Glenville DREAM turns into a NIGHTMARE thanks to the GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS – JACK JONES Con Artist – And ALL the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River!!

By Freebird Central WV SS Reporter/Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator-Editor/Editor Edison-the Gate Keeper for Crooked County/Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website a product of Publish America

Back in the summer of 2008 the infamous Butcher and Butcher Law Firm made famous by stealing thousands of dollars from the AJ Woofter estate- while local law enforcement sat on their fat hillbilly asses and did not lift one fucking finger to even investigate wrongdoing- also had their fingers in another cash pie!

And  when mentioning FINGERS in a CASH PIE …

…We are not talking about Elizabeth Butcher that naked little Hotty hosting sex parties while she was going through her terrible early twenties, while still sucking on her mama’s tit!

And even Roger Curry who was paid $10,000 to retrieve all of the $ 7,000 left in the cash account did not do his part by making a complaint to the Disciplinary board in Charleston against the Butcher and Butcher law firm, as was once agreed to in exchange for the large payment to collect the money.

Roger Curry, West Virginia Attorney was the only attorney that succeeded in forcing the Butchers to do an accounting on the AJ Woofter estate after 12 years of no accounting, but there was no legal consequence for the wrongdoing although WV LAWS were clearly broken!

But there is a little sunshine in every bad thing the Crooks from Crooked County do in the way of discovering, “How they get away with their criminal actions!”

We discovered that the Lawyer Disciplinary Board in Charleston is more or less a political entity and they have the LOWEST resolve rate in the entire United States when taking complaints from common citizens at 1.8% according to figures published by the WV Record.

A member of the SS confronted Cipoletti with being last out of all 50 states for doing her job and all she could do was deny the figures provided by the WV Record and published in the State Journal.

When confronted with why she did not do her job Cipoletti gave a very rehearsed bullshit answer to a very straight forward question!

Now isn’t that a typical WV Power Elite answer?  Oh yeah we forgot to mention Rachael is married to some big CEO big shot, so what does she really care about us common people.

Rachael L. Fletcher – Cipoletti, Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel,  Court of Appeals of West Virginia did mention she didn’t really appreciate the way we talked to her or what was written about her when she was confronted with why she took no action against Gerald B Hough when he was caught in the act of subornation of perjury – We explained to Rachael that we felt she was not honest and her appointment was political and basically all she was -was a fucking waste of our time, which turned out to be true!!!

Rachael just kept reading from some bullshit statute as to why she took no action and that her power is limited and blah blah blah, it is the same old bullshit every state agency gives you when they don’t want their name caught up in a big scandal, but they have already done some stupid shit thing to get themselves involved anyway!

These Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River are sneaky as fuck when it comes to stealing money and they have powerful friends in Charleston to protect them, as we have conveniently pointed out.

The Butchers are FAMOUS for stealing from Peter to pay Paul!

Some of the money stolen from the AJ Woofter estate or some other estate they have been wrongfully trusted with most likely was the backing capital for their latest RIVER VIEW real estate swindle !

HISTORY and SS RESEARCH SHOWS the partner of GSC and the Butcher and Butcher law firm,  JACK JONES is a crook from FLA and has had some interesting experience dodging creditors and the starting and folding of one phony business or another!

Glenville State College President Dr. Peter Barr (left) is interviewed by WBOY-TV 12 photojournalist Chris Marrs (right) about the need for more quality affordable housing, which the new Rivers View Subdivision will provide for Gilmer County. Little did we know then, this was just another CROOKED DEAL cooked up by the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY to put money in their own damn pockets - the benefit was going entirely to the biggest names of the Power Elite and we could name them all!!

In fact we have investigated Jack Jones and we did not like the information we came up with, but are here today to share with the good citizens of Central WV.


Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of  New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was very familiar with illegal business schemes for a quick profit  and had full knowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project. Surprise, surprise! Dude was a crook right out of the gate and he found like minded Crooks deep in the heart of Glenville the wonderful and Crooked as fuck County Seat of Gilmer County!

Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida which included:

Hanley Builders, Inc                                       Mortgage Masters Inc

Gold Coast Investments                                 Bahama Enterprises Limited Inc

Gold Coast Auto Sales Center Inc.                Perma-Nails Inc

American Cellular Sales & Service Inc

Professional Assessment Support Sys Inc.

All of the above are now dissolved for voluntary or involuntary cause prior to his West Virginia Corporations created in 2005.  Both of those are now defunct.

His neighbor about 2 and a half  hours away at the same time was IL Morris in Naples!!

Morris was Registered owner/Agent/Manager or Director who eventually brought his current operations manager Marc Monteleone into the mix of:

JACK JONES teamed up with the Crooks from Crooked County, Counting on his fingers the hundreds of thousands of stolen funds he has gotten away with over the years!

The Club Estates LLC

The Club Estates Realty of Naples Inc

Naples Club Estates Homeowners Association Inc

Do you think they would have any use for a builder or a mortgage company or two?

“Hey Marc, are you affiliated with Bowles & Rice?

“Just asking,  I mean, I am just saying man….”

Now let’s go from Florida to sunny South Carolina.  Myrtle Beach, where everyone who is anyone in Gilmer County meets and greets in the summertime.

Fucking A!

Isn’t that where Larry Chapman and Brian Kennedy were taken with their best girls Tara and that WHORE!

The entire County of Gilmer expressed their displeasure at discovering Larry Chapman was all about Larry Chapman-Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course? Well, that was all Larry Chapman-Remember a series of no-bid contracts? Well, that was all Larry Chapman-Now Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.. Larry Chapman APPLIES FOR IT HIMSELF AND GETS THE JOB! All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman! This man actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF the Gilmer County EDA!

That was a couple of years ago as a reward for such hard work being Crooks from Crooked County and taking money from the POOR to give to the RICH!!

….Just another Crooked County BONUS!!

Who do we find there?

Well, we have three people that originated out of Conway, South Carolina and owned real estate in Myrtle Beach all winding up at Glenville State College.  All from the same place and arriving at the same time were:

Peter B. Barr- President of GSC  Previous Employment Coastal Carolina University,et al. Manager/Organizer for Gilmer Housing Partners, President of GSC Housing Corp, etc

Elizabeth K Barr – First Lady of GSC and avid fan of IL Morris  and his money!!

Janice Cannan Weldon –South Carolina Attorney, Student Coastal Carolina University

I wonder if that’s where Shelly found Larry Porter?

Just asking, I mean I am just saying man…

Note that good ole drunk ass Dr Barr had another interest or two.  He owned Barr Holdings LLC while living in North Myrtle Beach

Dave Hess President of the Gilmer County Commission on the left and the WALRUS on the right is Brian Kennedy, nephew to Timothy B Butcher and "Have another Drink Princess Di - Butcher" and is married to Crooked County Crook Tara Kennedy!

and was also employed by Burroughs & Chapin Company which is deep  in  Myrtle Beach real estate development.  A fine prospect for a husband, huh Liz? Was he a widower?  Don’t know that his heart was really into anything else but it makes him a fine candidate for GSC purposes. No wonder Coastal let him go so easily.  Just ask the trustees Butcher & Butcher of Gilmer Housing Partners.  He was the right man for the job!  Had the right mind set to just play ball.

Yes, we discovered Janice Cannan Weldon,”Attorney” was an import and a fine addition to the Crooked County Crooks ranks!

Now what to do with a lawyer?  And not a very good lawyer per the SC Supreme Courts per curiam opinion which dismissed her case as improvidently (do look that up) granted back in 2004.

Having no precedential value or any other value as far as we can tell but to spend someone’s money and take up the Court’s time.  What kind of job do we give Janice whose Weldon and Cannan LLC in Conway hasn’t filed an annual report since 2003?

Well, I mean, she is a close friend of the Barrs being out of  Conway, going to the same school and all – and this “IS” Gilmer County!

This article is the property of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition from Gilmer and Calhoun Counties! If you want to use our facts, it is totally cool with us! One Love!!

I know, we’ll create a research department and let the County call her a grant writer!  I mean after all she’s a lawyer.  She can only practice in South Carolina but who cares.  No one around here knows the difference. She’s a lawyer damn it! Throw $30,000 at her for nothing and along with her salary from GSC she’ll do just fine.

Those Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River will stop at nothing to get what they want!

There’s a lot more questions to be answered about alliances up at the college that go back a long way and bring up some interesting questions about local names but  we have revealed enough for now.  I do know this:



But there is SUCH a THING as a swinging Butcher Bitches got the itches party on a goin on right in the heart of Glenville where the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line!!

Oh My GOD!! I am so fucked up!! Just shake it, I will show you how to shake it, just give me some more X and I will do whatever you say!! Everything is so hazy!!! It is all a blur! Oh Oh OH!!!

I got a little kitty, but for now about some little titty!!! Oh, come on its only exposed for those that desire to hire the Butcher Bitches for HOT SIZZLE on your frizzle!!

Just hosting another Buther Bitch Party like you think we should now, oh Yeah so dad has to pay 300,000 plus 39,000 n pre judgment interest for not replying to all the letters from lawyers, that is because they just threw them away!! They don't have 2 do shit, my dad and Uncle Timmy are the Law around here!!

Get that COCAINE here now dude!! We got all these drunk off the hook chicks here a waitin for ya!! One Blow Job per 8 ball just like last time?


A photo play of the last Butcher Bitch Party from SUMMER of TWENTY-TEN library on file at GSC!! This story could not be complete without adding some Butcher Bitch action in anticipation of another long and hot sizzling summer in Glenville, West Virginia!!


  1. Jesus H Christ man!! Good job, y’all really did your home work! Also I would like to announce that we have new member to the SS named Little Bear. I would like to congratulate FREEBIRD for another fine article, and Rina McCoy also for being the best kept secret and the hottest of the hotties to remain undercover. Our very own Undercover Angel!! Good coordination and great write up! Just to let the public know it took a total of five individuals to research, write and approve the content of this article. And I doubt you would read anything this revealing in the Glenville Demo-crap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!!

  2. Although we revealed this latest information early, it is not the most damaging information we have to release! We have full knowledge that the Gilmer Free Press and Council of Concerned Citizens are on the hottest story yet!!!!!

    Unfortunately, we have to keep the Reta Kight Little Kanawha River Parkway Authority debacle under cover of the night for now. Reta Kight is not the only Crook from Crooked County that will be named in wrongdoing and hiding funds from the IRS!

    The COUNCIL of CONCERNED CITIZENS the local chapter out of Gilmer County and the SS Coalition have all the data and it implicates the highest ranks of the Power Elite and several of IL Morris’ most trusted and highest ranking employee’s!

    I have been informed that Story will run on the Gilmer Free Press first as the honor had been given to the #1 hit getter in the entire state of WV the GFP!!

    We are proud to know the fine people at the GFP and we are proud to be members of the Council of Concerned Citizens. We wanted to also deliver some more facts that are sure to blow the minds of everyone in West Virginia to the Gilmer Free Press- the GFP has been on this story from day one, and also employs the finest contributors available in the State, it is only right that they break the bad news to all of Gilmer County!! I wish we could tell, but IT IS a GFP story and most likely will be followed up on by us and others.

    This was the Press Release on the upcoming story by the GFP at 0111 hours this morning…

    A wolf in Sheeps clothing is to have a meeting with one of our high ranking officials early this week, but we already know it is only a feeble attempt to try to attenuate damage from the information being released in the Press, but the story will be broken in the FREE PRESS of Central WV before any other mainstream news sources can obtain the story.

  3. If you want to know who is the most guilty in this as far as getting that jerk a cushy job where he does nothing, gets expensive insurance none of us could afford and the Crooks just keep on being Crooks, look no further than the Mayor of Glenville. She has been groomed to be doing underhanded dirty deeds and she is just as bad as the rest and should get full blame for the Chapman thing. Chapman and his girlfriend should be tarred and feathered. She should have to wear a big A on her sweater for lazy asshole, for she didn’t do shit at Troy or Normantown! All she did was collect a pay check and now daddy got her another job and then of course he gets the blow job in return. Sick

    Tashua is guilty and so is Darrel Ramsey! Ramsey turned out to be a traitor!! He is all about being tutored by that old wreck Kight and her husband has wormed his way into the city offices. We have to end this shit and lets put an end to the Mayor too, while we are at it. Enough is enough!!!!!!

    Ramsey and others are scheming to bring that bitch Kight back to the County Commission after she was voted out.

  4. You got that exactly, 100% right, but you forgot to mention that her boyfriend, Karl Duvall was hired as the new Director of the Rec Center when Ramsey was out. I hear they aren’t too pleased with her going to work with him and all but we won’t hear about that. That’s just another board in this county under control of the power elite that needs a good shake up and a call for some accountability. Read their last two audits, didn’t have the records because the last book keeper lost them on a computer. Hell no! Kights’ daughter was the last to do that when Anna “I’ll do whatever you say cause Reta worked for us and I’m in love with Larry” James resigned and before Reta Kight took over officially again in 2008. What’s up with that? Explains why they chose a “private” auditor who just happened to have worked as a state auditor for the county before they had a falling out, someone who would cooperate. YOU BET!

    SS Member: We did not know that about Duvall is he a baby fucker too? Because if he is then he needs to speak with me about it out behind Trezans along about midnight so we can take a walk holding hands down by the Crooked River.

  5. Council of Concerned Citizens-LKRPA debacle revealed on GFP this morning, and here are the first questions asked. says:

    So how much are they paying Phil Reales law firm since they advertise the LKRPA as a client on their web site?

    Why does the person in charge of the LKRPA NOT have any reports pre 07 which would have been done in 08 when the secretary of state revoked the corporation?

    Why did Reta Kight take it upon herself to set up an organization with Jim Fealy the GCEDA Director at that time – and herself President of the Gilmer County Commission as incorporators?

    Oh & Sandy Pettit was conveniently put on the GCEDA board to replace Larry Porter after he and Shelly Morris DeMarino broke up their sordid love affair. But, that is OK because Shelly was soon fucking State Trooper SKIDMOORE who was transferred to Calhoun County around about the same time Shelly Morris D took the job as Prosecutor after Minney left in disgrace. It was all good and all chitty chitty bang bang in Calhoun County which at that time was still an SS stronghold, before the Calhoun Underground decided to go further underground– And before Lisa Minney pulled her “Traitor” act and turned on the CalPatty Press for revealing the naked truth!!

    But, back to matters at hand!

    The Gilmer County Commission has appointed Reta Kight to that board every year!

    Oh yeah, they will say Reta is not currently on the board, and that The GCEDA has absolutely nothing to do with the LKRPA, but no matter how you look at it, it is always the same people, the same money, going in the same pockets, while the community see’s no benefit. Rich get Richer…

  6. “Revealing the Naked Truth in Gilmer County,” just happens to be the title of the upcoming combined CCC- Central WV SS article. Congratulations to the newest members of the SS, Freebird and Little Bear for being so darn cool!! Thanks for the dedication and thanks for the hard work. Also, thanks for the fine investigative work!! Top notch!

    Great work, and yes it is good news Captain Booker is just two hours away from wide-track town and I saw the earlier posting, but someone pulled it, and the comment too!

    Also, I want to do a SHOUT OUT to the TEAM RANGERS and also to the Lone Meth Ranger for making history and revealing corruption since about this time in 2006. It has been a long hard road to travel, and we certainly have had a few casualties along the way, “Stoney” “Danny Boy” ” Bubba.” So let us take a moment today to think about the ones we have lost. The Ranger was captured along with two other high ranking SS and all and all it has not been an easy fight, but we are on the verge of kicking some very serious ass now, and taking out some very high ranks, so keep up the good work!

    And Oh Yeah, here is a message for the Crooks from Crooked County that live next to the Crooked River…

    Bring it bitches!! Bring it!!!

  7. Since the Cal Patty Press is here today, then can you tell me when you are going to post the sex pictures of Liz and Lexie Butcher? I missed all that went on last summer and could not find the revealing sex parties that you captured on film. Wasn’t there video’s to be seen too? Please post the sex pictures and all that stuff from the Cal Patty Press, or can’t you guys just give it to Revenge site?

    SS Member: Nobody has to give us anything, and yes we have even more home spun getting high drinking and partying. Hel even invite Fire Starting Cult members were invited to that party. We sent a video sample to Willy O, but a lot of the earlier box banging video’s was just a bunch of touchy feely, screaming shit they did as teenagers. But fuck what a couple of nasty little Butcher Bitches .

  8. To Larry Chapman:

    Listen you coward piece of shit, we were just briefed on your outrageous performance during the County Commission meeting this morning. We a heard you were involved in an incident in which you threatened someone and became physical throwing things and acting like a mad man – making threats to outstanding citizens of Gilmer County.

    You should have been arrested on the spot! Unfortunately the Sheriff is a useless piece of shit and could not even handle an in-house matter.

    And now, we will be dealing with you personally.

    You got that bitch!!!

    If you have any doubts of who you are dealing with and how we have handled matters like this in the past, you might want to ask.

    Also our win loss record for taking care of business and leaving some big mouth piss ant like you in the dirt crying like a little bitch is fairly impressive, and it all happens pretty fast. You may want to be aware you will be taught a lesson in manners soon.

    Oh, almost forgot, you might want to consider making a public apology for your actions, but especially to the business owner you attacked.

    1. What’s the matter Chapman , got a burr under your saddle, feeling unappreciated? Nerves getting bad?

      People are just asking too many questions aren’t they? And how dare they speak the truth! Next thing you know those damn citizens will think they’re just as good as you, imagine that!

      Life seeming a little unfair? That sounds so ironic coming from a big business man who would sit as Director of the GCEDA and create his own paying job! Somebody pass the crying towel.

      Transparency and accountability are the watch words of today. If you take public money your life becomes public property! Ask Reta, she can tell you all about it.

      In other words:


      SS Member: Freebird you got a way with a word! Well spoken! Chapman demanded to know the names of everyone that commented about him and was going to make the commission force a resolution making the GFP tell! Well hell, we don’t do that shit in America! The GFP doesn’t have to do anything, but right another truthful article. This time no one will hold back like last time. GFP said NO WAY we protect our citizens which is more than you do!!

  9. It appears that the Gilmer Housing Partners are well on their way to getting the Gilmer County Commission to help them swindle some more money from the public. I have an idea, we need to require the list of all the students parents and the mailing lists of all students that have attended in the last three years, e-mail, snail mail addresses and inform them all what a CROOK PETER BARR IS and how he has allowed the females students to be raped without consequence, and for being involved in real estate swindles just like the one they got caught for and forced to pay 300K !! We need to let them know BARR has to go!

    We need to start playing some hard ball with these Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River.

    The Gilmer Housing Partners have proved themselves to be CROOKED and now they went before the commission to re-finance the bond for the pioneer village by the GSC housing partners.

    This is all a ploy to put more money in the pocket of the Butcher and Butcher law firm at all of ours expense. Lets squash that proposal before it ever gets before the commission. Also we need to actively seek removing some officials from office, even before the next election. We should get creative on how we all should go about doing that.

    Write to Lil Reeny with your suggestions at

    Or write to EE at

    Or write to Liz and Lexie Butcher and tell em to bring that Butcher Bitch shit over here, cuz we are looking to party party party!!!

    1. We might ask how they still owe over 4.2 million on those same bonds issued in the year 2000 which were supposed to be paid for from student housing revenues. And since it was the requirement that a non-profit entity make that application through the WV: Municipal Bond Commission, how do you transfer that general long term debt to a for profit corporation within the colleges scope of oversight. How could you transfer the funds pledged for repayment to them. Something stinks in Glenville. Everyone needs to get on board and get on the phone. I’d be interested to hear what the Municipal Bond Commission has to say. this is a scam in the making.

      Editors note: Dude we are about ready to drop the stink bomb on these mother fucking crooks from crooked county that live down by the Crooked River.(What’s that Smell?) I will tell you why! It has taken us about five fucking years of hard work to earn the connections we have now, but we are connected as fuck. I am talking hooked. So the GYPSY better be telling these bitches their fortunes and she will say, “Nothing Shows!”

      I will tell you what home boy! You certainly fucking pull your weight and you don’t seem the type that waits around for anybody to say thanks or anything, because you don’t give a fuck about any of that, for YOU are already off to the next thing, and that is just what I am talking about. We are going to be “Housing” some chosen few really soon.

      I’m just sayin ….

      1. One more comment and I’m heading under ground. We need to verify that there is no confusion with the revenue bonds the Legislature approved in 2010 of which the college wants to use 11 million to build a Pioneer Center. No matter what, the GSC Housing Corporation should not be handling College Funds to make a profit. Did you know that our own Larry B Chapman is a member of the WV Municipal Bond Commission and has been for years? I’m just sayin.

        Editors note: We are going to get to the bottom of this and inform the public,and the best way to do that is get it all up on the GFP which took over 17,000 hits yesterday! So that was quite a reach for breaking some bad news to the public about the criminal acts of the Power Elite.

  10. Connie Osentoski almost peed her pants when Larry Chapman stormed the County Commission meeting and immediately attacked a local business man complaining of an article written about him that revealed wrongdoing and also revealed: All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman!

    Where is the service to others? There is no service to others among the Power Elite, only service to themselves as they steal every dollar they can from State, and Federal funds and all with the help of Joe Manchin who is now a Senator taking Byrds place, which is really scary!!

    Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman and he wants to keep it like it always was.

    We need to look into these matters closely and we need to bring in a forensic accountant immediately and starting going over the books for the last five years. The books will most certainly prove the crimes of Crooks!!

  11. The CalPatty Press and the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Gilmer County Chapter discovered yesterday afternoon that Peter Barr the President of GSC and author of the Barr Code, “Don’t lay on your back unless he is black!” PULLED A FAST ONE ON THE GILMER COUNTY COMMISSION YESTERDAY!!


    The Gilmer County Commissioners fell for another POWER ELITE scheme yesterday morning when they signed a document; a bullshit proposal from the crooked as fuck Gilmer Housing Partners that executes refinancing of Pioneer Village!!

    This is just another scam by the Gilmer Housing Partners which is a FOR PROFIT entity and one that has to pay 300,000 dollars in damages for their last crooked deal they were caught for.

    The Gilmer County Commissioners all signed the document with no discussion and not sharing the fact this matter was even on the table. NO DISCUSSION, they just signed the document and maybe we better think about getting new commissioners any way we can make that happen!!!

    The Gilmer Housing Partners have already PROVEN to be Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River recently in Federal Court. A federal judge said it all when he said their customary way of doing things in Gilmer County directly conflicts the law.

    We need to get Peter Barr the fuck out of our city and the fuck out of our county for their criminal actions up at the college team with the Butcher and Butcher law firm will be of no benefit to any one but themselves and prove to have a negative effect on the entire community.

    The Gilmer Housing Partners is nothing but a for profit business to fuck us all!!

    They are trying to resell the bonds and benefit from it by making thousands for themselves while placing the burden on the County, because that is how it has always been done in Crooked County!!
    Y’all got COCAINE EYE’s !! and we knows WHY’s
    But, we will be knocking on your window soon!

    This one is for Ashley Miller for that all night long snorting, blowing Calhoun County Purple Urble and fucking like mother fucking rabbits, all night, all night, then More Cocaine!!!
    We don’t give a fuck if you learned those tricks from the Butcher Bitches Baby, and the knock knock knock didn’t hurt that little thing a bit!!!

  12. They should not have had to refinance that old bond issue done in 2000, so I smell Larry Chapman or is that the scent of Amy Riddle pussy stink. I think I would prefer Rob Zombie as college president, at least dude has a wife that is all Rock N Roll at 41!!

    The college should not have to keep increasing it’s debt terms and that GSC Housing thing with Barr is for profit and should not be involved with the College income. Those bonds are federal and state tax exempt.

    I see they hired their new commission’s assistant who has “Previous ties” to Gilmer County. I want to find out her maiden name, and or see who she banged to sing the,

    “I know a Walrus and his name is not Paul, but he better call Saul for he will need an attorney soon and his name is Brian Kennedy on the County Commission and they need to get some legal help, but not from Gerald B Hough for they are about to be brought before a federal judge again!”

    Now that is a long song title, but I a hear they may be singing the blues again or a dodging fast moving fly’s or something that seemed to be a buzzin past their head …oh dread! Could it be Fred? No he is dead!! Old Fred Hill he popped up in the river along about a year ago right behind the house of Sheriff Metz!!

    But, that is OK, for a long long time before all that happened old Mickey had already called,

    “NO FOUL PLAY!!!”

  13. Connie Osentoski connections to Gilmer County may be full on POWER ELITE and may shock you according to SS investigators. We should have a full report on those connections by 5pm hopefully.

    APRIL 5,2011

    WHEREAS, the Industrial Development and Commercial Development Bond Act, Chapter 13, Article 2C, Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended (the “Bond Act”), authorizes Gilmer County, West Virginia, acting by and through The County Commission of Gilmer County, West Virginia (the “Issuer”), to acquire, whether by purchase, construction, gift, lease or otherwise, commercial projects or additions thereto, which shall be located within the State of West Virginia; to finance one or more commercial projects by making secured or unsecured loans to others to provide funds for the acquisition, by purchase, construction, lease or otherwise, of any such project or projects; to issue revenue bonds for the purpose of defraying the costs of acquisition, by construction, purchase, lease or otherwise, of a commercial project; and to secure the payment of such bonds by a pledge of the income and revenues derived from the lease, sale, financing or other disposition of the commercial project and by a trust indenture and deed of trust covering all or any part of the commercial project from which the revenues so pledged may be derived; and
    WHEREAS, the Issuer is a duly constituted political subdivision of the State of West Virginia; and

    WHEREAS, in 2000, Glenville State College Housing Corporation (the “Borrower”), a West Virginia nonprofit corporation, requested that the Issuer issue and sell its revenue bonds in the aggregate principal par amount of $5,035,000 in two series, the first series designated “Commercial Development Revenue Bonds (Glenville State College Housing Corporation Project) Series 2000A” (the “Series 2000A Bonds”) issued on September 28, 2000, in the aggregate par amount of $4,990,000, and the second series designated “Taxable Commercial Development Revenue Bonds (Glenville State College Housing Corporation Project) Series 2000B” (the “Series 2000B Bonds” and together with the Series 2000A Bonds, the “Prior Bonds”) issued on September 28, 2000, in the aggregate par amount of $45,000, the proceeds of which Prior Bonds were loaned to the Borrower to finance the costs of the acquisition and construction of approximately ten (10) buildings containing two stories each and approximately 51,000 square feet in the aggregate to provide student housing facilities, as well as for other related uses, located on that certain leasehold estate created by the Lease made on
    January 25, 2000 by and between the Board of Directors of the State College System of West

    Virginia, as Lessor, and Borrower, as Lessee, as supplemented and amended by that certain Amended and Restated Lease Agreement dated September 1, 2000, between the West Virginia Higher Education Interim Governing Board, as successor to the Board of Directors of the State College System of West Virginia, as Lessor, and Borrower, as Lessee (collectively, the “Ground Lease”), located on Mineral Road, Glenville, West Virginia, which is currently owned by the Borrower and leased by the Borrower by Contract of Lease/Purchase dated as of September 1, 2000, to the State of West Virginia, by the Secretary of Administration, on behalf of the West Virginia Higher Education Interim Governing Board and Glenville State College, which buildings are currently occupied and operated by the Glenville State College (the aforesaid leasehold estate and the buildings and other improvements thereon are referred to herein as the “Project”); and

    WHEREAS, the Project constituted and constitutes a “Commercial Project” as defined hi the Bond Act; served and serves the statutory purpose of the Bond Act as set forth in Chapter 13, Article 2C, Section 2, Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, and has benefited and continues to benefit Gilmer County, West Virginia; and

    WHEREAS, the Borrower has determined that debt service savings can be achieved by the refunding of the Prior Bonds through the issuance of the Issuer’s commercial development refunding revenue bonds in an aggregate principal par amount not to exceed $4,600,000 in two series, the first to be designated “Commercial Development Refunding Revenue Bonds (Glenville State College Housing Corporation Project) Series 2011A (the “Series 2011A Bonds”) and the second to be designated “Taxable Commercial Development Refunding Revenue Bonds (Glenville State College Housing Corporation Project) Series 201 IB (the “Series 201 IB Bonds” and together with the Series 2011A Bonds, the “Bonds”); and

    WHEREAS, it has been determined that the Issuer is authorized by the Bond Act and Chapter 13, Article 2E of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended (the “Refunding Act” and collectively with the Bond Act, the “Act”) to issue the Bonds for the purposes of refunding the Prior Bonds and paying various costs and expenses associated therewith; and

    WHEREAS, the Borrower proposes that the proceeds of the Bonds be loaned to the Borrower by the Issuer pursuant to a Loan Agreement between the Issuer and the Borrower (the “Loan Agreement”) in order to enable the Borrower to effectuate the refunding of the Prior Bonds and to pay various costs and expenses associated therewith; and
    WHEREAS, the Borrower agrees to make payments sufficient to pay, among other things, the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on such Bonds and to pledge lease payments payable to the Borrower by the Glenville State College Board of Governors and Glenville State College from its student housing fee revenues and other available sources in accordance with the Contract of Lease/Purchase to be entered into between the Borrower, as Lessor, and the State of West Virginia, by the Glenville State College Board of Governors, as Lessee (the “Lease”), pursuant to which Lease the Borrower will lease the Project to the State of West Virginia, by the Glenville State College Board of Governors for use by Glenville State College; and the Borrower requests that the Bonds be issued pursuant to an Indenture of Trust between the Issuer and United Bank, Inc., as Trustee (the “Trustee”) under which the Issuer will transfer and pledge its rights under the Loan Agreement and the Borrower agrees to assign the Lease to the Trustee and to execute a Credit Line Deed of Trust and Security Agreement under which it will transfer and pledge certain property to Edward D. McDevitt and Camden P. Siegrist, trustees, for the benefit of the Trustee (on behalf of holders of the Bonds) as security for the Bonds; and

    WHEREAS, the Project is intended to be self-supporting and to generate sufficient net cash flow from the Loan Agreement and the Lease to pay the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the Bonds as and when the same become due; and

    WHEREAS, there have been presented to this meeting the forms of the following documents relating to the transactions described above for the Issuer to study and consider, copies of which have been filed with the Clerk of the Issuer:
    A. Indenture of Trust between the Issuer and United Bank, Inc., as Trustee (the “Trustee”) (the “Indenture”);

    B. Loan Agreement between the Issuer and the Borrower (the “Loan

    C. Promissory Notes of the Borrower evidencing its obligations to the Issuer under the Loan Agreement (the said Note forms being contained in the Loan Agreement described in “B” above);

    D. Forms of the Bonds (contained in the Indenture described in “A” above

    E. Preliminary Official Statement relating to the Bonds (the “Preliminary Official Statement”); and

    F. Bond Purchase Agreement between Crews & Associates, Inc. (the Underwriter”) and the Issuer relating to the Bonds (the “Bond Purchase Agreement”); and

    WHEREAS, it has been represented to the Issuer by the Borrower that the most feasible method of refunding the Prior Bonds and thereby refinancing the cost of the Project is by the Issuer’s issuance of the Bonds in the principal par amount of not to exceed $4,600,000; and

    WHEREAS, the Issuer represents that the Issuer reasonably anticipates that the Issuer and its subordinate entities will not issue tax-exempt obligations during the calendar year 2011 which, when aggregated with the Series 2011A Bonds and any other bonds of the Issuer and any subordinate entity of the Issuer issued during calendar year 2011, would exceed $10,000,000 in aggregate principal amount, and the Issuer desires hereby to designate the Series 2011A Bonds as “qualified tax-exempt obligations” as defined in Section 265(b)(3)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”) to the extent the Series 2011A Bonds are not deemed designated as qualified tax-exempt obligations pursuant to the provisions of Section 265(b)(3)(D)(ii) of the Code; and

    WHEREAS, after careful study and investigation, the Issuer, in furtherance of the public purposes for which it exists, proposes to issue its Bonds as requested, and to enter into the documents listed above, and to execute such other documents and to take such other actions as necessary or convenient to effectuate the foregoing, all as hereinafter set forth.

    Section 1. Findings and Determinations. The Issuer specifically finds and determines as follows:

    (a) This Resolution is adopted pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Act, and the Bonds shall be issued pursuant to the Act.

    (b) The issuance of its revenue bonds to refund the Prior Bonds, as hereinafter provided, will serve the public purposes specified in the Act in that debt service savings will be

    (c) Based upon the information presented to the Issuer by Crews &Associates, Inc., the Underwriter for the Bonds, the refunding of the Prior Bonds with the
    proceeds of the Bonds will show a net saving to the Issuer after deducting all expenses of the
    refunding, as contemplated by West Virginia Code Section 13-2E-5.

    (d) The Loan does not exceed the amount required to refund the principal of and interest and premium on the Prior Bonds not otherwise provided from other funds available for said purpose, and to pay certain expenses related to the issuance of the Bonds and the
    refunding of the Prior Bonds

    (e) The Loan bears interest at a rate not less than the rate paid by the Issuer on the Bonds.

    Section 2. Refunding Authorized. There is hereby authorized the refunding of the Prior Bonds as described above all as provided in and subject to the conditions set forth in the Indenture.

    Section 3. Bonds Authorized. To provide for such refunding, the issuance by the Issuer of not to exceed $4,600,000 in aggregate principal par amount of the Bonds is hereby authorized, subject to the provisions of this Resolution and the Indenture.

    Section 4. Details of the Bonds. The Bonds shall be issued in two series, the first series designated “Commercial Development Refunding Revenue Bonds (Glenville State College Housing Corporation Project) Series 2011 A” and the second series designated “Taxable Commercial Development Revenue Bonds (Glenville State College Housing Corporation Project) Series 201 IB”.

    The Bonds shall also be subject to mandatory redemption, optional redemption and extraordinary redemption as set forth in the Indenture and the Certificate of Determination described in Section 9 below (the “Certificate of Determination”). The forms of the Bonds and other details with respect thereto shall be as set forth in the Indenture.
    Section 5. Security. The Bonds shall be secured by the pledge effected by the Indenture and shall be payable from and secured by a pledge of the Loan Agreement, the Promissory Notes evidencing the Borrower’s obligation with respect to the Bonds under the Loan Agreement (the “Notes”), the deed of trust to be executed by the Borrower granting a lien on the Project to secure the payment of the Notes and the Bonds, and any other property or funds described in the Indenture.

    The Bonds and the premium, if any, and interest thereon are special obligations of the Issuer and (except to the extent payment with respect to the Bonds shall be made from the proceeds from the sale of the Bonds or the income, if any, derived from the investment thereof) are payable solely from the revenues and funds derived pursuant to the Loan Agreement and the Notes, all as described therein, and from the security, if any, for the Notes, which revenues, funds and security have been pledged and assigned to the Trustee to secure payment of the Bonds and other amounts due under the Indenture, all at the times and subject to the conditions set forth in the Indenture, the Loan Agreement and the Notes. The Bonds and the premium, if any, and interest thereon shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute a debt or a pledge of the faith and credit or taxing power of the State or of any county (including without limitation the Issuer), municipality or political subdivision thereof but are special obligations of the Issuer, payable solely from the property, revenues and other sources pledged by the Issuer therefor. The owners of the Bonds shall have no right to have taxes levied by the Legislature of West Virginia

    or the taxing authority of the Issuer or any other county, municipality or other political subdivision of the State for payment of the principal of or the premium, if any, or interest on the Bonds or other costs incident thereto.

    Section 6. Execution and Delivery. The Bonds shall be executed in accordance with the provisions of the Indenture. The Bonds shall be sold and delivered to the Underwriter in accordance with the provisions of the Bond Purchase Agreement.

    Section 7. Sale of Bonds. The Bonds shall be sold by the Issuer to the Underwriter, pursuant to the Bond Purchase Agreement to be executed and delivered by the President of the Issuer, substantially in the form submitted at this meeting, with such changes as the President may deem necessary or desirable, at the purchase price set forth in the Certificate of Determination, plus accrued interest on the Bonds from their dated date to the date of delivery and payment for the Bonds, on the terms and conditions set forth in the Bond Purchase Agreement and Certificate of Determination and upon the basis of the representations therein set forth. The President of the Issuer is hereby authorized and directed to carry out or cause to be carried out all obligations of the Issuer under said Bond Purchase Agreement, when executed, and the President and the County Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to execute the Bonds and to affix the seal of the Issuer thereon and to deliver the Bonds to the Trustee for authentication and to instruct the Trustee to deliver the Bonds to the Underwriter upon receipt of the purchase price thereof, and to execute and deliver all documents and instruments required in connection therewith.

    Section 8. Approval of Other Documents. The form, terms and provisions of the Loan Agreement between the Issuer and the Borrower, substantially in the form presented to this meeting, with such changes as the President may deem necessary or desirable, providing for the refunding of the Prior Bonds, is in all respects approved. The form, terms and provisions of the Indenture, between the Issuer and the Trustee, substantially in the form presented at this meeting, with such changes as the President may deem necessary or desirable, providing for the issuance of the Bonds, is in all respects approved. The President and County Clerk of the Issuer are authorized and empowered for and on behalf of the Issuer to execute, acknowledge and

    deliver the Loan Agreement, the Indenture and such other documents, certificates or instruments required by any of the foregoing, and the County Clerk is hereby authorized and empowered to affix the seal of the Issuer and to attest to the same for and on behalf of the Issuer, in substantially the form presented to this meeting, with such changes therein as the President may deem necessary of desirable, his execution of the Loan Agreement, the Indenture and such other documents, certificates or instruments to be conclusive evidence of his approval of such changes.

    The President, the County Clerk and other appropriate officers and officials of the Issuer are each hereby authorized to take any action, execute any document, or give any consent which may from time to time be required by the Issuer under the Loan Agreement, this Bond Resolution or the Indenture. Any such action taken or document executed or consent given by such officer in his capacity of an officer of the Issuer shall be deemed to be an act by the Issuer and any such action, execution or consent shall be conclusive evidence that the same is authorized by this Bond Resolution.

    No recourse shall be had by any person for any claims based on this Bond Resolution, the Indenture or the Loan Agreement or any instruments or documents related thereto against any member, officer or employee of the Issuer alleging personal liability on the part of such person unless such claim is based upon the bad faith, actual and intentional fraud or deceit of such person.

    Section 9. Certificate of Determination. The President of the Issuer shall have the power and authority to execute and deliver the Certificate of Determination, which may include, without limitation, provisions (i) fixing the aggregate principal par amount of Bonds to be issued, not to exceed $4,600,000 in the aggregate, and the respective principal par amounts of the Series 2011A Bonds and the Series 201 IB Bonds; (ii) fixing the maturity schedule for the Bonds, including amounts of serial bonds and term bonds, such maturities to be on or prior to October 1, 2030, (iii) fixing interest rates or yields for such Bonds, such rates or yields not to exceed an average interest cost of five percent (5%) per annum with respect to the Series 2011A Bonds and six percent (6%) per annum with respect to the Series 201 IB Bonds, (iv) fixing the amounts and time of sinking fund installments on the Bonds, including times and redemption

    prices, (vi) fixing the purchase price for the Bonds, which may include a premium, an underwriting discount and/or an original issue discount, (vii) fixing mandatory, optional and extraordinary optional redemption provisions for the Bonds, (viii) determining whether the Series 2011A Bonds and the Series 201 IB Bonds, respectively, are to be evidenced by certificates or are to be issued by means of a book-entry system; and (ix) modifying or otherwise completing and finalizing the provisions of the Bond Purchase Agreement.

    Section 10. Official Statement. The distribution of the Preliminary Official Statement, substantially in the form submitted at this meeting, with such changes of the President may deem necessary or desirable, is hereby approved. The President is hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver a final official statement on behalf of the Issuer, which shall be in substantially the form of the Preliminary Official Statement with such changes, insertions and omissions as may be required to reflect the terms of the sale of the Bonds and as the President may approve (the “Official Statement”). The execution of the Official Statement by the President shall be conclusive evidence of such approval. Copies of the Official Statement are hereby authorized to be prepared and furnished to the Underwriter for distribution.

    Section 11. Bond Trustee. United Bank, Inc., Charleston, West Virginia, is hereby appointed as the Bond Trustee, Registrar and Paying Agent.

    Section 12. Indemnification. The Borrower shall agree to protect, indemnify and save the Issuer, the members of its governing body, its officers and its employees, or any of them, harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including attorneys’ fees), taxes, causes of action, suits, claims, demands and judgments of any nature, from or by or on behalf of any person, firm, partnership or other legal entity, arising in any manner from the transactions of which this Resolution is a part or arising in any manner in connection with the Project or the refunding of the Prior Bonds including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any arising from or relating to:
    (i) the operation of the Project during the period of time that any Bond is outstanding, or

    (ii) any breach or default on the part of the Borrower in the performance of any of its obligations under this Resolution, or
    (iii) the issuance of the Bonds, or
    (iv) any violation of law, ordinance or regulation affecting the Project or any part thereof or the ownership or occupancy or use thereof,
    upon notice from the Issuer, in any action or proceeding brought in connection with any of the above.

    It is the intention of the parties that neither the Issuer, the members of its governing body, its officers and its employees, nor any of them, shall incur any personal or pecuniary liability by reason of the terms of Borrower’s agreement to indemnify or by reason of the undertakings required of the Issuer or the officers of its governing body hereunder in connection with the issuance of the Bonds, the execution of any of the documents connected with this transaction, or the performance of any act requested by the Issuer or the officers of its governing body by the Borrower or in any way arising from the transactions of which this agreement to indemnify is a part or arising in any manner in connection with the Project, the refunding of the Prior Bonds or the refinancing of the Project; nevertheless, if the Issuer, the members of its governing body, its officers or its employees, or any of them, should incur any such pecuniary liability, then in such event the Borrower shall indemnify and hold the Issuer, the members of its governing body, its officers and its employees, or any of them, harmless against all claims by or on behalf of any person, firm or partnership or other legal entity, arising out of the same, and all costs and expenses incurred in connection with any such claim or in connection with any action or proceeding brought thereon, and upon notice from the Issuer, the Borrower shall defend the Issuer, the members of its governing body, its officers and its employees, and any one or more of them, in any such action or proceeding. Notwithstanding any other provisions of any of the documents connected with this transaction, this section shall survive the termination of the documents connected with this transaction.
    Section 13. Waiver of Statutory Mortgage Lien. The statutory mortgage lien set forth in Section 13-2C-8 of the Act is hereby waived by the Issuer.

    Section 14. Designation of Series 2011A Bonds as Qualified Tax-Exempt Obligations. The Issuer and all subordinate entities do not reasonably expect to issue more than $10,000,000 of tax-exempt obligations during the calendar year 2011 and, to the extent the Series 2011A Bonds are not deemed designated as qualified tax-exempt obligations pursuant to the provisions of Section 265(b)(3)(D)(ii) of the Code, the Issuer hereby designates the Series 2011A Bonds as “qualified tax-exempt obligations” as defined in Section 265(b)(3)(B) of the Code.

    Section 15. Further Actions. The President, County Clerk and any other proper officers and officials of the Issuer are hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver any and all papers and instruments, including without limitation an escrow agreement, tax certificate and general certificate, and to do and cause to be done any and all acts and things necessary or proper for carrying out the transactions contemplated by this Resolution.

    Section 16. Further Provisions. All acts, conditions and things required by the Constitution and applicable laws of the State of West Virginia (the “State”) relating to the passage of this Resolution, to the issuance of said Bonds and to the execution of said Indenture and Loan Agreement to happen, exist and be performed precedent to the issuance of said Bonds and the execution of said Indenture and Loan Agreement, have happened, exist and have been performed as so required by such law.

    Adopted by The County Commission of Gilmer County, West Virginia, at a meeting duly called and held at the Gilmer County Courthouse, Glenville, West Virginia, on the 5th day of April, 2011.
    Its: President



    County Clerk of The County Commission of Gilmer County, West Virginia


  15. Plain and simple, you issue commercial development refunding bonds when you know you are not going to have the revenue to pay them off when they become due and payable. They got in over their heads. The student rents and revenues have not rolled in fast enough or in as large a quantity as they predicted. In my humble opinion, this is not refinancing to save money, this is just creative financing to ward off a problem. That’s why there is so much of a $5 million original issue remaining, they’ve probably just been paying the interest. The GSC Housing Corp has always had control of this issue. Nothing changed there.

    The Legislature set this up in 2009 so that they don’t have to post a notice, run an advertisement or anything else which is BS no matter how “legal”. It was just dumb luck that a responsible person attended that meeting or the public would never even know. They seem to think the public is too stupid to understand and refuse to be above board and honest because heaven forbid one of us lowlifes should ask a question. OF COURSE THEY HAD TO TELL A LIE ABOUT WHAT THEY WERE DOING, DO THEY KNOW ANY OTHER WAY OF LIFE Duh?

    SS Member: Very nicely said, and the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department was given some very official critical comments from professionals involving the missing 1/6 they hid from a court case. There is now evidence that shows that Beverly Marks who is liable in a federal civil action may face another federal civil action for throwing away a court order after asking Timothy B Butcher who ordered her to destroy the court order, to not reply. But, an innocent woman the sister of AJ Woofter was waiting for medical care she did not get because she waited and waited and waited and died on Christmas day.

    The Sheriff of Gilmer County also refused to take the conspiracy complaint against Hough who had an interest in covering up a lie to the jury-it also proved Hough did not use due diligence – Hough is guilty along with Marks who did not want to get caught for stealing that title and approving a sale after Ms. Woofters death in which beneficiary’s never named in the estate, but friends of Marks -that included Rosa Belle Gainer who is alleged to have pilfered the estate along with Butcher and illegally moving bank accounts- Gainer along with others estranged from Woofter received money from the sale after Ruth Woofter died. Nice! The money didn’t even go to the family that paid taxes on it for 20 years. The Sheriff is attempting and has always attempted to cover up all of these facts by ignoring the criminal complaint.

    But, when you can prove all of these facts in which that same 1/6 title also includes a false arrest -and wrongful conviction – because that same 1/6 was hidden from the courts – it adds up to criminal negligence by the Gilmer County Sheriffs office and a Criminal Tort in federal court.

  16. Gilmer County Commissioners, now that you’ve been told what you signed. Don’t go around telling every body you knew it all along because you three dumb fucks would sign anything that the college and the Bitcher of the Butchers and that R Terry Butcher put in front of you.

    And you know what bitches, that is what sucks!

    And we ALL are fucking tired of the same old bullshit! FED UP!!

    If any of you think you have a political future think again. You are all done! Ramsey really turned out to be an instant disappointment. Like a running back that you thought was going to score some points and get some first downs for the home team and you are all glad but now everyone is all mad and talking mad shit because that running back you thought was all that turned out to be a swish boy that just wants to give the coach a blow job!! Fuck! That is a bitch! A mother fucking swish dish!

    If those other goofy fucks showed you one paragraph that said no liability and said “see” it’s just like before, and then you sign away the freaking county! Didn’t say shit to anybody!!

    The voters are coming! The voters are coming just like Amy Riddle!

    The votes are just gonna lie there when it comes to you!

    Just like Riddle ta Diddle!

    So enjoy that paycheck while you got it bitches and you too swish bitch!

    You and your weak minded clerk the jerk who said she hadn’t even read it but it was “The same as before”.

    You’ve never issued any of these in your life!!

    A swish boy and a lying bitch the two new players on the home team. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But hey man lets not forget this: Larry Chapman was also involved in pushing through GSC’s Pioneer Village bond issue. Can it be proven that the legally required advertisement was published in advance to get PROPER public input? Court House observers think not. Chalk up another example of “that is the way we do things in Gilmer County”? A prominent citizen says that R Terry Butcher who did legal work for the “Pioneer Village Project: made that statement.

    To be totally fair, what say you Mr. Butcher? At the time of the bond issue you were on GSC’s Board of Governors. Also, if a legally required procedure was not followed for the bond issue, who has responsibility to pursue legal proceedings?

    Actually Power Elite are not worth talking to because they are not doing their job, so if any of them ever try to talk to us normal people or tea party members, or SS members or CCC members then here is you what you do!

  17. By order of the Supreme Commander of the SS Central West Virginia Commander Company C – Consolidated Citizens Corp Elkins West Virginia –

    Now hear this!

    The matter of Connie Osentoski is a closed matter. For this reason. Who gives a fuck! For one thing…have a little fucking heart, for I have to remind myself – and I think it is as good as time as any, to remind us all that we must not become the monster of which we are fighting. I was recently given this observation freely by someone that is a person even mentioned on this site, that fought against us ALL in the War for Free Speech last summer in which we went out one day and lost all of our ships. Remember that! I was reminded in that moment of truce and trust that we must not become the monster we are fighting. And the matter of Connie Osentoski – who by the way almost peed her pants because one of the Power Elite freighted her to death -with violent and out of order actions-is a non issue! Do we want to be like him and jump to conclusions? We are going to leave Connie O out of any discussions, future articles – and or any other creative contributions anyone comes up with!

    Plus, because of who her daddy is. And sometimes you just have to have a little respect for people that have nothing to do with the over the top issues as of late. Collateral damage is not OK. But especially not in this particular situation. You want to know who her connections are? They are the kind we are not going to fuck with! If we did – we would be assholes.

    That is all!

  18. Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech

    The Gilmer Free Press (GFP) was bullied on Tuesday April 05, 2011 at the Gilmer County Commission Meeting.

    After the meeting was called to order, Mr. Larry Chapman, the out-voted previous Gilmer County Commission President, entered the room, disregarding the rules of order, put his name on the sign-up sheet below others, took his jacket off, threw it on the chair, and publically verbally attacked the GFP reporter.

    Chapman demanded the Commissioners create a resolution forcing GFP to submit names of everyone who had responded to the article about the unusual method by which he created and hired himself for a part time position for Gilmer County Economic Development Association.

    Stunned and speechless the commissioners listened while Chapman threatened GFP to provide the names and accused GFP of Slander.

    The Gilmer Free Press Reporter told Chapman his complaint had nothing to do with the commission meeting and business.

    Chapman told the Commissioners he did not like GFP allowing Anonymous comments, and then accused the Gilmer Free Press of doing something wrong. GFP responded to Chapman, he needed to look further than Gilmer County and see the practice is common everywhere and not new to GFP. Reporter added “it seems what IS common in Gilmer County, is the attempts to control the media and free speech by a few.”

    Chapman again demanded the names of anonymous postings to GFP, but again his request was denied on the grounds that the purpose for anonymous postings was to protect the authors of the response from threats and retaliation. GFP told Chapman his action was one of the reasons the citizens of Gilmer County deserved protection.

    GFP defends, as always ,the author’s right to anonymity (See the site Policy).

    GFP informed Chapman that the author of the article had invited his response, but he chose not to reply and take this action instead.

    Multiple times Chapman was reminded of his right by GFP to set the record straight once and for all by submitting a response to the article.

    After multiple requests by the Gilmer Free Press, the comment below is the response from Mr. Chapman regarding the Letter to Editor and the comments.

    Finally, the Gilmer Free Press would like to apologize to the Commissioners and those present on behalf of Mr. Chapman for interrupting the meeting with his bullying action out of order, and out of place.

    ~~ Larry Chapman’s Comment ~~

    Extension Service Invoice for Books Purchased

    An invoice, approved for payment by the extension service agent, for books, was presented to the County Commission for payment. Three sets of commissioner’s eyes did not identify the questionable nature of the books. After being brought to our attention and meeting with the Extension Service Committee, the Commissioners agreed and did personally refund cost of books back to the Extension Service. Also, it should be noted, that after becoming aware of the program and the books contents, the Extension Service Committee banished the program of which they were to be used.

    Medical Center

    The County Commission never almost gave the Medical Center away, quite the contrary. After learning the Medical Center Board of Trustees had inadvertently agreed to a long term lease whereby allowing Minnie Hamilton to utilize the front lawn for parking, the Commission interceded by notifying both parties that the lease was null and void. Per State Code, only the County Commission could enter into long-term leases related to county owned property. The County Commission entered open discussion with Minnie Hamilton concerning their lease request. A lease agreement was never reached during my Commission tenure.

    Goodwin Hall, Glenville State College

    The County Commission approved this bond issue after we were assured of no financial exposure for Gilmer County citizens. County citizens did come and speak at public meetings as well as receiving legal advice from local attorneys, bond council attorneys and bank attorneys.

    No Bid Contracts

    You are referring to a time when the Recreation Center Pool was about to slip over the hill. The County Commission immediately called our Insurance Company Representative who sent an engineer to address the situation. It was recommended by the engineer to move swiftly or jeopardize losing the pool. After contacting Auditors Office explaining our dilemma, we were allowed to move immediately without bid process. The County Commission hired local contractors who came forthwith and the pool was saved.

    Election Complaint and County Clerk being sued in Federal Court

    I never knowingly denied these charges.

    Gilmer County Economic Development Association

    The GCEDA Board Members are not appointed by the County Commission. It is a non-profit organization. The board of directors are nominated and voted in by paid members. Membership in the organization is open to the public. The members nominate and elect five directors to a three year term the first of every year. All board of directors serve voluntarily. Seated directors may fill a vacancy between annual meetings per their bylaws. I have served on the GCEDA Board for many years as a member and as an officer. The Board took action in February to advertise and hire a Coordinator. I applied for the position. I took no part in preparing the job description, the pay scale, advertising of the position, the interviews or the selection. I was not informed of who applied or who was interviewed for the job. All legalities were followed.

    1. Boy is memory ever selective.
      Don’t you remember the County Clerk pointed out the titles of the sex therapists books used by Shirey and the Commission laughed and approved payment according to a person who attended that very meeting!

      Then you couldn’t take the heat so you paid for them yourselves!!

      Don’t you remember coming back to the people and telling them you had met with Minnie Hamiltons lawyers and they agreed to amend that lease. Isn’t it recorded? The first one was. Isn’t it there anymore

      What answer did you expect when you asked a member of the GSC Board of Governors, GSC Housing Corp and their own bond counsel if you should sign the bond application? Yet you call that getting legal advice.

      You approved payment of Hern’s Backhoe well over 50 thousand for the Recreation Center knowing full well the family connection between a certain Commissioner and Jeane Hern Kennedy who also got the job as Manager at Best Western which you are invested in? Yeah, that’s really kosher and as far as anyone knows the pool still leaks.

      The Secretary of State signed as representative for every one of those complaints and lawsuits and you are trying to say you were never notified and didn’t know so you didn’t “knowingly” deny them. Guess that’s why they had to hire someone else to open the commissions mail. Hard to believe.

      You have an established for profit business, farm cattle for profit, received over 18 years of salary and benefits of an elected official and you could not permit another person in this county to get that job? That’s really promoting growth and economic development for the people in Gilmer County you self serving twit!

      While we are at it, why don’t you explain how you figure the County Commission has the right to demand information about anyone in this county that isn’t involved in a business deal with them. They don’t have the right to ask what my cats name is! You jumped in front of people, put your own name on to speak and raved on. Why didn’t you respond to what you kept saying in the meeting? You wanted the names that responded about your “friend”! Oh yeah big man, you just didn’t have the nerve to call the people of this county a liar.You just keep trying to distract them from your total disrespect for public office and the unethical conduct just keeps coming. How dare you threaten any single person in the County! We know you and Kight are still running the Gilmer County Commission but you do not run its citizens! You didn’t protect their rights when you were in office and you are not going to take them away now!

      1. And while we are at it, Hess, Kennedy and Ramsey, Mr. Chapman let you know before he ever hit that door that he would be there to tell that so and so how it is!

        Sitting there with your mouths shut and letting that tirade go on more that 30 seconds is your fault. Why didn’t you ask for the Sheriff to escort Mr. Chapman out. Why didn’t you stop him and tell him he was out of order?

        If the GFP reporter had not been intelligent enough to let Chapman know how life really is in a free world, you bunch would have gone ahead and done the resolution I have absolutely not one doubt in my mind!

        Thanks for nothing Gilmer County Commission. You really know how to conduct a meeting. Way to speak up! So glad we pay you for this.

  19. The Secret Seven has been involved in covert operations involving gathering information that includes not only misconduct, but actual unlawful and criminal activity in Gilmer County now officially known state wide as CROOKED COUNTY. Many acts of misconduct performed or occurring in secret meant to benefit the few known as the “Power Elite” made of public officials with self appointments and Governor Manchin appointments to powerful positions are to be revealed soon. The Gilmer County Sheriffs department feels it is immune from being charged with crimes, although the Gilmer County Sheriff was caught recently in the act of covering up an important document sought by the West Virginia Courts for several years while the case made it’s way through the highest courts. The County Clerk had to knowingly hide the title since it was the topic of several court actions, but this- COVER UP of a White Collar Crime -matter had even garnered the support of the State Police under the bad leadership of Colonel Pike. The individuals involved in this cover up that led to a wrongful death are currently being sought for prosecution, so we ask that you please cooperate fully with the investigation that has now implicated several Gilmer County Public Officials.

    Editors note: The latest information reveals that Beverly Marks not only hid the court order to sell the missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property near the Calhoun County line, but was ordered to destroy the court order. The Sheriff refused to investigate the missing court order because he was already informed it was destroyed therefore catching the Sheriff up in conspiracy cover up of TWO separate crimes by officials and the Sheriffs false arrest and conviction.

    That disturbance by Larry Chapman in the County Commission meeting was all a SMOKE SCREEN so the MIRROR MEN could come in with some legal documents for the commission to sign. Can’t you see! They did it again! It is all SMOKE and MIRRORS!! The only thing MISSING with this “PULLING A FAST ONE,“ is Gerald B Hough!
    We want to know WHAT document was signed and what it means. I already saw it posted on the local Secret Seven site and the whole deal sounds like the entire situation was a bad decision right from the start. I don’t like what I am seeing posted about it on the internet, can we please inform the public?
    By Citizens of Gilmer County on 04.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-EC: Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech’.

    If a common person from the community would have pulled the same stunt as Chapman at the commission meeting, they would have been arrested. Chapman makes threats of all kinds and it is OK! The Butcher Bully people with threats of law action and with taking everything everyone owns through the courts if not stealing it outright. The Sheriff will threaten to arrest you, if you expose any illegalities that he has decided he is going to be the judge and jury for. And so it goes in Gilmer County!
    My reply to Chapman’s reply…
    Poppy cock!!
    By Anonymous on 04.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-EC: Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech’.
    All this is a wake up call for need for citizens to demand absolute transparency in Gilmer County. For an example all appointments by the County Commission must be fully disclosed. Citizens don’t know about all the different entities which exist, who is serving in them, and what the entities are supposed to do. A County organization chart to include roles and responsibilities of each entity plus names of citizens in each one would be a good start. Without the referenced disclosure there can never be a basis for accountability, something which has been avoided in Gilmer for decades.
    By CourtHouseWatch on 04.05.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE: PUBLIC SERVICE OR GREED’.

  21. The Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone and the Naked Truth about the CROOKS from Gilmer County!!

    …revealed at Midnight Sunday Night, TONIGHT on the number one underground Alternative News Site!

    The Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website!!

    Lock it on to the RGW Website tonight and beat the Monday Morning Courtroom News to the Courthouse on the hill!!

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