High School Scandal that you can't handle! Nasia makes bad move with latest hiring of coach for Girls BB Team!

Rina McCoy/ Editor Cosmos Communicator/CalPatty Press Reporter WV #1 alternative news source!/Editor Edison/Cosmos Communicator/CCC-Elkins Central WV SS

Hot damn! Sizzle and Fry! Somebody kissed em and made them girls cry!

Scandal you can’t handle is right!  Reports to Gilmer County Concerned Citizens have shocked our fucking monkey, and I don’t give a shit who knows it!

Tim Butcher, the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm – highly recommended Bobby Duvall for the position of COACH, but we did not know Tim Butcher had recommended Duvall for the missionary position with number (censored) from the Gilmer County High School Girls Basketball team during a party on her birthday at a local home.

Sure we make mistakes and it was a mistake the way this story was presented originally! We should have known that these girls have had to face more Drama Rama than necessary. Our Bad! We can’t control the world!

Beer Bong! Alcohol can make for interesting circumstances but mix that with teenagers and things get out of hand!

One of those girls should consider her judgment was flawed, but certainly should be forgiven.  However, if the allegations of the coach having sex with team members proves to be true – and we believe that it is true – the fact that he brought alcohol  just makes it worse! That can not be forgiven!

GLENVILLE West Virginia is the home to Glenville State College and is the Captial of MURDER and RAPE in Central West Virginia!

Don’t try to sweep this one under the rug on us, because “This” is our business. This type of thing affects  the whole community!

Infecting us with the disease of the Crooked County Power Elite … Nasia gets a coach that wants extra’s!

Step by Step! We are going to take back our County inch by inch if we have to, just like the new coach!

Nasia Butcher, wife to ex- BOG of GSC Terry B who is the other B in the Bitcher and Butcher law firm is truly responsible – for she did not check the credentials of this individual – and the Central WV SS wants his background and job history verified and we want it on our desk by noon on Friday February 4th.  So, if you don’t want to hear about it, prove us wrong bitch!

Maybe with Nasia as the CAPTAIN of the GCHS ship we will for sure see a summer that sizzles in 2011  like we did in July of 2010 with the Butcher Bitches Breaking Bad all summer long!

Yeah thanks Nasia!

Are you gonna turn some more bitches out Butcher?!

Learn how to be whore in Gilmer County by Nasia Butcher!

Good call on hiring the coach that the Bitcher of the Butcher recommended without even checking on dude Butcher!


Hey NASIA why don’t you take a hike! Your services are no longer needed. I say Nasia should get the boot for letting the Coach get the booty.

Will you be my Valentine will you be my baby!! I will love you two times!!

OH OH!! Yeah, then it is found out dude lied on his resume about where he had worked. But, we believe the allegation and the veracity of the statement that, “The Coach brought the beer dude!” We know about the dope! We don’t give a fuck what you say. Why don’t you prove us wrong. Maybe the burden of proof should be on you.  I will tell you what do not ask us to prove shit, we will bring out tapes, hidden phone video’s photo’s of bare titties and it will be just like having Lexie and Lizzie back in high school …cool!  Not!

Lizzie and Alexis for the sexus better known as the Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad during the summer of 2010 on the CalPatty Press!!

Young girls can’t always be held accountable for their actions because it is all apart of being a young girl and often part of growing up. So how can anyone say they are responsible for the bad fallout for a momentary lapse of reason.

There was a big party at local home of Crooked County Power Elite involving the basketball team and things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a team player and talented ball handler was raped!

“This particular girl that was raped is especially sweet and would never harm a fly and barely more than ever even double dated before,” said a friend of the Gilmer County High School student.

“A Good kid!”

Yes, another rape in Gilmer County and the rape occurred at the same party.

We don’t want to talk anymore about the rape, but it happened and we should have been more careful. Was it her fault? NO!


This is how they take care of bad basketball coaches a little further South:

Brent Michael Woody, 26, an ninth-grade girls’ basketball coach, an assistant track coach and occasional substitute teacher at Parkway Central High School, in Chesterfield, Missouri has reportedly been arrested on allegations of sexual misconduct involving two female students.

Reportedly, Woody is charged with 11 counts second-degree statutory rape and four counts of second-degree statutory sodomy.

It is alleged that Woody had a series of sexual encounters with the girls, who were under seventeen years of age, over a period of about a year.

Police say that the alleged incidents occurred in 2009 at off-site locations and did not involve school district property.

Following his arrest, Woody remains jailed in lieu of $50,000 cash-only bond.

Sounds like the same sort of deal, but Glenville, West Virginia is an evil fucked up part of the United States that has little regard for laws, norms and mores. It is all about the Power Elite and totalitarian rule.

It is hard to judge just when it is that you have had TOO MUCH when it is ALL GOING ON IN GLENVILLE!!

The County and the State is governed not unlike a third world country. In fact, WV and Gilmer County in many respects is under a rule much worse than some third world countries.

The State Police are strictly a military organization formed to protect the governor and not the people. The State Police in WV should be disbanded and reorganized into a State Hwy Patrol. Name one crime they have solved locally. The Fred Hill investigation was a disgrace.

Where are we again? Oh! Not again with the kissing!

Just wait and see, nothing will become of the rape, or any other crime that occurred that night or in that location. This will be another cover up like nothing happened, because both girls injured by criminal activity are power elite. The only place you will hear about this will be in a book about the crimes and power elite criminals of Glenville, WV given full reign to commit crimes by a bought off crooked governor.

Here is another example:

(01/27/11 – Initial BadBadTeacher.com Report)

Robert “Mike” Moore, 22, former coach of the freshmen girls basketball team at Amelia High School in Batavia, Ohio has reportedly been  indicted by a grand jury on allegations of the sexual battery of an 18-year-old female student.

Sometimes things can get outrageous when it comes to partying CROOKED COUNTY STYLE!

Reportedly, Moore was indicted on one count of sexual battery, a third-degree felony.

It is alleged that Moore and the student attended a party earlier last month at a home in Amelia at which they consumed alcohol and engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Reportedly the allegations are based on both evidence and witness statements.

Although the student is legally an adult, Ohio law prohibits administrators, teachers, coaches or other person in authority from engaging in sexual activity with students.

Reportedly, Moore resigned earlier this month.

Following his indictment, Moore was held in the Clermont County jail with bond set at $25,000.


The Central WV SS calls for the arrest of the coach and any accomplice.

Help us take back our county and take back our town from the ruthless power elite that do not have the interest of the community in mind. We are only to be used as they see fit!

Little baby Lizzie learned pretty quick for she just had to be cool! After all, she says her mom NASIA BUTCHER Principal of GCHS and Dad former BOG at GSC are rich! Yeah how did they get da money bitch? Ripping off WW2 hero's? Those Butcher Bitches could get away with Murder, OH! Wrong daughter!

Now it’s time to get some adult education! Oh yeah!  Oh Yeah! DOWN AT  THE HIGH SCHOOL!!


  1. If effectiveness of the information highway and its electronic dissemination of news are questioned, consider evolving events in Egypt.
    Change can occur too in Gilmer County if we challenge members of the self-empowered elite who have served our collective interests poorly.
    Some examples of their failure to serve the public are perceived to be:
    • The local law has been administered selectively even to the extent that the city attorney interfered with duties of a City policeman investigating allegations of a rape of a young high school girl
    • The interstate was not routed through Gilmer County because of opposition of a highly empowered minority
    • GSC has fallen to fourth tier status
    • There are reports that we have corruption in the court house involving elections, changing of official records, and jury tampering
    • A political campaign contribution occurred in the name of Madge Butcher who was dead for more than a decade and it is on official government documents that she was retired and resided at PO Box 100 to cause citizens to believe that fraud was committed by the responsible party
    • Reportedly the A. J. Woofer estate and others were plundered by individuals in positions of power
    • Our K-12 school system is not up to par
    • The GCHS principal installed by the power structure could not survive a vote of public confidence
    • News from GSC is carefully controlled including details about the lawsuit involving GSC’s Board of Governors versus Scarlett Kellerman et al. and the federal lawsuit pertaining to land below the I. L. Morris Bridge
    • There is the unsolved murder of Fred Hill for which details remain undisclosed
    • We have an unabated illegal drug problem
    • With reports on the World Wide Web about rampant sexual misconduct and wild parties, Gilmer County has the infamy as an epicenter of moral decadence
    • A 28-million dollar bond issue for a GSC dorm of questionable need occurred without permitting citizens to vote
    • ad infinitum.
    Fortunately, the Gilmer Free Press serves as a public service conduit which can help us channel our energies for common good achievements.
    We won’t stoop to violence and we will be law abiding, but by making it a solemn civic duty to keep ourselves informed we can use the ballot box wisely to affect change for the better.
    Universally, an informed populist is equivalent to a force de frappe to self-serving members of an entrenched power structure.

    1. Why is Nasia Butcher still Principal at GCHS? Over the past year the teachers and students have begged for her removal. Multiple complaints have been made on the Gilmer Free Press. A good example is found in the responses to Community Concerns, GCHS Administrators Embarrassed by Academic Dishonestly on March 15, 2010 or read the Poll Results on Bullying on April 6th the same year. Why doesn’t the Board of Education and the Superintendent do something about their biggest BULLY and the charges of absolute disregard for the education of the children placed in her charge or the qualified Educators serving under her? If your child is having a problem I was told to call Nasia. If you’re well connected she’ll straighten out that Teacher real quick! Why do you think those kids that do finally get to college-once they get there, then they most all have to take basic English and Math classes straight out of High School to be prepared for college level courses. Does anyone believe that she would protect them from a Predator recommended by the inner circle?

      Editors note: Why is Nasia Butcher still Principal at GCHS? Because Glenville has a secret opening to HADES the realm of the Devil up in the Hills close to the headquarters of the Power Elite! We are under rule of an AGENT of the DEVIL!! “A colony of Hades we are,” said Yoda!

  2. This comment moved from SS SECRET FILES FROM THE VAULT

    Honorable SS warriors there was no intent,implied or otherwise for offense. The motive was to encourage citizens with provable information to submit it to the RGW. Lawyers like to bark that what one thinks is useless tripe compared to facts provable to a jury. Legitimate, superbly written and thoroughly documented material similar to that for Case 10-cv-39 will sway more citizens from all walks of life to your side compared to sensationalism including “he said, she said” postings of questionable veracity. There are only two solutions for effectuating change in Gilmer which are unrelenting exposure and encreased public involvement. Some may not savor the style for some information posted on RGW, but the quote attributed to Voltaire is appropriate. “Monsieur l’abbe, je deteste ce que vous ecrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vois pussiez continuer a ecrire.” In Gilmer a non-connected teen smoking a joint or drinking a can of beer is more vulnerable to selective administration of the law than an elitist, or one of their family members, involved in unconscionable conduct. Our citizens deserve better. Keep up your admirable battle for our liberation. While proceeding, consider whether or not information you post on RGW is opinion or truth, and for the latter can you prove it if challenged?

    SS Member: Whoever you are, you must be have some powerful friends, for your wishes were granted and your point was made, so touche’ You must be bigger than everybody else or got some kind of magic jeannie action a goin on. Or maybe you were just right and I was wrong was the way it was a put to me. Nobodies perfect. Sometimes duking it out with someone is the best way to become friends. Luckily, I am only havin a bruised ego to show for the confrontation. I’ll get over it. I have respect for those that win fair and square.

    It takes about a Generals Rank to get a genuine GONZO SS article yanked! YOU made that happen, and in a quick hurray I may add.

    At least I can say I got my ass kicked by a General. Don’t ya just hate it when someone like “YOU” is right and someone like “ME” is wrong!

    This one a here is for Rodney, and if you don’t know, he is one that thought up this a ditty and felt up the titty while a drivin home from Houston to Louisiana one dark cold night with some other fucked up outlaws that will a go unnamed … and this here is what happened!

  3. Voltaire may have said I hate what you write but I’d give my life for you to continue writing but he also said to hold a pen is to be at war

    This comment moved from SS SECRET FILES FROM THE VAULT

  4. Good work, well done!

    Well, I stand up next to a mountain
    And I chop it down with the edge of my hand


    Well, I stand up next to a mountain
    And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
    Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
    Might even raise a little sand


    ‘Cause I’m a voodoo child
    Lord knows I’m a voodoo child baby
    I want to say one more last thing
    I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time
    I’ll give it right back to ya one of these days


    I said I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time
    I’ll give it right back one of these days

    Oh yeah

    If I don’t meet you no more in this world then uh
    I’ll meet ya on the next one
    And don’t be late
    Don’t be late

  5. Two separate out of state police departments were given facts on the crimes of Gerald B Hough along with the state codes and both agree in their state Gerald B Hough would currently be under arrest for:

    4 Counts Conspiracy 4-20 years prison
    2 Counts of subornation of perjury 2-20 years prison.

    We hereby issue a Citizens Arrest Warrant – Gilmer County Prosecutor – Gerald B Hough!

  6. Trooper SNAVELY RAPED that poor woman and now is the Police Chief in Hinkley WV and is fucking the mayors daugther! Major Ingold and the State Police brought no charges for rape and covered up the crime!
    All women of hinton and summers county should be in front of city hall and city bank until they remove this man from office here is one lady if ever stopped will pull off i dont trust him if he will rape one woman he will rape again please dont be his victim it has to be all us ladies not just a few please ladies fear for your young teen age girls safety is this a joke for joe if it is it is not funny the law is to protect and serve not harm and rape

    Attempts to discuss these matters with Col. Timothy S. Pack, head of the State Police, have been unsuccessful. Pack repeatedly has refused requests for interviews. WE NEED TO SEND COL PACK PACKING!!
    WV // Sex // Investigation // WV State Trooper investigated on allegations he raped woman in cruiser, victim says internal affairs told her not to talk http://is.gd/9RCJM
    WV // False Arrest // Lawsuit // WV State Trooper sued by shop owner alleging false arrest & malicious prosecution in case that took year to dismiss: http://is.gd/95PAZ
    West Virginia State Police in Gilmer County cover up crime of subornation of perjury by Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough, while covering for several other crimes committed by public officials and refusing to investigate complaints against Sheriff Metz.http://revengeoftheghostwolf.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/state-police-protect-gerald-b-hough-quote-only-code-in-wv-with-statute-of-limitations/
    West Virginia state troopers subject of a fourth lawsuit alleging brutality against officers in Logan detachment: http://tinyurl.com/df5uc2
    West Virginia State Police settle suit for $200k to lawyer claiming he was beaten by several troopers after DUI arrest: http://is.gd/3T5XS
    West Virginia State Police settle suit for $100k to man who suffered severe burns when pepperspray & taser caused fire: http://is.gd/4k7rk
    West Virginia State Trooper fined for contempt of court after judge orders him removed because of his “demeanor”: http://is.gd/4mC19
    West Virginia State Trooper sued for persuading woman to have sex to avoid a DUI charge, she wasn’t drunk: http://2ftr6.tk

  7. Diana L Butcher, wife to Timothy B Butcher the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm, had a meltdown at the post office yesterday! Yes this is the same Diana L Butcher who once challenged the Crooked County Crooks website to back up their claim she was a lying bitch – which the Crooked County Crooks website did by publishing a return receipt document she signed, DIANA L BUTCHER with a time and a date stamped next to it. Have another DRINK Princess Di!!

    This was an important document to establish guardianship for the Woofter Estate. Proper guardianship papers were acquired all legal and all done by several prominent attorneys TEN YEARS prior, but the B & B law firm never had the actual legal details correct, EVER, the entire time they had control of the estate, which was ALWAYS against the wishes of the family.

    GAINER HIRED BUTCHER -which now experts say is a conflict-since she was employed by them/Estate laws were broken and Gainer got more than the 3% allowed by law. All formal complaints to police were ignored,starting with Police Chief Davis in 2001, and then Metz in 2005.

    So, basically, nothing needed to be established, it was just the Butchers way of not recognizing important documents processed by other law firms. So the correspondence was just to prove to them the document existed and that it existed all along.

    Interesting how law offices in Glenville only recognize documents they see fit to, and others that show no benefit to them were ignored. It took ONE YEAR to accomplish simple tasks other law firms can handle in just hours.

    Money came up missing, a report to METZ was made and he said, “I’m not gonna go over there and bother those people!”

    Good work Sheriff Metz!

    You did your share in seeing the AJ Woofter estate was pilfered by Rosa Bell Gainer Cunningham and Tim Butcher. Tim paid himself 10,850 dollars for a few hours work and more the next day, when for years five lawyers tried to get the estate out of his hands.Butcher just took 38,000 dollars the last 120 days he refused to give up control.

    The next day after the Crooked County Crooks website posted the proof about Diana L Butcher signing for a document that she LIED and said she never received, then JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE processed a court order to shut the website down.

    For what accurate reporting to the people?

    This POWER ELITE regime have broken the law for years and have gotten away with it.

    The question is what are we gonna do about it? I am about sick of it myself.

    It is ALL OVER TOWN! DIANA L BUTCHER screamed at a local photographer yesterday in front of the whole dang town!

    Accused him of being a spy for the SS!

    Hey Butcher it is your own family members giving you UP for all the crimes. They want to come clean, they are for sure you are CROOKS from Crooked County, after all they are family, and oh yeah, we told them we would kick them down for some truth!

    1. Just another fine example of class, dignity and grace under pressure expected from Mrs. B. and the fine art of taking it all out on someone else. Business as Usual.

  8. I heard that the Lady Titans might be greeted by the song Hall and Oates Adult Education when they go to play the game with the Braxton County High School girls team @ 6:30 that know about the Gilmer County High School Student Body and the coaches body becoming one on one on one Saturday night late in January.

    That’s why the student body’s got a bad reputation
    Getting dick in school its a bad situation
    They re calling it a preparation
    You re waiting for a separation by many points in the game because the Gilmer High School student body’s got a bad reputation and needs some Adult Education tonight!

    The Braxton County fans with be singing the chorus of:
    “Hut Hut”
    Hoping some of it will rub off on ya!

  9. Well the Braxton County fans want to know who will be shooting if they hand Coach Duvall the Ball!

    “We want to see if he really dribbles before he shoots,”said one Braxton County High School fan!

    ” Hey! Does the coach really dribble before he shoots or does he just do that at the party?”

  10. Has anybody talked to him about what happened or what his explanation was. Many say he was there, but then one guy said the coach and his brother were with him that night. Has anybody in law enforcement spoke with him do you know. I figured if anybody did you people would. You always seem to know everything first. Then people say it is all a lie and then the lie is all true as it all turns out.

    Editors notation: Well that is enough to spin your head right off. No cops, they work for the Power Elite, this will all be made into one of those people will forget things. We have already accepted the cover up of this tragic event. [NOT] After all it is a little senseless to fight the power elite. They are already planning ways to set people up for crimes that are letting all their secrets out. You see, we have witnesses that have heard these conversations. The Power Elite CREATE CRIMES against the people that tell the truth.

    Dianna L Butcher during her melt down at the post office in Glenville -the Capital of Crooked County- down on main-street, named names loudly for the whole town to hear about who all was responsible about writing all of the scandalous true happenings about her exclusive shot calling self appointed Demi-Gods power elite members of Dracula’s Castle Club high on the hill and high with all the good stuff.

    Oh yes indeed, all names we knew too! Me even, my second cousin from Tuscaloosa Alabama, and another business associate here in town. Ole Dianna must have been hitting the bottle early because she was slinging names and threats and a cuss words and scaring the holy hell out of Gary Collins who was visibly shaken even hours after the onslaught of, “YOU TOLD ON US God Damn it! You are GONNA pay for telling them people our business Gary! ”

    “I will have your ass and your bosses ass and everyone one you know,” yelled Diana L Butcher!

    Poor Gary Collins, his heart a went to a racing something fierce and his mind shot back to the days of being a child and being scared at the Witch in the movie the WIZARD OF OZ, all the while this amazing vision went through his head….Butcher just kept a screaming and naming names! Collins was thinking of Diana L Butcher all fucked up riding that black bicycle in a storm with Toto in the basket! It was an awful thought! A NIGHTMARE VISION!!

    People will forget, and with a few good years of therapy Gary Collins may be OK, but Diana L Butcher sure did put a good scare into the boy.

    1. First order of business, establish an alibi!

      Editors note: The misconduct involving officials goes from the very top to the cop on the street. One full team of corruption in Gilmer County.

  11. This is why Diana L Butcher had a meltdown because it was found out and verified about the SEX SCANDAL involving her daughter too..

    Don’t forget Catherine Butcher! She is a Hog Nobbin little Butcher Bitch too, right along with first cousins LIZZY and LEXY!

    Speaking of Tim Butcher – his little bitch Mary Catherine Butcher who recently played 3rd string for the Shepherd RAMS, now plays second string for the Glenville basketball team and was caught having sex by Sue Morris last year in the private helicopter hanger with Darrell Barnett who also is the Sales Manager for Shelly DeMarino’s business. Barnett calls his penis little Darrell. So Darrell and Lil Darrel got caught putting it to Catherine Butcher because Big Darrell was her private coach and Lil Darrel was his private down her throat. In fact the two of them started the craze known to be popular at Glenville State College where it is open season to rape white women all day and all night! That’s right! You will NOT BE prosecuted for throwing bitches down at Goodwin Hall and stealing some trim, just to get slim by way of sexercise!
    Hell, just ask Edwin Dale Kinnison that has several international rapes sites in his name for stealing the pussy with the endorsement of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor.

    Editors note: The above information was verified along with the story of WHO actually caught Darrell and Lil Darrell and Mary Catherine Butcher locked in coital bliss in the Private Copter Hanger of I L Morris, OH MY!!

  12. Council of Concerned Citizens-GERALD B HOUGH involved with tampering with evidence. Involved in a conspiracy with former County Clerk and JUDGE FACEMIRE! says:

    Some experts agree; by Gerald B HOUGH (and Beverly Marks) making the MISSING 1/6th Title Opinion disappear from the courthouse and not recognizing it, including Hough’s attempts to negotiate with a private local business man to have another done; well this situation could be and is being considered tampering with evidence.

    Gerald B Hough, if you want a copy of the Title Opinion print a copy off from the PDF file link in this publication – it is a legal document!

    “Quit bothering citizens while trying to cover up your crime. This title opinion is also being used as evidence in a criminal complaint against you!” “It is evidence leave it alone.

    If Hough has already agreed to pay the money which would be thousands, he could be charged, possibly, since this title opinion was already used as evidence in a civil action in July of 2010. This was mentioned in previously published Gilmer Free Press articles.

    At least now we have identified how public officials in Gilmer County work together to hide the truth. We have revealed facts, and we have revealed hidden documents and discussed with police how it was done.

    Some say we given them just enough information for Hough to get in there and attempt a cover up. Have we caught them? Yes, we have. How can any justice occur when the police are not honest?

    The State Police refused to gather the 2007 Missing 1/6th Title Opinion as evidence in January and that has been reported to the Justice Department. When the State Police, a military organization and not a police force, actually work with public officials to cover up wrongdoing, we are living in a society only one step removed for a dictatorship.

    This is EXACTLY the type of situation that exists in Glenville, WV and that needs to change immediately.

    Hough wants a date on a new opinion so that he can use the document and qualify it in front of a Gilmer County judge so that he can get a ruling that would eliminate the prior document!

    But you have been cut off at the pass Gerry and caught!

    We have already identified the judge he would attempt to take the new document before!

    Nobody can figure out why the State Police are saying the Sheriff is responsible for the courthouse and the SHERIFF he is about useless when it comes to investigating public officials. No law enforcement agency wants to step up and take responsibility.


    Unfortunately, the citizens will have to see this through and make the proper legal decisions. It’s pathetic that we have to fight this battle alone. And after we win, let’s clean house.

    We need to make some quick changes to our law enforcement structure for the better good.

    By Council of Concerned Citizens-Gilmer County WV on 02.05.2011

    GERALD B HOUGH IS A DETRIMENT to the community!

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION!’.

  13. So what you are saying is this new Gilmer County High School girls basketball coach is going to face no consequence for having sex with members of the team. Also what about the girl that was raped, isn’t she the first cousin to the girl that has sex with her coach, and why do I keep hearing about the Mayors boyfriend..

    Editors note:I guess it is best to keep the illicit sex in the family. Karl Duvall, is the Mayors boyfriend (football player for GSC-dong)and the other two swinging dicks are Bobby Duvall and Danny Duvall who have been given a green light to fuck the entire team just as long as they keep winning. We hear the JV girls will most likely have to perform some sort of sexual favor to get to play Varsity on a team that was in the top ten class A schools, but the latest poll since the sex scandal has left Gilmer County High School out of the Championship contention as far as the top dogs are concerned, but Gilmer County ranks number one in Student Body with a bad reputation. After all look who the principle is. The mother of the sex goddesses LEXY and LIZZY the famous Butcher Bitches of Crooked County!

  14. SS patriots, there are overwhelming examples of suppressed facts to use for our crusade to liberate Gilmer County. A priority achievement must be to gain hearts and minds of more citizens to encourage them to submit information useful for our multifaceted and momentum gaining offensive. WONDERER, the pen is mightier than the sword when truth reaches the masses. Establishment of the Ghost Wolf, the GFP, and the electron highway in general are modern equivalents to the invention of the printing press to keep our citizens informed to aid them in removing yokes of control and manipulation. Another consideration is the saying that more is stolen with strokes of pens by those wearing Brooks Brothers Suits (or was that L. L. Bean barn coats?) than is snatched at pistol point.

    Here is information kept secret from Gilmer citizens by GSC officials. In late 2009 there were reports of missing inventory (stealing?) at Aramark, the College’s food concessionaire. Two employees were allegedly involved. One was the son of a GSC VP and the second was Brian Kennedy, a County Commissioner. Reportedly, both men were suspended. The VP’s son went into rehab which is a common tactic (drugs made me do it) used by the privileged. The Commissioner was hired back under probation. Of course, assurances were dispatched from the hill that his reemployment was pure coincidence although he is Timmy and Terry Butcher’s nephew. Regarding other issues, what are the grounds for GSC’s Board of Governor’s lawsuit against Scarlet Kellerman and other defendants? That guarded information needs to be disclosed to citizens.

    We fast forward to the multi-million dollar bond issue for GSC’s new dorm. The Commission’s vote on the issue occurred after the first public hearing was delayed by exposure of the ruse of not advertising timely to alert the public in time for the first meeting. At the official hearing when the Commission voted, Mr. Hess exercised good judgment to recuse himself, but Larry Chapman and Kennedy voted to approve the bond issue although Gilmer citizens were denied the opportunity for their voice at the ballot box. Is it unreasonable for Gilmer citizens to speculate if Kennedy was in a compromised position when he voted with motives to retain his Aramark job and to avoid insubordination to his uncles who are major GSC power brokers?

    Considering bonds, can it be proven that proper legal advertising for a public hearing occurred prior to the Commission’s vote to authorize a County bond issue for GSC’s Pioneer Village? If legally required advertising did not occur, would that be grounds for GSC’s Housing Corporation loss of its 501(c)3 nonprofit status? Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors when that bond issue occurred.

    If any information in this communication from Valdosta, Georgia is incorrect, individuals who may have access to more accurate details are urged to submit corrections. Gilmer citizens have a right to the unvarnished truth to let chips fall where they may.

    Editors note: Well researched and well written.

  15. GILMER COUNTY -- Yarica Jackson local negro lady and Mary Ann Starcher SHOCK THE SHIT OUT OF THE KIDS BY ELECTRIC SHOCK! says:

    Gilmer County authorities have arrested two Cox’s Mill women on child abuse charges, saying the women used electrical shocks to punish four children.

    Mary Ann Starcher, 35, is charged with four counts of child abuse and Yarica Jackson, 31, is charged with four counts of child neglect.

    Starcher reportedly told police she used a homemade device to shock four kids ranging from 4 to 12 years old, the charges indicated Jackson admitted to allowing the punishment.

    Starcher and Jackson are being held on $60,000 bond each.

    Both women are incarcerated in Central Regional Jail.

    Reports indicate the children have been placed in state protective custody.

    Editors note: When the children are grown they will also be allowed to have sex with their basketball coach in high school and foreplay sexual experimentation will be allowed for junior high sports.

  16. Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher are getting with the Attorney General Darell McGraw and engaging the Attorney General in activity that could be considered a conspiracy. So the Bitcher of the Butchers and R Terry Butcher are guilty of conspiring with the highest ranks of the State Offices to get permission to confiscate all SS computers and arrest ALL SS — ALL TEAM RANGERS and everyone including all staff at the Gilmer Free Press.

    The Supreme Commander of the SS issued orders to immediately confront the office of the Attorney General while also making allegations of wrongdoing that pertains to crimes committed by the Butcher and Butcher law firm that can be considered not just white collar crimes alone, but conspiracy of theft and conspiracy to commit heinous acts against TARGETED INDIVIDUALS!

    We have discovered that in WV innocent law abiding people are targeted to be ruined by false arrest or murder in some cases. Six wrongful deaths in as many years. Butcher ordered slayings?

    We have also discovered that in WV innocent estates of dead and elderly people are targeted for theft by the Butcher and Butcher law firm.

    The Butchers are asking that Darell McGraw break the law and go against free speech and the American constitution in order to have specific members of the SS ruined and those people that are involved with publishing the Gilmer Free Press.

    These are two separate publications, but are the only publications totally dedicated to FREE SPEECH and the American Dream, whereas Gilmer County represents the American Nightmare.

    If anything happens to these publications, there will be no more active FREE SPEECH in the entire state. The Calhoun Underground has had no new articles since July of twenty ten. The CU Is going further underground and doing mostly covert secret shit, because of all the police activity and threats of arrest etc.

    THIS MEANS WAR WAS DECLARED AT 1:11PM 7 February 2011 and there has been a call to arms for all WV CCC and all members of the SS!!

  17. The ACLU’s vision of an uncensored Internet was clearly shared by the U.S. Supreme Court when it declared, in Reno v. ACLU, the Internet to be a free speech zone, deserving at least as much First Amendment protection as that afforded to books, newspapers and magazines. The government, the court said, can no more restrict a person’s access to words or images on the Internet than it could be allowed to snatch a book out of a reader’s hands in the library, or cover over a statue of a nude in a museum.1996 – The ACLU’s fight against Internet censorship stretches back a decade. Congress first attempted to censor the Internet in 1996, when it passed the Communications Decency Act. The law criminalized “indecent” speech online. The ACLU sued, arguing that the law abridged the First Amendment. All nine Supreme Court justices agreed and struck down the law. For the first time, in ACLU v. Reno, the Supreme Court recognized that online speech deserves full First Amendment protection.

    Gentlemen: The next step

    SS Member: Hey home boy the Butchers are conspiring to break the law with Darrel McGraw. You know who spoke with his office and demanded an explanation and reminded the Attorney General he is also not above the law. The Butchers truly believe they are, and when the police refuse to take complaints, maybe they really are above the law and should be dealt with in a severe fashion, before they do anymore harm to peoples lives.

    Editors note: The Butchers committed a crime against the family and stole over 100,000 from the Woofter estate and should be taken care of in the same way THEY took care of Fred Hill.Those fucks are NOT going to steal from us, then try and put the po po on us and expect to have two arms and two legs the next day that is for sure.

    Fuck that. All we need is one more thing for this whole thing to blow right up and what a sight that will be! But, just so you know, the official order is… EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP and wait for those pieces of shit to make just one more wrong move.

  18. If ya all want to know the truth, (censored by SS) is STILL FUCKING the basketball coach and fucked after the party, since the news broke out and has not stopped. WTF wat a whore! You all had it right the first time. So, it looks like it is a thing. Some say getting to fuck (censored) is just part of the deal and I heard it was the coaches brother that raped (censored by SS)! And some other guy fucked her too! There is a lot more, but I was told her daddy and her grandpa really would have me killed if I talked and that they have killed a lot of people from hunting accidents that were not accidents. There is something terribly wrong because(censored) is greatly disturbed and nobody has seen her like this and there is more to tell but she wont tell it. When a goody goody girly girl talks about killing themselves something real bad happened.

    SS Member: Lisa left us for awhile, but she was a rape crisis counselor once, and still works in special cases, you need to send all you have to cal.patty@hotmail.com

    Editors note:
    Word has it Shelly Morris DeMarino walked into the high school and threatened them with having all their money from the Morris family CUT OFF if they talk.

    No ONE family should have that kind of political power, but they do.

    Who suffers? Girls like (censored by SS). Also, if (censored) thinks that is all cool someone responsible should explain there is an ethics and criminal matter when the fuck or -or the fuck ee is a school employee or a teacher. High school is not a dating service, unless of course it is run by the mother of the famous Butcher Bitches of Crooked County! DRUGS BOOZE ROCK AND ROLL AND SEX SEX SEX Down at the High School!


    It is SAD to report that the high school seniors’ comment is accurately reported given all the data we collected. Thanks to modern technology -the SS known for their sneaky sneaky video and audio -have captured some valuable information on the Criminals really running Crooked County. We have some very damaging audio that I doubt we will be able to use on any mainstream sites for the language and the graphic description of non-consensual sexual acts.

    What are the kids in High School suppose to think, when they witness for themselves cover ups of rapes and murders. And then under threat NOT-TO-TALK !?

    Thanks god for out of state police organizations who have been given all the facts on public officials and bad cops that don’t take complaints and we are happy to announce they have been of some help and have suggested agencies we can file complaints with that will investigate the wrongdoing of ROGUE COPS — The Police had some real bad things to say about WV and the people that run it. Other cops consider West Virginia the number one state for police corruption.

    It was wonderful to get a second opinion during several long distance calls in which we transferred 110 pages of documents for crimes committed by public officials in Gilmer County that are being covered up.

    Suffice it to say, the situation is dire when you have to call out of state police ON the WV Police just to try to get someone to uphold the law in Gilmer County.

    A group of ABOVE THE LAW Power Elite have taken control of an entire town and county and the criminal element is deeply rooted in wrongdoings and criminal financial actions involving the college and the Butcher and Butcher LAW FIRM.

    We have been investigating these people since 2002 and are amazed at the crime they have gotten away with by bought and paid for law enforcement and bribing of public officials that also include campaign contributions to a corrupt Governor, now Senator.

    Finally, after years of our allegations more and more criminal activity is being exposed. Currently the action of covering up past crimes has gotten a couple of public officials in hot water, but they don’t know it yet.

    The criminal element in Glenville which extends itself to most people in public positions, also don’t know we are not beneath paying for information or bribing people to get it. However, we use weed instead of money because we have more weed than money, but it all works out. Funny, what top of the line dope does for finding out the truth.

    The Central WV SS has recently received information that Natalie Tennant is a very close personal friend of the Morris family and therefore is doing her best to put the CABASH on the voter fraud and election fraud. Informed sources tell us, witnesses to the criminal activity that included Marks, Hough, the Butchers, the new County Clerk and others have damaging evidence, but will only give it to federal authorities and we hear from those same sources that TENNANT is ball player with the criminal element and Power Elite and expects HUGE campaign contributions for her political protection.

    Natalie Tennant has the qualifications to be an overnight baby sitter for you kids, but proved to be highly dishonest when you take in full consideration the facts involving her investigation into Gilmer County Voter Fraud.

    Everything about Natalie Tennant is fake except her breasts we were told from an informed source.

    Hey Natalie! We would prefer that you had fake tits, but were honest, but we know that would be hoping for a whole lot.

    Take your friendship with the Power Elite, your bullshit investigation and your run for governor and get the fuck out of our County and our town. This is our fucking county now, and this is our fucking town, we are TAKING it! So get the fuck out.

  20. Just the feel of unclean hands upon her when all eyes are flashing on her exposed breasts as she was forced on the bed with lights and camera on you could almost hear a pin drop, but all you heard was the ripping of clothing. So when they are finished, a young girl is no longer innocent or young and everyone stands and applauds. That must be the greatest feeling in the world breaking through the hymen we all learned about in school. With this power you can change someone’s life.

    Editors note: Lovely…

  21. Did I mention to you on the (censored by SS) that the biggest (censored by SS) in our school are your so called children of the Power Elite, oooh stepped on some toes with that one. I hope i don’t end up in jail where “I will have to prove myself everyday out in the yard…..ha ha” If you mess with the wrong people here Mrs Butcher will just call the Glenville Sheriff and have you arrested like she tried to do to a person I know, just because she is mad at her dad. I used to prove myself by being everything but myself and now I just say, “Go to hell.” Like big Sis says,your friends are your enemies, your enemies become your lovers and lovers always end up as friends…go figure, but you still have the best weed girlfriend! I can’t see how you can be with that old dude though, wat, he is like 45 or something right? But, wanted to let you know they take your (censored by SS) here, so I haven’t got the (censored by SS). Thanks, you are still my favorite smoking partner, and my friend Raydene calls you the Weed Queen, so I have to say I think that is funny. At least I am 18 now and legal.

    Editors note: Yeah, that’s keeping it on the down low, can we go a little lower, and hold the comment about that.

    Like I said, on the down low, that was NOT on the down low.

  22. Secret (censored) broadcast over broadband internet and the (censored) could very well lead to the (Censored) of (Censored)for (censored), and other charges, along with several other people according to secret SS source through(censored)

    SIX People wanted (censored) that led to complaints filed with law enforcement could possibly be arrested according to the latest report.

    Surprisingly (censored)has found there was merit in (censored) made as far back as 2007.

    Surprisingly (censored) found that enough evidence was submitted to make some (censored) complaint against (censored) was also recognized.

    We don’t know whether to (censored) or spit! Law enforcement actually doing the right thing?
    Well shiver me timbers and blow me down!

    Editors note: Sorry, but yesterday there was a cabash squash or rama put on all of this info and nobody is suppose to say shit about it. My bad. I didn’t know until yesterday afternoon and I didn’t see this comment go up. This is all secret shit and we are all told not to say a word, so mute are we now? …said Yoda?

  23. Yes, it was confirmed, evidence presented may result in some arrests we have all been working hard to see come down for years. Marks is caught, Hough is caught, but of course a big fish to fry so we may need a net, but he soon may be up the Crooked River with No fucking paddle.

    Sorry, but today, I gotta run, I got a date with a killer named WHITE FANG!!!

    In celebration lets go for some Jimi!!

    It’s very far away
    It takes about a half and a day to get there
    If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly
    No it’s not in Spain
    But all the same you know, it’s a groovy name
    And the wind’s just right.
    Hey !

    Hang on my darling
    Hang on if you wanna go

  24. i hate school these days and the mrs butcher is the worst i cant stand the sight of her but i get to stay home today but just wanted to know about who we are all not suppose to talk about but dont you think those boys that got away with raping (Censored by SS)will just do it again and what the heck could (Censored by SS)be thinking when she was caught in bed with that creepy girls basketball coach. ewwww that guy is always looking right through you and it creeps me out that she would actually have sex with that guy but i know she said she was drunk but that is no excuse. i wouldnt stand for someone like that touching me. it sux when you wonder about someone doing what they did to (Censored by the SS) and thinking if you would have gone to that party it might of happened to you since there was drugs and somebody could put something in your drink. but did she go to the doctor or do they even know what happened to her. it just isnt right how can they get away with what they did. it is scary and i dont really want to go back to school.

    1. Hey GSwiththePMS
      You may think this is a little corny for this site but let me say this as a friend you do not know. Go to school. Don’t let anyone deprive you of an education. Tough it out and stick with it. You are right it could happen to anyone that was drugged. Look at all of the date rape cases in this country. But know this-you don’t have to be the richest kids with the biggest house to throw great parties that don’t have drugs and alcohol involved. I’m sure there are good, decent parents that wouldn’t mind helping you and a group of your friends have a great party and be safe. Parents who are smart enough to let you party but be around for protection. You guys are really internet savvy- use the tool to get some ideas. Example: Google teen party ideas- there are a million of ’em out there and as smart as you are I’m sure you can make them fit what you and your friends like and help keep the cost down. Let me suggest that you keep the group ages realistic. A little food, music and good friends make for a great party anytime no matter how old you are. Just be adult about it and respect other peoples property. Take care of yourself and use your own good judgment, it will take you a long way in this life. Don’t walk in fear, walk with knowledge.

      Editors note: Good thing you said something, I didn’t know what to say, I am just told to keep the names off of here, so that those young girls are not harmed any further. I say blame the adults that let those girls fall prey to male predators that should be severely punished. Rape is nothing to COVER UP! But, leave it to Nasia, leave it to Shelly Morris DeMarino, leave it to all the big shots, they may as all well been present for the penetration themselves for all they had to say about it.

  25. I’m just gonna throw this out there..
    I’m very good friends with one of the girls on Gilmer County’s Basketball team. She has witnessed the new young coach taking a certain player (cough Julie, cough) to dinner after practices, staying late after practices by themselves, taking her home after games/practices, and also texting with smileys and flirting. Surprisingly, this freshman played a considerable amount of varsity time… the girl couldn’t beat my 3 year old cousin in 1-on-1 seriously!!! Someone is robbing the cradle!!!!!!!!!
    Not to mention he BLEW the game against St. Marys the other night.. skull offense? Who the fuck does that?!?!?!?!… Told the kids not to shoot or they’d sit the bench!!! Someone get the child molester outta there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SS member: That would be cool, but again this is Glenville, so what do you want us to do about it. All we can do is watch and take some photo’s. Hey that’s an idea, get it all on tape and we will do a full on feature. We hear ya man, but these people really are above the law and the police won’t do a damn thing.

  26. They got the wrong idea for once, he’s screwing a freshman… not a Senior!!!

    SS Member:He already fucked the POWER ELITE Senior, so nobody got nothing wrong. We know that for a fact, but fucking a freshman, I find that hard to believe-that is sick as fuck- but that could be a certain jail sentence if the allegation is true, but hey, those people can fuck anybody they want to. Hello, you are in Glenville! The biggest perverts are the Power Elite and their cop buddies. Thanks for the heads up!

  27. Wow cuz this is really good work! Congrats and keep it up.|

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