinion is….. Mind your own freakin beeswax! Shut up about it already!
    Comment by Dont worry on 08.03 at 07:10 PM

    Young Gilmer County men were recently given 1-5 years, placed in an environment that only breeds criminal activity and had their records ruined over a few pills. This man was read his rights so therefore arrested. Will he do one day in jail for possession of multiple narcotics or will he walk away clean through connections? Did he even see the inside of a jail cell?
    Comment by You tell me on 08.04 at 08:43 AM

  2. This son of a bitch got off SCOTT FREE of dope charges, and the cop that arrested him got fired from the particular police force for even stopping and harassing members of the Power Elite from Glenville, West Virginia.

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