The county is abuzz with the news of the hostile takeover of Gilmer County schools by the WV Department of Education.

Nasia Butcher, Gilmer County High School principal, was made to look like an ignorant redneck hillbilly when the Dept. of Ed. took over Gilmer’s schools.

For years, Butcher bragged about Gilmer County’s schools every chance she got.

Gayle Manchin really put Butcher in her place when she condemned Gilmer’s high performing educational system.

Now what makes Gayle an expert?

Well, she was appointed by her husband, the WV Governor then, the U.S. Senator now.  Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

I would say that Gayle is not setting a good example for county boards by accepting a position from her husband.

So how is that any different than a board member in a small county hiring his daughter for a job that no one else is certified to teach?

Gilmer County does not have people standing in line waiting for all these HIGH paying teaching positions.  The only people who want to live in Gilmer County are its longtime residents who have raised their children here.  Shouldn’t we hire our children to work in the county?  Of course we should.  It raises our tax base and we know that they will spend their lives and their money here.

Now when the prison was proposed, Gilmer Countians were promised several hundred high paying jobs.  You can count those jobs on one hand.  Most of the jobs were given to people who live outside of Gilmer County and certainly do not buy anything here.  Prison workers do not even pass a gas station on their way to work.

I have never met Gayle Manchin, but she sure sounds like a blonde to me.

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GFP – 06.14.2011
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  1. The ignorance they showed a few yrs. back when they scheduled a meeting for their football coach while football practice was going on!

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