Corruption runs deep down by that CROOKED RIVER! Sarah Rutherford-Bob Henry Baber GSC SEX SCANDAL!! Sock it to me now, but take your sock off first! Today is ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF the BODY of FRED HILL BEING FOUND!!

By Editor Edison-CalPatty Press Editor/Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator-Editor/ Freebird-RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS!

The summary of Miss SARAH Rutherford and the bringing out the “Facts” concerning Glenville has sparked many peoples interest. There is a little more “History” there than anyone knows, but we are revealing yet another Naked truth about Crooked County this 18th day of April 2011.

There are a million and one stories to tell in this Naked and Sun Tanned City of Glenville, West Virginia this is but one!

MUG SHOT of Sarah Rutherford, 23  (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse. Her mother, JoAnn Rutherford works at GSC as a secretary!

This exclusive Secret Seven Coalition presentation will blow your mind man. Better smoke a lot of weed just for effect concerning this story. You will want to be high, for it will be an unbelievable trip! You will be absolutely SHOCKED at what they let go on up at Dracula’s Castle on the hill!!

There is another “Pawn” in the mix of everything. His name is “Bob Henry Baber”. Baber is employed by Glenville State College as , GSC Major Gifts Officer. He knows the mother of Sarah Rutherford. Yeah, banged her a few times, and even a few times off campus too!

Sarah Rutherford an honor student from GSC has made headlines lately by having sex with two-high school boys while she was a teacher at Philip Barbour High School. Sarah Rutherford, was arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual relationships with two students and providing one with drugs and alcohol!

Rutherford, according to the criminal complaint, says she became acquainted with one of the victims, a student at PBHS, just after the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad last summer.  The two began text messaging and she invited the student to her home, located in Barbour County, where she and the student allegedly had sexual intercourse.

Then, keeping with Crooked County tradition, Rutherford allegedly became involved with another PBHS student younger than 18 by initiating contact with the victim at the school to:

Bob Henry Baber went from Mayor of Richwood where he came close to being impeached over allegations of wrongdoing and missing funds etc to raising funds for Glenville State College – Of course he also does a little poetry tutoring on the side along with a little marijuana smoking with the students as a favor for his friends at GSC! Banging the BEJESUS out of his  sons girlfriend alleged child molester Sarah Rutherford was just an EXTRA

“Solicit a relationship!”

By reading the criminal complaint the facts state that, “Oh Sarah Oh Sarah,” and the second victim had daily contact with each other, and allegedly three incidents between the two occurred at least once!

Now the Secret Seven Coalition learns that this all could be learned behavior from her exposure and sexual affair that Sarah Rutherford is still having with GSC Staff member Dr Bob Henry Baber a friend of Jo Ann Rutherford a secretary at GSC!! First Bob Baber is involved with Sarah’s Mom and Sarah starts to date Babers son. Then Sarah and the son break up and Bob jumps on Sarah like a big dog right after a long afternoon of Pot Smoking and fun romps in the wilderness just like young hippies from San Francisco!!

Sarah Rutherford is currently working for the “Days Inn” in Flatwoods just down the hill from the CRJ and just down the road a piece from POPLAR FOREST Arts and Craft Store the business owned by Bob Baber who we understand is going to run for Governor again!

During a drug raid on his home from the WV Drug Task Force, drugs and drug paraphernalia was found, he had his under aged son to take the rap because as a minor he would just get a slap on the wrist. According to the official report, they also found overloaded ash trays with marijuana buds, empty beer cans and liquor bottles, trash overwhelming the house, animal urine and feces everywhere mixed with the dirty underwear. The filthy dirty existence was required to ever achieve status in the Crooked County Power Elite! Baber you are a bad boy, but you got heart! You just loved fucking your son’s girlfriend Sarah Rutherford, but didn’t ya know they would say, you’re just a doin it the Crooked County way!

I am a firm believer that a person is a product of their surroundings. We all have enough “weeds” in our gardens that remain there because they are unseen or not noticed.

However, when someone as transparent and obvious as Bob Henry Baber comes our way and desires to plant himself in a position where he may influence or make a negative impact to the degree and level that he does, it is an injustice to knowingly and willingly allow it to happen.

A member of the SS spent $246 for just a ten hour stay but 200 extra got extras at the Days Inn by CRJ.  Sarah Rutherford is employed at the Days INN just down the Road a piece from Poplar Forest the Arts and Crafts store of Bob Henry Baber -Better have a lot of cash for the day if you want to play the Crooked County way!

Peter Barr did knowingly and willingly hire Baber knowing full well of his past!

Peter Barr President of GSC was made fully aware of the background of Bob Henry Baber! Barr was informed that Baber  has been investigated by the Department of Children Services for child neglect and abuse.

Bob Henry Baber was involved in a car accident where it is believed he was intoxicated!

Dr  Baber’s house was raided by the WV Drug Task Force!

Baber’s  son was indicted for drugs.  As Mayor of Richwood, countless accusations were made against Bob Henry Baber for deceiving the public and city council, mishandling funds, fraudulent grant writing and many other charges that are still under investigation. The IRS was investigating him, I could go on and on!

His troubles and the negative controversy that surrounds Baber seem to never end!

Bob Henry joined and invited the “Hippy” group “The Rainbow Group” and invited them to come to Richwood for one of their annual meetings, they tore up the town for a solid week, buying and selling drugs and hitting up the free food and clothing pantries that was meant to serve the homeless and less fortunate.

Rainbow Gathering in the mountains of West Virginia was a mellow affair even members of the Central West Virginia SS were there!!

Wouldn’t you know Baber was getting a little Bobber from about half of those Hippy Chicks! The town eventually ran them out and they ended up at Babers “Farm”, which is right outside Richwood for several weeks or staying drunk and high.

But this is how HIGH TIMES magazine reported the matter!

In another official twist, the nearby town of Richwood displayed a large rainbow-hued banner—“Welcome Rainbow Family”—over the highway, and Richwood’s gracious mayor, Bob Henry Baber, was seen serving soup at the Instant Soup kitchen. Rainbow participants have a long history of spending serious money on supplies in remote communities, injecting a rare economic jolt to the host area. Of course, the well-stocked Wal-Mart in Lewisburg saw plenty of action as well, and their policy of allowing overnights in their parking lot didn’t hurt, either.

If you would conduct a legitimate employment background check you would find out that at his past employments; Concord, Ashland Oil in Kentucky, Lorain County in Ohio and as Mayor of Richwood. Take notice Baber was fired or dismissed at every job and shortly after sued his formal employer!


You are looking through my belly button window today in this room right down the street from CRJ!! It is not my fault I got turned out by my boyfriends father, “Hey lets do that dope you got!” I am a little loopy from the pills though!


After 2 years of his 4 year term as Mayor of Richwood, City Council and members of the community decided to take him to court to impeach him. The night before they were going to court, he agreed to resign as Mayor and leave town if they stopped the proceedings. That’s exactly what happened. Mr. Baber thought he was going to jail and left quickly!!

Baber announced to council members he was resigning  to take a better paying fund-raising position at Glenville State College.

Bob Henry Baber’s next stop was Glenville, WV!! Come on down to Crooked County!! Check this out this is the kind of dude Peter Barr hired – the kind that turns out his girlfriends daughter like Sarah A Rutherford who in turn, turned out some high school boys! You see what goes around comes around when evil is as evil does and where corruption runs deep down by that Crooked River!!

When it was first suggested that Bob Henry Baber step down as Mayor of Richwood immediately, Baber said he preferred not to, and he explained further that the city council did not have the power to force him to do so!

A quick break with, “Oh Sarah Oh Sarah” calls for refreshments and boy does it make everything feel real good!!

The man that comes to the Crooked County parties with game – Bob Baber – was involved in a car accident where it is believed he was intoxicated, so he was prime for a gig at GSC!

Mr. Baber’s house was raided by the WV Drug Task Force, another reason Peter Barr hired him, for that also was on the backwoods poets resume!

Babers’ son was indicted for drugs, then Bob fucked Sarah Rutherford and decided to hook her up with I L so he could get her a gig at the WVU pharmacy school and then she could be the hook up for all the dope and nerve pills needed everyday at the courthouse and such.

Hear it from the SS and listen in to what was a goin on before Bob Baber came to GSC!

“…Baber and Recorder Myles Caldwell, who, under the terms of the city charter, would succeed Baber, have been at odds since Baber took office! Things reached a boiling point when the two scuffled at city hall after Caldwell refused to sign Baber’s paycheck, Both were charged with misdemeanors!!”

What made Bob such a prime candidate for the Fund raising jobs was his background as is painfully and graphically revealed in this SS article!

“…as Mayor of Richwood, there were countless accusations of deceiving the public and city council, mishandling funds, fraudulent grant writing and many other charges that are still under investigation. The IRS … I could go on and on!!”

His troubles and the negative controversy that surrounds Master Poet and original Hippy Bob Henry seem to never end!! That is exactly why Baber fits like a glove for Crooked County. Baber is absolutely perfect for what is needed to complete tasks on the hill and keep up with tradition and all!!

Did you know that Tampon Tashua Allman is running for the mayor again? She got elected by a one vote margin last time.

“Yeah, I have been to Bobs House hundreds of times!” “A lot of students have been there, but I dont have much time so you better hurry up! This is some good weed dude!” “Just please dont tell anyone about this!” No worries there is not even any film in this camera, but if there were i could try an effect to take the dark circle under your eyes from when you were in jail. Yeah, I agree that school should not be able to say anything about when you,”Get Off” for the day! (Unless of course u r getting off on their students…whoops!)

 Allman has also been poisoned by the influence of  Baber. God help us ! Not Tashua Allman again! Allman is worthless! Glenville is in the worst shape ever … dirty, trash everywhere in the city limits so please we can’t reelect trash for we will get trash! 

****  Speaking of Trash – Just like a piece trash in the river behind the house of Sheriff Metz last April 18th  one year ago today Fred Hill was found DEAD in the Crooked River!

Here is an excerpt from the original SS Story published just hours after Fred Hill went missing!

Rina McCoy–CalPatty Press Reporter/Editor Edison also contributing as Editor for Crooked County Crooks website


The group known as the Secret Seven which also includes the many editors and reporters for the truth blogs of Central WV, have long been dedicated to bringing the real truth forward.  That “Truth” is sometimes ugly and includes bad news about a corrupt judicial system and the evil that haunts the woods of Central West Virginia and the courts of the small surrounding counties.

Fred Hill had just returned home from Texas to be with his family and his ill father – he knew time was precious!

A man told investigators that he saw a man matching Hill’s description on Saturday morning between 9 and 9:30 a.m.–The man said the person he saw was standing in the median on Route 33, and appeared to be disoriented A very ominous and nasty force known as the “Powers that Be,” are capable of breaking any law, and also capable of committing rape, murder, or whatever suits their agenda of maintaining power, and then becoming richer, while the common folk have everything taken from them, and then many are persecuted, then prosecuted, for relatively minor infractions. Central WV leads the nation in per capita of people incarcerated! Here in central WV corrupt prosecutors like Gerry Hough are involved in conspiracies to  lose evidence against bad Law Enforcement, or just never bring a case forward, as was done in the circuit court case of Doug Starcher from the WV State Police twice brought up on charges of perjury, but the cases were mysteriously dismissed, without cause by Gerald B Hough.

Gerry prefers to target people often for personal reasons, then suppress evidence that could certainly prove innocence! If you are part of the SS, or have posted anything on any of the many truth blogs, you are going straight to jail bitch! …and then, the ‘powers that be’ will gladly tell you “that” was the reason why you are going right to jail, no bail for you!  Just ask one of the Princesses of Glenville, Tara Kennedy, she will tell you!

Officials, firemen and volunteers and friends of Freddy Hill will meet at 8 a.m. TODAY at the Gilmer CountyVFD to continue the search that has been going on since last Friday. Freddy Hill reportedly left Trezan’s Restaurant Bar and Grill in Glenville a little after midnight last Thursday, with friends and his family yet to hear from him.

“With the evil still turned loose on the local area, surely Basil Fred Hill could have fallen victim to the Macabre Dark Forests and Evil Entities of Gilmer County,  home to rape and murder!” “Or Possibly, Fred Hill could have fallen into the CALHOUN L AGOON of Conspiracy, just down the Crooked River from Crooked County!”

Police used cadaver dogs and a sonar-equipped boat yesterday to look for the man in or near the Little Kanawha River. Funny, how they already know where to look for dude. If you’re looking for Fred, now don’t shake your head because ya know… Freddy is dead!   Freddy’s dead! The evil still lurks in the hills of Central West Virginia!

(As published in the original Article “Fred is Dead”)

Law enforcement in charge of the investigation of Fred Hill recently made the statement one year ago this week FRED HILL was no longer listed as MISSING, and that they were no longer looking for him, and then like some murder mystery perfectly timed the Crooked River known as the Lil Kanoy gives up the body of Fred Hill!

What the fuck?

Not one answer from the State Police or the Gilmer County Sheriff on the matter of Fred Hill has held any value what-so-ever! Their whole idea of leads is to take leads from the citizens and family and then discount it as bullshit-great police work. But, for someone in the know that has made a study of the misconduct of Gilmer County Public Officials the facts speak for themselves!

The Sheriff and the State PO PO work hand in hand and act the same way when they are attempting to cover up misconduct of one of their own. I have 500,000 words soon to be published on the matter complete with court documents to back up my claim. Sheriff Mickey Metz main purpose seems to be the door stop and main cushion between the Crooked Power Elite in Gilmer County and the common citizens.

What you have in Gilmer County is some sophisticated political criminals that are involved in illegal campaign contributions and legal schemes to kick back some major cash into their OWN god damn pockets, and often this is done using several different schemes involving Glenville State College and state and federal funds– and it all has been going on for years.

“ The biggest bunch of crooks in the whole wide world are right here in Gilmer County!”

Gilmer County citizens are good enough to take the liability for their $28 millions bonds and unnecessary projects, but not good enough to get their questions answered. Surely Mrs. Burke you are not like the rest of them. Or are you?”

I would suggest to anybody that cares about Gilmer County to start documenting any piece of history you recall about the Gilmer County Commission, the Gilmer County Sheriff, Prosecutor  and the Glenville State College because they are eliminating it as fast as possible! No one is spending nights at the court house to work on anything but straightening the facts.

Rick Atkinson, Director of Yeager Airport (center) is presented a plaque by GSC President Dr. Peter Barr (left) and Dr. Bob Henry Baber, GSC Major Gifts Office

They just hire more people and spend more tax payer monies for the day to day work.   Get to the records and get copies of anything which documents your facts.  If you don’t, a year from now, they will DISAPPEAR LIKE FRED HILL.  Your Officials will say, what are you talking about, that was never there, it never happened, we never said that, NO FOUL PLAY! Your evidence must have floated away down that crooked river JUST LIKE FRED HILL. We already heard that out of Chapman about the Minnie Hamilton Lease.  If you lose anything because of it that’s your tough luck.  You will feel deceived and abandoned just like the family of Fred must feel an entire year after their loved one was found behind Sheriff Metz’ house. Oh, the kind words and assurances will be there but nothing of substance that helps you, just words.

Employees having historical knowledge are being replaced by people who have no knowledge of prior transactions good or bad of this County.  Employees near retirement age are being threatened with having their insurance changed to the point they can not afford it.  Play ball now or you will pay later!

REMEMBER FRED HILL!!   New Commissioners, a new Sheriff, a new Magistrate  or two,  maybe a new Prosecutor or Assessor with no prior interest beyond their personal needs for political purposes, will have no knowledge of the historical transactions effecting today’s decisions about what happens in Gilmer County.

The son of Bob Henry Baber dated Sarah Rutherford, but when they broke up, Bob Henry started messing around and getting high with his son’s ex behind his back! Sarah soon was having a sexual affair with Bob and continued that affair until the cows came home dressed as Police, and then she went to jail!!

They may not own any property in this County or invested any of their hard earned money but they’ll be in with the right people that’s for sure. The facts are being hidden deep by the old regime and their memory is very selective.

 You really don’t think they will point out the prior mistakes?

Lets remember one year ago today they found the body of FRED HILL!

Hough called for a special investigation, but there was NO INVESTIGATION!!


  No one ever saw it, no one ever will!


  The autopsy was sealed, WHY? 

Do you think it might have pointed to a MURDER and not a simple accidental drowning covered up by our current law enforcement? 

 It is predicted that since there will be no background for comparison, the same old mistakes and rhetoric will be brought forth and that same unproductive history will repeat itself up on the hill.  Oh you might get some new programs, if Peter Barr says it’s all right, and it brings in money and acknowledgment for the College President to put on his next resume,  but Gilmer County Government will continue as a paycheck provider for the same tired roster of players, the ones who play ball.


We will see the same thing happen at Glenville State College now that Peter Barr is firmly entrenched and supported by his mob of crooks. Take a look at the new website with the old one being totally removed!

The summary of Miss Rutherford and the bringing out the “facts” concerning Glenville has sparked the interest of many! There is a little more “history” there than anyone knows regarding GSC graduate Sarah Rutherford! “I can’t really talk about Bob, but I can’t stay in here long …you have some weed don’t you?” “Remember you said you had kynde buds!”

 It has no history of the many boards and corporations either their prior actions or membership. 

When the new web advisor Leslie Ward was asked how to search for the GSC Alumni Association we were informed that she did not know what we meant.

We  used to be able to look up friends of the Alumni or the Professors, is that what we were looking for now, for good luck finding that information!  Leslie Ward had never heard of that page. Under Board of Governors you are directed to the state web site for appointment information.   It appears that any previous transparency has to found among the cached information still out there.  Get it while you can, that is what Leslie Ward’s husband Pat Ward does! Pat Ward is the new IT guy over at Waco Oil so naturally IL MORRIS is going to pull some strings to get his wife a job. She may want to get a fitting for knee pads now.


What’s the matter Barr? 

Don’t like anyone questioning your authority over your kingdom? 

We even know all about Bob Henry Baber and his history as a student terrorist during the Viet Nam War hanging out with all those hippy people and such from California!

Call everyone in for a conference and a few dozen drinks.  I’m sure you’ll figure some way to control the media and fabricate the facts, that is what Peter Barr is best at, fabrication of facts and keeping the local citizens in the dark

You can always use the model of the Gilmer County Sheriff, make up your own facts and ignore everything EVEN RAPE. Your cry will be, NO FOUL PLAY, just a mistake.  It works in Gilmer County.

Making a well established college website into a” Kiddies don’t you want to come here”, “see, we’ll let you make your own web- site just like the big boys” will not make it go away. It is not the fault of those students assigned to help Leslie Ward develop this new site.

It is your fault that you provided no supervision and guidance to protect the availability of all historical and current information to the taxpayers who supported the college long before you got here and will long after you are gone.  The tax paying citizen deserves no less than readily available access to all information regarding college business, total transparency and accountability. Along with your attempts to hire personal friends, suck up to the elite by giving their cronies a paycheck and your personal desire to be a dictator and manipulate college funding for your real estate deals what can one say except that you are a real piece of unethical work.

The only history that will not change in Crooked County are the names on the paychecks and who gets away with RAPE, Dope Dealing, Theft, or Murder in Gilmer County next!


Special SS UPDATE – September 24th 2012!!

 Sarah Ann Rutherford  WHO WAS A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER and a Glenville State College student, the daughter of long time GSC Secretary Joann Rutherford is going to jail for two years starting ONE WEEK from TODAY ON OCT FIRST for banging two students in her biology class!!!

Heard you missed us Sarah, and I brought my BLACK MAGIC  PENCIL, so give me something to write on Bitch! I’ll write on that ASS since you are going to jail  and such Sarah Ann Rutherford  …. because I’ve got it bad!

I ‘M HOT FOR TEACHER!!  I’VE GOT NO CLASS BUT YOU’VE GOT ASS Sarah …just like your Mama at GSC!!


  1. Fred, if you’re watching and waiting for your killer to be caught hope you saw this one. Metz and family went to Indiana to get their Martial Arts awards. I wonder if the county paid for it this time.
    And what about the GSC Assistant Softball Coach arrested on Saturday? Stacy Adkins, a provost list honors student out of Kanawha County?

    Bring in a few more out of town players into your chosen ones list Dr. Barr. Their behavior is so exemplary. Besides, we all know that you consider the people of Gilmer County to be a bunch of hicks incapable of being trained for anything.

    Or is it that the people of Gilmer County know the history and the difference between right and wrong and tend to ask too many questions. Oh there are a few that will follow you blindly to get next to those oh so important people at the top in a sick sort of way. But it’s a whole lot easier to bring in people who have already shown they know how to play ball. As Larry Chapman stated, someone who is “not afraid to do anything” and he meant anything at all to get what he wanted. Circumvent the laws and do a little creative writing when it comes to getting state money. Perhaps you can educate more of us into the ways of the world and bring us into the light. Maybe you just don’t have the time, what’s your next move? Doubt there are many little colleges that will bring your friends in like GSC has.

  2. They LIE to us like little children, I am sick of it! We need to make some changes!!
    If you read this article, that is good, but let me tell you how it really is!


    According to information obtained from WV Central Regional Jail, the GSC Assistant Softball Coach Stacey Rae Adkins was arrested and was booked at the jail on Saturday, April 16, 2011 with imprisonment status of Misdemeanor.

    Wonder who will do the “fix” on this one? Just like the off duty Braxton state trooper that was a passenger in the DUI accident with the FCI-Gilmer employee driver at Sand Fork? And the GSC rapes. And Fred Hill. Takes a lot of “fixes” to cover the GSC scandals.

    Comment by Keep diggin’ y’all… on 04.17 at 11:20 PM
    Phil Huff is the name of the Braxton County State Police trooper DRUNK in the back seat, the Sgt from Glenville said, ” It was OK to come over to Gilmer County and party like no get out, ain’t nothing gonna happen to you over here!”

    What kind of program is Janet Bailey running? A Crooked County Program?
    One winning team and three coaches arrested in one year is right! What else have they hidden from us. How many young women will be raped and abused under the watch of Gerald B Hough. How many more murders will Sheriff Metz allow? These people are bad for everyone’s health and need to be dealt with before something else bad happens!!

  3. Today is one year, a full 365 days after the body of Fred Hill was found. It was a Sunday afternoon, about this same time just before half past three pm. The body was caught in some debris and the body was found very close to the back of Sheriff Metz House.

    Many still believe that Waitman Lee Frederick was involved in this murder, and some say the State Police gave him a lie detector test and he passed. Some say Metz was given a lie detector test and he passed. But, Crystal Metz, she had her ass grabbed that night, but yet had no test.

    Many feel that Fred was beaten severely behind Trezans and tossed immediately in that Crooked River. This fact seems to be true. Early SS reports based on eye witness accounts that night reported that fact as the best possible scenario based on factual accounts determined within hours of the MURDER of Fred Hill. Then, a prediction was made and PUBLISHED that NO FOUL PLAY would be immediately used as an excuse and as a weapon to combat public opinion. The SS was 100% correct early on!!

    It all happened just like we said it would right from the start.

    Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River are not hard to predict.

    Possibly, extreme measures will have to be used to remove the people like Gerald B Hough and Metz that conspired to keep the truth from the public and the family of Fred Hill. Those LOW LIFE poor excuses for public servants have a strategy they use on everyone. Do nothing, say nothing, and enough time will pass and everyone will forget. I say fuck that!! We are SICK OF IT!!!

    Please join us as we take an active part to take steps to remove Hough and Metz from office.

    SS Member: Did Pat Ward ever find out we got in there and read all the in house Waco Oil mail because he left the back door open for us. Leslie did the same thing earlier today on the edu. site. Cool! This could be almost as fun as getting a very expensive hand job from Sarah Rutherford during a fun filled evening at the Days Inn over in Flatwoods! They call it the Days Hotel, but it is really a no-tell Motel.

    Flatwoods Days Hotel a gorgeous mountain view with a balcony which adorns most rooms. Spacious suites with refrigerators and a mini bar for our special customers, along with a Jacuzzi and the friendly service of Sarah A Rutherford former honor student and part time fun girl for the Power Elite from Glenville West Virginia!

  4. Baber REVEALED! Love it! We were stuck with him at Richwood for 2+ years, until he thought we were putting him in jail. Then he took his poison and went to Glenville. It is a shame how he has always did his children. Sorry Glenville is stuck with him, but Richwood is glad to get rid of him.

    Editors note: Thats what up! We are lovers of a Lover-Of-Truth round here!

  5. Council of Concerned Citizens - Could this be next weeks headline in Charleston? " Petition Seeks To Remove Sheriff METZ " says:

    Petition Seeks To Remove Sheriff METZ

    Glenville, WV – A petition is to be filed any day in Gilmer County Circuit Court seeking to remove Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz from office.

    The Council of Concerned Citizens are filing the petition seeking the sheriff’s removal under West Virginia statute 6-6-7.

    According to the filing any person holding an office for a fixed term “May be removed from such office in the manner provided in this section for official misconduct, malfeasance in office, incompetence, neglect of duty or gross immorality or for any of the causes or on any of the grounds provided by any other statute.”

    Metz was not available for comment, due to being out of town for unrelated County business, but people at the courthouse said, They had not been aware of the filing but some had heard a petition was being circulated.

    “It was my understanding that the petition was for the removal of Metz and one deputy,” said Larry Gerwig who is Chief Deputy to the office of the Gilmer County Sheriff.

    “Metz will issue a statement most likely after he reviews the petition,” said Gerwig. The Gilmer County Concerned Citizens petition drive collected 333 signatures so far and hope to collect even more.

    The Council of Concerned Citizens filed a total of 19 allegations against the sheriff and others.

    Concerned Citizens allege on March 7, 2011 Metz committed an act of terrorist threats, while hiding evidence and was also involved in covering up the crime of subornation of perjury. Concerned Citizens also claims the Sheriff attempted to intimidate and retaliate against them in violation of five statutes are reporting the sheriff for alleged violations of the law – to the FBI and to the office of the Governor – it is unlawful to use intimidation, physical force or a fraudulent legal process or official proceeding or to threaten or attempt to do so, with the intent to impede or obstruct a witness or juror from performing his or her official duties in an official proceeding. Mickey Metz is being accused of being guilty of all of the above and more.

  6. After reviewing some of the data submitted, I am in a state of disbelief that in house memo’s and mail from the communication with the Waco Oil website and other e-mail conversations back and forth between certain select Power Elite continuously implicate Gary Wolfe Gilmer County Assessor in SS actions that include giving the Central WV SS and Council of Concerned Citizens vital secret information on elite, and further accuse Wolfe of being part of Concerned Citizens actions and publications. Wolfe is even accused of being responsible for some of our better photo’s taken while reporting on local issues.

    To all that this may concern. Gary Wolfe is not in anyway involved in reporting for the SS or involved in gathering data or involved politically with the Council of Concerned Citizens, in fact:

    There has been a change in status concerning the Gilmer County Assessor Gary Wolfe! SS from Gilmer County, WV informs us that Gary Wolfe is covering for the crimes and misconduct of the Gilmer County Clerk and Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney. Wolfe has been officially placed on the list of Crooks from Crooked County.

    The Crooks from Crooked County put Gary Wolfe’s son in jail and seem to have a hold on him, so he is busy denying the allegations of wrongdoing right along side Marks and Hough according to a report from Calhoun Counties Rina McCoy.

    Good news comes in the way of interviews conducted by our representative referred to earlier today as (censored by SS)

  7. The Central WV SS would like to thank Pat Ward for inviting us by to review the in’s and out’s of his new mail client – server, and thanks for giving us the heads up on the late night back door plan man!! Also, speaking of back door, thanks to Leslie Ward for making the new GSC website such an afternoon delight. Chuck Spears should be thrilled with the new image soon, being Big Joe’s former right hand man and all.

    Petitions are being drafted from what I understand that will be circulated asking for the removal from office of Gerald B Hough and Sheriff Mickey Metz for their recent and active involvement in covering up courthouse public records fraud and title fraud, while actually stealing money from tax payers. Thousands of dollars stolen in taxes involving the missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property was never paid back. The money was just put in the pocket of Michelle Dawn Rose and no effort was made to reimburse the victim.

  8. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf -- "The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!" The Lemegeton announces APRIL 19th as a HOLY DAY for Darkness!! Awful things happen on this day!! says:

    April 19th 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt announces U.S. will leave gold standard

    April 19th 1967 Beatles sign a contract to stay together for 10 years

    April 19th 1971 Charles Manson sentenced to life (Sharon Tate murder)

    April 19th 1984 Nemesis, death star of dinosaurs 1st appears in Nature magazine, the death star is now in the solar system between the earth and the sun causing weather changes, earthquakes and tornado’s and could be the cause of a pole shift in the near future.

    April 19th 1989 Gun turret explodes on USS Iowa, killing 47 sailors

    April 19th 1993 The Branch Davidian Compound near Waco, Texas, is destroyed in a fire after 51-day stand-off; 76 people die, including 24 British nationals and 20 children

    April 19th 1995 Truck bomb at Federal Building in Oklahoma City, kills 168

    April 19th 2000 Air Philippines flight 541 crashes into a hill near Davao, killing 131

    April 19th 2005 Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, becomes the 265th pope

    April 19th 2009 Chubbs Sage “Bubba” West the original “Ghost Wolf“ dies suddenly after a short illness, 33 days after the book, The First Battle of the New Civil War – Revenge the Ghost Wolf,” was released by PublishAmerica-Baltimore, Maryland. Bubba was a Gilmer County resident in 01 and 02 while the early origins of the book were being drafted. Lifetime record 37-1-1

  9. Stacey “Wild Woman” Adkins GSC- Asst Softball Coach ARRESTED FOR BATTERY!

    Glenville West Virginia-SS Coalition (04/19/2011)
    Stacey Adkins GSC- Asst Softball Coach was arrested for battery. An altercation with a neighbor was given for the reason of the arrest.

    Gilmer authorities charged Stacey Adkins, 22, for causing injury to Andrea Lynn Starcher April 10th whose residence is on Center Street.

    According to the criminal complaint, Adkins was “Yelling about someone letting her dog loose!”

    “Ms. Starcher stepped out, Ms. Adkins who was upset punched Starcher,” Sgt. Benton Huffman,
    said when , it was confirmed that Andrea Lynn Starcher had suffered a broken nose and sprained ankle from the altercation, according to a criminal complaint.

    Stacey “Wild Woman” Adkins has been released on bond and looking forward to some batting practice soon!

    1. Somebody call Leon ’cause this girl is ready for the Rumble on the Hill!’
      How far above the law do the chosen ones of GSC really think they are?

      Stacey, I’m sure Liz and Peter will invite you for dinner soon to say great job! Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay back the bond money, they’ll figure out a way to take it out in trade.

      This should fill the initiation requirement for the GSC Swingers! Show ’em you’re willing to do anything. Way to go girl, you’re in! Maybe they’ll get Sarah to come on over.

      Way to promote the colleges new community interaction policy!

      SS Member: One thing is for SURE is that Sarah as in Sarah Rutherford will come over!!
      She will come over and over and over and over and over again!!

  10. (04/19/11 – Initial Report) clink on this comment green line for link!
    Bad Bad Teacher
    School Sex Scandals – The Dark Side of Teacher-Student Relations

    Sarah Rutherford, 23, a teacher at Philip Barbour High School in Philippi, West Virginia was reportedly arrested last month on allegations of having sexual relationships with two male students and providing one of the students with drugs and alcohol.

    Reportedly, Rutherford is charged with two third-degree felony counts of sexual abuse by a custodian or a person in a position of trust.

    It is alleged that Rutherford became acquainted with one of the victims in August and September of last year and that they began text messaging and that subsequently Rutherford invited the student to her residence where they allegedly had sexual intercourse.

    It is also alleged that between September and December of last year that Rutherford became involved in a relationship with the second student and that during that relationship that Rutherford and the student had sexual intercourse and that she supplied him with money to purchase marijuana for her and that she inturn provided alcohol and marijuana to him.

    Following her arrest, bond for Rutherford was reportedly set at $5,000 on each count and she was subsequently released from the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

    Webmaster’s note: Thanks to a reader that brought this case to our attention. That person indicated that the case was not getting much “exposure” in the news media. We did manage to find a few news reports and a MAJOR EXPOSE on the case at a blog named “Revenge of the Ghost Wolf”, a link to which appears below for those wishing to see the alleged big picture.


    Teacher Faces Sexual Abuse Charges

    Philip Barbour Teacher Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Student (03/15/11)

    Teacher facing charges (03/12/11)

    Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

    1. That which is at is truly amazing!
      I can’t believe all the teachers molesting children. The FANS of that site would
      be shocked to find out that in CROOKED COUNTY most all of those teachers
      would be allowed to continue their actions.

      The fans of that site would be SHOCKED to find out the Girls basketball coach from Gilmer County High School, Bobby Duvall was fucking teenage girls! And then he and his bro were cordially invited to a birthday party of one of the star players on the team and then Duvall the coach got to fuck the shit out of a star player with the full endorsement her mom while her first cousin who is even a better player than she is, got raped at the same party where they were all on DRUGS and alcohol!

      The fans of that site would be shocked that it is all OK to do here in Gilmer County West Virginia the home of the wicked and evil!!

  11. Council of Concerned Citizens - Gilmer County 420 Report! West Virginia is 2nd out of 50 for the increased number of its population going to prison... says:

    The WV Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety released its study ending a decade of recording data and West Virginia is second in the nation for increased incarceration. Latest figures show WV currently has the second fastest growing prison population in the nation!

    Way to GO West Virginia!! 2nd out of 50 for more prisoners or 49th out of 50 for the recognition of a little something called F R E E D O M !!

    Out of all the states in the United States – West Virginia is 2nd out of 50 for the increased number of its population going to prison. Calhoun County can’t pay their bill and Gilmer County is too busy fudging the figures and making excuses and being too difficult to reach to every change the momentum in the direction of something positive, or to ever bother keeping their jail bill current either.

    The WV Division of Corrections had custody of 6,681 inmates at the end of 2010, rising from 3,870 inmates in 2000, so the persons incarcerated and numbers of persons convicted almost doubled in a decade.

    Something is severely wrong with our law enforcement and our courts and immediate change needs to come about and we need to start that change right here at home in Gilmer County the home of the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River!

    72 percent of all new prisoners were convicted on nonviolent offenses according to the latest reports and this reflects badly on our local judges Facemire and Alsop for handing out maximum sentences for every crime whether a person is innocent or guilty.

    New prisoners convicted for nonviolent drug crimes increased from 15.7 percent in 2004 to 21.9 percent in 2010 according to the newest figures just released from the WV Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety.

    We can no longer live with these figures! A 21.9% increase in non – violent crime convictions with a total of 72 % locked up for non-violent crimes is where we put a stop to the current wrongdoing in the local courts.

  12. All along the Courthouse Watchtower- Gilmer County – Courthouse Access by Unauthorized Individual - Gilmer County Economic Development! says:

    In a meeting with the Gilmer County Commissioners, The Gilmer Free Press questioned a couple of issues on behalf of the Gilmer County Concerned Citizens:

    Courthouse Access by Unauthorized Individual

    The Commissioners Dave Hess, and Darrell Ramsey along with County Clerk Jean Butcher noted that they had changed all the interior locks in the courthouse.
    The action was taken because they could not collect the keys from some of the individuals who had them. Now only authorized personnel have access to offices.

    Gilmer County Economic Development:
    The Gilmer County Economic Development Association broke away from the Gilmer County Commission several years ago. Therefore, Gilmer County Commission has nothing to do with any actions GCEDA makes.

    Comments from citizens
    A resolution authorizing authority to an entity can not be just broken away from. Here we go again. Just because the GCEDA moved out of a building does not dissolve the
    arrangement. This is business not personal likes and dislikes. Wake up, do your job.

    Comment by No Magic Wand on 04.20 at 06:44 AM

    The Commission’s decision to change court house keys justifies cause for public alarm.
    Unauthorized individuals had access to the building to pose serious questions.
    The questions include: who had keys, why were they given keys in the first place, to which records did the individuals have access, is there any evidence that access resulted in records being changed or any other activities to the detriment of citizens, and did individuals with keys use court house information to personally benefit themselves or their clients?

    Another question is were any laws broken, and if they were who will be responsible for investigating and prosecuting?

    We have a severe problem regarding trust of elected officials, and until the questions are answered anger involving unauthorized court house access will fester.
    Names of individuals who refused to return keys should be disclosed immediately.
    The refusal to surrender them at the request of the Commission caused an expense to taxpayers and it verifies that the individuals involved expect special treatment as members of the privileged class.

    Chalk up another example of “this is the way we do it in Gilmer County”.
    Comment by Anonymous on 04.20 at 11:59 AM

    What good does it do to change just the interior locks on a few offices? Give someone access from the outside and leave an inside door unlocked. Just another feeble attempt to placate. They won’t tell whom they couldn’t get keys from because the names would be too embarrassing. And they wouldn’t want to lose any friends.
    Comment by Another job half done on 04.20 at 01:33 PM

  13. Love this place – I will be traveling to WV more frequently and plan on making this my mainstay hotel. No bedbugs, but I did get bit by something better! Great views, great rooms, great breakfast buffet and great ass! Very friendly staff…..mattresses are a little hard, but so were the pert breasts of dear Sarah too!

  14. Bobby Duvall - Basketball coach for Gilmer County High School- Allowed to have sex with players according to Nasia says:

    According to Nasia Butcher, principal of Gilmer County High School there has been no denial that Bobby Duvall had sex with an 18 year old member of the 2011 Partying Lady Titans Basketball team! Consensual Sex happened on January 22, 2011 at the home of a prominent Power Elite member, who just happens to be the former prosecutor from Calhoun County, West Virginia!

    According to Nasia consensual sex between two Gilmer County residence off school property is strictly OK behavior, even though there was underage drinking and drug use admitted at the party. I guess someone had some quality kynde buds and more than enough to go around. That mixed with some imported Cocaine and locally manufactured methamphetamine made for a very sexy affair that left one member of the basketball team RAPED and alone, because absolutely nobody gave a shit, not even mom and dad since everyone was too busy getting fucked up.

    According to Nasia since the sex and rape took place off campus, it does not matter that the girls BB coach Bobby Duvall, employed by the school (who is also a substitute teacher), was involved in fucking the holy hell out of star player Hannah DeMarino, or was present for Jordan Morris being thrown down like a bad girl and banged like a Butcher Bitch in heat.

    So, since all of that is OK we thought we would shoot off all that information to Bad Bad

  15. Bad Bad Teacher
    School Sex Scandals – The Dark Side of Teacher-Student Relations-Robert Duvall – Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, GCHS, 2010-11
    Comments: These comments are from yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy article: HANNAH DeMarino CAUGHT in BED with her Basketball Coach from Gilmer County High School! Jordan Morris RAPED!! …that told all about Hot Pants Hannah DeMarino breaking in 18 on 22 January twenty eleven with her Lady Titan’s basketball coach Bobby (got a bobber too) Duvall and the subsequent RAPE of Lady Titan champion 3-point getter Jordan Morris a possible top college player of the future with a hymen buster past at the home of her fellow Power Elite during a bash up off hwy 33 to be talked bout for some time to come!

    January 25, 2011 at 8:03 pm
    Damn!! Them little bitches are some horn dogs!
    Now we understand that the brother of head coach Bobby Duvall, Danny Duvall is involved in this double sexed up mystery.
    Shelly Morris, and John D. Bennett, Superintendent are attempting to cover up the matter, and who really can blame them for that, really.
    Sometimes, I feel sorry for John Bennett and pray he does not die of a heart attack from all the stress before he retires. He is a nice person that takes a lot of heat and has to eat a lot of shit spewed forth by the famous Nasia Butcher, mother to the Butcher Bitches.
    My GOD Glenville has got to be the most sinful place in all of WV!
    Twiddly Dee!

    Captain Booker-CCC Birmingham
    January 25, 2011 at 10:49 pm
    I wish you all would have held off on putting this up, since I have to inform you the girl that allegedly was drugged and raped is the daughter of DOUGLAS S. MORRIS, VICE PRESIDENT/OWNER of WACO OIL and GAS!
    I would have preferred that you would have skipped that part. How the hell do y’all get this stuff up so fast. It is his only daughter, and if he finds out who did this, then we will all be looking at another body popping up around the middle of April, up there on the Crooked River.
    Listen Yank, you may want to think about making some adjustments to your content

    Editors note: Seriously dude? Does home boy know? Just doing my job.

    Crooked County Crooks
    January 25, 2011 at 11:00 pm
    Better call somebody!!

    January 26, 2011 at 12:30 pm
    heard it was all true don’t call anybody mize well tell the truth! hannah got sum banana cuz she wanted to and it was both brothers that were there and now everybody knows and that is not all that happened either

    Editors note: Who the hell are you? Just give us some more juice! Power Elite girls having fun THE SECOND GENERATION! Will the new CalPatty Press site be having front page all nude cover shots of these same outstanding young women, shortly after they hit dorm life? More drugs, and booze and rapes and murders over on up on the hill!

    Cosmos Communicator
    January 26, 2011 at 6:59 pm
    From out of the Cosmos!
    From his mouth came a sharp sword and the Supreme Commander of the SS representing the forces of good,says leave it! We have gone through a time of great suffering, this is only a sign that the end of the evil ones reign lies near! Could it be the end of all evil?
    FOR THE DENIAL X 9 BITCH!! You got no Self Esteem!

    January 26, 2011 at 8:40 pm
    Guess I’m getting jaded, but what kind of PERVERT is getting off on getting these young kids high and what- WATCHING? Really makes me wonder what these kids have seen growing up. Sexual experimentation is normal but IF SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE IT TO GET IT or IF YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR MIND TO DO IT,there is a real problem. Happening too many times around here. Somebody needs to start enforcing a drug free zone around the High School and College. To whatever idiot is dealing to these kids- they are not grown up no matter what they think or how much cash they flash. Get a grip.
    Editors note: Think they got a grip, but not the kind ya meant

    January 27, 2011 at 12:07 am
    Touche, but the grip I’m talking about is on the reality of what happens to those who deliberately cause harm to kids. I hope I’m there when one of them gives up the main supplier for “the ville”. Then maybe they will feel the grip of someone’s hands around their sleazy, money grubbing, perverted throats. Other than that, maybe our so called law enforcement will step up and take responsibility for protecting the younger members of society from predators. (Or are they too busy counting their kickbacks?) What is Barr doing up at that college? Seems he is more worried about bringing in the money and keeping the kiddies happy so they don’t complain to Mommy & Daddy than preparing them for life. (and I don’t mean life in the fast lane). I am tired of it being just OK to produce another twisted sister via drugs and rape as long as it fills the coffers.
    Editors note: Their a fillin somethin! Don’t worry it will all be swept under the rug and forgotten. I just hope it doesn’t fuck up the team. I want them to win it all, then party like a banchi ‘s

    January 27, 2011 at 12:25 am
    You are all fucking retarded.
    I hope someone kills your asses.

    Editors note; Retarded? It is not socially acceptable to use that terminology. Is it my fault a couple of basketball coaches for the girls team decided to take a trip to Lake titty caca!?
    I think the proper term would be mentally challenged. So,we will accept your threat under the condition that you correct the wording of it.
    Thank you for your concern involving these winter time wonderland occasions.

    • kirsaaato
    January 30, 2011 at 6:23 pm
    I heard the coach did have sex with Hannah and that several people were witnesses to other situations much worse, like the guys that crashed the party after Shelly went to bed, and then Jordan was raped too, and that is not all that happened that night. Shelly showed back up at the house after 1am and she was already drunk and then she partied with all of us until about 2 and she passed out, and then a lot of the dope came hours before that and continued until hours later. There are a lot of pictures that were taken that night. I think you probably have some we sent already
    Editors note: We prefer the candid, nobody knows shots vs the posed for shots.

    Enough is Enough
    January 31, 2011 at 1:11 am
    An (un-named) city attorney interfered with duties of a City Policeman investigating allegations of a rape of a young high school girl.
    If this is one of the Butchers from the Butcher and Butcher law firm, then someone needs to step up and deliver the punishment for this outlandish behavior. We need to regulate the evil of the Power Elite and we need to start doing it today. If they condone the rape of young innocent women, then they have gone a yard too far on this playing field.

    Titan anonymous
    January 31, 2011 at 7:11 am
    We will be on the sidelines at the game and you will know it is us when you hear….

    Editors: The Power elite girls sure have a lot of wild wicked sex! Do you think it is learned behavior from watching mom and dad and the booze and the sex and the behind the scenes crimes? Wow what will the two-faced two-lane ain’t living long like this magazine editor say to this? Her friends again, committing crimes and in the news.

    Crooked County Crooks
    January 31, 2011 at 1:28 pm
    All the PO PO are ROGUE!
    If there are any team Rangers that would like to participate, come on come on.
    Also, this might be a good time for all others to take some time off, and to head on out!
    The PO PO are rogue home boys…
    Rogue police officers have metastasized the once noble profession of peace officer into the cancerous front line of tyranny in Gilmer County. The whole county is a wash
    A fucking wash!

    Ima Anonymous omg ur not kidding
    January 31, 2011 at 7:23 pm
    So you say that other coaches go to jail in other states for bringing beer to a party and then having sex with a girl on the team, then why has no one even bothered to report this. We have all been threatened if we say anything. I don’t get it, if it is wrong in other states why is it ok here in Glenville. Hannah liked sleeping with the coach, so she isn’t going to say anything and it was not like she was a virgin or anything just turning 18 that is what people are saying. Nobody wants to say anything about Jordan getting raped, but it happened and some other bad things happened to. Mixing drugs with booze is what did it was what I was told.

    BAD COPS Latest Crimes of the STATE POLICE -Anti American commit crimes against the people!
    January 31, 2011 at 8:43 pm
    Attempts to discuss these matters with Col. Timothy S. Pack, head of the State Police, have been unsuccessful. Pack repeatedly has refused requests for interviews. WE NEED TO SEND COL PACK PACKING!!
    Trooper SNAVELY RAPED that poor woman and now is the Police Chief in Hinkley WV and is fucking the mayors daugther! Major Ingold and the State Police brought no charges for rape and covered up the crime!
    All women of hinton and summers county should be in front of city hall and city bank until they remove this man from office here is one lady if ever stopped will pull off i dont edittrust him if he will rape one woman he will rape again please dont be his victim it has to be all us ladies not just a few please ladies fear for your young teen age girls safety is this a joke for joe if it is it is not funny the law is to protect and serve not harm and rape
    WV // Sex // Investigation // WV State Trooper investigated on allegations he raped woman in cruiser, victim says internal affairs told her not to talk
    WV // False Arrest // Lawsuit // WV State Trooper sued by shop owner alleging false arrest & malicious prosecution in case that took year to dismiss:
    West Virginia State Police in Gilmer County cover up crime of subornation of perjury by Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough, while covering for several other crimes committed by public officials and refusing to investigate complaints against Sheriff Metz.
    West Virginia state troopers subject of a fourth lawsuit alleging brutality against officers in Logan detachment:
    West Virginia State Police settle suit for $200k to lawyer claiming he was beaten by several troopers after DUI arrest:
    West Virginia State Police settle suit for $100k to man who suffered severe burns when pepperspray & taser caused fire:
    West Virginia State Trooper fined for contempt of court after judge orders him removed because of his “demeanor”:
    West Virginia State Trooper sued for persuading woman to have sex to avoid a DUI charge, she wasn’t drunk:
    MORE about STATE TROOPER SNAVELY GUILTY OF RAPE BUT FACED NO CONSEQUENCE BECAUSE HE IS A COP:sure hes been at joes house since he lost his job as a trooper. he is using blankenship. do you think he wouldn’t do bethany the same way as he did his wife? he had beautiful wife. how can the mayor, larry meador, bob basham, pat jordan be a part to this, firing martin and hiring snavely? they must have the same character as Blankenship. which is not good. gary wheeler said bob basham did every thing he was told to do. he said he didn’t understand anything. why will the people let this go on? our city has been taken away from the citizens,by blankenship and snavely and blankenship drinking buddies..

    February 1, 2011 at 12:18 am
    I’m so over Glenville and it’s dumb-shit i don’t take shit from people, and i certainly don’t let bitches talk about my best friends,but, those dumb bitches have been asking for it for a long time. You can bet nothing will be done and yeah the coach fucked the holy shit out of that precious little high school sweetheart just like you said, but I heard TWICE before they were caught. And that was after she sucked his dick before any of that happened from what I heard. The mom was out getting some strange too! That is what these people do!
    Get a fucking clue!
    Don’t worry there will be no cops those fucks bought the cops off a long time ago! How do you think they can do all those drugs up there and bring all that Cocaine in from Florida. The cops are bought! You got that right! The cops are just as bad anyway!


    Who do we tell?
    February 1, 2011 at 12:38 am
    All the girly girls were getting down and dirty that night but a lot of the drugs were free and there was more than enough alcohol to go around and with no supervision, then it is no wonder Jordan was raped and I heard it was bad. I don’t like being yelled at, it upsets me more than anything, and I already got screamed at just for whispering to my boyfriend about what really happened which is pretty terrifying. There will be no police in this because of who everybody is and that really sucks. We don’t really have any police in this county that really do anything, or solve any crimes all they do is sit around on their fat asses and tell everybody how great they are when we all think they are nothing but a dumb joke. My best friend, she knows entirely too much, and wants to tell somebody but we don’t know if the CalPatty Press even exists anymore. Where do we send this to?
    This is tying my stomach all up in knots and we need to tell somebody.

    Cosmos Communicator–RAPE STORY TOLD!!
    February 1, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Tell your friends from the CalPatty Press, many are out of town right now, but available for receiving mail and such, but we are about a day backed up on getting back to people because we have had a lot of shit to take care of, the war being on and all.
    We accept pictures, audio, and even semen samples if you have run across any of those.
    We like the candid phone shots the best, so keep them coming!

    WV Secretary of State Cites Election Wrongdoings in Last November’s Election
    February 1, 2011 at 12:31 pm
    Tuesday, February 01, 2011
    According to information obtained this morning from sources in West Virginia Secretary of State Office by The Gilmer Free Press, the SOS office has found the following wrongdoings by the Office of The Gilmer County Clerk in Last November’s election (2010):
    • 1-A-Electioneering : Against Jean Butcher at the Gilmer County Clerk’s front counter for electioneering voters before they voted.
    • 2-B-Voter Interference : Against Jean Butcher for taking a ballot at the Gilmer County Clerk’s front counter from a voter.
    • 3-C-Improper Arrangement of Voting Area : Against Beverly Marks at the front entrance of the Gilmer County Clerk’s office.

    omg wtf bitch
    February 1, 2011 at 5:24 pm
    And when I saw u commented bout me I figured it would be like hey dnt tlk to u much but then you did so wtf just like kt said i lost many things in my life i loved but only gained better things but getting a vd was not on my list of favorite things to do. u better be watching you are giving it up to… that was some real bs but i told you not to go with those boys and i told you it was not a good idea so yuo cant say it is all cool cuz u were to fucked up to remember it all.

    Shell GT
    February 1, 2011 at 5:58 pm
    listen up you trash talker he fucked her and he had some help so that really doesnt count in the way you say, so i dont care if it is the crabs or gon fuck that wat the hel r u gonna do then?????? u were told to STFU so u better do it. i dont even hang out with any of those people so dont bring me into this bs

    Central WV SS
    February 1, 2011 at 6:35 pm
    Never FORGET!!
    “The only way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing”
    —Thomas Jefferson


    February 1, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Search Terms with corresponding # of searches that reached this site February 1st
    February 2, 2011 at 9:19 am
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    February 2, 2011 at 11:21 am
    Was Hannah raped too! I heard there was more than one girl raped at the Party and that someone had a lot of really good Marijuana and there was Cocaine and Meth there too. A lot of underage kids got drunk that night. I was not there, but have heard all about it. A lot of people have refused to talk about it saying they would rather live and to forget about it. How can I forget about it when I keep hearing it was another girl besides Jordan that got raped also. Was th\ate Hannah too? I heard the coach of the girls team actually brought alcohol to the party.

    February 2, 2011 at 11:39 am
    What is the RTGW’s principle objective? Lots of individuals using the World Wide Web are impressed that crime, corruption and misconduct including Gilmer’s epidemic of moral turpitude are being exposed. Maybe, the talk is necessary to get attention. One thing we know for sure is that local law enforcement including “officers of the court” will do nothing. Please inform us about our options for achieving meaningful change.
    SS member: Nobody is playing anymore dick wad. We employ Smith and Wesson. Can I tell you something, you are about a dumb fuck, when facts are published with links to PDF files that prove guilt. Actual court documents you ignorant piece of shit. That title opinion cost 5,000 dollars to get. You better watch what the fuck you say and who the fuck you say it to mother fucker when you and your little bitch ass friends talk this kind of shit:
    However, at times it seems that much of the info can’t be supported by facts. We could use more investigative reporting with verifiable facts and less trash talk.
    To further prove my point you Power Elite fuck WE were the ones, the Central WV SS that gave this reporter for the record all the documents for him to write the story for the WV RECORD. SO really, you are talking out your ass and you truly need to mind your own fucking business. Next time I won’t be so nice about it. Here is the article with the facts WE provided through some very fine investigative reporting:

    February 2, 2011 at 11:56 am
    OK, that does it. When a kid says they would “rather live” this BS has gone too far. These kids are not responsible for what happened. They need to talk about it and tell the truth to release the guilt everyone is putting on them and get it straight in their heads. In case you haven’t heard the word, that would be NORMAL. The people responsible for all of this is the adults who put them in the situation. The ones who were supposed to watch out for them and keep the predators off of them. Where were they? Apparently drunk, stoned or both. I don’t care if you are embarrassed. Is the Coach still there because he is more important, or it would look like this was true. From all I see it IS true. Don’t lay it on these kids, lay the blame where it belongs, on yourselves. Someone needs to call child protective services on anyone that threatens a kid with violence. What’s the matter, can’t get your kicks with grown-ups? Try a little psychotherapy and do the right thing for them. I wonder if you can.
    SS member: I was just informed to who this is, otherwise our usual comment editor is off and out of town for a vacation, or I wouldn’t bother. Don’t you think it is funny that the total SQUASH has been put on the rape thing, and the basketball coach actually having sex with a team member. I don’t know any of the stupid fucks and thank god for that fact Jack, but these people are experts at cover ups. At least there are a few honest people like you that have held important jobs that people could count on. Thank you for your service to the State and community. It is an honor that you are our friend. Serious crimes took place that involved children and law enforcement are paid. Metz drives a brand new 2012 Mustang fully loaded with new house and has other fine cars. Before he was the Sheriff he was a broke ass bitch.


    February 2, 2011 at 12:48 pm
    They’ve tried to squash it because of the family name and not for any other reason. If this was some indigent family the party would have been busted and put on the front page. Part of the problem is the kids think it is so “cooL” (gnar, rad or whatever) to party with the crowd they are told by their parents is IMPORTANT. That is such BS as they are just people, nothing more. Too bad all families don’t treasure the importance of their own kids that way.
    No, local law enforcement will not do a thing. They are given the get out of jail free card because no one involved will file a complaint. I am sure they are breathing a sigh of relief about that. I don’t know that we have the intelligence and sensitivity in place within our police to handle this appropriately anyway. They are still so uneducated as to verbally attack rape victims and play good cop/bad cop with citizens who make a complaint about anything. They keep forgetting it is their job to enforce the law, not judge the case. If this is what is going to pass for justice in the election for Magistrate Judge we are in real trouble. Until we have an informed electorate these travesties of so call justice will continue in all areas of our local government.

    February 2, 2011 at 5:39 pm
    Honorable SS warriors there was no intent,implied or otherwise for offense. The motive was to encourage citizens with provable information to submit it to the RGW. Lawyers like to bark that what one thinks is useless tripe compared to facts provable to a jury. Legitimate, superbly written and thoroughly documented material similar to that for Case 10-cv-39 will sway more citizens from all walks of life to your side compared to sensationalism including “he said, she said” postings of questionable veracity. There are only two solutions for effectuating change in Gilmer which are unrelenting exposure and encreased public involvement. Some may not savor the style for some information posted on RGW, but the quote attributed to Voltaire is appropriate. “Monsieur l’abbe, je deteste ce que vous ecrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vois pussiez continuer a ecrire.” In Gilmer a non-connected teen smoking a joint or drinking a can of beer is more vulnerable to selective administration of the law than an elitist, or one of their family members, involved in unconscionable conduct. Our citizens deserve better. Keep up your admirable battle for our liberation. While proceeding, consider whether or not information you post on RGW is opinion or truth, and for the latter can you prove it if challenged?
    SS member: Well when y’all have the power to get to our own people like you did , I have to wonder what is really up. Don’t worry, you will get your way, you got the money, I just didn’t think our people could be bought, but I guess I am wrong. So, I wonder how much it took to buy the highest ranking member of the SS, cuz I done already been told.

  16. Council of Concerned Citizens - LAWSUIT AGAINST THE WV STATE POLICE REVEALS: Study released has same result as the suggestion the SS made in 2006 for civilian involvment in Police Review Boards for Police Misconduct!! says:

    The Charleston Gazette filed a lawsuit five months ago, requesting records detailing how the state police handles allegations of abuse and misconduct. The article says that since 2006, State Police troopers have been accused of police brutality at least seven times and sexual assault at least twice. None of the allegations have resulted in charges against a trooper.

    The State Police are trying to deny PUBLIC access to the records by citing an administrative rule created by the agency as a reason that the information is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA). It says their assertion that the records fall under the exemption for “records of law enforcement agencies that deal with the detection of a crime” doesn’t apply because all of the statistics being requested are for cases that are closed. They requested reports produced by the department’s internal review board for the last five years, data provided to the internal review board used to assist in determining if subordinates of certain supervisors tend to be employees frequently identified by the internal review system, and a copy of the central log of complaints maintained by the state police. According to a six-page public report produced by the professional standards section in 2009, 13 troopers were dismissed that year based on sustained allegations, up from three the previous year. An additional 19 resigned prior to discipline. There were a total of 112 incidents where action was taken in 2009. The state police didn’t have an internal investigations unit until a 1995 state Supreme Court ruling FORCED them to. The Supreme Court asked a criminal justice professor from Temple University, James J. Fyfe, to review their procedures when a trooper is accused of abuse.

    Fyfe recommended that outside groups and citizens participate in such investigations.


    A professional hired for the study came up with the same results as our own dedicated and professional journalists from the Secret Seven Coalition, who have all been harassed or falsely arrested or threatened by various law enforcement agencies for telling the truth for years!!

    In a unanimous, unsigned opinion, the Supreme Court ordered the state police to ensure a thorough investigation of abuse allegations be conducted by a neutral party. The court refused to require a civilian review panel, saying the state police superintendent would still make the ultimate decision.

    That decision made by the WV Supreme Court was political and needs to once again go before the courts.

    An article published by the Gilmer Free Press revealed that civilians and law enforcement alike thought that the 357 Shooting death of Mark Medley was cold blooded murder and that justice did not prevail in that court case. In that article the author suggested to send Col Pack of the state Police PACKING and shortly after that article a formal complaint was made and the new Governor sent Col Pack Packing as requested by the author of the article in the Gilmer Free Press.

    In Gilmer County the same BAD POLICE WORK is continuing on the County level
    I am quite certain that investigations are not taking place locally either. Why
    do they force citizens to their last resort, a lawsuit, so that they can gain access to these public records and bring some justice to the local communities?

    WV leads the nation for putting people in jail and are dead last on the list for people satisfied with the quality of law enforcement available to them.

    The Gilmer County Sheriffs department has disgraced us all with their false arrests and their taking no actions of the crimes by the Power Elite. The latest outburst by Larry Chapman in which no action was taken, and then the subsequent, “FALSE REPORTING of the matter by DAVE CORCORAN and the Glenville Demo-crap and Pathfinder of Bullshit brings back memories of the way things were in Gilmer County for many years.

    We are moving backward not forward when Dave Corcoran reports on any local matter!

    Corcoran needs to be run out of town on a rail, along with his buddy Gerald B Hough who has brought us nothing but disgrace and along with Sheriff Metz who has not completed an honest days work while in office. False arrests, cover ups, stealing out of state taxpayer funds and then covering it up. Covering for whatever mistakes Brittany Miller makes and then covering up money stolen from innocent tax payers and never reimbursing their money is not a proper way to run the Sheriff’s office!!!

  17. Sarah A Rutherford is an adult that used her appointed and trusted authoritative and influential position to retrieve drugs and sex from two teenage boys, and she provided drugs, alcohol and a place for the illegal actions to take place.

    Hypothetically for argument sake, if she plea bargains to the very absolute minimum time served for each charge, she is still looking at a minimum of 4 years. But with all the charges involved added to her very colorful past, I don’t believe the “minimum” for all of these charges will be on the table.

    I am going to “guess” that she will end up with a “pity judgment” and get a total of 10 to 14 years and will have 4 to 6 years actual served time and the rest probation.

    Editors note: If this would have happened in Glenville there will be no penalty, and since Jo Ann Rutherford mother to Sarah A Rutherford has powerful power elite connections and is one phone call away for a call to BIG JOE (the former bought and paid for Governor now trying to fill shoes way too big for him as Senator), that could squash the whole deal if Big Joe so chooses to. It all depends on the next election and how much money he needs. I know some Corrections Officers just chomping at the bit for a long prison stay for this little hotty. Damn those late night cell checks will be hot hot hot!!

  18. Crooked County Crooks Website - Rick Moore-GSC Softball! We prefer our Mar weeny's STIRRED and not Shaken! says:

    In keeping up with the topic of SEX SCANDALS at Glenville State College…

    It appears they really play hard ball with their softball interests at GSC!! We’ve got Stacey “Wild Woman” Adkins GSC- Asst Softball Coach ARRESTED FOR BATTERY on this years team and last years soft-ball coach really had an eye for the ladies and shaking his penis at them when he became drunk and abusive!! That’s right!! Dude was shaking his weener at the players which is disgusting!! What the hell all goes on up there on the hill?! Damn!!

    An eyewitness account states that Rick Moore-GSC Softball coach actually was forced to resign… he went to the softball girls house or somewhere in which team players were all hanging out and RICK MOORE took his penis out and was shaking it in front of a bunch of team members and other girls present!!! WOW!! What an education for our youngsters up on Dracula’s Hill!!

    Peter Barr announced that Rick Moore resigned, but that was just another Power Elite LIE!!!!

    1. Remember when Rick Moore and the girl softball player got drunk and knocked over the funeral home’s mailbox? Wonder how Rick explained to his wife that he had wrecked her car? The local police knew better than to arrest two GSC Coaches in a row for drunk driving. Terry Ellyson’s mailbox was replaced bright and early the next day.

      It was just a couple of weeks after Assistant Football Coach Dave McEntire went to jail for a DUI, Barr wasn’t able to stop that so he knew he had to do something. Resigned? Really? Sounds more like forced out to me.

      Editors note: Remember when Rick Moore and the girl softball player took a little time out for fellatio before returning to the party?

  19. All along the Courthouse Watchtower- Gilmer County – Citizens Speak out about the false reporting of the Glenville Democrat April 21st on April 22 on RGW website via comments on the GFP! says:

    In today’s Glenville Democrat Dave Corcoran disputes what actually occurred at the GCC meeting in which Larry Chapman burst in and created a scene and was out of order.
    Corcoran a PHD (that can not spell subpoena) disputes the fact that Chapman was out of order, or did anything wrong. Corcoran also presents Chapman as really complaining about cyber bullying, that he had signed into the meeting,and that Chapman didn’t jump in front of the GFP Reporter and also that no one should have complained anonymously about Chapmans girl friend getting the job.

    Because that job was all Larry Chapman?

    How shocked am I that Corcoran would cry foul when the truth has already been discovered by eye witness accounts? Not very. This further proves that none of us really have any use for the Glenville Democrat and find no path worth following at the Pathfinder.
    Catch all the current news WEEKS LATER at the Democrat!

    By Gilmer County Concerned Citizens on 04.21.2011

    To Concerned Citizen:
    Did you really think Corcoran would tell the truth about Chapman? Of course not! If he does, that would be the end of his income from Western Auto.

    By Susan K. on 04.21.2011

    How does Corcoran know? Neither he nor his reporter was there! This is another proof he just makes sh** up.
    By concern citizen too on 04.21.2011
    Mr. Corcoran always covered up the truth about Larry Chapman’s corrupt actions. And he is still doing it! Does Mr. Corcoran call his action a service to the community? I beg to say NO. He is part of the crime. Did Chapman run to Corcoran crying the blues? I say YES. How Pathetic! Mr. Corcoran did he bring you a jar of jelly too?
    By Anonymous on 04.21.2011
    Corcoran also said that the charges of nepotism are not true and that “regular members of the community” attending the board of ed meetings had “no stake in the current education system”.

    I find that funny since they were just asking those regular people for their money to build new schools and the present schools are funded by regular members taxes. If they don’t have a stake in what happens in their community who does?
    He also talked about people speaking anonymously and how wrong it was. It should be more wrong to pick and chose whose personal information you get from court dockets and print depending on the name. Don’t see much from him when it comes to families at the court house but we all know they’ve been to court more than a few times. What a hypocrite.

    By definitely anonymous on 04.21.2011
    Don’t know if he can spell subpoena or not, but ever notice how every event photographed in his paper is a “gala affair”? Isn’t that a matter of opinion? If ten people attend an event, does he really think all ten think an event is “gala”? Who uses this word anymore anyway? He might as well say, “a good time was had by all”! Good Lord!
    His news stories are always full of opinion rather than news facts, and CH is the worst about injecting opinion into her news articles. Opinion belongs on the editorial page.

    By anonymous on 04.21.2011


    I have read the comments about Mr. Corcoran and his write up. Although I have not read his comment in his paper, I like to set the record straight:

    1) There WAS NOT any reporter from Democrat present when Mr. Chapman started his outrage.

    2) Mr. Chapman DID NOT FOLLOW the rules of the order at the meeting which had already started. He entered the room and DID put his name on the list. However, he disregarded the other name(s) above his name (my name was above his), and started his bullying without the commissioners permission. The normal procedure is, you sit down on chairs provided and wait for the Commission President to ask of those on the list whether they have any comments (Mr. Chapman should have known that and DID NOT FOLLOW it).

    3) Mr. Chapman not only bullied the reporter, he also broke the rule of the meeting already in progress.

    4) Finally, if a true journalist makes a report on an incident, he/she better have their FACTS straight, rather than making up a story and take sides.

    G. Dave Ramezan

    By GhDR on 04.22.2011

    The comment by Mr. Ramezan shows respect, class and common courtesy. The best David Corcoran could do was refer to Mr. Ramezan as “that man”. That comes from someone with a PHD and we wonder where the college students get their attitude from?

    By Proud to read GFP on 04.22.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Special Meeting Report – 04.19.11’.

  20. 1. HANNAH DeMarino CAUGHT in BED with her Basketball Coach from Gilmer County High School! Jordan Morris RAPED!! 15,793 page views (This article pulled for revealing cell phone photos’ from the party and other concerns)

    2. High School Scandal that you can’t handle! Nasia makes bad move with latest hiring of coach for Girls BB Team! 15,220 (This article was re-written to report on above article without the naked breast photo’s)

    3.Corruption runs deep down by that CROOKED RIVER! Sarah Rutherford-Bob Henry Baber GSC SEX SCANDAL!! Sock it to me now, but take your sock off first! Today is ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF the BODY of FRED HILL BEING FOUND!! 10,440 (this article climbed to the number 3 spot for the last 90 days in just 4.5 days and calculation was through noon on Friday, this article will be number one by the end of the weekend (NUMBER 3 with a bullet!)

    4. Sheriff METZ MAKES THREATS OVER THE PHONE! Brittany Miller making some fat stax of CASH cheating TAX PAYERS and running LAND FRAUD Schemes right out of the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office!! 9,422 ( Lots of letters and even some from out of state on this article, very popular!)

    5. GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP’S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!! 8,250

    6. Glenville WV is the HOME to Corrections Officers Training and Hub of Criminal Justice Education So They Can Get Their ROCKS OFF on inmates like TAMMY RUCKER 8,111

    7. Glenville DREAM turns into a NIGHTMARE thanks to the GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS – JACK JONES Con Artist – And ALL the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River!! 7,990

    *** PV figures only reflect views for that particular article with comments read, the home page – page views for the last 90 days were over 69,000 in which all articles could have been read.

  21. What do Carly Hough and Sarah Rutherford have in common?

    Editors note: Is it that they both answer to: “Pull those panties to the side!”
    …TO UNDERAGE BOYS? You are not holding out on us are you…

  22. Cassandra Huff - Crooked County Crook from the Glenville Democrap speaks out against their BS article defending Larry Chapman that is untruthful!! says:

    Sweet…..the immortal words come to mind…“me thinks thou doest protest too much…“
    Check out my reply to the toadies, with their half-truths, in next week’s edition of the Democrat/Pathfinder.
    Luv ya’ll
    By Cassandra Huff on 04.22.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Special Meeting Report – 04.19.11’.

    Editors note: Cassandra Huff, what the fuck is a Toadie, your bosses turtle shell penis that smells like old people and urine? Yeah, Lisa Belknap told us all about that little dick! Oh, but then we are not suppose to talk about that. There are no half truths told in the presentation since everyone that was at the meeting agreed on the outcome word for word. You dropped the ball bitch now deal with it!! You can shove your immortal words up your UNTALENTED ASS! You could not write yourself out of wet paper bag and we all know it, and laugh at you behind your back, well here is one in your face HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Yeah we can’t wait bitch until next weeks edition! What a fucking joke you and Corcoran are and phony fucks too! You see the whole town is tired of, “Phony” bitch!!!

    Give us all the NEWS a fucking WEEK LATER in the Demo-Crap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!! But that is just my opinion, lets hear what others have to say… (below)

    Integrity is telling myself the truth, honesty is telling the truth to other people. Don’t think the Democrat has that reputation. Read both the Editors Comments on “Harper Valley PTA” referring to local citizens and the Board of Education and the save the Chapman campaign. There’s a lot of personal opinion and name calling insults in there yet he chooses to critique public opinion freely expressed elsewhere.
    By Is this protect your boss week? on 04.22.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Special Meeting Report – 04.19.11’.
    Way to go Cassandra, you deserve a pay raise! What a way to advertise on GFP to sell the Democrat paper next week for free. After all based on Democrat’s own poll only 2.5% of people read the paper versus 46% reading the Gilmer Free Press. How could you write about something if you were not even there? Wouldn’t that be here-say? Or maybe you were to be there and you were not? Or maybe you are writing for a tabloid now? Don’t come here say read the paper next week, just say what you want to say right here. I really think you should just end it here while you are ahead and concentrate on other news for the sake of your paper, Corcoran, and Larry Chapman and his advertisement in the paper, damage is already done.
    By Fred Nichols on 04.22.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Special Meeting Report – 04.19.11’.

    Are you referring to the writing saying ‘By Cassandra Huff, News Editor’ on the top, and ‘DHC, Sr., Pub.-Sr. Ed’ on the bottom? (on the web)
    Whoever wrote it, the whole piece is endorsing the crooked elected officials saying: “You are good enough when we want your taxes, but you don’t dare to tell us what you think.” Maybe it is one of those “we the editors!” pieces.

    By Jeff Schultz on 04.22.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Special Meeting Report – 04.19.11’.
    Here is a song for Cassandra Huff, who thinks she can continue to bullshit us!

  23. I got home from the bar early, but had heard about that Sarah chick pulling tricks and shit to pay her lawyer, and heard it was all on the Cal Patty Press, well I know I was not drunk, especially since I left early, but I did find the original story released about that boy Fred Hill, and for some reason starting reading it, and I don’t know if anybody noticed this before or not, but this comment was posted just days after Fred went missing on the article that came out in December of 2009. I can not believe this comment it’s almost like it’s from a person that already had been to the future and back for they sure got the whole deal right, and right from the start here it is copied and pasted.
    This is the bullshit part
    December 16, 2009

    Anyone with information about Hill’s disappearance is asked to call the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department at (304) 462-7441. The Glenville Sheriff will do absolutely nothing to improve the situation or do one damn thing to remedy the situation. Nobody I know would be calling the Glenville Sheriff for anything, all they will do is cover up the crime once it is determined that one of the power elite are responsible for the death, but at least it would be nice for the family to have the body for closure. Editors note:The local cops are mostly for protecting the power elite from the regular folk, and also the job description includes running interference for the crimes by the local public officials and are lost when it comes to real police work, mostly the fire department is handling the search and actual work, which is all for naught anyway because Fred is dead, that’s what some chick said.

  24. Sarah was a biology teacher, I think that she was just furthering her studies with these young West Virginia boys. She could have been working on the anomie of young adults exploring social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values; also : personal unrest, alienation, and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose when given marijuana and pills. You all have it all wrong it was all part of a scientific experiment.

    “Well then doctor how do you explain the SEX?”

    Ummm… let me get back to you on that one!!

  25. Crooked County Crooks Website - OIL and GAS! DRUGS and ASS! SEX in the SIN CITY of GLENVILLE, Double U V - Nobody rides to the top for FREE! says:

    OIL and GAS! DRUGS and ASS! SEX in the SIN CITY of GLENVILLE, W VEE – Nobody rides to the top for FREE!

    ….is the tentative title to the NEW SS article coming up at Midnight on Sunday night to start the week of April 25th which gets into the swinging sexual habits of the POWER ELITE plus the TRUE STORY and funny sexual quirks of PHD Dave Corcoran and some fun tidbits about the sexual habits of Cassandra Huff and her brief marriage that ended in divorce. It could add new meaning to the term “COCKS MILLS”

    Here is an excerpt of next weeks article!

    Gracie O and Dave the COCK Corcoran were always cuddling up to each other and flirting at the Historical Society meetings and such. She would follow him where ever he went. It was truly a sad, public display of way past middle aged Grace trying to use her body to get some kind of status by association. Corcoran was going for it like she was a dog in heat but even he was smart enough to use it and throw it away. Couldn’t besmirch the family name you know. No not that!!!

    That particular meeting included two tables facing each other Corcoran at one facing the opposite one where Gracie O sat. Man, she sat there gaping her legs wide open like a wide open hole and smiling at Dave Corcoran like it was a private joke and he was drooling and grinning back like his dick was on fire and his balls were a catchin’!!

    More later, and more about the sexual habits of the Butchers, the WALRUS Brian Kennedy and that little lying ass Swinger Tara Kennedy!!

    The RGW website brings you the REAL TRUTH!! Read at your own risk!!

  26. I just got back into town a couple of hours ago, but I wanted to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I heard Lisa Wexlers show about delivering babies on communal farms in West Virginia, and then I remembered that she was one of the early ones from the Cal Patty Press. It also spoke about teaching nurse-midwives in hospitals, so there would be access for rural area’s for delivery of infants. Pretty good show, you guys do good work, and I hear she was accurate about her predictions about the hanky panky involving the death of that poor man from Texas. Are you all still investigating the Sheriff and the Prosecutor for their conspiracy to commit crimes? I read the Gilmer Free Press at home almost everyday. My search for Lisa Wexler and the Cal Patty Press led me right to this site. It’s nice to know you are all professionals. They lied to all of us about that when I lived in Gilmer County. Those people really are crooks and it is really scary!!

    Editors note: Yes, I got your e-mail for I can’t remember now, about ten days ago, if this is the same person asking about Lisa. And now we are organizing people to get signatures for petitions and we are hoping to petition the WV Supreme Court to remove Hough and Metz from office for knowingly bringing false indictments and for conspiracy to conceal evidence. For paying for false testimony, and several other criminal actions.

    You see they have turned covering up of crimes into a POLITICAL situation and for some reason feel that they are above the law. Certain individuals were going in the court house late at night to attempt to cover their crimes of title fraud and public records fraud, destroying evidence and covering their tracks after being tipped off by the State Police and the Sheriff Mickey Metz. Stealing people’s property and stealing their property taxes is just par for the course for these Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River! They have to have some way to spend money on lavish cars, trips out of town, and greasing their girlfriends on the side.

  27. I remember Sarah went to GSC it was when the womens basketball team was big time and going national and all when she was around town, that I recall. Leave it to the college in Glenville to produce a teacher that is going to bring ASS to CLASS! Special privileges from I L ? Yep . The Baber deal ? Yep!

    Editors note: Sarah was around a long time after the top-rate Lady P team hit the big time for the State of WV. What an incredible effort, plus league champs this year. They should put all their money into promoting the strong points of GSC to break out!! GSC should have spent big bucks and gotten behind the Lady P team again this year. The Lady P’s blew the loo loo off of the la la la this year and never got the proper credit. Get with it GSC! Kick it into high gear when you got a winner, get behind it all the way, or why waste your time?

  28. Baber’s wife/mother of his children/may not have ever been his wife was a stripper and supported Baber for 17 years while he struggled to hold down a job (she’s in Ohio somewhere). Find her and she’ll have plenty to tell you. Her daughter, who was part of their household, has her own nutty history including being beaten to a pulp by men, women, Baber? The son was thrown out of Shepherd University for possession of drugs. Look for Topix Richwood cache if you want more info on his slimy years as Richwood Mayor. That’ll keep you busy for a while. There’s oh so much more.

    Editors note: What a perfect person to bring in the dirty money to run a dirty college run by Power Elite that think it is “OK” for the basketball coach that GSC BOG Tim Butcher brought in for the lady Titans to fuck the players. So, this dude is just the kind the Power Elite like. The kind of guy that is decadent and thinks like they do. And just think the college is backing him for governor for the selfish reason of promoting a school that is Number One in the State for RAPE!!! Baber is absolutely perfect for Glenville State College. He fits like a glove for these degenerates that have no right to even call themselves Americans.

  29. Well, you have officially broken my heart. I didn’t realize just low people can be and what evil things can be said about other people in print. I have been friends with Bob Henry Baber for several years, and he is the kindest person I know. I helped with the Folk Festival in Glenville, and heard the rudest comments from people. My contributions were not appreciated by some people in Gilmer County. Bob Henry has done so much for Gilmer Couny and GSC, and this is how you show your thanks. Get a life, get some ass, and apparently, you’re just jealous because he’s doing a very good job so Glenville doesn’t dry up and die.

    Editors note: Listen Bitch! Becky or who ever. We could give a shit about Baber, we just report the information that falls in our lap. We have a lot of good people out there and have built quite a network in the last five years. Facts are facts. It seems that your retort does not deal with the issues. ARGUE instead of saying oh, that’s not true. It is true bitch deal with it. Listen we are gaining more and more info on his little deal with Sarah from Glenville in Crooked County. We have a couple of new people talented in photography if you know what I mean.

    1. B. Becky (is it Barr?), how can someone use the internet to communicate yet not be able to do any research?

      I suggest that you google Impeachment of Richwood Mayor or Richwood Mayor fist fight with Richwood City recorder, better yet search for his 1999 campaign for the Governor’s office. You’ll be informed of all the facts!

      I can see the college used money to try to clean up the reputation of this Candidate just like for the Butchers who serve as regular political appointments of the Governor on the GSC Board of Governors as you know. The expenditure constitutes actual campaign contributions by a 501c3 organization. Is that just OK with you??

      I feel confident the Butchers didn’t pay any money out of their pocket for the service or they would have removed the news out there on Lizzie & Lexie, Nasia and Catherine.

      But know this… THE ONLY THING BABER CAME HERE TO SAVE FROM DRYING UP AND DYING WAS HIS BANK ACCOUNT just like every “save my crooked friend” they hire at GSC.

      Editors note: You took the words right out of my mouth. It is unbelievable how from a county or two away we are on the same wavelength. Here is Van the man to tell you more That’ right, what he said!!

      (This song is FOR YOU! I can never tell you what a comfort you have been to me just when I needed you the most!)

    The Circuit Clerk for Barbour County informed us this morning at 9am that:

    The Grand Jury for Barbour County Circuit Court convenes on Monday the 23rd of May and if Sarah A Rutherford is indicted that day she will have to appear in court on the 25th of May which is one week from Wednesday.

    I believe they have enough evidence for an indictment, so most likely the case of Sarah A Rutherford will be moved forward at her appearance in Barbour County Court on the 25th of May.

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