By Rina McCoy-Editor/Cosmos Communicator/Freebird-Central WV SS/RGW Reporter

Graft and Corruption are charges that are typically leveled at highly-placed government officials, who are able to use public funds to improve their own fortunes due to increased access, influence, knowledge or power that comes with an elevated position.

This sounds like a description of what just happened with the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm and the President of GSC Peter Bar and their Gilmer Housing Partners Debacle!

Pictured from left to right: Glenville State College Foundation Executive Director and Vice President for Advancement Denny Pounds, Bob Jones, Mack Worl, GSC President Dr. Peter Barr, GSC Board of Governors Chairman Fred Radabaugh, GSC Board Member Marge Burke, and I.L. Ike Morris break ground on the new Rivers View Subdivision just outside of Glenville.

In that case a federal judgment of over 300,000 dollars was reached against, Barr and the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm when it is all said and done with attorney fee’s paid!

The County is liable too, since the County Clerk was named as a defendant. Possible, criminal charges could be born out of facts from the federal civil case we now hear!!

A typical local “Power Elite ” just having a little fun at our expense while engaging in a  typical  everyday Crooked County day full of nepotism,  which often leads to pressure through the family somehow or then there is, the holding of a carrot out in some type of bribery–And soon there could be embezzlement, extortion or graft, or even another real estate scandal like we just witnessed with our own eyes, while the “Powers that Be” never stopped denying the real facts.

Deny deny deny! “Oh it is all just a lie!”  Not this time Crooked County!!

You done got CAUGHT a bein Crooked down by the Crooked River!!

Y’all know how to deliver down by the Crooked River!!

Now we have truly seen for ourselves how they are!!

Get a clue, it was all GRAFT and CORRUPTION that was behind River View!

Any other place if public officials engage in this sort of activity they would be guilty of abuse of public trust at a minimum, and may often be charged with a crime!

But not in Crooked County!

In fact, published in one of the latest Gilmer Free Press articles that included 47 legal documents filed leading to federal court proceedings that proved wrong doing by Gilmer County Public Officials from Glenville, West Virginia this reminder had to be posted …

•  Gilmer County, WV IS part of America.

•  The laws of the land should apply to every citizen equally.

•  Pay more attention to the message and not the messengers.

Lets repeat the most important reminder to all citizens that read the Gilmer Free Press!      … Gilmer County, WV IS part of America!

You would not think so, when you discover the everyday activity of the local Power Elite who seem to be truly, “Above the Law!”

Interestingly, enough, they give the credit for being,” Above the Law,” to the former Governor Joe Manchin!

At this time we would like to ask Big Joe to come talk to us about that situation, because we seem to have a problem with it.

We were all so excited to elect Darryl Ramsey and now most seem disappointed to see he is being influenced so greatly by Rita Kight and others. Hey Rita, get a clue bitch! You retired Xmas time in 08 remember? We wanted you out and that meant we want you to stay the fuck out of things, not sneak into the courthouse after hours in the middle of the night and get in there and disturb, steal, redact and abuse the public records. By the way Kight you are breaking the law every time you do it. If we have to put a stop to it ourselves with our own enforcers we will, for it has been found out Gilmer County Law Enforcement ain’t good for nothing but creating crimes against innocent people and magically turning used rusted old junk farm equipment into brand new straight from Lemon Equipment in Parkersburg!

Welcome to Crooked County where even the women are dangerous!! Kight, BM, Beverly Marks, who ignored a court order from a high ranking judge and refused the sale needed by the sister of AJ WOOFTER for a desperate operation to save her life!!

Glenville, is the West Virginia HOME of GRAFT and Corruption!

The election love affair between Courthouse Staff is over and it is all due to public exposure of their many sins as of late in the mainstream press.

Tara Kennedy wife to Brian Kennedy famous for making up children that didn't exist in a high profile case that now has been proved to be fabricated and created by the Gilmer County Sheriff's department and Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County!

And the biggest sin in Crooked County is nepotism!   A good example is Tara Kennedy making decisions on whether innocent people are sentenced to a full term of one year in jail while her husband Brian Kennedy serves as County Commissioner and was the hand picked nephew of Timothy B Butcher BOG of GSC ( a little present from Big Joe) while also wearing many other hats!

Of course those kind of love affairs are only for the mutual stroking of the incestuous political relationships so prevalent in such a dark place — Where EVIL truly does run right down that Crooked County Line!!

There is a reason that all major organizations (including government) and businesses discourage and even go so far as to forbid nepotism in the workplace.  It is the breeding ground for graft and corruption.

In Glenville, the Purpose of family ties mixed with running the local county government is to be able to pull strings and the right strings can be pulled by putting the right people in control for the sole purpose of becoming elected, reelected, or having your supporters and close associates elected or reelected!

In Glenville it is always, “What can you do for Me!” or..

“You suck my Dick, and not only do you have a job, but you already get a raise!”

Or, ” You can have the job, but what can you do to get my ass reelected!?”

Just like Sheriff Metz! Stick a fork in him, he is done as Sheriff, since his term will soon be expired and he can not run for Sheriff again, of course they are trying to change that law, and Gerry Hough is a workin hard on it I am told!

Metz is already worried about what he is a gonna do!?  Oh my!!

Commissioner, or Magistrate?

Well what sounds good to us, is nothing, yeah nothing sounds much better to us, since the performance as Sheriff was all about the scandals and false arrests and then attempting to cover up blatant lies and paying people to lie under oath in court and stealing money from tax payers and on and on and on it goes, and now…


WE AIN’T a  havin anymore Mickey Metz!

For, we would much rather have Mickey Mouse!

At least we may get free tickets to Disney World!

…instead of a World of Misery from Metz!

“YOU JUST LOOKY HERE, “ a famous quote by State Witness Marilyn Matheny while she was telling one of her tall tales that have now been found out by the public, since the Secret Audio file was listened to my thousands of people in the State of West Virginia! Matheny has been found out!!

"The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!" But, the "Ghost Wolf knows, the Ghost Wolf knows and he is coming for YOU!!" Without warning, the eyes of the Wolf turned to a penetrating deep red- which presented a very clear message from a bigger than life stance, “Leave my domain and never return!”

Gilmer County was exposed, for “How they do it now!”  We all found out every little step of how Gilmer County brings a false case, and then of course they, “PRAY for YOU” after they put an innocent person in jail!

Look no further for the EVIL side of GRAFT and CORRUPTION for you will find it right in the heart of downtown Glenville, West Virginia and now the whole fucking world knows the real truth!

When Gerald B Hough gave his speech last month in front of 350 elected county officials in and effort to explain all the bad press against him, the ploy backfired on Hough when County Officials all became interested in his wrongdoing, and then read for themselves the GILMER FREE PRESS and the “True Story” of Hough not using due diligence! And then,  an important courthouse matter of hiding a title to property was fully exposed!! Hough knowingly brought false evidence forward in a case that was heard before the WV Supreme Court for two years and now everyone knows he is guilty!!

“Hough was exposed just like his daughter Carly when she pulled her panties to the side at those famous frat parties on campus!”

Patti Hamilton  Executive Director of the West Virginia Association of Counties is well aware of Gilmer County and I am quite sure has discussed this issue of the misconduct of Hough!

Patti Hamilton has had an opportunity to see Gilmer County for what it really is... a NIGHTMARE!!

The bad press he has received has been recognized by Hamilton, the same as County Clerks, County Commissioners – and even other Prosecutors have heard about the blatant misdeeds of the infamous Crooked County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough!

Those people in Charleston are not all friendly to the Gilmer County Commission and I am sure have delighted in the GFP reporting!

Thanks to the FREE PRESS in Gilmer County  the evil side of Graft and Corruption has been made visible!!

At the courthouse in Glenville way up there on top of the hill,please realize that every one in that courthouse is a relative of someone else there!

Every one of those elected officials has one of their relatives connected in the Gilmer County Courthouse in some way!

That’s why the dogs there only growl under the porch, they are related to the big dogs who will cause them family troubles if they find out they are SNITCHES and buddy those snitches they know all of the family dirt on each other!

“The little dogs of the Power Elite take the scraps thrown left after the big dogs eat!”

Well it seems we got a real big dog a eatin round here late at night, just a waitin for the right time of the night just around midnight!!

If you look up high to the hilltops during a full moon down by the Crooked River, you might see the outline of the Ghost Wolf!

Is he a comin for me, or is he a comin for you!?


  1. My intuition shifted into overdrive. It’s the little things that tip you off when you are alone in the middle of nowhere. For some reason the sky doesn’t look right or certain stillness will encompass you. The air may bring unfamiliar odors your way, or suddenly you catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye– you turn to see nothing but the great vastness of the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!

    Be Careful!!

    You may be confronted with something so unbelievable that your mind goes on overload and the message to your brain tells you the info you are viewing is not in your data bank…

    That is exactly what happened to my faithful K-9 companion and I while doing what we liked to do more than anything else…walk the secluded mountains near the private game reserve of IL Morris at night with no light.

    Suddenly, Sage and I were stopped dead in our tracks and did not advance even one step further, while I seemed cemented to the spot on the holler surrounded by steep hills where I was a standin.

    Walking from the car for about an hour we were both startled by the biggest Coyote or Wolf ….or whatever it was, that was glaring at us from a few hundred yards away! Even at that distance, I was totally unnerved and for the first time, I sensed my fearless well trained German shepherd Sage, was just as scared as I was, by his peculiar and out of character reaction to our immediate reality!

    The moon was full and we could see real good, it looked like you could just reach up there and touch that pink and white ball! I thought I was seeing in 3-D until my eyes adjusted again…

    There it was as plain as day in the middle of the night!! The GHOST WOLF and buddy what a sight!

    My dog didn’ thinks so though!

    Sage turned around at once, doing a complete about face, and then headed off in the opposite direction and started double timing it to our vehicle-he didn’t even look back to see if I was coming, or what was even worse, was that my dog didn’t seem concerned with my well being. He just kept going! It was athio’s to me! He was a thinkin, ” You got us in this buddy now you a get us out, but I ain’t a waitin for an answer because…”

    “And I’m a goin now…” My dog was pretty smart and didn’t really talk, but I could always tell what he was a thinking ya know…

    The GHOST WOLF didn’t pay no mind to my dog, but LOOKED DIRECTLY AT ME!

    I became immediately immobilized; almost hypnotized by the shining, glowing, bright green and yellow eyes of this mysterious creature of the deserted woods!

    And those eyes were piercing right thru me!

    This was no local connate creature from Gilmer County known to us. Both Sage and I knew this was different. Our 6th sense was definitely on overload!

    My dog must have kicked it up in gear to the seventh sense cuz he was already gone!!!

    Sage and I had experienced Coyotes up close in the woods many times. Also, Coyotes were common in the nearby hills of Calhoun and Gilmer County. …Danged big ones too, and sometimes big white and yellow ones, but this King of these Woods tonight was black as night!

    Out of the Night Mist and of warmer nights came a large looming nefarious shape stalking me!

    I witnessed a large dark shape of what appeared to be a rather large Wolf behind very intimidating eyes (that bore right through me) the mysterious creature appeared to have a prominent mane, just the same as a wolf has. This was no Coyote and it was not a runnin!

    This was not any sort of animal I had any personal dealing with prior to this moonlit late-night, but also, this enigmatic beast was noticeably larger than any K-9 type animal I had personally seen.

    At first the eyes glowed yellow, then green; and with an apocalyptic malevolence that I have never felt before, or since….

    Without warning, the eyes of the Wolf, the Ghost Wolf, turned to a penetrating deep red-which presented a very clear message from a bigger than life stance…

    “Leave my domain and never return!”

    The human mind is capable of much more than it’s trained or educated to be. Just in the sixth sense alone, we have an ability to know things without a conscious use of reason!

    I think that intuition is biologically wired into us!

    A person needs to become aware of what the intuitive signal encompasses. Becoming enmeshed with my environment was my way of reading that signal! I was always good in the woods late at night! The signal transmitted that night was clear…Get Out!

    I ran like the dickens but I couldn’t catch my dog, later that night he came a runnin through the screen door, but didn’t bother opening it, just slid on in on the floor a bit, and skidded up to the wall and then just looked at me….

    “What?” That dog as big and bad as I thought he was, was just a lookin at me as if to say, “What? You ran too bitch, don’t look at me!”

    And then, he looked at me as if to say,
    ” I won’t bring it up if you don’t!”

    I wasn’t lookin for no Ghost Wolf, but I hope to hell he ain’t ever a lookin for me neither!!


    Take a look at GFP’s articles on GCEDA Hires New Part Time Coordinator Larry Chapman and who was hired by the Board of Education to teach PE? Larry Chapman’s current girlfriend!

    Surely Chapman had to excuse himself as President of GCEDA so Bennett and the rest could vote him in for a paycheck but that wasn’t enough. Bennett had to see that Chapman’s latest squeeze was hired too. Job well done!

    Hope she doesn’t teach the kids how to sleep with a married man and break up his family as part of her PE courses! Just another fine example of ethics and morals in the Crooked County. That’s how much the Board of Ed cares about who’s watching the children. Nasia says that’s just normal.

    Now that Chapman gets the paycheck (which just happens to be about equal to his old Commissioner’s salary) plus health insurance, do you believe he will do more for Gilmer County than he did when he was just President of the GCEDA or County Commission? Maybe he’s just been holding out on us but I think we’ve seen this dog and pony show before.

    While you are at it, check out the latest Circuit Court report to see who’s the next in line to stand up and sue the Board of Education yet they want more of our money for Schools? GIVE US A BREAK!

  3. GCEDA Hires Part-Time Coordinator --LARRY CHAPMAN uses GRAFT and CORRUPTION to get himself and his girlfriend a job! says:

    GCEDA Hires Part-Time Coordinator, isn’t that convenient that Larry Chapman gets the position!
    …like that is not a set-up!

    We know for a fact MANY qualified candidates applied for the job and interviewed for it, but that was all just for show, a put on by the Power Elite to put some more money in the right pockets!

    The GCEDA said to everyone else that they have a decision time-line and everyone is to wait for it, but really Larry Chapman was the shue-in for the salaried job all along!

    Must have been a sight to see that day while interviewing for the position. One gets used to seeing familiar faces, and, “Oh there is the the young Mayor of Glenville, she is there learning the skills of, “How it is done in Gilmer County while she is still young!” But, the most familiar face in the GCEDA get together would have been Larry himself, but OH !! Oh! …there is Larry he is waiting in the
    Lobby as you exit your interview, “Hi Larry, what are you doing here? “

    Larry looks down and away, and says, “Oh Nothing,” as the young Mayor Tampon Tashua waits for him to enter the room for the interview for a job he actually created for himself before leaving GCEDA, imagine that!

    Will miracles never cease to happen in Glenville, WV ?

    Larry Chapman receives the letter of acceptance the next day, while more qualified individuals wasted their time for even coming that day, for it was all a deal where they had to go through the motions to get one of their own in so as to keep the control among themselves as usual!

    Perfect timing a PRIME example of Graft and Corruption witnessed by all of Glenville like the POWER ELITE pulled the WOOL over the eyes of all the stupid as fuck sheep. At least we are all considered as stupid as fuck for this Power Elite hillbilly pulled it off!! Yes he did!! He and his new bitch Amy are in like Flynn!!

    Unfortunately, the people of Glenville have been shown time and time again that the law does not matter it’s who you know. Here are some of the comments about it all…

    This is how it is done in this town. The only thing Mr. Chapman has ever done is to take business and jobs out of this county, now he is directly getting paid for it.
    By Cit56 on 03.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘GCEDA Hires Part-Time Coordinator’.
    Congratulation, that was quick. Were you elected at the same meeting President Chapman had to excuse himself from the vote because he had applied for the job? Now that he’s getting a paycheck for his efforts,maybe Mr. Chapman will do more to promote economic development in this county than he did all the years he was on the Board and President of that Board which created this job. You made up for the salary he lost as County Commissioner. Good job.
    By No Ethics Here on 03.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘GCEDA Hires Part-Time Coordinator’.
    This man does not stop. He created this half-time job for himself with all the insurance benefits.
    By WatchDog on 03.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘GCEDA Hires Part-Time Coordinator’.
    What? No one else had certification? What a sorry A** excuse. Bennett you did it again for the crooks. Board members you failed again. What is new! Please explain what it means if none of the other candidates had no certification in Phys Ed. This employment was absolutely fixed. Hiring Larry Chapman’s newest girlfriend.
    By SKW on 03.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Board of Education: Employment, Postings, and Report – 03.28.11’.
    How about Larry convincing John Bennett to hire another one of his many young mistresses?
    Amy Riddle – Itinerant Physical Education Teacher, Elem. PK-6, Normantown & Troy
    For this one he is old enough to be her father! How desperate is this man? It is a shame our board of education members did not see that. Of course what is new? Bennett says she was the only candidate who had certification in PE! I say Bull***. How stupid our board of education members have become? When Bennett feeds them sh** the hurry up and eat it before even checking it out.
    By No Shame on 03.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘GCEDA Hires Part-Time Coordinator’.

  4. Crooked County Crooks - Brings you, GREAT MOMENTS IN CORRUPTION! HOUGH WILL INVESTIGATE TROOPER STARCHER - Allegations He Committed Perjury In Circuit Court says:

    Remember when Hough was suppose to investigate the most problem State Trooper in all of Central West Virginia? We all new the FIX was in as soon as we were informed Hough had been assigned to make it all go away for Starcher, but the matter was disguised as Hough was to prosecute. It is about time the public became aware that Gerald B Hough is nothing but a hired gun for the Power Elite and has been involved in illicit, illegal, behind the scenes criminal activity, here is just a sneak peak into the past….

    HOUGH WILL INVESTIGATE TROOPER STARCHER – Allegations He Committed Perjury In Circuit Court

    Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B. Hough has been appointed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Institute of West Virginia to investigate perjury allegations against Trooper Doug Starcher.

    Court records indicate Starcher may have lied about evidence used against Chloe resident Kelley Mace in a drug case.

    Mace requested Calhoun Prosecutor Tony Morgan to investigate the issue, after which he recused himself and Judge Thomas Evans III asked for a special prosecutor in February, 2002.

    Bill Charnock, the Executive Director of the West Virginia Prosecutors Institute, said “Hough agreed to be the investigator this week,” and the paper work is being forwarded.

    The Institute told The Herald a few weeks ago they were having difficulty finding a prosecutor to investigate the situation.

    Court records appear to sustain Mace’s allegations of perjury, after which she was indicted and prosecuted in Calhoun courts for nearly a year. She was charged with possession with intent to deliver an illegal drug, when no such drug was found. Several State Policemen raided her home in the summer of 2000, in what Sgt. John Bonazzo described as a million dollar drug operation.

    Starcher is being investigated internally by the State Police, led by Logan officer Sgt. J. B. Schoolcraft. Schoolcraft did not return phones calls regarding the status of his investigation. Starcher has been assigned out-of-county to special duty for several months.

    Trooper Starcher is currently linked to two civil suits in the county, one by Grantsville resident Richard Whystell, after the trooper threw a MagLite through his car window. Whytsell claimed he broke no laws.

    Trooper Starcher brought charges against Whytsell and failed to report the MagLite incident on his police report. In what appeared to be a case of mistaken identity, Whytsell said Starcher was in a rage, threatening him. State Police declined to replace Whytsell’s rear car glass. “That was pretty much what I wanted them to do,” he said.

    Kelley Mace, whose case is currently being investigated by the system, is pursuing a civil suit against the State Police for damages.

  5. I was privy to a meeting earlier today that will reveal some information provided to the Gilmer Free Press that is bound to be on the front page. It appears to be Free Bird once again taking off and putting it out there for the SS and a little something getting kicked in by Editor Edison from the CCC but also with the NEW CalPatty Press!

    On the GFP we all heard that ETHICS in Gilmer County will be discussed which will go perfectly with this article and featured on the front page of the GFP we hear will be Larry Chapman, so be prepared to print that article off and distribute it about the neighborhood for we may even hear about how Larry had been banging that Amy Riddle to a high heaven and making her scream and such!!!

    Someone was outside of Larry’s House and heard some screaming and then there was Amy, barely dressed, and old Larry had her by the ear and taking her from behind all the while a yelling bark like a dog, bark like a dog Amy!! This ain’t no riddle Riddle!!

    I will tell you !!

    Any who! The front page of the Gilmer Free Press tomorrow ought to have all the scoop on Larry Chapman!!

    Gitty up!!

  6. SS Letter to the Editor on the GFP from the Council of Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County in regard to LARRY CHAPMAN gets immediate results this Thursday morning at 11:11am! says:

    Recent Comments

    Can anyone tell me why the non-profit Corporation The Little Kanawha River Parkway Authority under Reta Kight and Jim Fealy had their business license revoked per the Secretary of States business division in December 2008? What happened to the grant monies they received over the years?
    By Curious on 03.31.2011
    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.

    The voters spoke last year and said “WE DO NOT WANT LARRY CHAPMAN! We do not want his girlfriend either. We spoke last year and said “WE DO NOT WANT NEW SCHOOLS”! But once again we have Larry Chapman, and his girlfriend, and we are once again being made to vote on new schools. What part of NO does the elite not understand? “NO MEANS NO”. How much louder does our voice have to be? Is anyone out there listening? Does anyone realize, that despite an election being held this year anyways, how much this will cost the taxpayers just to have it put on the ballot? Time to wake up people!!!

    By Voter & Concerned Citizen on 03.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.
    Oh my. I guess because he was found to be innocent, you didn’t mention the court trial about Chapman Western Auto and the improper business relationship it had with the County, while he was commissioner. The jury was properly selected by the court clerk, who sells hot dogs in the little trailer at the folk festival with Mr Chapman. The county taxpayers paid for that expensive hot dog and pony show and Mr Chapman was found innocent. Yes indeed. The gentleman was innocent.
    Chapman was found innocent because Circuit Clerk David Lane Smith handpicked the jury their bingo party way and Karen looked the other way while Lame did the dirty deed – and then Lame picked some pre-conceived notions of names that said “Not Guilty, Larry is Not Guilty!”

    By Ben Dover and look at my hanging balls on 03.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.
    PS– I would like to pay to see the expensive hot dog and pony show that includes AMY RIDDLE and Mr Chapman –Gitty up!!
    In canvassing the election results, all decisions are to be made in public with interested people present. But did Larry Chapman violate the laws when he listened to Gerry Hough and took all the commissioners and the lawyers in a private room to make deals? And never explained to public of the decisions behind closed doors?

    I think Mr. Chapman you are better off to step down immediately before matters get worse.

    You and Reta Kight need to stay out of Gilmer counties affairs. Voter voted you out and they don’t want you. If you don’t get it you are stupid as fuck!!

    Both of you have ripped the county enough and it is time to stop. Just be a taxpayer like rest of us.
    By Rno317 on 03.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.
    John Bennett is a nice guy, but we have to stop at that. He has already proven himself as corrupt and do nothing person. He serves on the GCEDA responsible for Chapman job. But he never ceases to surprise us by giving in to Chapman and recommending his latest play girl for the job other qualified people applied for. Bennett, hope you are getting something in return. If not you are a sore loser. Couldn’t any of the board members see this? Guess not!
    Another surprise to me is Dave Millard!! I thought he knew better voting for Chapman to get the job.

    By WatchDog on 03.31.2011
    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.
    I believe that Larry Chapman is just the wrong person for the latest job created!

    We want CHANGE in the Gilmer County Government, Law Enforcement and Courts. NOT the same people!!

    The County Clerk Beverly Marks, and the New Clerk Jean Butcher, recently disgraced us all in front of the entire state with this:
    According to Jean Butcher, “That’s the way it’s been done for years’ since there is no policy, rule or law that designates otherwise!“
    The clerk’s “customary office practice,“ McDevitt an attorney for Summit said, is contradicted by state law according to the judge.
    Because the clerk’s office,

    “Willfully and negligently breached its statutory duty by failing to file the fixture filing under New Horizon’s name!“

    Gilmer County got their butt kicked in federal court!

    There is a judgment against the clerk’s office for all litigation costs, including attorney’s fees, associated with its defense.

    By Anonymous on 03.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.
    Don’t we have ethics committees or groups that police elected and appointed officials, or are we leaving it up to the press to keep public officials honest?

    Answer, the press is the only ones with any guts the rest are dumb fucks that just get paid for doing nothing.
    By Just Asking on 03.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’.
    In Gilmer County, economic development has NEVER been the focus of the GCEDA. The organization has always been run by a select few for their own benefit instead of the county’s welfare. The organization is another one of many 501c’s in the county for ripping off government funds.

    Why do you think Reta Kight and Larry Chapman are always involved? Have we forgotten all the missing funding issues? We need details of all the secret dealings they have made.

    Mr. Chapman, please explain to us what is going on with the Rick Frame deal at the industrial park that the county owns.

    Maybe it would be better to change the name of the organization to GCSDA meaning Gilmer County Self Development Association.

    God forbid that poor Mr. Chapman, a land owner and business owner has to pay for his own insurance.

    Let’s just create a part-time job for him with full medical benefits and make the poor people of Gilmer County pay for it even though they don’t have insurance themselves.

    Economically speaking, what about the people who don’t own businesses and can’t afford insurance?

    People would be stupid to vote for any levy in Gilmer County before first getting rid of corruption.

    I personally don’t get it Mr. Chapman, when people voted you out because of all your corrupt dealings; did it never occur to you that we don’t want you?

    You are a man without morals or ethics, in business or your personal life.

    The county can’t dictate how you live your life, but we don’t have to support you and your mistresses with our tax dollars.

    We want people WITH morals as leaders of the community; people who can set a GOOD example for our youth, not a BAD one. Have some shame.

    The county is strapped for funds, our firemen work on a voluntary basis without any monetary support.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay our firemen who put their lives in danger every day than to invent a job for wealthy playboys?

    And then we are expected to provide jobs for their mistresses.
    GCEDA = Giving Crooks Every Dollar Available
    GCEDA= Gilmer County Elite Development Association
    By A Hard Working Taxpayer on 03.31.2011

    From the entry: ‘LtE: Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County? Will It Ever Happen?’

    SS Member: “I will tell you what, I didn’t Know that Amy Riddle was such a little hotty and I didn’t know she went for older dudes, well god damn, break me off a piece of the shit! Get down with your bad self Amy and come party with some people that got a little staying power. Wouldn’t ya rather have some actual people to kick it with instead of some old Crook from Crooked County? We can sing the Champagne don’t make me crazy, Pink Flake don’t make me lazy, ain’t no bodies business but our own song!! Then we can follow that up with the, Baby let me Bang your Power Elite Box song ….”

  7. (03/31/2011)
    Retired Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks is being sued over a property transaction in her office.

    The plaintiff, Textron Financial Corporation, claims the clerk did not index it as the second lender in the property title.

    Marks responded that she thought the proper procedure was followed.

    The lawsuit involves failed plans for a housing complex near Glenville that broke ground in 2008.

    The project involved Glenville State College alumni, which created it to provide low-cost housing for employees of the Federal Correctional Institution.

    Court documents from the suit showed the primary creditor, New Horizon Home Sales, Inc., defaulted on its loan.

    Textron Financial Corporation claimed the County Clerk failed to list it as a secondary creditor on the title and that because of the clerk’s negligence, it is losing out on the mortgage on which it should be collecting.

  8. Letter to NEWS DIRECTOR at WBOY-TV from SS Member that got the TV coverage of the criminal activity at the Gilmer County Courthouse! says:


    When you are in the News Business you get up early in the morning, as I do, and now I will work until noon without much of a break, and then come back and work until 4pm.

    Here is a response to our posting the fact that you did such wonderful coverage of the Gilmer County Story:

    This is the same County Clerk that refused to sell a title when it was a matter of life and death and then given a court order to sell it by a high ranking judge. She had asked, Timothy B Butcher what to do, he said, “That is Woofter Estate Property, just don’t do anything, make no reply,” and then AJ Woofter’s sister died, neglected and ignored on orders from the Butcher and Butcher law firm that pilfered the estate with the help of local law enforcement. Now, that Ruth Woofter was dead they could really steal some money, and thousands became unaccounted for or were pilfered in daily fee’s that ran as high as $11,000 for just one day legal fee’s. Several different attorneys from different firms tried for years to save the estate, but the Butchers sat in their big leather chairs and ignored the letters and weathered out the storm fully protected by the local Power Elite.

    This is the same County Clerk that a criminal complaint was made with State Police in regard to her being caught in the act of pulling that missing title from the land books illegally, and she did it twice inside of a ten year period to accrue back taxes and was caught at it. Sgt Branham of the State Police refused to take the complaint, refused the conspiracy charge filed against Gerald B Hough and Beverly Marks, and then said the matter should be handled by Sheriff Metz! And that further, the courthouse was the jurisdiction of the Sheriff.

    The missing title was wanted in a criminal court case that was fabricated by the Sheriffs department and this MISSING TITLE could prove the defendant innocent, so that matter by local law enforcement became a huge effort to cover up that crime, since it exposed misconduct at the Sheriffs department for setting some one up on three felony charges!

    When all was said and done there was no crime at all, but they sure were going to get a conviction, even if they had to hide property ask for as evidence in a felony court case.

    So actually the Sheriff’s department covers up a crime that reveals a cover up. Now that is interesting? And people wonder why they call Gilmer County Crooked?

    All WV Law Enforcement have still refused to recognize any criminal complaint made in regard to the title pulled from the land records against their fiduciary duties.

    A federal criminal complaint had to be filed regarding the matter. The federal complaint was not ignored, and it has been made clear there certainly is a problem in Gilmer County.

    Metz finally stated, when pressured, that the courthouse was State Police jurisdiction, but he took the evidence, and then had several meetings with the state police, in which they both conspired NOT to bring charges, although several crimes had been committed.

    Charges still are not filed because both law enforcement agencies refused to investigate, although a title was pulled from the land books and illegal back taxes were billed. This is the customary way of doing things in Gilmer County according to Sheriff Metz. Not one question was asked of court employee’s in regard to the criminal matter. No investigation. None. Sheriff Metz turned out to be not honest at all in this regard.

    So, who do we file our complaints against law enforcement with?

    Ethics commission… the State? Ha ha, that would be a real April Fools! WHO, the federal government? … the feds are all about IL Morris! He sold a federal magistrate, that same one that would first hear that very civil action, a house worth 50K more than the selling price, right after the sale cleared escrow? Pretty good deal!

    This may be April Fools, but one thing that is no joke is; that there is a lot more criminal activity going on in the Gilmer County Courthouse than anyone really knows about, and it has been intentionally covered up, and that has been done with the help and protection of the local law enforcement, you can bet your last dollar on that!

    All parties should be suspended from duties, including the current County Commission Clerk, until a full investigation into the wrongdoing of the State Police, and the wrongdoing of the local Sheriff can be fully investigated with full cooperation of courthouse staff. Maybe that story needs to be on TV!

    On Mon, Mar 31, 2011 at 2:15 PM, to Aaron Williams

  9. Peter Barr was hit in January with a FOIA concerning Gilmer Housing Partners, Gilmer Housing Corporation and the 2008 settlement in lawsuit filed by a former basketball player, but Peter Barr author of the famous Barr Code; “Don’t lay on your back unless he is black!” has refused to comply with any Freedom of Information Act request that is going to implicate him in the real estate fraud involving the Gilmer Housing Partners which includes the famous Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher as partners in the now found out criminal enterprise!!

    The Gilmer County faction of the SS have clearly indicated they are about to reveal the crimes of RETA KIGHT and some illegal dealing she has had with the biggest CROOKS in Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!

  10. The Council of Concerned Citizens along with the Secret Seven Coalition have had their busiest Saturday ever as of just a few hours ago. It appears we are on the verge of revealing some important information on several different outlets. Press releases are already being made, and letter are already being written to key news agencies that relied on the SS for documents and information to do their News Stories about Crooks from Gilmer County we are all too familiar with.

    A wolf in Sheeps clothing is to have a meeting with one of our high ranking officials early this week, but we already know it is only a feeble attempt to try to attenuate damage from the information being released in the Press, but the story will be broken in the FREE PRESS of Central WV before any other mainstream news sources can obtain the story.

    You all will be shocked at who has been stealing your money just like a Bitcher of a Butcher. These Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River steal money and office equipment, computers, cash, hidden bank accounts, illegal funds channeled through R Terry Butchers bank with his full cooperation and the whole nine yards! Watch out for these people are probably just as good at stealing young pussy as the basketball coach at Gilmer County High School!!

    This week will reveal a lot, and I predict there will be more law suits and more complaints to the US Attorney for we know damn well the local law enforcement are in the business to protect these White collar criminals , but especially Sheriff Metz, for this will fall under his jurisdiction according to the State Police, but they will be there to squash criminal acts and help destroy evidence and such, for after all, what else do they do?

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