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FINAL Poll Result for GCHS Principal! 88.13% of 1000 people participating say SEE YA NASIA! GET OUT!!!

Poll Result: GCHS Principal – 06.26.11


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Her saying her daughters’ lesbian acts and drinking are normal behavior for teens told me enough. OUT BITCH!
•  The only one to pay is Simmons, everyone else will remain the same. Shame on the State Board for this
•  The Butchers have been dictating policy for hundreds for purely self-serving reasons, truly evil!!
•  The Butchers showed their true colors with the non-compliance of the AJ Woofter will, they are BAD!!
•  Ramazon should start a poll on his own ethics. Dave and Phyllis belong together Good job WVDE!
•  I’m glad I have no children in the school system.. I would be very upset with all this turmoil .
•  Nastyia is in charge of HS problems
•  She should be let go and never allowed to have anything to do with a school again
•  The BOE is to blame, not the GCHS principal.
•  If she is responsible she should be commended.
•  This has been a long time coming. We cannot blame Mrs. Butcher for the counties shortcomings.
•  If Mrs. Butcher is not relieved that will prove how corrupt this mess has been.
•  Contrary, to popular opinion on this website, Mrs. Butcher is why the test scores at GCHS are up!
•  Obvious you have personal issues with Mrs. Butcher and Mr. Hough. Change name to Glenville Enquirer
•  Do the people of Gilmer County realize they are the laughing stock of the state.
•  Contrary, to one comment, scores are up because of teachers and not butcher
•  It is easier to lay blame on someone else other than those actually responsible…the county BOE!
•  Look for the winners when this is done and then you will know who was behind this from the start.
•  WVDE took over Gilmer Schools and if you feel it was all for political reasons call-202-514-2001
•  Really? Pay attention people. You’re going to have to look past the end of your nose on this one.

This is a decisive vote of no confidence. The ball is in the State’s court to determine how to respond. The choice is simple. Either respond to wishes of the people or continue with the status quo to condone a festering sore. At least the principal should be reassigned to another job so she would not have direct contact with students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Comment by Citizen  on  06.27  at  07:36 AM

GERALD B HOUGH Sending Threatening Letter to GFP!!

G-FYI™: Gilmer County Prosecutor Sending Threatening Letter to GFP

imageToday, Monday, June 20, 2011 we have received the following certified mail from Mr. Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecuting Attorney.

Click H E R E for the Letter

In the article published on June 08, 2011, which was a response to false information written by Mr. Hough and published in the Glenville Democrat, we invited Mr. Hough to a Public Forum for the purpose of providing answers to questions concerning several issues.  Mr. Hough has ignored the invitation, but chose instead to send us a certified letter stating that he demands an apology within seven days, or else.

It is Mr. Hough that needs to apologize for the false information, racist remarks, and death threats.  If at any time GFP makes false statements, we will publicly apologize and retract, which is not the case here.

Our invitation to a public forum is still open.

Some wise person once said you never argue with someone who buys ink in gallons. In this age of technology never argue with people who can broadcast your incompetence or stupidity on the web for the world to see.

Comment by Linda  on  06.21  at  05:42 AM

G-Editorial™: OEPA REPORT and the True Facts! Hough’s Ad in Democrat Was NOT FACTUAL

imageThe OEPA report is representative of and demonstrates the facts involving what Ramco Technologies tried for 3-years to communicate to the Board—and further went to great efforts to convince the Superintendent that his decisions were WRONG!

John Bennett allowed those who know NOTHING about technology to make decisions and destroy what progress was made with the little money available to keep the technology up to date.

Ramco Technologies, although asked by the board, to bid for the contract REFUSED TO BID, unless the conditions leading to the destruction of technology infrastructure were corrected.  RAMCO was not interested in any contract that would simply throw good money away on mediocre technology.


Ramco Technologies DID NOT BID, because a key factor was that there was a lack of LEADERSHIP in the system to make good technology decisions.

The track record for bad decisions involving technology in the school system was long and sad.

Ramco Technologies had performed technology service involving computer systems, networks, electronics, training, and more for about 20 years with the annual payment ranging from $9,600 to $26,000.

Ramco Technologies provided full service 24/7/365. This full service provided was done WITHOUT any other compensation for tools, test equipment, computers/laptop, mileage for travel, insurance, medical benefits, and retirement benefits.

Despite these hardships, Ramco Technologies guaranteed the service and work.

Ramco Technologies often purchased needed software at its own expense to maintain and upkeep the system. Ramco DONATED labor, hardware, software, operation expenses –that included numerous benefits provided to the school board.

Ramco technologies performed these needed functions for the good of the community since Ramco technologies is a local business, with family that are from and reside in the community.

Ramco Technologies often installed needed parts without any charge as part of the contract not because it had to, but rather out of a service to the community – Board Members and some Principals can testify to this.

Ramco Technologies fixed equipment and maintained a 99.99% up-keep. If anything was down at any time, it was because Ramco was not told about it.

But that changed because a few administrators who knew nothing about technology and the system, decided they knew it all.

This led to many miscommunications during this service, due to missed communications between management or among board members and school authorities.

During the bidding process, the board and superintendent did not want to change the conditions that led to the technology disaster and told RAMCO TECHNOLOGIES it could not bid more than $25,000 because that was all they could afford. Since Ramco had performed well with track record –with out of pocket service, this act by the board and the superintendent was certainly uncalled for and unbecoming of proper standards in good business relations.

However, at the same time, the superintendent asked the board to approve bids of $28,000 plus—- for 20-hours and/or 4-days a week service, to others who had no previous performance history or who earned top standards of good up-keep and exemplary service with updated products.  Computer systems in modern times need periodic updates, and qualification and dedication is a significant factor when considering outside service.

Fortunately, the board did not act on these less experienced contractors or approve the bids – mostly for the reason of prior negative experiences or bad track records of those specific vendors recommended by the superintendent.

Unfortunately, the reasons for Ramco NOT BIDDING, involved the refusal of the Superintendent to properly address the technology concerns, in which he cited lack of knowledge in that area.

Further, the Superintendent refused to follow the Boards instruction multiple times, and suggested the hiring of outside contractors to perform those duties!!

This suggestion was puzzling given the fact there were many more qualified people in the community. The Superintendent suggested hiring a person who first had to be trained for a near $50,000 yearly salary—- which was far above the original budget, and then acted on that decision with little or no explanation!

This NEW DEAL, previously not announced or advertised included ALL the benefits that further included dental, eye-care, and retirement.

The salary with the job description made for a 40-hour a week, about 225 days a year and NO Guarantee of the work, but surprisingly included a hefty expense package for local travel and equipment needed to repair.

People of Gilmer County should know that Ramco Technologies always FIXED the problems according to teachers’ and staff’s needs. But now, according to the Superintendent himself, two Board Members, many teachers and staff, the solution to every problem is to either erase the systems or replace them, which has proven to be counter-productive to all the years and all the expense involved to keep the current system functioning at a satisfactory level.

Some of the Teachers’ computers have been erased without the teachers’ knowledge and often teachers have lost data they had, some for up to 7-years. This type of damage and loss of data should never occur, but it is simply par for the course now!

Many Systems are sitting around for months not fixed, or installed. If a teacher really complains, the technology director stops the legitimate complaint by saying:

“Don’t worry, we will get you a new one, we have money!”

This quote had been verified by several staff members and teachers who still contact Ramco Technologies for assistance and wish they had the Ramco service once more since the service was reliable and above normal standards.

In the OEPA report, the reference to Ramco could be somewhat mis-leading.

Ramco technologies provided invoices for the work performed without a contract and the invoices were given to the superintendent in a timely manner.

The superintendent did not act on the invoice for weeks and months at a time, and then reported them lost.

And then they were found!

It was a continuous merry-go-round of delay tactics orchestrated by none-other than the technology director, and was allowed to continue by the Superintendent!

All invoices provided by Ramco had full details, but apparently the purchase order created improperly afterwards must not have.

The entire matter was extremely unprofessional, costly and time consuming and amounted to a complete business disaster if one was desirous of making any kind of profit for which there was none!

All of this hardship for Ramco Technologies occurred at a time when the superintendent, technology director, and a principal kept presenting vague questionable invoices without any details and no-bid contracts citing lack of time and loss of funds (by design) if the board did not act upon important matters, and the list goes on.

The School Board often asked questions, but got a typical…

“I am not sure, I will check on it,” answer from the superintendent or blamed a secretary.

Nonetheless, the Board always approved the questionable purchases.
Now to Our Gilmer County Prosecutor:

Did Gerald B Hough do his Research and obtain CORRECT information?

Hough, according to his ad in the Glenville Democrat, has revealed his racist, slanderous, and libelous side.  A side that a prosecutor cannot afford to have.

Hough complains about citizens abusing free speech from one side of his mouth while he actually commits acts of racial hatred making Hough the very definition of a hypocrite!

Gerry Hough, with a Bible under his arm, offered $1 for one third of a landowner’s property, and then threatened that person with eminent domain without the knowledge of the Gilmer County PSD,—while he himself collected hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money for a piece of trashy property at the slip in hays city in Glenville. (Just ask Mr. R. Terry Butcher, Thrasher Engineers, and The Gilmer county PSD).

Hough allows the needy to live in trashy filthy places, while collecting hefty rents from HUD!  In addition to what HUD pays him for rent, he demands additional rent from the impoverished renter.  Should Mr. Hough add the title “Slum Lord” to his resume?

Hough created a fake invoice for $16,000 in a matter of 15 minutes for the purpose of ILLEGALLY overcharging a local business for work done without justification for his client – and then practicing private law, while getting paid to be a prosecutor, which is a clear conflict of interest and Hough needs to be reported to office of disciplinary Counsel. (Just ask Mr. R Terry Butcher).

HOUGH was not prepared in a breaking and entering case after the Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy gave him the list of about $10,000 worth of damage, and then by the victim when he asked for it again because he lost the first one – and then, after all that – the list was dismissed because HOUGH forgot to present it properly to the court.

Hough thought there was a lot money to be made in the internet business and decided to go against Ramco Technologies by deceiving friends into contributing a lot of money without a proper business plan or the knowledge in that field, and then embark on a business venture without doing any proper research on the matter and the knowledge necessary.

Hough brought in an inexperienced, uneducated business partner without any knowledge or prior experience in the field; all because he saw an employee at Ramco had purchased a sports car and said there is money to be made and I got to have it. Now how ridiculous is all that?

Gerald B Hough called me a terrorist and member of Al-Qaeda, and then communicated this to a Gilmer County Magistrate and the previous magistrate secretary when he discovered we had purchased our farm.

Hough could not make any money in the internet business because of his lack of knowledge and business savvy, so he figured if he could not do it, no one could, and I must be getting help from Osama Bin Laden himself in order to buy a farm in Gilmer County.

Gerry Hough wanted all the success for himself. If he wanted the technology contract he could have merely underbid the competitor, but that was not profitable enough.  He chose a more sordid path by attempting to destroy the competitor’s business reputation. Hough and business partner pressured the BOE to give them the contract, but at the time, the board did not have to bid it out.

People in general may be able to get away with saying what they like whether it be racist or not, but a prosecutor does not have that luxury, nor should he.

People who express legitimate concerns or question actions of public officials are labeled “terrorists” by Hough.

In modern day AMERICA, this insulting and racist action by Hough as a prosecuting attorney is despicable!

Hough abuses his position as prosecutor and often acts illegally with NO CONSIDERATION for the law, and then scares and terrorizes people with the threat of jail.

Hough has yet to give us any result in regard to his call for the special investigation of Freddie Hill and “No Foul Play!”

Was there an investigation, or did Hough lie again?

Hough has not explained to the public about election irregularity in Gilmer County under his watch!

Hough has not done anything about the missing and then re-appearing properties during the previous Gilmer County Clerk’s term, where two Gilmer County Commissioners admit to the wrongdoing and call it a simple mistake. Hough did this to cover up a crime. It is not simple mistake when the missing property was part of a felony trial that Hough brought that was false. It is ABSURD to call the matter a simple mistake and actionable.

Hough tells the police officials to stretch and delay complaints of wrongdoing as long as they can.  Is this the type of man you would call “good” and “just”?
As for Our Local Newspaper Editor:

Apparently, the editor is desperate to fill space and sell his paper.  Fortunately, The Gilmer Free Press has become the number one source for articles and ideas for local newspaper to copy (Even by Democrat’s own Survey – Below).  How does a newspaper get free County-Wide Broadband service while taxpayers cannot?  Simply lie to the readers about broadband coverage and advertise it in the newspaper.

Has Mr. Corcoran become a liability to the community instead of an asset?

To Gerald B Hough and Dave Corcoran, stop your false rhetoric and get your facts straight:


And Finally:

The Gilmer Free Press is just the messenger of citizens. The citizens have been able to express their opinions here where they could not do it before in this county. GFP requires and knows the identity of all the authors. Some remain Anonymous from fear of retribution from people who are in power and have the abusive power to make life miserable for them.

A good example of this abusive power was demonstrated just recently by Gerry Hough!

Hough is abusing his power by threats, and then threatens any person with jail that brings out the truth of wrongdoing through evidence—as was just witnessed when he was found to be guilty of subornation of perjury.

Hough was proven guilty of perjury via a title opinion which is a valid court document and by all rights Hough should have gone to jail for conspiracy.

Message to Mr. Hough….

You see Mr. Hough, if you just read the WV Department of Education OEPA report, you can easily see, all the citizens comments in relation to the educational system issues, have come true and are verified. As for the rest of the issues, the time is coming. So please quit using your position to threaten and create hardship for the citizens of Gilmer County as you have been known to do in the past. Clearly, the citizens are unhappy you are in office, because you have proven to be a dishonest man that can’t be trusted.

Gilmer County Citizens are NOT stupid! So don’t try to feed them lies!!

We are SICK of your lies and false allegations Mr. Hough!
I would like to invite you, on behalf of the citizens of Gilmer County, to a public forum with all expenses paid by the Gilmer Free Press, so you can tell the community your side publicly and they can ask their questions and get answers in a civil manner. Their tax dollars are paying you, and you owe it to them. It is time to make some changes, and one of those changes should be GERALD B HOUGH.

Please let us know and we can make all the arrangements.  Thank you

G. Dave Ramezan
The Gilmer Free Press
Ramco Technologies
PS. Mr. Hough you DO NOT have permission to copy or quote this information and publish it on your Retort of the Ghost Wolf site nor does Mr. Corcoran have permission to use it in his newspaper.


GFP – 06.08.2011
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~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

Butcher’s gear up with THREATS made against the GILMER FREE PRESS, Did Timothy B Butcher pay someone to burn down a dwelling – so ground could be leveled – to sell to the State for a New School…just like the story reported by the Secret Seven in an RGW article?!?

By Editor Edison and Rina McCoy – WV Secret Seven Coalition


JUNE 19th JUST ADDED HOT TODDY THREATS FROM STRAIGHT FROM CRJ!!     ” Lizzie Butcher below joking for dad about being an Iranian!”

Just added JUNE 19th more threats from a henchman hired by the Power Elite of Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson pictured here 18 months before her untimely death due to drug overdose! Kelli tried to move away from Todd Smith, but he followed her to Lewis County and got involved with Meth manufacturers and a girl by the name of Tabitha Clem who was sent to Federal Prison for her GANG activities and for dealing and manufacturing of Crystal Methamphetamine!




Smith brags about his power over drug addicted women and displays in his own hand writing all the prescriptions he obtained for illegal narcotics!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics!

Smith controlled female gang members via the distribution of dangerous narcotics and sexual orgies that sometime included METH!

THESE PRESCRIPTIONS — and ones just like them for hard narcotics are killing the citizens of WV daily!!

What doctor would allow such abuse, and all the while in Grantsville years ago this all went on with full knowledge of Police! Bad cop Shane Dellinger, Police Chief JD Nicholson used to party, pop pills and fuck the bejesus out the Fire Starting Cult chicks from Calhoun County in exchange for continuing to operate a criminal enterprise — all the while all the evidence guarded by the State Police disappeared from the evidence locker, under the charge of Sgt C J ELLYSON of the State Police and Gerald B Hough who was named as a special prosecutor to Calhoun County. While Hough was the special prosecutor all of the evidence against Calhoun Chief Deputy Bandy came up missing and Gerry Hough made sure all 7 felony charges and one misdemeanor never made it to a court room and were dismissed for the fact he had the evidence stolen.

HOT TODDY Leader of the Fire Starting Cult sent threatening letters from jail – formed alliance with secret informer thru threats!

Also in his own hand writing you can see clearly that Christopher Todd Smith also claims to have over 150 nude photographs of Lisa Minney, editor publisher of Two -Faced Two -Lane Living magazine  in compromising positions.

“Hot Toddy,” attempted to bargain with those photo’s in exchange for other information or for money since his last insurance check from Arson got all used up in legal fee’s!

In the letter from CRJ (above)which is a black and white bitmap format version of the threatening mail sent from the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods – Smith declares war on the many journalists that have exposed his crimes of rape, arson, and possibly murder!

A sexual threesome was admitted to, in these newly published versions of “Evil Itself” in writing!

THESE LETTERS WERE SENT BY SMITH FROM JAIL ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR AFTER LAWSON DIED — THESE LETTERS IMPLICATE SMITH AND POWER ELITE FOR ARSON AND OTHER CRIMES — SMITH BAILED OUT THE SUSPECTED KILLER OF FRED HILL — Waitman Lee Frederick, 49, a Gilmer County resident and the driver of the vehicle, who led Police officers on a slow-speed chase from Gilmer County to Wood County in a suspicious incident that involved Sheriff Metz!

The sexual acts and heavy drug use on Christmas Night 2009 was the end of Kelli Nichole Stamper Lawson!   … who was also addicted to narcotics and was at the mercy of Smith!!

Smith was also involved with LIL STEPH, Kelli Stamper Lawsons’ little sister. She also was involved in exchanging sex for drugs, but she found out about the sick twisted sexual meetings going on in Lewis County with her sister and a young woman involved in gang activity and the manufacture of methamphetamine, “Tabitha Clem,” who was also present –  and was having sex with Smith all night long on the night Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson died!

“Julie Jacobs was mentioned in this letter by Smith and she is a stripper from some of the big clubs down by the Casino in West Virginia and was reported missing soon after she was involved in a traffic accident in which a green pickup truck forced her and two other entertainers off the road. We believe that Smith had her killed or murdered her himself!”


G-LtE™: Auditing the Auditors

imageMaybe the state board of education should be audited.  They definitely need to be tested.  Some things just don’t add up.  For example, the auditor criticized Gilmer county schools for not combining schools earlier based on numbers of students in the county.  Ten years ago there were over one thousand students and today there are just over 900 students.  Gilmer has lost half of its student population in ten years.  Even a second grader knows that 900 is not half of one thousand.

Could it be that this OEPA report was put together on the fly without anyone checking the figures?  Or could it be that as rumor has it, a certain principal called a certain Oil and Gas baron and demanded the state step in and keep Gilmer county from hiring a certain superintendent who could make a change in the county?  Then this certain Oil & Gas baron called up a certain former Governor and threatened to stop sending campaign contributions if the state did not takeover Gilmer County Schools, pronto.

Gilmer County teachers have been practicing in the event the state should send a polite letter outlining its intention of visiting the county schools for an audit ever since Mrs. Butcher became principal.  Being a party to audits in other counties, Nasia had a lot of information to pass onto her teachers, including names of teachers, names of schools, and other sensitive information that probably should not have been passed on.  I don’t know, maybe the Administration Master’s certification of the 18 hour variety is not all it’s cracked up to be.  But who am I to judge?

And where is all the documentation that led up to this takeover?  There were no warning signs.  The county has been trying to get new schools for several years, but so has every other school district in the state.  Where’s the paper trail.  Someone mentioned fire marshal reports.  The funny thing is, there is no paper trail because the fire marshal approved, and so did every other agency that reports on schools.  Did those people lie, did William-Shriver Engineers lie, did WVU lie, and did Nasia Butcher lie?  Well, maybe that last one.  And if they did lie, they should be held accountable.

John Bennett tried to get new schools for the county.  The problem is that the power brokers in Glenville want the new school in their backyard.  They will reject any plan that includes building a new school outside of Glenville.

The problem in Gilmer County is that a few wealthy people want to dictate how the rest of us live.  I think a good solution would be to build two new K-12 schools, one on each end of the county.  Or, turn the high school into a K-12 school and build one more K-12 at Normantown.  Less fuel would be used for transportation, and we would not have transportation issues.  The county would have two principals instead of four.  Then our schools could compete with each other in sports like they did before the high school was consolidated.  Those were the days.

NOTE:  Everyone needs to read John Whitehead’s latest article on GFP titled “SWAT Team Mania: The War Against the American Citizen”

~~ A Teacher – Info on file ~~

GFP – 06.16.2011
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~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~


The numbers were provided to the Auditors as instructed by current disgruntled leaders.  Don’t shoot the messenger of facts provided.  When the audit was done, no one seemed to know any of the correct answers. No one knew about any plans or any policies. They didn’t know how to hire or fire.  Paperwork did not exist. Why do we think that was?  They can only audit what is provided to them. It seems this was an in-house attempt to ensure this takeover and prevent the new Superintendent from taking office.  It worked.

By Rno482  on  06.16.2011

Rno482, you are so correct.  Generally all administrators and principals are removed or moved around. If they are not it definitely proves your point. We have to wait to see. Right now everything is secret. So it seems.  cool mad

By WatchDog  on  06.16.2011

I hear Ed Toman has been asked to take the job as Superintendent of the Gilmer County Schools after a new temp Superintendent takes over on July 1,2011. shut eye

By Ann F  on  06.16.2011



The county is abuzz with the news of the hostile takeover of Gilmer County schools by the WV Department of Education.

Nasia Butcher, Gilmer County High School principal, was made to look like an ignorant redneck hillbilly when the Dept. of Ed. took over Gilmer’s schools.

For years, Butcher bragged about Gilmer County’s schools every chance she got.

Gayle Manchin really put Butcher in her place when she condemned Gilmer’s high performing educational system.

Now what makes Gayle an expert?

Well, she was appointed by her husband, the WV Governor then, the U.S. Senator now.  Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

I would say that Gayle is not setting a good example for county boards by accepting a position from her husband.

So how is that any different than a board member in a small county hiring his daughter for a job that no one else is certified to teach?

Gilmer County does not have people standing in line waiting for all these HIGH paying teaching positions.  The only people who want to live in Gilmer County are its longtime residents who have raised their children here.  Shouldn’t we hire our children to work in the county?  Of course we should.  It raises our tax base and we know that they will spend their lives and their money here.

Now when the prison was proposed, Gilmer Countians were promised several hundred high paying jobs.  You can count those jobs on one hand.  Most of the jobs were given to people who live outside of Gilmer County and certainly do not buy anything here.  Prison workers do not even pass a gas station on their way to work.

I have never met Gayle Manchin, but she sure sounds like a blonde to me.

~~ Author on File ~~

GFP – 06.14.2011
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FREE PRESS Community Concerns: Hostile Takeover of Schools for Wrong Reasons?!


News of the State’s precipitous seizure of Gilmer County’s Schools has spread in news media and on the Internet. The dire situation has generated more questions than answers, and citizens have the right to know answers. Until the uncertainty is eliminated, distrust will ferment and undermine efforts to establish community cooperation and support. Some critical questions are addressed below:
•  Was the OEPA audit orchestrated to coincide with the hiring of a new superintendent, and was it triggered by those wishing to sabotage the hiring?
•  Citizens speculate that certain local parties had major roles in causing the audit and its outcome. They want to know with certainty who those parties are and to what extent they were involved.
•  Why did the State take the extreme action of a take over instead of issuing a warning that would allow duly elected officials and the new superintendent to attempt good faith corrections of problems within a reasonable time frame?
•  Why did the State, in its role as the monitor of all schools in West Virginia, fail us miserably by not intervening earlier to prevent the disaster when our problems have apparently existed for years?  Why now when the county was in the process of getting a new superintendent that we felt could do the job?
•  Why did Gayle Manchin go out of her way at the Charleston meeting to berate Gilmer County and to exacerbate hard feelings after the harsh decision for immediate seizure of our schools was rendered?
•  In a democracy people elect their officials.  Of course not everyone agrees with everyone else.  The change in the school system should have been done by the people, not by a dictatorship.
•  The state department at no time hinted that Gilmer County schools were not doing business according to code.  In fact, Gilmer County schools have been bragged on by our administrators and by the state department for years.
•  Simply put, when our problems are not about what is better for our kids, and it is about political maneuvering, personal vendettas, and personal power trips, then “Houston, we have a problem”.
Regardless of answers to the questions, Gilmer County people have been disgraced, our freely elected school board was neutered, the sitting superintendent was terminated, Dr. Simmons who was hired under democratic principles had his contract voided, and the State usurped power over our school system as a preemptive strike on our self-determination.


This whole “over throw” of our school district by the Charleston uppers may be one of the most convoluted, complicated, misguided over throws in Department of Education history.

Yes, our schools have been overthrown..  Taken away from us.  Charleston says it’s “for the children”.  Do they expect us to swallow that?  Come on now.  What is the real agenda here?

It is surely a real mulligan stew.  There are so many areas of local cronyism, nepotism, egoism’s, narcissism’s, incompetent employees, that one really does not know where to start with a comment, much less a solution.  Now, let’s add Charleston personalities and agenda to the stew.

These issues have existed for so many years, that it simply has become the GC way of life.

The one thing that the audit report shows is that our teachers are doing pretty good job in the midst of all the smelly mud they are tramping through.  The Department of Education’s own audit numbers shows that.

If you read the audit report thoroughly, you will come to the conclusion that the state was looking into every crack and crevice to build a list of negatives to carry out the some obvious agenda.  So a few computers didn’t have the exact correct, proper cable to their specs?  Who is to say state specs are correct and up to date?  They did not say the computers were not working or dangerous, did they?

Yes, maintenance is mentioned.  You do not need to be an engineer to know that the BOE and superintendents have really let we tax paying citizens down on that score, for many years in fact.  Would the late George Frymeier still be with us today if the board/supers had done their job correctly.  Do you remember when George was hired, that there were two other building maintenance employees too?  How many school board meetings did George attend and ask for help?  And how many different superintendents and board members ignored his requests.  Now going back all those years, if the district needed three building maintenance employees, and with buildings ageing, why are we down to only one repairman?  The only word that comes to mind is incompetency.

The audit mentions bills paid without invoices.  Phooey.  Most of those are “contracts” by the audits own admissions and statements.  If you contract with someone for a specified amount, to be paid monthly, they get paid monthly.  The bid amount is set and they are paid.  I will go along with their conclusion, if they tell us that the staff, teachers, custodians, drivers, superintendent were all paid without submitting invoices.  This is just another example of their trying to justify their over throw of Gilmer.

Of course, they have to take a shot at Ramco too.  Must shut down the Free Press at all costs.  It might inform tax paying citizens of the dirt that is continually swept under the rug by the sharpies in charge.

We might enlist the help of our local prosecuting attorney.  After all, if you read the Gerry Hough billboards coming into town, signs state he is the “responsible attorney”..  Snicker, snicker.  What a conflict of interest here.  He could probably get the school district off the hook with some never before seen maneuvers and restore our schools to us.

The questionable hiring practices are just the nepotism and cronyism at work.  The people involved need canned..  Simply, get rid of the problems.  If they are in that position, they very well are intelligent(?) and trained well enough, they know they are doing wrong.  Get rid of them.  Oh no!  Cannot do that.  Read the motion number 9, we will just transfer them to another administrative position.  Mercy sakes.  Now that’s a real punishment, a real cover up, a real cover-your-keister and take care of your buddy move I’d say.  Good old boy system working right under orders from the uppers in Charleston.

Please go read the audit report for yourself and you will see that Charleston was really stretching, really reaching for enough items to make a big report.

==They even mentioned a roof with tin and wood that “appeared” unsafe.  With some of the snows we have had the past few years, if it was unsafe, would it still be there?

==Charleston complains that there is not proper physical education time, but then make the statement that the students have to negotiate stairs for bathroom use.  My, that is funny.

==Charleston uses the word “potentially” over and over about safety issues.  What is the track record on that?  Good gracious, it’s “potentially” dangerous to have our children leave home to go to school, period.

==Did you notice that the high school and Glenville elementary school buildings got good grades?  Not hard to figure that out is it?  Newer buildings…….and that is where the uppers want the kids to all be.  We will make everything else look terrible and we can justify what we want and get our ways with those hicks in Gilmer.  They know we are poor and cannot hire anyone to help us against their march into Gilmer.

==I can just go on and on with what’s wrong here.  Yes, the local district has short falls, but after reading the audit report, It sure appears there is a hidden agenda here.  I wish we could determine that, in similar audit reports, were the respective districts given time to repair, remedy, and work on their deficiencies?  Let’s just jam Gilmer.

It appears the hiring practices have been bent, twisted, over looked, and in many cases maybe even the disregard of standards.  Probably most of the issues of paper work, poor practices, etc. fall right on a very limited number of individuals.  So, get rid of the non-performers and the poor performers, get the issues fixed.  This should not be any big undertaking.

Page 45 of the report mentions “instability” in the superintendents position.  Now that is a stretch isn’t it?  I think most counties have a turnover in the superintendent’s position.  Where are the supers that have been in the same district for 25 years?

Page 46 is a real joke.  Real big joke.  They say that the school cannot provide a good environment for teaching the students, but their scores and statistics tell us otherwise.

But here y’all, is the real joke.  This state audit report clearly states and here I will quote the bottom of page 46:

“Currently, 943 students are enrolled in Gilmer County Schools.  In 2001-2001, a total of 1,095 students were enrolled.  In less than 10 years, the system has lost over half of their students, yet no schools have been closed.“

The person who did the math on this one should be fired.  Is this their show of desperation to carry out some one’s agenda, to carry out some one’s marching orders?

One also finds it interesting to note there is no mention of the current lawsuit that the school district is involved in.  Hmmm.  Wonder about that.

Please go ahead and read that audit report with an open mind.  You might just find yourself thinking we have been had.  Read too, that the same issues are mentioned multiple times.  Is that just to make a bigger, thicker report?  To make things look worse than they really are?  Read it and you have to think there is something more amiss than what you see in the audit’s print.

Oh, that page 46 blunder!  Tells the story on those uppers in Charleston.

What is the real motive?

Keep diggin’ y’all.  It will come out.


By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator editor

Shooter captured in Calhoun County --Man murdered after shoot out!!

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Download Image

Full Name: Husk,  Thomas  Lee
Height: 5′  10″
Weight: 242 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/19/1966
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/09/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Grantville WV A Calhoun man is dead of multiple gunshot wounds, apparently after being chased into a dead-end hollow a few miles from Big Bend on Tripett Run, a short distance from Yellow Creek Road.

A 911 caller at 6:40 p.m. Wednesday, said gunshots had been fired in her driveway, and the shooter was still in his vehicle.

Sheriff Allen Parsons, first on-scene, ordered the man to surrender, after which he exited the car and gave himself up.

Sheriff Allen Parsons with Shot Gun was at the scene within minutes and captured Husk!

Shooting took place at end-of-road in Calhoun hollow!
WV State Police Crime Lab was dispatched to incident!

The WV State Police Crime Lab was dispatched to the scene, with Medical Examiner Stacy Harlow from Gilmer County who is an ex-employee of Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County.

The WV State Police will be in charge of the murder investigation.

The shooter, Tommie Lee Husk who often carries the aroma of Musk and Catfish now mixed with quite a lot of GUN POWDER is in Central Regional Jail, and HUSK is also a resident of Calhoun County the original home of the SS!

Gruesome scene after killing where many shots were fired Calhoun County Style original home of the SS!!

The name of the DEAD MAN was being withheld, but now it has been released, and home town pride Stacy Harlow was on the scene in about two shakes of my danged dogs tail!

Good work HOME GIRL!!

JOHN DALE CYRUS VICTIM OF CALHOUN SHOOTING – Complaint Indicates What Happened, Husk Charged With 2nd Degree Murder!!

A resident of the house adjacent the shooting experienced medical problems and was taken to Minnie Hamilton Health System in Grantsville, for with all the bullets a flyin it bout scared everyone to death down there in that holler!!

According to a report in the Hur Herald…

Neighbors of the rural hollow, which has a half-dozen houses, said the vehicles driven by the shooter and victim passed through at a high-rate of speed just prior to the shooting.

Thomas Lee Husk, 46, a former Jesses Run resident who now lives on Sugar Camp, a short distance from the shooting on Trippett Road, has been charged with the second degree murder of John Dale Cyrus, 45, a WV Department of Highway’s employee who lived in the Chloe area.

A criminal complaint says that Husk was going to his residence on Sugar Camp when he discovered John Dale Cyrus blocking his drive-way. Cyrus’ ex-wife since 2006 was reportedly in Husk’s car, in addition to other family members.

Husk stated that he kept going up the road approximately two miles, according to the criminal complaint, and stopped at the dead-end of Trippett Road, with Cyrus following him.

Neighbors on Trippett Rd. reported two vehicles driving up the hollow at a high rate of speed. About six families live along the short stretch of highway.

Husk, according to the criminal complaint, said “[Cyrus] jumped out of his vehicle, walked up to Husk’s vehicle, and began punching him [Husk] in the face.”

“Husk, while seated in his vehicle grabbed his 9mm pistol and shot Cyrus three times, killing him. Husk stated that he and Cyrus had been arguing for some time about Husk residing with Cyrus’ ex-wife, and Cyrus’ daughter being married to Husk’s son,” said the complaint.

Both Husk and Cyrus reportedly had concealed weapons permits.

Three occupants of the Husk vehicle, including Husk’s girlfriend, Cyrus’ ex-wife, an adult woman and a 15-month-old baby, fled into the nearby house for safety.

There are reportedly witnesses to the shooting.


By FreeBird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website/Editor Edison-CalPatty Press-Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator-Editor

RADIO STATION WBRB-FM THE BEAR  is the source of alleged threats by Glenville man hired by Gerald B Hough to hack websites that reveal the truth- and an E-mail account to find out the sources for Concerned Citizens that have been revealing the TRUTH about misconduct! Gerry has been caught red-handed at being the person that mastermined these devious actions!

Palmer Stephens shown in the photo with goat beard who also was associated with Glenville State College,  is believed to be working with PAT WARD- IT for Waco Oil and Gas !

Palmer Stephens was once paid by Gerry Hough to start an internet business but Stephens lacked the know-how and knowledge to start that kind of a project so Hough hired Stephens to attempt to hack the FREE PRESS sites to find out who was commenting on the misconduct of local public officials - Gilmer County residents have had to put up with quite a lot and the Free Press has revealed the truth about a great deal of wrongdoing that was criminal in nature!

Leslie Ward the web designer for GSC is also involved who works with PETER BARR author of the Barr Code that resides at Dracula’s Castle on the hill in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

The question is did the Gilmer County Prosecutor become angry enough to conspire with a local RADIO STATION  and county vendor/supporter and with a state institution of higher education where he was previously employed to hack into a legal website’s domain and acquire names of anyone that may have responded in a legal fashion to such a site and then invade their home using this data to make threats?

Who really knows if every person that ever responded to FREE PRESS articles were threatened — or just a few … on a hand selected by a HOUGH and Larry Chapman hit list – being blamed for past grievances and disagreements with no real justification!

The rules of professional conduct for attorneys in West Virginia specify that a lawyer cannot represent a private client in a matter he or she was involved in as a county prosecutor or other public officer, but Gerry Hough seems to make his own rules, which include hiding pieces of property needed in high profile West Virgina Supreme Court cases, and even ordered Beverly Marks County Clerk to hide the title of property to cover for a lie Hough told a circuit court jury!

When one has served in both public offices of City Mayor and County Prosecutor, there is hardly any one in the most populated area of Gilmer County one does not become involved with. Whether the issue is taxation, police actions, local ordinance disputes, seeking funding, parking tickets or trying to get the vote, the Mayor becomes involved. As part time prosecutor, simultaneously running a real estate business and independent law firm, there leaves literally almost no one for this man to represent legally in this county as a private attorney if he does not retain his elected status.

Market Manager John Halford  of Clarksburg who is market manager for: WAJR-FM, WWLW-FM WFBY-FM, WBRB-FM  WVAQ-FM,WKKW-FM, WAJR-AM, WFGM-FM WDNE-FM, WBTQ-FM, and WELK-FM  made this statement for a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens when asked about the latest threats and attack against Free Press websites and the hacking of an E-mail site all on the orders of the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough…

“At this stage I am gathering information and reaching out for consultation. Once I have information to pass on I will do so in a timely fashion.  I must now do my due diligence before I respond further…”

A public entity, such as the prosecutor’s office, may not be an “enterprise” and there is nothing in legislative history to suggest otherwise.  What if HOUGH holds or has held lien, as a matter of public record on property sold by a legislated governmental organization among others? I would be willing to bet that has already happened!!

Gerald B Hough as owner of the realty company and same time an independent attorney, many land contracts, deeds and deeds of trust were entered into, alone and in partnership,  with recordation prepared and submitted while holding public office!

Who is really left to legally represent that could show no actual conflict of interest? Could this explain why Gerald B Hough, now full time prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County has become such an angry man?’

It is said that when you enter public office your life becomes public record.  When an elected official makes a poor decision they are not above the law and they are not the law!

No doubt that matter places HOUGH in a tough position but these are things which should have been thought of before seeking election yet again. Hough has turned out to be a nightmare for Gilmer County!

Has GERRY HOUGH’S anger clouded his judgment to the point that he, as an elected official desperately seeks personal retribution – using the influence of that same elected position?  

It appears so!!! 

Hough has gone over the top and has threatened to make arrests out of his jurisdiction and outside law enforcement has been notified of the death threats issued from Gilmer County and that have been on the lips of anybody that is anyone important out and around the town!  Just ask!!

Using the prosecutors office to fight personal battles is not what the office was created for!!

Is the name of the game if you can’t win fair, win at any cost?  

The voters should be able to expect better from a person given the keys to the county and its coffers and entrusted to seek only truth and justice.  It seems to boil down to the same old cry heard in the 2010 election of “I’ll do anything for a vote!” 

This attitude does not serve the citizens of this or any other county in the State of West Virginia, but it has shown itself to be just that!  These self gratifying, illegal actions provide no evidence that the public’s best interests are being served. These actions seem to reveal a childish temper tantrum throwing attitude in an office where justice for all is supposed to be blind, not deaf!!

Dave Corcoran allowed Gerry Hough to publish false information that resulted in  racial profiling that was just published in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit -see below, it is amazing Corcoran and Hough have stooped so low!!

With the help of of other GSC employees besides Leslie Ward,  Gerry Hough has been carrying out a ridiculous campaign against FREE SPEECH!

Pat Ward, Leslie Ward and Palmer Stephens have all been identified as minions for the Power Elite and Gerald B Hough and have got themselves caught up in situations that are immediately actionable, and highly unethical!

Dave Corcoran in photo above publisher of the Democrat is promoting HATE as well as his staff News Director Cassandra Huff - the ad placed in the Democrat listed as a Letter to the Editor proves their racist hatred toward a successful business man that owns the internet service, that Hough hired Palmer Stephens to start, but Stephens lacked the experience, training, and network certificates!

The Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County are taking immediate action against their wrongdoing!

Hough recently published a letter to the editor that most likely could bring about a situation that Dave Corcoran finds himself legally responsible for. In his latest attack on Gilmer County Citizens HOUGH proposes that political adversaries have come up with a recipe for his destruction.

Lets get to the very heart of the matter since we the members of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens have to inform everyone that:


On the very first part of his pathetic plea to the public — Hough states that one disgruntled business owner who lost a government contract is responsible for his entire reason for HOUGH making a desperate attempt to defend himself against the allegation of crimes he is caught committing like subornation of perjury.


“That, “Title Opinion”  is a legal court document that could very well get you a prison sentence for we are GOING AFTER the people responsible for covering up your crime against the people of Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!”

Gerald B Hough placed this outrageous ad in the Glenville Demorcat and really showed the TRUE COLORS of Gerry Hough and Dave Corcoran Democrap Publisher


I personally spoke with the local successful business man who contributes to the community and does not “TAKE” like Gerry Hough and other corrupt public officials that have been exposed, but he is a “Giver,” his statement is,

“HOUGH says I lost a government contract, which is false! ” “I CHOSE NOT TO BID FOR IT the idiot!”

And the facts are a matter of public record and completely dispute Hough’s claim.

There were many factors concerning that particular contract and the SS has found out that the corruption of “I will just help myself to this,” Brenda Bleigh, and Nasia Butcher led by R Terry and Timothy B Butcher – AND the weak leadership under John Bennett hell I broke the damn thing, as the reason their was no interest in making a bid on the contract. No bid was ever made and that is a matter of public record, therefore Gerald B Hough was caught in another public lie and we are getting sick of it!!

Hey Hough you fake fuck why not debate the issues bitch?

You are NOT fooling anyone, debate the issues, dispute the claims if they are not true, I would and anybody would, but you Gerry Hough can not dispute anything for you are guilty as hell.

“Due diligence is not a term you even know Hough!” But you may learn the meaning of that term very soon and even learn a lot more about what happens to a public official that orders a county commission clerk to hide a land title needed in court!

WBRB is the home of the computer network that Palmer Stephens used to attempt to hack Free Press websites and to hack an e-mail site in order to find out WHO was revealing the truth about the criminal actions of Gerald B Hough Prosecutor for Gilmer County!

“Have you ever watched Hough perform during a trial,” asked Karen Elkin  Circuit Clerk when she was asked what did she think about the latest criminal actions of Gerry Hough…  She later finished the question herself with…”He is completely inept!”

And then further stated…
“And he pretty near just makes up his own rules and doesn’t really care about what the rule of law is!”

Because of Hough’s latest outrageous actions in which he used terrorist tactics by name calling and using the terms of enemies like Ayatollah Khomeini, and Moamar Ghadafy, Libya — he has involved himself in what the US Govt classifies as hate speech therefore becoming the very definition of being a hypocrite!

“Hey Gerry!!”  “Argue the issues bitch!” “And quit crying like a little baby because you have been exposed to the general public for the dishonest as fuck piece of shit that you are!!!”

“Citizens want you gone Gerry and a petition is being readied to see that we get you before the WV Supreme Court for removal for your wrongdoing and criminal actions before the next primary election!!”

CITIZENS ARE BECOMING CONCERNED ABOUT THE ACTION OF ALL THE CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS IN GLENVILLE –Here is an update on the State of Glenville — the County seat for Gilmer County!!

“You see, the Power Elite of Glenville do anything they want!”

They will make up a story to hide their dirty dealing and they don’t care what a person does good in this county unless it’s good for them. All they care about is getting all the money for them and their kids and forget everybody else and their family. The Power Elite in Glenville write their own laws and in the days and weeks and months to come the West Virginia SS and the Council of Concerned Citizens are going to educate everyone to that fact!

Gerry Hough who we heard yesterday told some tall tales of being a defensive back at Clemson weighing in at 245, now that truly is some tall tale telling - Gerry tells juries absolute lies too! Because he believes his own lies! But, Carly Hough tells no lie when she says, She LOVES to "Pull them Panties to the Side," for her boys up on the hill and Carly Broke Bad with the Butcher Bitches all last summer on the CalPatty Press!!

The Power Elite in Glenville do what they want-  and even when we go to the law the local law listens, but  then do not bother filling out a report and do not follow up and there is no investigation since the wrongdoers control their paycheck and their lives. The law in Glenville and Gilmer County is bought and paid for so they just won’t do anything in Gilmer County, West Virginia — commonly known as CROOKED COUNTY throughout the state.

The Power Elite of Glenville won’t let any new businesses come in here unless they own part of it cause they don’t want to pay a person what the job is worth. People that have lived here all their lives have to take it or they will starve them out. The water bills, the gas bills, the electric bills, the trash bills are all going sky high.

“The old people just can’t afford this kind of government any more in this county.”

“The Power Elite of Glenville don’t want any competition cause they’d have to lower their prices!”

Look how the gas stations always charge the same price, look how the grocery stores never put any stuff on sale at a lower price at the same time. They never undercut each other. Every one of them works together thick as thieves so the Power Elite of Glenville can make the same amount of money all the time and that also includes Senator Facemire who is controlled by Ike Morris and pays Ike Morris rent and belongs to the, “Church of IKE Morris!”

True that!!

I have to wonder what the CHURCH OF IKE is going to think about Gerry Hough using one of their employee’s “Pat Ward,” who is an associate of Palmer Stephens and GSC Web Designer Leslie Ward doing his evil deeds and attempting to find out who everyone is — that is revealing the TRUTH in the Gilmer County FREE PRESS!


June 3rd Special Edition

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day
I was out choppin’ cotton and my brother was balin’ hay
And at dinner time we stopped and walked back to the house to eat
And Mama hollered out the back door “y’all remember to wipe your feet”
And then she said “I got some news this mornin’ from Choctaw Ridge”
“Today Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge”

And Papa said to Mama as he passed around the blackeyed peas
“Well, Billy Joe never had a lick of sense, pass the biscuits, please”
“There’s five more acres in the lower forty I’ve got to plow”
And Mama said it was shame about Billy Joe, anyhow
Seems like nothin’ ever comes to no good up on Choctaw Ridge
And now Billy Joe MacAllister’s jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge

And Brother said he recollected when he and Tom and Billie Joe
Put a frog down my back at the Carroll County picture show
And wasn’t I talkin’ to him after church last Sunday night?
“I’ll have another piece of apple pie, you know it don’t seem right”
“I saw him at the sawmill yesterday on Choctaw Ridge”
“And now you tell me Billie Joe’s jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge”

And Mama said to me “Child, what’s happened to your appetite?”
“I’ve been cookin’ all morning and you haven’t touched a single bite”
“That nice young preacher, Brother Taylor, dropped by today”
“Said he’d be pleased to have dinner on Sunday, oh, by the way”
“He said he saw a girl that looked a lot like you up on Choctaw Ridge”
“And she and Billy Joe was throwing somethin’ off the Tallahatchie Bridge”

A year has come ‘n’ gone since we heard the news ’bout Billy Joe
And Brother married Becky Thompson, they bought a store in Tupelo
There was a virus going ’round, Papa caught it and he died last Spring
And now Mama doesn’t seem to wanna do much of anything
And me, I spend a lot of time pickin’ flowers up on Choctaw Ridge

And drop them into the muddy water off the Tallahatchie Bridge