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The FREE PRESS POLL RESULTS that the Power ELite of Glenville don’t want you to see!

Poll Result: GSC Administration and Board of Governors

image~~  Comments ~~•  Misconduct going on in the Administration.

•  When allowed to function when terms have expired, it is just plain wrong.

•  Administration at GSC has poor leadership. Everything is a party for Dr. Barr and some coaches.

•  The fact that all their terms were expired last year speaks volumes!

•  Academics seems to have taken a back seat to athletics.

•  a complete shakeup is needed

•  It is not the college; it is the personal greed of few and their personal gains.

•  Problem is with higher up admins, faculty and staff are fine.

•  college has decrease the tax base in community and does the same thing local businesses do!

•  Imagine if all the taxpayers money was used the right ways how much better would be.

•  We have no problem with college, the problem is administrators.

•  The college has done more for this community than this site or many others want to admit.

•  The coverups for all the rapes at GSC, burglaries, just because they are sports and Security people.

•  Where the college has a BOG member as the head coach of golf team.

•  GSC BOG does not address the parking issue.

•  Real faculty is put last and too many under qualified hiring practices.

•  Place to give jobs to mob gang.

•  GSC has become a channel for crooks to drain all the money they can.

•  Problem is: too much secrecy and lack of communication.

•  Emphasis on only few sports.

•  GSC is not what is used to be with present emphasis on sports, bricks and mortar not academics.

•  A+ as the “GSC Cover-up Gang” & getting crooks on campus!

The online poll is believed to be a precident in West Virginia and its results should not be ignored. If only yea and nay votes are counted, of those 1145 votes there was a 6.6% yea vote compared to 93.4% nay. That represents fourteen nays per yea. The challenge is for administrators and politicians in control of West Virgnia’s higher education system to evaluate the data and to determine appropriate actions to implement at Glenville State College. For starters, President Barr and the Board of Governors should resign or be replaced. Of particular interest for the poll is that a person could not sit at a computer and run up the votes. Dr. Barr you and Board of Governor members are invited to respond.

Comment by Statistician416  on  08.29  at  05:25 AM

In any business, organization, educational establishment, the leadership is the key. The leaders are right on the top to make sure all the rules and procedures are followed. As an example, under the current presidents of college and board of governors this is the second time the board is operating with expired members. Two years ago all lay members had expired terms and now we have several! How hard is it to look at the roster and address the issue? It they were students, they have failed twice to say the least.

Comment by Rno317  on  08.29  at  07:57 AM

A RECENT HISTORY of Public Records Fraud – Election Fraud and gross misconduct in CROOKED COUNTY!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor

This is the article that led to many mainstream articles involving the misconduct of the County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, along with the newly elected republican Jean Butcher.

Many of us feel that Jean Butcher is directly connected to felony election fraud along with Gerald B Hough and Beverly Marks, and hopefully these facts can be proven, but the felony evidence has already been compromised by the Secretary of State Natalie Tennant who we feel is actively involving in a coverup of the wrongdoing in Gilmer County.

After this article was written, as hard as it was to believe the facts all proved to be true and 47 legal documents were also published on the internet to back up the facts and to prove the court record.

In March of 2011,  the Butcher and Butcher law firm who partially made up the entity known as Gilmer Housing Partners were ordered to pay $ 340,000 in damages by a federal judge.

After this article was published, many more followed by mainstream news outlets, but the FREE PRESS BROKE THIS BIG STORY so Here it is!!

CommunityConcerns™: Public Records Fraud? Election Fraud? In Gilmer County?!


The lawsuit over the lien has been filed against the Gilmer County Clerk in the Federal Court in Clarksburg, WV.


For many months the Gilmer Free Press readers have been asking why we stopped publishing the public information from the office of Gilmer County Clerk.

As we have communicated with all of you over and over, we have been unable to obtain the information from this office.

We have many times communicated, asked, and begged for the information that we were once able to get and strangely all of a sudden stopped.

Our requests on your behalf have been ignored by this office without any explanation.

Our information from several reliable sources indicates the office stopped the availability of information for publication at the request of two local attorneys.

We have apologized to you privately for not being able to get the information, we like to apologize publicly for not being able to publish what is supposed to be public information.

In our opinion, it is sad how a few in the county have been trying to control the media and the public officials who are paid by citizens of our county.

Over times, we have received many concerns from the citizens of Gilmer County about some illegal practices in the County Clerk’s office.

We have been shown documents which prove the records had been changed in this office without any public knowledge to cater specific clients.

Currently, the County Clerk’s office and the County Clerk are facing lawsuits for not showing liens against a property to a finance company, as well as election fraud in the recent election.

The individual concerns have been summed up below by one writer. If you feel your concerns are missing in this, please let us know and we will publish it separate.

We have confirmed this information as best we could.

We have been trying to find out the property in question, but unable to get any information from those involved.

We contacted the Clerk of Gilmer County for any information on these matters. She responded indicating she could not make any comments for publication.

Our attempt to contact the attorney involved in this matter was unsuccessful.

Since The Gilmer Free Press is the platform for the citizens and by the citizens, Citizens have spoken… We checked the Validity of Concerns… Therefore, we are reporting …. and… You decide……
Community Concerns:

To answer the community concerns regarding the allegations of wrong doing at the Gilmer County Courthouse involving deeds and titles, I have gathered some facts to further reveal what I consider to be corrupt and criminal behavior.

To clear up the matter on the illegal activity and the liens involving Beverly Marks County Clerk, there is a matter currently involving a possible civil action in the amount of 150,000 dollars. The specific amount will be revealed when the documents are filed with the court, but rumor has it that $500,000 may be sought for punitive damages involving a case in which a lien was not recorded, possibly for the purpose of using the property for collateral for a loan.

The reason the lien was not recorded has not yet been made clear, or verified, but the fact that the lien was not entered into record has been confirmed!

Investigations have brought out into the open certain facts that bring back memories of long hours at the fiduciary commissioner office of Vance Golden and allegations of wrong doing involving the AJ Woofter estate. In fact, the déjà vu was so strong that I gave Judy a call down in Parkersburg in Golden’s office to refresh my memory on the actual facts. I was reminded that after several visits to the office to complain, I discovered NO ACCOUNTING was done in 12 years on the AJ Woofter estate when they are required annually, and that finally an accounting was done and finalized in 2007, but that the accounting was sent to the wrong address. No answer was given for the fact that it was sent to the wrong address, but we expect it was done on purpose. So, after five years of begging and pleading and letter writing to get an accounting done, and after the AJ Woofter estate accounting was 12 years overdue, by law, finally when it was ready to send out, the long sought after accounting was sent to an address nobody ever heard of.

After all those years and all those complaints from lawyers, FIVE different attorneys and THREE from out of state, and letter after letter to Tim Butcher and Rosa Belle Gainer to request an accounting be done, it was lost. We asked that Butcher be fired years prior to this incident, and that also we felt it was a conflict that the executrix of the estate (Gainer) was an employee of the law firm of Butcher and Butcher. The letters from five different attorneys (all paid a fee) were ignored for five years, and no reply by Butcher until I hired an attorney by the name of Roger Curry from Fairmont at a cost of $10,000. He was forced to raise his voice with Butcher and said a word I cannot share with you to even get the paper work in motion. Butcher more or less was given an, “Or else,” by an attorney that once served on the Lawyer Disciplinary Board (Curry) and also had served as an accountant and a CPA before becoming a lawyer. I finally hired the right attorney!

Obviously Tim Butcher was above the laws of West Virginia and Vance Golden’s office was asked once again this afternoon [11.17.10] why Butcher was allowed to violate rules and procedures. Butcher paid himself $10,850 as a fee the last day he had the estate.

Butcher took over 38,000 out of the estate the last 120 days he had control of the estate.

We tried for years to get the AJ Woofter Estate money away from the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, since Timothy B Butcher was two years late with interest payments and Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham was caught back-dating checks to give the appearance that they were following all the rules.

The back-dating checks incident by Gainer is documented and she was read the riot act about the incident by Margaret H. Kreiner an attorney that knew what Rosa Belle Gainer was up to and made accusations of embezzlement.  A complaint was made to the Gilmer County Sheriff, but no action was taken by Sheriff Metz. No consequence for Butcher and none for Gainer-Cunningham and that will need to be explained at a later date, I predict. Now it has been determined that Gainer received more than the 3% fee allowed for an executrix by state law.

All of these documented facts are leading up to the point I am trying to make. That point is Tim Butcher can just make things up and has really come across with some whopper of excuses as to why all of his ducks were not in a row. My favorite was Butcher stated in a letter to Roger Curry in the summer of 2006 that he had not had time to get to the AJ Woofter estate accounting because he had to travel around to take his daughter Mary Catherine Butcher to her soft-ball games. That excuse really spun my head around!

The look on my face must have been the exact look my German Shepherd gets when the command is not quite clear, you know, the slight turning of the head to one side with the look that says….huh?  …come again? I was left with a look on my face not unlike a killer guard dog that was confused about the message, and guard dogs are rarely confused.

Norma Hurley a Gilmer County employee had a similar look on her face as mine, from what I understand due to some recent incidents that have happened up on the hill at the Gilmer County Courthouse. A recent incident has not only led to her resignation, but allegations of voter fraud have also been made.

“Voter Fraud?” Now how does this relate to the Butcher and Beverly Marks chatter and a lien not being recorded and a possible civil suit? I am glad you asked!  Norma Hurly ran for the office of County Clerk as a democrat, but was defeated in the primary election.

Then, later, around election time just a short time ago, Beverly Marks requested the help of a County office worker by the name of Debbie Allen to change her political party affiliation from democrat to independent so that she could legally help with the election. (or the rigging of the election)

By her own account as it was related to this reporter, Hurley witnessed some wrongdoing in regard to illegal procedure in the area secured for voting. Norma saw with her own eyes actions that could possibly be deemed unlawful and certainly in need of further investigation.

A very serious allegation has been made in regard to voting procedure and policy.

Hurley, a bookkeeper, noticed that Beverly Marks ordered extra recording modules for the IVO machines, two of them, and further, that they were declared missing for awhile, but then mysteriously showed up later on election night.  Imagine that that is so, “Gilmer County!”

An eyewitness account of the matter confirms the fact that Marks refused in this instance to report the outcome of votes precinct by precinct, as had been done in years prior.

This behavior by the County Clerk Beverly Marks is more than suspicious, it could possibly be criminal. The facts revealed that Marks gave some sub totals here and there, but no reports as had been part of normal procedure in prior years were made available to the public or the press.

Many concerned citizens of Gilmer County are now of the belief that the Gilmer County elections were rigged by the IVO-electronic machines and extra readers!

After witnessing all of this wrongdoing Norma Hurley quit that night! Norma tossed in the towel after a long service because she could no longer witness corruption and unlawful actions in the Gilmer County Courthouse.

It is suspected by many that a conspiracy exists between Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks that could include covering for prior wrongdoing. It is said that Tim Butcher has a copy of the index of all the Gilmer County titles and deeds in his office. If this is true, then certainly that is a highly illegal act since Butcher is not an elected public official or County Clerk.

It has been reported that Gerald Hough met with the County Clerk Beverly Marks just hours ago [on 11.17.10] to inform her that Hurly is filing voter fraud charges against her, and further, that Gerald B Hough was going to ask that the FBI become involved in the investigation.

I find it almost amusing that Hough would bandy the name of the FBI about, since I have confirmation that he is currently under federal investigation himself for wrongdoing involving fraud in regard to value of evidence in a criminal case that was in the court system for five years in West Virginia at a high cost to the state.

Many common folk in Glenville feel that Tim Butcher and Marks went the extra mile to get the republican Jean Butcher elected at all costs to cover for prior misdeeds, and also, to continue with the corruption! Jean Butcher is more than familiar with the procedure and the jobs required in the County Clerk’s office. She has a lot of experience and has been the “Go to” girl for Butcher in the past having been able to navigate all the files easily given her experience and background.

To further review this rather eye opening account of Gilmer County Courthouse corruption, a lawsuit is currently pending (no details as of yet) in regard to the fact a lien that had been filed, but NOT INDEXED in the record—in case the lien was located in a title search.

I was further informed that Timothy B Butcher of the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, has actually made a copy of the indices – Butcher admitted to doing so, and then defended himself by saying he did it as a safety measure. Safety measure? To insure the safety that he and Beverly Marks would not get caught for over 20 years of wrongdoing?

That would be my guess!

Boy that Timothy B Butcher can come up with some tall stories, that is for sure, but if this is an illegal act, then I have to ask why he is not telling the story to the guy at CRJ [Central Regional Jail] that takes your picture in orange? Is Butcher really above the law? Should people that enable Butcher, like Wood County Commissioner Vance Golden, also be charged for illegal acts that are confirmed as illegal acts?

Will the fact that we have a new governor change things? Or, will Tim Butcher be able to pick up the phone and ask Big Joe Manchin for some assistance since he took the seat of Senator Byrd?

One thing is for sure, Marks was notified about the civil action against her and expects the prosecuting attorney to defend her. Is this a conflict? Sure it is! You bet!!

But, in reality, it does not matter if it is a conflict or not, since Gilmer County time after time and case after case has proven Gilmer County, “Makes it’s Own Rules!”

Until concerned citizens take action and make an effort to improve things we can expect more of the same. There will be more rapes on campus at GSC that will be squashed as to not affect the “IMAGE” of the college and now we have Big Joe’s right hand man Mr James Spears to see that the image is delicately handled, and that there is no more talk of unsolved murders or heaven forbid, any more press regarding the NO FOUL PLAY of the very dead Basil Fred Hill. And further, it was heard said, that anyone that does not go along with the program will be dealt with in a severe manner.

And So It Goes…..

By Dan Bingman
Creston, West Virginia

The Gilmer Free Press’ Position:

•  The platform is open to all parties involved for comments and corrections to these allegations.

•  We think in general and anytime it is wrong and unethical when the public information and citizens’ data is only available to select people. We think it is a crime for anyone to change or finagle with this information for any reason at anytime without a clear public knowledge.

•  We love and respect the rules and laws of the land. It is every citizen’s right and privilege to express their political position when they vote. Every vote from any citizens regardless of their social status should count equally. We feel the election results should only be decided by the legitimate votes of the voters and not by any other mean by any individual(s).

•  Gilmer County, WV IS part of America.

•  We feels the laws of the land should apply to every citizen equally.

•  We think we should always pay more attention to the message and not the messengers.

You hope you are dreaming when reading about corruption in Gilmer County, but it is not a dream. It is real. It is time for higher authorities to put an end to it and stop the violators.

Comment by Johnny H.  on  11.18  at  11:42 AM

What have I been telling you? Criminal acts with no end in sight. cool mad

Comment by WatchDog  on  11.18  at  11:44 AM

I cannot imagine Beverly would do all of this unless others are behind it. She has fallen for others evil actions. I think Butchers need to take a break from sticking their nose in everything there is in this county. They have caused nothing but problems in this county. In college, elections, education, and the list go on. How many more innocent people have to suffer and become victims? We are just sick of it.

Comment by Rno329  on  11.18  at  02:37 PM

Since deeds and such are public record, media reps should file a freedom of information request if something isn’t made avaiable. By law, they must show the documents.

Comment by anonymous  on  11.18  at  06:07 PM

When you say, “By Law” in Glenville or Gilmer County it does not mean much. Unless you are a member of the Power Elite you can FOIA a month of Sundays and it will be N A D A !

If you try to even think of filing a complaint against any of them, all you will get is and “Eye Roll” from law enforcement and a statement that goes a little something like this…

“I’m not going to go and bother those people!“

Judges can lie and it will be covered for by their friends in Charleston, and the Butchers clearly broke the law in regard to the AJ Woofter Estate and when a complaint was made, this is what was said,

“I’m not going to go and bother those people!“

If you are member of the WV Bar you might as well belong to the mafia.

All other attorneys will cover for you.

I interviewed 20 attorneys to bring civil law action against F John Oshoway for misconduct, but no one in WV is willing to rat out their own, even if they are wrong.

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  11.18  at  07:26 PM

Can somebody name one thing the these brothers have done for Gilmer County beside ripping everybody and destroying everything abd people’s lives? Thank you

Comment by KC21  on  11.18  at  07:54 PM

Folks, you haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.  No one talks about the shady deal with the heirs of the Sis Linn/Presby Church property deal regards Butchers/GSC Goodwin Hall.  List is endless.

Comment by Keep diggin’ y’all…  on  11.18  at  11:43 PM

It looks like while one is paying the price, the other smells like a rose, stinks, doesn’t it?

Comment by Rno317  on  11.19  at  07:10 AM

It is terrible how the HAVE’s can do anything to keep paying their taxes and get away with it and HAVE NOT’s- the little guy who always pays gets penalized.

Comment by Rno299  on  11.19  at  07:11 AM

The property involves a home that Dr. Barr and Tom Ratliff sold to a home broker with already having a mortgage on it and the mortgage was left out when it was sold. Tim Butcher did the title research and did not list the home as having a mortgage on it.

Comment by Rno326  on  11.19  at  07:21 AM

I believe the home could be on the property behind the Otterbein Church on RT 5.

Comment by JRM  on  11.19  at  07:29 AM

If this is true Peter and Tommy sold a house with a lien on it and neither including Tim Butcher who did the legal work disclosed the TRUTH including the time when they registered it with the county clerk. They knowingly did this which should be violation of the law. The the question is Why?

Comment by anonnymous  on  11.19  at  07:36 AM

If you are in business doing crooked acts, you know the place to go.

Comment by Rno414  on  11.19  at  07:38 AM

  – And that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Well certainly the government,  “OF THE PEOPLE”  did perish for Glenville and Gilmer County the home of the 14th circuit court – home to Judge Richard A Facemire who is the most reversed judge in the WVSC at the current time of all presiding circuit court judges, and if not “today”  the MOST REVERSED, then most assuredly in the top two.

The city of Glenville government and the County of Gilmer government is by the Butchers, for the Butchers and the Power Elite of Gilmer County shall not perish!

Why are we as citizens allowing these holier than holy, I’m so cool you can’t go to my school hypocrites like Hough … (who in my opinion is a complete idiot) – control our lives and dictate policy that only benefit the very few and the not the masses?

Hough, to my knowledge is NOT a federal attorney in reference to the latest legal scandal, so therefore he would NOT be in the position to defend Marks in ANY federal action filed in US District court. His “It is all a mistake don’t worry!” …latest take on the matter is laughable.

The shady deal with the heirs of the Sis Linn/Presby Church property, and the full details and all the information pertaining to that transaction need to be made public – if we need any more secrets, then, we discuss the question of who did kill Fred Hill?

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  11.19  at  10:04 AM

Jean Butcher pulled the LEAST amount of votes in the primary by far of any candidate only 250 or so votes.

All the sudden she pulls the major votes to win an election over an HONEST democratic candidate?  … we all know who really won the election hands down!

Suspicious come behind win for Jean Butcher – DEAD LAST – for votes in the primary for County Clerk.

Butcher the winner -a Republican in a county, where Republicans always lose!

Gilmer County where Republicans always lose, unless…

Rumor has it Voter Fraud in Gilmer County to be squashed personally by the Secretary of State. Can’t have that even if laws were broken!

Come to Gilmer County where the ELITE ME and they truly are above the law!

Just ask Big Joe, Natalie and our puppet governor!

We may all soon be throwing NAZI salutes!

Comment by Rno415  on  11.23  at  05:21 PM

Only Republicans could vote for Jean Butcher in the primary election.  She was the highest vote getter on the Republican ballot.  ObvioObviously to win the GENERAL elction, she also received a large number of democrat votes.
Fraud?  No.  Just voter’s choosing to vote for the candidate who went door to door, put up election signs and talked to the people!  It is rare for Republicans to win in Gilmer County, but when they do, it is because Democrats vote for them.

Comment by Rno425  on  11.24  at  10:12 AM

Thanks Jean for that conflicting and typical
Cats chasing its tail report…

Especially since this sentence (below) makes no sense when translated into mathematical terms.

Only Republicans could vote for Jean Butcher in the primary election.  She was the highest vote getter on the Republican ballot.  Obviously, to win the primary, she also received a large number of democrat votes.

There will be no dog biscuit for that report!

I am not quite sure, but I am not going to buy that story, try again later!

… After the recording module evidence (x 2) comes up missing at the behest of Gerald B Hough, and the Secretary of State.

We are a jump ahead!!

Comment by Anonymous  on  11.24  at  02:39 PM

To rno415: Talk about sore losers, wow you take the cake.
So what if Jean Butcher came out with less votes in the primary? The fact remains, she won
the general election and that is the one that counts.
I cannot believe that you feel that she did not win fair and square. Yes you are right, Gilmer
County is a democratic county. But we have many SMART democrats to have enough sense to realize that a republican candidate in this election was a MUCH better choice than the democratic candidate running against her.
What that says is, vote for the BETTER choice rather than just because they are of your party. I have enough sense to vote for the one who will do the best job. And yes, I am a democrat, and yes I did vote for Jean. Smart, you betcha. This is what a lot of others thought too. Nothing was said when your candidate beat another democrat by 10 votes. Just so you know I voted for the Other candidate running against him on the democratic ticket. That candidate did not win, therefore I went with the next best candidate. She did win. It was all ok then huh? But, the Republicans and Democrats alike knew Jean was the best choice. It is just the other one thought he was a shoe in because of his name. Not this time. Are you upset because a lot of other offices both State and Nationally were won by Republicans or just this
one??? Oh, and by the way I am of no relation to Jean or personally connected to her. This is a honest opinion that Gilmer County voters got this one RIGHT.

Comment by Rno314  on  11.24  at  06:32 PM

In May the candidates got the following number of votes:
Total votes=1801

In November:
Total votes=2345

These figures spell, total of 544 more votes were casted in November than May.
Butcher got 471 more votes than Minigh in November.

It is just hard to believe that about 1158 Democrat would vote Republican to give the Butcher from 250 to 1408.

The Truth is that the Elite absolutely did not want Minigh in office. That is exactly why they had Jenkins to run against him in primary to beat him. They knew they could control Jenkins but not Minigh. Of course that plan failed.

Now the plan B: The only choice in main election for getting Minigh out was to fix it so he loses even if it takes to put a Republican in. There is no way that many Democrat would vote against a Democrat and for a Republican of all a sudden.

If the Democrat wanted the only Republican candidate who ran for an office then 1551 of them would not have voted for all democrats in May.

To the person who is defending the result of elections, if you are a Republican I understand, but if you are a Democrat you have to be part of the group who put Butcher in office. If you are a Democrat why did that many Democrat turn against a Democrat from May to November?

Please explain the role of additional two IVO modules and the secrecy about them and early voting, as well.

Also when were the machines certified for November‘s Election? And if they were why the public wasn’t notified of the time and date like it was in May?

Comment by Rno299  on  11.24  at  07:08 PM

RNO 299!  Sounds like a motor from 1963 that will be sure to win!

RNO 299! …In 2010 is speaking of another race and another kind of win!

RNO 299 is very qualified in telling the tale that makes perfect common sense.

But, the Power Elite depend on the fact that we are all dumb and we the people are all getting rather tired of feeling we went too far on a date without giving full consent!

I hate that feeling!

All of the sudden we are all going along with something we really didn’t want to do, but because we were bullied into it by foe or friend, it was, oh …here we go again!

The election was rigged and there were a few who witnessed behavior not known to have been known by prior record-suspicious behavior- performed by well known suspicious people!

Thank you RNO 299 for speaking the truth many are afraid to mention.

Comment by Anonymous  on  11.24  at  09:52 PM

To RNO 299. More people voted in Nov. due to the levies. Democrats out number Republicans 4 to 1 in Gilmer County.  The theoretical breakdown in Nov. was 1876 Democrats and 469 Republicans that voted.

If all Republicans voted for Butcher that leaves (1408-469) only 939 out of 1876 Democrats voting for her to get her final vote total. It looks like about 50% of Democrats voted for Ms. Butcher. Which makes sense given the in and outs among local Democrats.

I believe voters responded to Ms. Butcher campaigning door to door. Mr Minigh apparently did not go door to door.. Plus Ms. Butcher has ten years of experience at the court house. The math doesn’t show me clear cut evidence of fraud.

Comment by Rno392  on  11.26  at  10:48 AM

Numbers are numbers and they are fact and undoubtedly very unusual here. The figures speak for themselves regardless of all the hypothetical.
The question still remains,  why those who disagree with any type of fraud avoid making any comment on the IVO mystery? cool mad

Comment by WatchDog  on  11.26  at  10:59 AM

Glenville and Gilmer County has an established history of misconduct and wrongdoing, which involves and includes circuit court judges, the local prosecutor Gerald B Hough, as well as the corruption and negative influence of several local attorneys – due to the fact their incomes depend on playing ball with the “Powers that Be!” Voting slates, white collar crimes, and voter fraud along with bought and paid for votes has become tradition, along with a maximum amount of cooperation from the evil few that control it all.

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  11.26  at  11:32 AM

Just a reminder, “public record” includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business, prepared, owned and retained by a public body. Also, I would like to share some phrases pulled directly from WV CC 29B-1-1, Declaration of Policy;
The government is the servant of the people and not the master of them
All persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government
The people insist on remaining informed so they may retain control over the instruments of government they have created
We cannot continue to let the government control us. As Americans we hold the power and we cannot sit back and let our rights be robbed from us, including the right to speak up in defense. Last time I checked we lived within a democracy so why do I feel like Hitler is running the show? Speak up because before you know it we may all end up naked, beaten, and marching to the demands of crooked domination with no way to look back.

Comment by Concerned Citizen  on  11.28  at  11:58 PM

Whoever wrote this is psychic…

“There will be more rapes on campus at GSC that will be squashed as to not affect the “IMAGE” of the college and now we have Big Joe’s right hand man Mr Chuck Spears….“

YES GERRY HOUGH let the rapist

Edwin Dale Kinnison

OFF for raping a co-ed!
So in honor of this if you google

Edwin Dale Kinnison

He has his own rape sites in his name of

Edwin Dale Kinnison

Click to Read :

Comment by Anonymous  on  12.02  at  03:18 PM

Glenville State College Department of Public Safety Officer BUSTED like a BITCH!!


Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Peter Barr Code protected!

Full Name: Wright,   Andrae,Cymone
Height: 6′  5″
Weight: 285 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/7/1983
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 08/17/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Glenville State College Department of Public Safety Officer BUSTED like a BITCH!!

August 17, 2011 Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Cason Jones in Glenville let Andrae WRIGHT know that it was all WRONG what he was a doin, a sneaking around in the dark, and hiding behind the Barr Code rule and all!

Wright is charged with night time burglary!

It was BLACKNESS in the BLACKNESS when Wright approached a home close to Glenville in his uniform during his burglary attempt.

Peter Barr Code protected, according to claims by WrightDr. Barr, the GSC President, confirmed this position when Barr officially stated he is not planning to take any disciplinary action against the public service officer.

Barr belongs to the CHURCH of the poison mind and kneels before the Temple of IKE so won’t mind, since Wright has some responsibility in the easy acclamation and arrival concerning  an incoming shitload of white girls for the upcoming fall semester this weekend at GSC !! White chicks are part of the payment when blacks come to Glenville, it has become a Morris family tradition!

“Welcome to MORRIS TOWN KIDS where you can get fucked and robbed!!”

“Better leave your hymen at home girls for if you come to GSC chances are, considering the Barr Rule, somebody coming out of the ‘Blackness’ will bust that bitch wide open!”

Andrae Wright is a Public Safety Officer for the college, but the public safety is of concern due to the local totalitarian rule and the conception of feudalism being the prevalent mode of operation in Gilmer County.

Andrae was arraigned before Gilmer County Magistrate Carol Wolfe, and is currently playing some spades at CRJ in Flatwoods, where he is waiting to be turned loose on the new girls coming in to town in the next few days when his 25,000 dollar bail is paid by the Power Elite.

The “Brotherhood of Darkness” will need Wright out of jail so he can help get the new bitches in line for the upcoming school year.

If you are a white chick, then you just are not in a safe environment where it is, “JUST OK” to break the new bitches in, when all you need to do is pray to the Patron Saint of Rape at GSC, Gerald B Hough!


By Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator-Editor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill BUSTED FLAT in Greenbrier!

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE and narcotics in pill form.

Height: 6ft 0in Weight: 200 lbs. DOB: 7/20/1971

Booked: 7/29/2011 Booking ID: 999038831

Greenbrier County – Bail: $0.00 – SRJ

Charge Type: Misdemeanor

Douglas Darrell Cottrill a WACO OIL employee and suspected member of the local drug cartel.


But, that’s OK Joe Manchin will get dude off the coke charges after all Doug Boy part of the Doug Morris drug Cartel donated one grand to the Big Joe campaign last time it was time to give!

DOUGLAS COTTRILL (WACO OIL & GAS/SALESMAN), (Zip code: 26351) $1000 to MANCHIN FOR WEST VIRGINIA on 10/08/10 just before the November election.

Doug Cottrill is also the Owner of Drakes Auto Sales, which is listed under automobiles, used cars only in Glenville, WV.

Doug Cottrill Laundromat. 313 W. Main St.

May 2, 2011 – Cottrill, Doug GLENVILLE, WV 26351, Miller Supply of WV Inc./Sales Manager

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE.

In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen).

Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS. Two bags of weed were also found by Police.

The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics event.

Lewisburg Police Officer Brandon McCormick was on a routine traffic run at the intersection of Rt. 219 and Rt. 60 in downtown Lewisburg Greenbrier County WV, when he noticed a Red Jeep entering the intersection without its headlights on when it was dark.

The officer noticed the driver and passenger had two open containers and a box of beer in the back seat as they were passing by when he yelled for them to pull over in the parking lot nearby.

To makes matters worse, the officer discovered a tail light on the vehicle was also out, and then the officer could smell that marijuana was being smoked.

Better WATCH YOUR STEP when you know the CalPatty Chips are down! This is an Actual Copy of the Arrest Report of WACO OIL and ASS Salesman Doug Cottrill for those who claim the story is made up by the GFP – The Gilmer FREE PREE Reports the TRUTH read at your own risk!

By clicking on the above link in blue you can read the arrest report for yourself, and see that at 2130 hrs on 28 July Doug Cottrill was arrested and booked on 29 July. Included in the driving with open container, were the drug charges clearly noted on the arrest report.