GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP'S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Reporter/Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website – the Gate Keeper for Crooked County/Edited by EE

Is it easy to become confused when living in a Gilmer County world?

Is it the water or the bad sewage from the federal prison that did not bring in the revenue promised that makes everyone a little crazy?

Have the Power Elite lost their minds?

These are questions that one asks when pondering the fact that the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Prosecutor for Gilmer County think they can cover up the fact that they PAID a witness to lie in a high profile court case that went all the way to US Supreme Court after spending two years in the 4th district circuit court!

The legal experts from New York to Los Angeles agree that the “Travesty of Justice” junk farm equipment case was a typical arranged trial in which the judge, prosecutor, and defense counsel all had to be in on the misconduct and wrongdoing.

A piece of property was hidden by the court clerk after a court order was issued, which led to a wrongful death –  and Sheriff Metz feels he can cover it up and it will all go away! Why not? All the other cover ups seem to work pretty good, all the rapes and the thefts from the Property Tax payers and all.

Is Metz really that stupid?

The answer is YES he is that stupid.

The facts are never going to go away and are going to be brought forward by every state and federal agency that exists in WV and all the fingers are pointed at Metz and Hough as the bad seeds and the bad apples that thought it all up. Now how is that for being known for something?!

Metz and Hough could soon be hearing from the Ethics committee who were extremely upset over the actions by the elected County Sheriff and the ACLU too were not very happy to hear that the SHERIFF is actively involved in covering up paid perjury and a conspiracy to bring false value of evidence to a Gilmer County Grand Jury and a Trial Jury!

Gilmer County has in turn complained to anyone that will listen to them in Charleston, but one by one, their contacts are giving them the silent treatment and the closed ear because they have already been informed, but by another source, a more truthful source.

The Power Elite have pulled some real shit behind everyone’s back by calling in favors.

In fact these jerk offs from Gilmer County have gotten so involved with our shit, that we can not even label this article with a Category that says GILMER COUNTY!

Catherine Butcher played Basketball for Shepherd University at the beginning of the season, but transferred back home to GSC where she was caught having sex in the copter hanger owned by IL Morris with her private basketball coach Darrell Barnett of the Company owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino, who is rumored to have hosted the WILD Party where the rape of the 16 yr old Lady Titan took place on 22 January!

When we try to add Gilmer County  to the categories either by itself or with another phrase it is erased and can not be published by wordpress on this site.

Now when the Power Elite get involved with your shit to that degree they have simply lost their minds. Our attorney will be writing to Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of about that issue soon.

In the mean time if you are doing a search for GILMER COUNTY or GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia you have to look no further than the kind folk at the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition. We will write back and explain to the person doing the search what complete assholes everyone is that runs GILMER COUNTY and give them some details and some names of family members that we personally know in case they need a reference.

In fact the Gilmer County Power Elite are not just assholes, but criminals too!

We recently let all parties know we are prepared to go to court over any more violations of our right to free speech. Some of us have been jailed for it. Some of us have had our lives and careers ruined over wrongful actions taken by Gilmer County and we have come here today to kick their ass in the courtroom! These people need the holy crap beaten out of them in a federal courtroom and we are hoping to be the people to do it. In fact we can not wait to present facts to a federal judge at the first hearing and reveal other crimes we believe these people are involved in that we have not mentioned to anyone.  We are saving some shit up for just the right occasion to shove down some well greased throats.

Let us look at a HOME GROWN problem regarding SEX in the high school scene and SARAH RUTHERFORD an honor student from GSC  becoming a high school teacher and then being involved in sucking the dicks of her high school students!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse. Her mother, JoAnn Rutherford works at GSC as a secretary! Height: 5ft 3in Weight: 110 lbs. DOB: 5/17/1987 Booked: 3/10/2011 Booking ID: 999021511 Barbour County - Bail: $10 000.00 - TVRJ Charge Type: Felon

Sarah gave  them the around the world education to coitus and the fine art of  cunnilingus.

People tend not to think of sex with a young boy (at least with women) as child abuse.  Why can’t they understand how this kind of SEX can screw up their mind? Can’t the teachers teach more about and what positive relationships are about?

I’d be willing to bet that over half of those young boys become abusers of women in the future!

Only someone from GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia could really take on a task like fucking the shit out of her young students in high school with the kind of pride and personal achievement like Sarah Rutherford showed!

Sarah Rutherford from GILMER COUNTY was arrested for having sexual intercourse with under age teenage boys that were students and also there were drugs involved with the sex along with alcohol the CROOKED COUNTY WAY!

Sarah was shown special privilege at GSC from IL Morris who supposedly helped her gain access to the pharmacy program at WVU. We don’t really know what happened with those big plans, but Sarah Rutherford, as it turned out was busy exploring her more sexual nature as any good Power Elite chick would.

Sarah got totally turned out is right when she attended GSC, where she had it made because she was the daughter of a long time Glenville State College employee.

Her mom is JoAnn Rutherford who works at the college as a secretary and she is one hell of a hussy from what we hear! Look out now! We got another daughter of the Power Elite having another wild sexual episode that she wants to share with a select few! It is all part of the Gilmer County Power Elite upbringing! Special favors, special deals, it is all good in Crooked County!

Sarah’s Brother Matt is a very big time druggie, so too bad she did not get the pharmacy gig or Sarah could have been the hookup! With all the privileges they got, they had to screw it up, just like many of the children of the Power Elite do!

This opinion was recently published in the local GFP about another sexual experience involving under age high school students a teacher and coach at Gilmer County High School and an alleged RAPE too! All covered up!!

Isn’t It Better to End It Than A Cover-up? Be Fair to Innocents?!

An intensely discussed issue in Gilmer County is what supposedly happened along Route 33 at the home of a prominent member of the community.

Allegedly, and according to Internet reports, there was a wild party involving GCHS students and authority figures.

Among other things, sex between a coach and a female student and the rape of another female student are alleged.

Reasonable citizens concur that simply because the information was posted on the Internet does not prove the veracity of the reports.

The problem is that many citizens can perceive that something terribly wrong happened and the perceptions can mutate into convictions of fact.

With serious ramifications of reports of the party, why is nothing being done to refute the reports or to verify that they were valid to cause guilty parties to be dealt with?

The homeowner, the coach allegedly involved with sex with a student and the alleged rapist could in fact be totally innocent.

Also, the girls whose reputations were tarnished could be victims of vile rumor, which is a huge concern.

Conversely, if what was reported is truthful, the GCHS principal, the County School Board, and local law enforcement officials, including the prosecutor, are grossly guilty of inaction!

To do nothing causes one more black mark to be stamped on all of us regarding how business is permitted to be conducted in Gilmer County.

We need competent investigative reporters or outside law officials to come to Gilmer County to eke out the facts and to let the chips fall where they may.

The members of the local SS have been trying to meet those needs and have made many friends in Law Enforcement that serve outside the state that have become critical of WV policy and actions.

The GFP also had this to say about the incident with Sarah Rutherford!

A teacher from Philip Barbour High School is facing sexual abuse charges for allegedly having sexual relationships with two students.

Philip Barbour High School HOODIES should sell well for the graduates of SEX EDUCATION, I hear they are making up some more to sell that say I WAS BROKEN IN BY MS RUTHERFORD-Call me when you have no class!!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse in the third degree.

Barbour County Sheriff officials say Rutherford had sexual relationships with two students, between August and December of 2010.

According to the criminal complaint, Rutherford supposedly gave one of the students alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs on at least one occasion.

Rutherford allegedly had sexual intercourse with the students, and then told them not to tell anyone because she could get in trouble.

Rutherford was sent to jail and was later released on bond.

The Barbour County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.
Update: Addtional information from the criminal complaint

The criminal complaint against Rutherford says she became acquainted with one of the victims, a student a PBHS, in August and September. The two began text messaging and she invited the student to her home, located in Barbour County, where she and the student allegedly had sexual intercourse.

Through September and December, Rutherford allegedly became involved with another PBHS student younger than 18 by initiating contact with the victim at the school to “solicit a relationship!“

The criminal complaint states that Rutherford and the second victim had daily contact with each other, and allegedly three incidents between the two occurred at least once.

Rutherford allegedly provided the student with alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin at her home; she provided the student with money to purchase marijuana for her, which he complied; and Rutherford took the student to her home, where she provided him with alcohol, marijuana and engaged in sexual intercourse.

“The defendant told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,“ the complaint states.

In our local incident at a party at the home of a member of the Crooked County Power Elite this NO TELL tactic was used again!

Don’t tell about all the WILD SEX and all the DOPE and the BOOZE and the exposed breasts and rape of the unwilling young participant at the home of the Lemegeton – An agent of the Devil!

To all the devils minions …come home to GILMER COUNTY where the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that CROOKED COUNTY LINE!

But don’t tell!


  1. I am a friend of involved because he is too afraid to say anything or comment on here, but the SEX with Catherine Butcher where they were caught by SUE MORRIS was just before she went to Shepherd to live with her uncle and go to school there and be on the team. I think she was only 17. They BOUGHT her way on the team and then she never played, then she came to Glenville where she played an avg of 7 minutes a game, this last year and is 4 for 26 from the floor for field goals made. Not a good point shot avg.

    Editors note: Once a Butcher Bitch, always a Butcher Bitch, Mary Catherine did not want to be upstaged by her first cousins Lizzie and Lexie the Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad during the summer of twenty ten on the CalPatty Press! Catherine was the Butcher Bitch that held up the accounting on the AJ Woofter estate, because her father Timothy B Butcher said he was too busy taking her to her soft-ball games back in OH 6 — Little did we know by 09 she would be playing another kind of soft ball in the copter hanger belonging to IL Morris.

  2. I had heard you all were going to do this story, because my friend said some man was making calls and wanted to know all about Sarah. I had sex with her and one of her friends who she said was Bi- curious when she was at GSC, and I don’t know about any of that, but it was my first time for having sex with two girls at once. It was pretty weird, but I am not sure I would want to do it again, for one on one is usually good enough for me. That Sarah is a control freak and wanted to direct all the action, which took some of the fun out of things. Sarah and I had (censored)together and she was pretty smart and used to help me with all the math sometimes. I guess it was fun, but made me feel kind of weird afterward. I took two showers that day.

    Editors note: You need to send any further mail, or new info to but yes I had heard about this threesome thing she was into. It would be interesting to talk to the girl involved if you could send that info this way.

  3. Here is some information involving a COVER UP of misappropriated funds by the Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz that was elected in 2004.

    There were two questionable instances. One was when he first became Sheriff the Rebeccas which is a group his wife was a member of (I don’t know their main group identity). They had some kind of fund raiser and gave the money to the Sheriff for equipment but he did not deposit it with the county or any other bank or service available for deposit and no equipment that they know of was purchased and so far there has been no finding of the money anywhere. And this is the Gilmer County Sheriffs department? Who gave them the authority for such an action?

    A couple of years later the Moose Lodge down on Main street in Glenville held an elimination dinner for the Sheriff. I was told they gave the money to Metz to deposit with the county but that night or next morning he left for Florida for another one of those martial arts affairs he seems to attend every year. No record of the money was ever discovered after the trip to Orlando! The money was simply gone! I heard the Moose Lodge was PISSED and never offered Metz any more money!

    The FEE ACCOUNT from what I was told this last week inside the Sheriffs office one day when the Bowel Movement Brittany Miller did not show up,was that the fee account which comes from the Sherrif’s portion of cost of concealed weapons permit is being abused according to office workers. He buys t-shirts and polos for everyone – police officer, office staff, himself and his wife. He buys flowers for funerals which should be paid for out of his pocket and no one person not even BM his own personal girl, can keep track of what equipment he may have at home. It is a slush fund as far as what I hear from County employee’s currently working upstairs. A lot of talk has been going on as to how much the Sheriff was involved in the false arrest all the agencies have been getting called about and are currently investigating.

    The only other thing they are talking about upstairs is the misuse of a county vehicle to go to Florida the first year he was elected. But, basically all the information has come from the Sheriff’s department and traveled upstairs to where I got all the scoop from.

    Editors note: Very accurate information that has been confirmed by two other sources, so therefore can be used in an official report to govt agencies interested in looking into further wrongdoings.

  4. Sarah Rutherford has been placed on administrative leave, according to the Barbour County school superintendent. We have been trying to contact the victims of this sex crime, since at least one of the boys is over 18 now, but have not been able to make contact. If anyone knows the names of the victims or has seen a copy of the Police report, send data to Rina at:

    Let us know if anyone has the names of the victims so that we can contact them for further information on this article.

  5. My husbands class went on a trip to the beach in his senior year. One teacher bought wine, made him go with her to the store and when they got back, she tried to force herself on him. He rejected her. He never told his mother. He told me and when I told his mother, she had no idea. I wish I knew who she was and where she is today. Just curious to see if she continued this behavior. Also another lady in my church taught high school, she was found guilty of same charges and is in prison for 12 years. I don’t think where you live or were raised has any bearing on this behavior. Either you are going to do it or you are not. Good vs Evil.

    Editors note: Could the Good vs Evil be a hint? Maybe your husband ran into NASIA BUTCHER from the old days and she was blazing trails of things to come in Gilmer Counties future? Give him a pat on the back for fucking a Butcher and an original.

  6. Anyone who would be in support of this kind of behavior from a teacher, who would pat your son on the back or give him a high-five, obviously does NOT have their child’s best interest at heart. Do you realize what those teens are going to go through? If not, let me explain. They will have to go to court, sit in front of a judge and jury, there will be countless people in the courtroom looking at those boys while they have to go into embarrassing detail of the incident(s). They will be ridiculed, criticized and made fun of. This is something that will follow them for the rest of their lives. As a mom, I would NEVER want that for my child. So perhaps you might want to think it through before you make plans on what you are going to do if it is ever your child, because I can almost guarantee that if the situation is ever thrown in your lap and it IS your son, you will have a different reaction. People wonder why society has gone to hell, maybe it’s because of people who say its OK for a teacher to sleep with a student. It’s not OK and ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR CHILD would never say that. They wouldn’t want that for ANY child. And for parents who do support it, they have NO right to complain about issues of society when they are obviously part of the problem.

    Editors note: Obviously Rhonda you are not from around here, for recently it was “JUST OK” for a female senior at Gilmer County High School to have sex with the basketball coach who is now a substitute teacher. It was also OK for an underage girl to have non-consensual sex at the home of a local Gilmer County Power Elite member with alcohol and drugs present. But, then again Gilmer County makes it’s own rules, and if the Power Elite pay for false testimony or rape someone or kill someone it is well within the discretion of Law Enforcement to act. But, they don’t act or react to real crimes or real criminals round here.

  7. To all you men out there who are talking about patting your sons on the back or arguing the age of consent, please reconsider your stance. This woman was a teacher. That job requires someone with a certain moral fiber who parents can depend upon to role model positive behavior for their children. I feel embarrassed to claim WV as my home state with idiots like you all around. Perhaps we have seen your picture in a story on here, or for those of you who are willing to congratulate your son on this feat, maybe we will soon see his picture. Please stop condoning this behavior. It is wrong, no matter who the perpetrator is.

    Editors note: This is Gilmer County where Moral Fiber was outlawed in the early 90’s we think, for the people really running things are the biggest Crooks in Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River! Oh Yeah Moral Fiber, we saw that floating down the Crooked River a time or two, but it was just cum stained moral fiber from the Power Elite sanctioned rapes and murders, nothing to get worried about, that is PAR for the course round here in Crooked County!

  8. Yes, a high school student should know better, but at the end of the day, kids will be kids. Sarah A Rutherford was the consenting adult in this situation and something like this should have never been part of any game plan. My mother knows her mother and I knew something like this was bound to happen hearing all the stories.

    Because it happened at the high school doesn’t mean the student was at the age of consent. There are many students in high school who are not 16. Besides that, it doesn’t matter what the ages of the young males were, teachers are considered guardians! You cannot have sexual relations with your guardian!

    Further, Rutherford was not only was she having sexual intercourse with these students, but also providing them with alcohol, marijuana, and RX medications. Who was to say they were in any shape to give consent even if you did look at it from that point of view?

    SS Member: “You cannot have sexual relations with your guardian!” YES YOU CAN in Gilmer County, West Virginia, and you can do it with absolutely no consequence if you know the right people. Hell, you can rape 16 year old high school girls here and it is JUST OK with Gerald B Hough! Sarah, spent many years in Gilmer County and she is still playing by Gilmer County rules! Her mistake was moving from Glenville where this type of activity would have been welcomed with open arms…and still is! What is her number? We have a party coming up in April, maybe she and a couple of her friends could attend since she is out on bail. Could you have your mom contact her mom and see what you can do for us?

    “Alcohol, marijuana, and RX medications. Who was to say they were in any shape to give consent even if you did look at it from that point of view?”

    Point well made! Sarah is a little hottie, tell her to bring all of that stuff too! Might as well party before she has to go to court. In Gilmer County if you can’t beat em join em! Maybe after our party in April we can bust in on a Power Elite party and really clean up on some trim!

  9. Just to set the record straight. This young lady Sarah Rutherford is not a certified teacher. Those of you who are angry (and everyone should be) should blame Joe Manchin for this situation. Manchin, in an effort to make classrooms appear to be staffed by certified teachers pushed the “transition to teaching program” through. This program lets any unemployed person with a bachelor’s degree become a teacher without any preparation in teaching or professional responsibility. Without proper preparation to enter the classroom I fear that much worse things could be in store for students across WV.

    Editors note: Manchin is the reason that Gilmer County is the way it is, he condones all the illegal activity there with title fraud, public records fraud, for those are his friends that contribute a lot of money to him and his campaign. Manchin has a long history and documents show many dealing in Gilmer County. I believe you are right, this is Manchins fault and it is also Manchins fault the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm was allowed to do no accounting on the AJ Woofter estate. Manchin is in bed with the Power Elite in Glenville and they have proved to be nothing but criminals. This girl is from one Manchins main camps Glenville, where Big Joe is deep in the pockets of IL Morris. We need for Manchin to go away to another state now that we know he is so closely tied to criminals.

  10. Oh, by the way if anyone knows Freddie Lowther an employee of the Power Elite will someone tell him he is wanted for questioning by the CCC.

    I am never truly convinced these Crooks from Crooked County have no idea how fucked up they are. It has been years of revealing misconduct in WV and I am never amazed at what these people pull off that they think is cool.

    Our battle in Calhoun County that lasted two years was just a warm up for this one, but at least the Police Chief Ron Gordon went to prison, and we certainly had a hand in that, along with the Calhoun County SS and the Team Rangers.

    Then, the next Police Chief JD Nicholson was dicking the Cult girls and doing all their pills besides fucking the bejesus out of them, but then that got him beat severely about the head and shoulders in broad daylight on his front porch in front of 20 witnesses, but nobody saw a thing. Dude died. Then there was CJ Ellyson, who we were spying on since there was so much at stake and he turned out to be doing crimes for Gerald B Hough who claims to be cool pals with SGT CJ Ellyson that got the boot from the State Police, when he got caught stealing the evidence so it would disappear so Gerry Hough could let Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy off of 8 felony counts. We were the first ones to give you the news about Christopher Shane Dellinger bad cop from Calhoun that went to jail and we knew dude was doing drugs and fucking the Cult girls too,but really, who wasn’t in Calhoun County in 2005 and 2006. Myself I liked Shane, dude liked to party and so did his girlfriend Brandy, and buddy she was a pill popper and bed hopper from way back!

    For some reason another group of bad cops and public officials think they are gonna get Scott Free away with getting caught at CREATING A CRIME that never happened, including hiding evidence lying about values and paying at least two witnesses to lie on the stand – And these dumb bitches get caught at it all and expect to walk away.

    Hey, it don’t work like that anywhere in the USA, what makes you think it will work here? Finally the common everyday citizen has found out these people are deep into WHITE COLLAR CRIME pimping out their own chicks, involved in public records fraud, stealing property changing the deed and selling it, election fraud, title fraud, estate fraud, and the list goes on and on.

    Don’t they know they have been found out and everyone knows? Do they think it is still the old days where they are fooling everyone? These people are some seriously dangerous people (just ask FRED HILL) and just for self preservation sake we need to think of a way to move them into a place they all belong. Jail!

  11. BuckIeer

    Went to Glenville in the 70s ….. There was corruption there then…. but nothing like this…..

    Early 70s there were mysterious deaths of two black athletes in a downtown fire…

    Several mysterious auto accidents with students and at least one faculty member…..

    This is the strangest thing I have ever read….

    Editors note: When your friends say, “I have been trying to tell people about Gilmer County for years,” I have to say, I have heard that a lot. It is nice to see some people that have been out in the world react to what these people have been doing. To them, they have done nothing wrong. And further, they don’t want to hear about it, if they have done something wrong. This is a place where they really do make their own rules. These people truly do believe they are above the law and untouchable.

    Just to set matters straight for the normal people watching back home, we are going to reach out and touch them real soon, again and again and again, until…


    “I’ve tried to tell people about Gilmer County, but no one will listen to me!”


    You gotta realize…..
    You ain’t dealin’ with the Mingo Power Elite…
    Or the Mackdowell Power Elite….
    This here’s the Gilmer Power Elite.

  12. What Freddie Lowther? There are 2 or 3 of them in Gilmer County/

    Editors note: The one who works for the Power Elite, the one who works for Shelly DeMarino’s Company, the expensive Freddie Lowther was what I was told.

    1. If you have any questions for me ask me any question that you want.

      SS member: That’s very nice to know, and you should be receiving some mail, so hopefully you entered the correct e-mail if not, you might want to send it to:
      You have a letter waiting.

  13. I work with a Freddie Lowther at Flying W. However, expensive, no.. A normal working class good fellow.

    Editors note: Yes, I believe some good fellows would like to speak with him, but then, I guess you would not know about the expensive part.

  14. I remember reading the Crooked County Crooks website about five years ago, and was reading all about the corruption in Calhoun County. I was pretty shocked when as the years followed, one by one the bad cops in Calhoun County were all exposed and some jailed and all dismissed. I could almost not believe it then, and thought how could these people get away with saying the outlandish things they say about these police officers. I never in a million years thought all the awful things told were true.And now, I can see the whole thing happening all over again, only this time just one county away.

    All true, it all turned out to be true in Calhoun County, although when I first read that website I didn’t want to believe any of it, but I was especially shocked that the Police Chief of Calhoun County was raping women on home confinement and traffic stops. This is a terrifying and frightening thought. Then, the CalPatty Press became the biggest thing going and I understand all the individuals involved with that had an active hand in contacting the victims of the Grantsville Police Chief. It was about that time that all that whole deal about the evidence locker being stolen from and then all the State Troopers for Calhoun County were dismissed, but nobody was jailed and a whole bunch of stuff was stolen like guns and money and drugs. Again, I couldn’t believe it, but the only place I read about it was the CalPatty Press.

    And then they killed the CalPatty Press, and I think that says a lot. I heard that they put everyone in jail that ever had anything to do with that website, and I ask you how can they really do that? But, they did.

    Then I read someone named Kennedy say that it was all because of the website. Free Speech is dangerous in West Virginia, but why should it be when all they told was the truth. All the stuff about the mystery fires I didn’t see anywhere else and I even knew a person that had their house burned down, and they thought it was someone that was mad at them that did it.

    When I read the article I got what you call a deja vu when I read this part of this article above.

    “We need competent investigative reporters or outside law officials to come to Gilmer County to eke out the facts and to let the chips fall where they may.”

    Obviously the person that wrote that for the Gilmer Free Press can see that there really is no law enforcement for the people anymore in Gilmer County and now that I have seen for myself what everyone has been talking about I am afraid to ever come to Glenville again. My best girlfriend lives in the dorms there and she said she heard the people at GSC were trying to take the Gilmer Free Press and other websites off the internet. WHY? For telling us the truth?

    Now I can see that everything I read is absolutely 100% true, for now I see Gilmer County exactly in the same state Calhoun County was years ago.

    Editors note: Gilmer County has been bad for quite awhile now, it is just that they are so well backed by some real criminals with money and political influence. The GILMER COUNTY CLERK following every order of Tim Butcher is absolutely criminal and we have been discovering more and more wrongdoing and criminal acts almost every day. It is the puppet master skills and their paying people off in Charleston for their wrongdoings that turned Gilmer County into a living NIGHTMARE! By the way, I know your girlfriend.

    The release of the Armentrout data should shake some people up. The Butchers have really pulled some bullshit on the people of WV. You will really be shocked at some of the land swindles pulled off with the help of the President of GSC and other Power Elite figures. Hundreds of thousands have been stolen over the years.

  15. I left the state because I could make tens of thousands more in the DC area, but I was born and raised in WV and I’ve lived in numerous other states since graduating from WVU. When I read of what has become of Gilmer County and other areas around the state, I find it shocking. I just found out about this website yesterday and was up until 1 am reading about all the horrible things the County and local government has become involved in. One bad apple really can spoil the barrel and this may be a good example.

    I suggest you go straight to the governor with some of these problems. You just need to get the right representative in there in a face to face meeting. Maybe form a citizens group, although it appears you already have a very vocal citizens group. Now is the time to take some action. Bad cops in West Virginia is a familiar story and it sounds like your Sheriff has always been bad.

    Editors note: I will make a note of it…although, we have had some contact with the governors office, and we requested that Col Pack be relieved of his command along with several other high ranking state police we feel are responsible for cover up of crimes. Col Pack was relieved 3 weeks after we sent the request and we figure that is pretty fast action. Now, we can’t be sure how much we had to do with it, but we pointed out that his counsel, or lawyer advisers were crooked as fuck. Somewhere, someone got the point.

  16. Pomexmansted: Today 5:52 PM
    Re: Gilmer County

    Interesting… Hough was my Business Law Prof…

    There was some weird stuff back then as well, not all that surprising!

  17. Hey Brittany Lynn Miller! Where the (CENSORED) is all the money paid in taxes from your bogus (CENSORED) billings bitch?

    Where is the (CENSORED) money little miss cry baby I’m innocent lying piece of (CENSORED)?











    Editors note: Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about it, why beat around the bush…?

  18. WV Secretary of State Cites GILMER COUNTY Election Wrongdoings in Last November’s Election! Cosmos Communicator MISCONDUCT UPDATE!! says:

    Have you noticed how always, the Butchers or the drunk on the hill or Nauseating Nasia all plead innocence?

    Well how does the current county clerk and the former county clerk plead to being arrested and charged with election fraud crimes in Gilmer County? THEY ARE GUILTY!!

    According to information obtained from sources in West Virginia Secretary of State Office by The Gilmer Free Press, the SOS office has found the following wrongdoings by the Office of The Gilmer County Clerk in Last November’s election (2010):

    • 1-A-Electioneering : Against Jean Butcher at the Gilmer County Clerk’s front counter for electioneering voters before they voted.

    • 2-B-Voter Interference : Against Jean Butcher for taking a ballot at the Gilmer County Clerk’s front counter from a voter.

    • 3-C-Improper Arrangement of Voting Area : Against Beverly Marks at the front entrance of the Gilmer County Clerk’s office.
    Here are just a few citizens comments on the matter!

    If allegations of wrongdoing can be proved with the recording modules, the punishment would be a fairly harsh prison sentence!

    That last election was COMPLETELY fabricated and manipulated by the few who have self appointed themselves to rule, therefore assuring the Power Elite holding long established positions of Power a less rocky road.

    I sincerely believe, that although the above wrongdoing was discovered, that, there is much more wrongdoing yet to be recognized.
    By Gilmer County Concerned Citizen

    This information was gathered by the people who are currently investigating the wrongdoing of public officials and conducting interviews and asking for specific information for possible future prosecution.

    This is the latest information obtained on the questions asked to an individual that had valuable information to share on the former Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks-the following is in reference to the 18 November article published by the GFP:
    About BM – Beverly Marks …oohhhh whats that smell!?!
    I must say I was shocked by the story but not surprised at all, she always has seemed a little off. Seemed to always be hiding something, and guilting her kids into thinking the way she does, doing what she wants them to do. What kind of parent talks sh*t about their own child like they were the scum of the earth? She does. And she looks like a con artist waiting for the right situation to take advantage of you. But those are just my thoughts on her.
    By Council of Concerned Citizens

    I agree it is surprising so the evidence had to be overwhelming. Then couple these infractions with the missing election materials including paper trail tapes, equipment, interfiled precinct materials and lack of signatures on certifications witnessed by employees of the Secretary of State during the Primary provisional vote count and canvas? If this was done at any precinct except Early Voting under control of the County Clerk in the court house the Sheriff would have been called, the candidate removed and the Prosecutor notified. Can you believe this election wasn’t already decided?
    By Take Back Gilmer County

    State police say they cannot do anything unless the Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz asks them to do so. So Mickey what is the excuse now?

    Editors note: Actually, Mickey said, what the State Police said was a lie, because he says it is their jurisdiction! When actually it is Mickey that is lying, but do you see how they do it? In the in between time neither law enforcement agency does anything unless ordered to do so by a member of the Power Elite.

  19. The Secret Seven and associates revealed that they have secret information involving the investigator for the Secretary of States office involved in cover up of election fraud in Gilmer County!

    A former county worker noticed that extra recording modules were ordered for the election and in all her years of working at the courthouse in the clerks office this was the first time extra modules were ordered by the county then became missing on election night and then once again turned up. After quitting her job since she was an eye witness witness to the corruption, it was revealed that there are other eye witnesses that may come forward.

    Other witnesses also believe normal procedure was broken by County Clerk Beverly Marks when she did not report results precinct by precinct as the votes came in as was done in previous years.

    Amber Kroening the investigator for the state was never interested in investigating the matter at all for after meeting with an ex county employee the 29th of November she was also suppose to meet with the County Clerk accused of wrongdoing Marks, but said she was lost and could not find the courthouse and then bolted as fast as she could to the home of IKE MORRIS and the headquarters for the POWER ELITE in Gilmer County.

    We can only suspect that the representative of the Secretary of State wanted to let Morris know that there is a possibility fraud really did occur and all involved including Gilmer County members of the Secret Seven are convinced that the State will attempt to cover the matter up even further now. Mostly all Amber Kroening talked about was threatening people with arrest if they talked to the press about the voter fraud.

    One thing is certain; absolutely NO WITNESSES to the crime carried out by Beverly Marks, Jean Butcher, the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, and a few others yet to be named, are willing to give the Secretary of State even the slightest morsel of information, knowing that the intention is to cover the matter up.

    This statement was made after an eye witness account of wrong doing.

    “Beverly Marks and Jean Butcher are criminals and I am going to go ahead with my complaint, but it won’t be to the Secretary of State they are on the side of the County Clerk and Butcher!”

    1. The US District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr. entered a memorandum opinion and order for case 10CV39, granting Textron Financial Corporations motion for a Summary Judgment and denying Third-Party Defendant Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Gilmer County’s motion to dismiss.

      The case is supposedly scheduled to be tried in October 2011 but this has yet to be confirmed. So it looks like Butcher & Butcher will have to sue the County Clerk and Jack Jones to recoup that $30,000 lien they held. Summit Bank has already filed a cross complaint against the Clerk for “willfully and negligently breaching its statutory duty by failing to file the fixture filing under New Horizon’s name”. The Judge found that under WV Code 29-4(b)(5) and (6) and 29-4(c)2: Political subdivisions are liable for injury, death, or loss to persons or property caused by the negligent performance of acts by their employees while acting within the scope of employment and that Summits alleged a plausible claim of such loss. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
      Just thought you might like to know for any action will surely be denied.

      KUDOS to the Federal Court for a just decision!

      Editors notes The trial date set for the 150,000 hidden lien hidden absolutely on purpose I thought was March 29th 2011.

      1. Newspaper had that wrong. Textron has until Mar 29 to file its final complete billing for pre and post judgment interest charges, attorney fees etc. Just found out today that this occurred on the 11th and signed Mar 15. This was a motion for summary judgment for Textron to have 1st call on New Horizons assets since they had priority interest. This is straight from Federal Court.

        Editors note: See…I am following along, but your ordinary by the water cooler folk would have never believed all this wrongdoing this time last year. People close to the Butchers and people that they grease and their out of town relatives still say they have done nothing wrong, but we all know they are guilty as hell, as soon as they have gotten their ass kicked in that court we know someone else that is going to jump on them in the same court right after this! Bing Bang Boom Butchers got a broom ….shoved right up their ass!

      2. Send me an email and I will return a copy of the full document as an attachment. I believe you will find it entertaining.

        Editors note: Send it to Reeny, at the media address and she will disburse all the data.

      3. Well, someone should ask about the ethical considerations of a member of the GSC Housing Corp and a member of the GSC Board of Governors holding a lien on property that was given to the GSC Alumni Association who gave it to the GSC Housing Corp and sold by a for profit corporation known as Gilmer Housing Partners LLC with the GSC President as Officer and a full time head of maintenance employee of GSC as manager with all of the books kept by GSC. I don’t know how legal it all is but the ethics seem a little lean don’t you think?

        Editors note: I agree, but those Butchers and a few others sure got the Citizens of Gilmer County fooled! They have been all for me, and taking advantage of opportunities for a long time now. Money goes in their pocket at the expense of others.

        If no one else has said it, let us be the first ones, but I belief we may have mentioned before that there is a definite criminal element to the whole deal and if those facts can be brought forward in a civil action, then an indictment would be fairly easy to obtain following facts brought forward in court.

        This conclusion says it all by court record:
        V. Conclusion

        For the reasons stated above, plaintiff Textron Financial

        Corporation’s motion for summary judgment (Document Nos. 53 and 54)

        is hereby GRANTED AS FRAMED. Accordingly, this Court declares that

        TFC is the priority lienholder of the Encumbered Unit, awards TFC

        $270,166.77 in damages as against New Horizon and post-judgment

        interest in the amount of 0.25% from the date of this judgment and

        pre-judgment interest in an amount to be determined after the

        parties submit a computation of pre-judgment interest, declines to

        find that $160,462.00 in damages constitutes a fraud upon TFC,

        finds that New Horizon shall immediately surrender possession of

        the Encumbered Unit to TFC, and awards attorney’s fees to TFC in an

        amount to be determined after TFC submits a bill of costs on or

        before March 29, 2011. In addition, third-party defendant The

        Office of the Clerk of Gilmer County, West Virginia’s motion to

        dismiss (Document No. 46) is hereby DENIED.


        The Clerk is DIRECTED to transmit a copy of this memorandum

        opinion and order to counsel of record herein.

        And it is the conclusion for this very Federal Law Action against the Gilmer County Power Elite who got caught with their panties pulled to the side:

        v. Civil Action No. 1:10CV39
        a West Virginia corporation,
        a West Virginia limited liability company,
        a West Virginia corporation,
        a West Virginia corporation,
        Third-Party Plaintiff,
        JACK D. JONES and
        Third-Party Defendants.

  20. Hey, hey…
    Love, love…
    Yeah, yeah…Down by that Crooked River, they really deliver!
    Uh huh…
    Freddie’s dead… not missing, like they said..
    Uh Huh
    That’s what I said…
    Freddie’s dead…
    Let the man map a plan; ‘said he’d send him home.
    But his hope was not in dope, and he should have known….
    It’s hard to understand; even though he was in Crooked County a foreign land
    There was still love in this man.
    I’m sure all would agree, that his misery,
    Was his woman and things…but no one would listen!
    Now Freddie’s dead.
    That’s what I said…
    Everybody’s misused him; ripped him off and abused him.
    Another Charleston outsider playing an turning down dope from the man.
    A terrible blow, but that’s how it go…
    Put Freddie out behind Trezan’s now… if you wanna meet the elite then, Pow…
    We are talking about Crooked County Now…
    Remember, Freddie’s dead…
    We’re all built up with digress, and they say no foul play, but no progress…
    Nobodies seen Freddie Now!
    But sometimes I must confess,
    At Treazans they can deal with pocket rockets and foreplay,
    But reality… what does it mean? Ain’t nothing said.
    ‘Cause Freddie’s dead… and we will see his body before May…
    Hey, hey…
    Love, love…hey hey shove shove!
    Now Freddies Dead!
    Hey, hey…
    Yeah, yeah…
    Huh huh…
    Love, love…
    Yeah, yeah… Crooked fucking County Down by that Crooked fucking River …..
    Huh huh…
    Yeah, yeah…

    Editors note: To be performed by the “Just looking for some smoke!” …band!

  21. Well it is that time of the year again! I guess we have about four weeks to go to see who else pops up out of the river just like Fred Hill, but then I guess everybody truly did forget.

    Have not heard one word about the Hill boy. Does anybody out there believe the no foul play tall tale now. I’m not sure, but I can’t really say as I have met anyone that believes that no foul play thing.

    It appears to me that there was never an investigation, there is still no investigation, and that since this article is on cover ups, lets add the Cover UP of the murder of Fred Hill, someone nobody knew but sure is famous around here now.

    Editors note: What is the strangest is the CalPatty Press was the first one to mention NO FOUL PLAY and that they would be saying it any day without any proof to be saying it by. The CalPatty Press said Fred is Dead and then they would say NO FOUL PLAY and then Sheriff Metz said NO FOUL PLAY right on que. It was mother fucking amazing! It was right out of a movie. We were so well versed on the tactics of the Power Elite that the Calhoun County SS who was present that weekend accurately predicted an outcome months and months in advance within hours of Fred being missing, but everyone knew he was dead.

  22. Hey where are the pictures with all the T & A I know you have!

    Listen, I already know you have pictures that you could have already put up on here!

    I have seen some of them on other sites where you thought you were being so sneaky.

    Editors note: Why do you need that for? So what, we have a lot of photo’s and video shots too! Phone shots, booby shots and smoking toking drinking and lovin shots! And proved that before! And what did it prove? … but to get three sites yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy. Thanks, but, come on over we will share, but otherwise who cares? We are making a slide show… you know for Saturday Night in the Ville!

    SS Member:We do have a lot of requests for NAKED photo’s and bare breast shots of Lizzie Butcher, but damn did you see the rack on Lexie? Hell! She could whip me, beat me, kick me, and make me write bad checks any day! Maybe we could do a special sneak preview Butcher Bitch for a Friday night feature or something?

    Or maybe… A BUTCHER BITCH beach blanket bingo party just in time for SPRING!!

    How we miss those Butcher Bitches that BROKE BAD all summer long on the CalPatty Press last summer!!

  23. CalPatty Press- The Butcher and Butcher LAW FIRM get their Asses Kicked in Federal Court! Story on RGW Tuesday! says:

    TEXTRON FINANCIAL CORPORATION argues that it is entitled to possession.
    Textron wins argument judge awards Textron possession of homes.

    Gilmer County filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that no
    action may be maintained against a government agency for breach of a general duty owed to the public as a whole. It contends that, even assuming a duty existed, it was a duty owed to the public regarding the indexing of writings. Finally, it argues that it is immune from suit pursuant to the Governmental Tort Claims and Insurance Act.

    Motion to dismiss denied to Gilmer County!

    This Court finds that TFC’s security interest has priority
    over both GHP ( Butchers bullshit fake company with the drunk Peter Barr) and Summit’s security interests. TFC is therefore entitled to a declaratory judgment that it is the priority lienholder of the Encumbered Unit.

    Therefore, Butcher and Butcher along with Peter Barr and the maintenance man lose! And they lose big!! Hundreds of thousands!!

    In this case, New Horizon and GHP, two of the non-moving
    parties, failed to respond to TFC’s motion for summary judgment after sufficient time for discovery and sufficient time to respond.

    What this means is the Butchers and their bullshit new company they set up Gilmer Housing Partners with Peter Barr pulled their same old bullshit like they did in the AJ Woofter estate and just did not reply

    • Then, with big time lawyers being paid big bucks with 25,000 dollar plus retainers just to handle this particular case TEXTRON FINANCIAL CORPORATION made reference to as TFC – KICKED THE BUTCHERS AND THEIR LAWYERS ASSES IN US DISTRICT COURT JUST LIKE WE KNEW THEY WOULD NOW!!!

    This Court finds that TFC’s security interest has priority
    over both GHP and Summit’s security interests. TFC is therefore entitled to a declaratory judgment that it is the priority lienholder of the Encumbered Unit.


    Here it comes the BAD NEWS!!!
    The Butchers have to pay $270,166.77 and will lose their personal monies invested of $30,000.00 plus have to pay at least 50,000 to 75,000 more in court costs and attorney fee’s!!

    Fuck yeah!!!!

    The Bitcher and Butcher Law Firm got their asses kicked to high heaven in federal court and here is the ruling!

    For the reasons stated above, plaintiff Textron Financial
    Corporation’s motion for summary judgment (Document Nos. 53 and 54)
    is hereby GRANTED AS FRAMED. Accordingly, this Court declares that TFC is the priority lienholder of the Encumbered Unit, awards TFC
    $270,166.77 in damages as against New Horizon and post-judgment interest in the amount of 0.25% from the date of this judgment and pre-judgment interest in an amount to be determined after the parties submit a computation of pre-judgment interest, declines to find that $160,462.00 in damages constitutes a fraud upon TFC, finds that New Horizon shall immediately surrender possession of the Encumbered Unit to TFC!

    That’s right Butcher they just repossessed your houses bitch!

    …And awards attorney’s fees to TFC in an amount to be determined after TFC submits a bill of costs on or before March 29, 2011.

    That’s right now you have to pay for your lawyer and their lawyer too now Butcher you Bitch!

    In addition, third-party defendant The Office of the Clerk of Gilmer County, West Virginia’s motion to dismiss (Document No. 46) is hereby DENIED.


    Good going Gerry your sound legal advice got Gilmer County’s ASS KICKED AGAIN!

    You have not seen nothing yet! More law suits to come!!

  24. The Butchers and all other defendants have to pay interest (post judgment interest) starting from last Tuesday the 15th of March the day of the court order. They also have to pay PRE JUDGMENT interest in the amount to be determined by the judge, plus a little over 300,000 bucks in damages!

    Hey Lizzie and Lexie, how rich are your parents now bitches?

    An out of State Attorney commented recently that he felt the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm used some of the money they took illegally from the AJ WOOFTER estate to form the false company and purchase the homes for sale that they just had taken from them.


    The Butchers, Barr, etc took money and property donated to the school, formed a for profit company and proceeded to make some money for Barr and themselves, and were caught – and now have to pay OUT THE ASS in damages!


    Hey Diana L Butcher have another drink and we will see you in the post office on Monday around 10am for a photo opp!

    If you want to see a mystery fire or two, it will all depend on who is out of jail and available to do the bidding of the POWER ELITE who will be claiming and propagating the lie that they, “Didn’t do anything wrong!” And then, they will be looking for PAY BACK!

    The minions that will carry out the bad deeds might live in a trailer and be the exact kind that have done some dirty work before, for the Butchers, for the Power Elite in Crooked County down by that Crooked River!!

    Look for some lost assets to simply go up in flames!

  25. Is it, or is not interesting?

    … that in one county if you allegedly commit this act of having sex with a student when you have been hired as a trusted teacher of a high school it is an offense many consider very serious and you will go straight to jail on a Felony!

    BUT, in Gilmer County you can have sex with a member of the team you are coaching and you may get a raise, or even a substitute teaching assignment to get you through until the next big party!

    In fact, you may get a raise!

    Which county would you prefer as a teacher?

    Do we have any teachers that would like to comment?

    I myself am dumbfounded by all that goes on in Gilmer County that is “JUST OK!”

    Where was Gerald B Hough on this one?

    …Out searching for used farm equipment to bring a false case against someone so he can make Gilmer County famous again for being dishonest and making up their own rules, for bringing a “Made up” case all the way to the US Supreme Court?

  26. But, you have to understand the Butchers with their bullshit fake company GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS hired a big time law firm for big money, at least 15-25k for retainer and for them to lose in a summary judgment is a huge insult to their firm who I doubt will want to represent the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm again, or GSC, or Gilmer County, after being defeated so soundly.

    You only get beat that bad in summary judgment when all the evidence against you is paper work in which even a monkey could determine wrongdoing occurred, because of the contractual agreement being breached. The judge saw to it that the boys that, “Make their own rules,” in Gilmer County were not going to get away with that in his court.

    The Butchers and Peter Barr and fake company were defeated because what they really did was criminal and the judge knows it.

    Criminal charges could very well be born from this civil action. All they have to do is form a grand jury and bring forth evidence. I think I will write and suggest it to the judge.

    The Story will be on the front page of the Gilmer Free Press early in the morning MONDAY 21 March, and then a different article with be published on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website at midnight.
    (update-RGW article posted 0023 hrs 21 March)

    The Butcher Bitches got caught and this is NOT the first illegal deal they have pulled off using the college to put money in their own damn pockets!

    Hey Lizzie and Lexie … your parents (and Mary Catherine, should also be included since she was around when they stole the AJ Woofter Estate Blind)are as big as WHORES as you all are!!

    Thats right bitches and I will say it to your face!

  27. This article is the number one article for the last SEVEN DAYS — Here is the TOP TEN!


    1.GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP’S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!! 1368

    2.DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY! The Power Elite and the BOG at GSC Say, “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!! 985

    3.Another HOT TODDY CRIME has surfaced from exclusive confession of facts from LEWIS COUNTY WOMAN! RAPED by the Leader of the FIRE STARTING CULT!! 970

    4.Cosmos Communicator attacked by Minney and Crooks from Crooked County 849


    6.High School Scandal that you can’t handle! Nasia makes bad move with latest hiring of coach for Girls BB Team! 738

    7.Glenville WV is the HOME to Corrections Officers Training and Hub of Criminal Justice Education So They Can Get Their ROCKS OFF on inmates like TAMMY RUCKER 736

    8.Sheriff METZ MAKES THREATS OVER THE PHONE! Brittany Miller making some fat stax of CASH cheating TAX PAYERS and running LAND FRAUD Schemes right out of the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office!! 631

    9.VOTER FRAUD in GILMER COUNTY COURTHOUSE! Secretary of State Natalie Tennant and SOS investigator Amber Kroening suspected in COVER UP of Voter Fraud!! 630

    10.Gilmer County Council of Concerned Citizens – The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION Published! This document proves wrongdoing by Hough and Marks! 548

  28. The term “Underhanded little weasel” was used by an important member of the Gilmer County Community when describing one of the biggest Crooks in Crooked County Sheriff Mickey Metz recently.

    Some say Mickey does not really have a lot going on upstairs in the way of knowledge about the law, and I am inclined to agree with them.

    We a heard it told that Mickey is dead set on running for magistrate or even County Commissioner!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….for real?

    I guess Mickey just wants to ignore the fact that his office under his watch brought a false case with false evidence knowingly all the way to the Supreme Court, and two other federal courts, the US District Court and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Now listen to what a dumb fucking hillbilly Metz is, he had no knowledge that the cases went federal and said that he did not believe it. Hey Mickey, read the fucking court record you dumb fuck, get on the computer and look some shit up!

    Mickey has proven to us, that he really IS that stupid.

    Now, in reality, would we ever want a CROOKED COUNTY CROOK THAT LIVES NEXT TO THE CROOKED RIVER … to be a magistrate or a County Commissioner? Fuck No!!

    I guess ole Mickey has already forgotten that little thing about the DEAD BODY of Fred Hill just popping up behind his house. Yeah, like he has already expected all of us to forget about that!!!

  29. This is not his first arrest.

    The police across the county line are as degenerate as they come.

    Ritchie County Prosecuting Attorney Judith McCullough is “mortified and appalled” by her son’s actions.

    Nicholas Isner, 22, is accused of daytime burglary, a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.

    The young man allegedly broke into a Harrisville home on March 18, taking $7,500 worth of firearms and jewelry.

    “I’m just happy all the property was given back to the people he robbed,” said McCullough. “They’re good people, I’ve known them forever and they didn’t deserve it.”

    McCullough’s son is currently staying with her. His preliminary hearing is set for April 11 at 9:15 in Ritchie County Magistrate Court.

  30. You are a very creative writer Rina McCoy, and I love reading your posts. I love all the stuff you wrote for the CalPatty Press and I loved it when you guys came to the club in Elkins. That lawyer you suggested, Jefferson Triplett is real good one. He seems honest. I can’t believe the crimes that Sheriff and prosecutor have covered up. Do they just do that for their friends or are they doing that because someone ask them to? Why would they think that nobody would notice what they have done? Do people in that little county even consider themselves part of the rest of the United States, or do they think they have themselves a third world country to their own.

    Editors note: That attorney is not cheap, so you better be prepared to have 5,000 cash as a retainer the first day. Better to have at least half in cash. We paid the dude in cash and he did a terrific job for us. Also Hough and Metz consider themselves in a situation that is very much NOT part of America but a little something something they created where they make the rules and the laws. Just ask Fred Hill or the Hill family who consider the Sheriff and Gerald B Hough both criminals and responsible for covering up the murder of Basil Fred Hill the third.

  31. Criminal Child Investigations is my field of endeavor so I am a student of this subject, but the sexual prowess of the female instructor from Philip Barbour High School has brought to everyone’s attention a situation that had been long overlooked in these studies. A young woman named Sarah that Graduated from Glenville State College pointed out for the entire state a modern day problem does exist. The Preliminary hearing on the sex-crime will be later this month.

    Sarah Rutherford an honor graduate from GSC in Glenville, WV and trained to be a teacher, engaged in sexual intercourse with a student – when such child was less than 16 years of age, Penalty: 10–20 years in the state penitentiary or $500–$5,000 fine and 10–20 years in the state penitentiary – When such child is sixteen years of age or older it could be reduced to 1–5 years in the state penitentiary. In her circumstance it was one account of both. 2 Felony Charges filed on the Girl from Glenville, West Virginia.

    She provided Alcohol, Marijuana and Klonipin at her residence. 1–5 years in the state penitentiary is the penalty for that crime. Once everyone was high on drugs the illicit sexual relations commenced until the wee hours of the morning the next day. Do they teach SEX EDUCATION in Gilmer County Schools? For Sarah Rutherford showed a real talent for twisting the minds of young high school boys with lurid and indecent acts.

    Rutherford gave the student money to purchase Marijuana for her. 1–5 years in the state penitentiary, and then reward the youth with sexual favors on the understanding of unlawful carnal knowledge.

    Sarah Rutherford will go to prison, depending on the deal that she settles for, more than likely she will serve 10-12 years for the sexual felony charges, and 4-6 years for the drug charges.

    And she deserves every bit of it!

    Editors note: Sarah would not do even ONE DAY IN JAIL if this happened in Glenville, the Sheriff would be informed her mother is a Secretary for a Power Elite in Glenville up at the college and a friend of IL MORRIS in fact a pet, since Sarah was already getting special treatment and special favors had been made for her. Heck, she probably was at plenty of those WILD parties up off of HWY 33 where there are drug and SEX parties and it is all protected by the local PO PO and Sheriffs office.

    I L Morris since he is very familiar with Sarah’s mom who is JoAnn Rutherford who also works at the college as a secretary has probably committed an act of some Special Favor and I L is probably paying for her lawyer and has already got a call into Big Joe Manchin to see if his good buddy Joe can pull any strings and get poor Sarah off. She was just “HIGH,” that is all! Sarah gets a little frisky when she is high and she has developed a pill problem, according to her mother. Pill Poppin and Bed Hoppin are allowed in Glenville, but obviously not allowed in other area’s of the state I guess. Fucking HIGH SCHOOL KIDS is JUST OK here in Gilmer County, just ask Sherry Morris DeMarino, the best friend to the wife of Gerald B Hough Crooked County Prosecutor. Bang the seniors! What the heck they lost their virginity at 15 anyway, and then RAPE the juniors at GCHS has been a motto for a long while under the leadership of Nasia (I feel sick) Butcher! Nasia, the wife to R Terry Butcher and sister in law to Timothy B Butcher and they are allowed to fuck anybody they want to in this part of the state, and that is after they steal all your money and get the court clerk to hide all the property from heirs while they do it!!

    You ain’t seen nothing yet, MR Criminal Child Investigations man! Come to Glenville!

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